Home warranty companies work with local service providers, so if something breaks in your home, representatives will send someone to fix your appliance as quickly as possible. With a home warranty, you do not have to worry about finding a local provider or calling multiple companies to get something fixed. All you have to do is call your home warranty provider, and they will take care of it for you.

Unlike homeowners insurance, which covers damage or loss of property, a home warranty covers your home’s systems and appliances due to failure or damage. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a real estate mogul, a home warranty plan can save you money and give you peace of mind when one of your home’s systems or appliances stops working.

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What Are the Top Rated Home Warranty Companies?

Below, we have rated the top home warranty providers in the U.S. and provided in-depth reviews of each. 

Highest Rated Home Warranty Companies Compared

Below is a table we’ve created to help outline specific data points comparing some of the best home warranty companies on the market. We are constantly tweaking these ratings and updating information as these companies change their policies and prices. Continue reading for our specific reviews of each.


Monthly Cost

Service Fee

Coverage Limit

Response Time


States Covered




24–48 hours


49 states, excluding WA




12–48 hours


50 states




24–48 hours


47 states, excluding NV, WA, and WI




24–72 hours


49 states, excluding AK




24–48 hours


49 states, excluding HI




24–48 hours


48 states, excluding AK and HI




24–48 hours


42 states, excluding AK, HI, MT, NH, ND, OK, SD, and WY




24–48 hours


34 states, excluding AK, CT, DE, HI, IL, LA, ME, MA, MN, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, VT, and WI

Quote and cost data gathered January 2023 for a 3,000 square foot home in Burnsville, Minnesota. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

Best Claims Acceptance Rate

Choice Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: $50 Off + 1 month free when you signup today!

Choice Home Warranty has served more than 1,650,000 customers in the U.S. and continues to be a leader in the home warranty industry due to its affordable pricing. Having handled more than 5 million claims, this company is a great choice for homeowners who want an affordable home warranty.

To get a free quote visit Choice Home Warranty online.

Unlike other home warranty providers that offer expensive premiums, Choice Home Warranty’s comprehensive coverage plan costs less than $55 per month. That means that for less than $2 a day, you can cover nearly all of the major systems and appliances in your home 

In addition to its rates, Choice Home Warranty offers some of the most affordable add-on pricing available. Some providers charge more than $20 per month per additional service, but Choice Home Warranty offers each add-on for $15 or less. The company also has a standard service fee of $85, so you do not have to wonder what you’ll pay for each claim.

Choice Home Warranty may only offer two plans, but most homeowners will find that these plans cover every major home system or appliance. Both plan options are affordable, and it is not much more per month to upgrade to the Total Plan and get access to premium care. 

  • Basic Plan (starting at $46.84/mo): An affordable option for homeowners who want some systems and appliances covered but don’t want to break the bank. Covered items include your heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, Whirlpool bathtub, oven/cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, ductwork, garage door opener and ceiling/exhaust fans. 
  • Total Plan (starting at $54.75/mo): Ideal for homeowners who want full coverage so they won’t have to worry about system failure. Includes the systems and appliances in the Basic Plan with the addition of your clothes dryer, clothes washer, refrigerator and air conditioning system.

Both the Basic Plan and the Total Plan cover your main systems and appliances, but some homeowners may seek additional coverage for other systems. Choice Home Warranty offers 12 add-ons for homeowners who want more coverage.

For each home system and appliance included in the Basic or Total plans, you will get up to $3,000 in coverage for all items. However, this amount is different for add-ons. The coverage limit is $250 for septic tank pumping and $500 each for all other add-ons. 

Best For Customization

Liberty Home Guard


Our Rating

Limited Time: $200 Off + 2 Months Free + Roof Leak Protection.

Liberty Home Guard is a leading home warranty provider that makes it easy to protect only the systems and appliances you need. With affordable monthly costs, a wide range of additional benefits and offers tailored to the size and location of your home, Liberty is a great home warranty provider for homeowners who want specific coverage.

Liberty Home Guard has also earned an excellent A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, which means this home warranty provider is a trusted source for your home protection needs.

To get a free quote visit Liberty Home Guard online.

All home warranty companies offer some additional services, but none can match Liberty Home Guard’s 34 options. These add-on services make Liberty Home Guard one of the best providers for homeowners who have additional systems that are not covered by basic home warranty protection.

If you have saltwater pools, hot tubs or even a guest unit, you can cover these items as add-ons to your Liberty Home Warranty plan. You can also customize your Liberty Home Guard warranty to include as many home appliances and built-in systems as you’d like. This makes Liberty Home Guard the best for add-on coverage and thus the most customizable.

Liberty offers three plans — Appliance Guard, Systems Guard and Total Home Guard — that are either an appliance-only plan, a systems plan or a combination of both. Each plan costs less than $60 per month, making this home warranty option incredibly affordable. You can easily customize your plan to cover only the home systems you need, but for starters, each plan includes the following:

  • Appliance Guard (starting at $49.99/mo): Ideal for homeowners who don’t want to lose thousands of dollars when a major appliance breaks down. Covers your clothes dryer, refrigerator, built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range/oven/cooktop, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and garage door openers
  • Systems Guard (starting at $54.99/mo): Best for homeowners who don’t want to worry about their major systems failing. Coverage includes heating, ductwork, plumbing, electrical and water heaters
  • Total Home Guard (starting at $59.99/mo): For homeowners who want complete home coverage, this plan includes everything in the Appliance Guard and Systems Guard plans

Liberty Home Guard is the most customizable of all home warranty options, offering a plethora of additional coverage. In addition to your major home appliances and equipment, you can include coverage for up to 34 household systems and appliances under your warranty.

As with most other home warranty providers, Liberty Home Guard has a list of limitations and exclusions that are clearly stated in your contract. If your system or appliance fails due to poor maintenance, corrosion or improper installation, the damage will not be covered by your warranty plan. Liberty Home Guard also does not cover damage caused by natural disasters.

Best Overall Value

Select Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: Use code HOUSE25 for $150 off & 2 months free.

Select Home Warranty has an extensive network of service technicians ready to come to your home if any systems or appliances fail. This company offers you an excellent home warranty, fast response times and the most affordable service fees around.

To get a free quote visit Select Home Warranty online.

Select Home Warranty makes it easy to file a claim online and offers some of the most affordable service fees around. Instead of paying more than $100 each time you request a service technician, Select Home Warranty only charges $65 to $75 per visit.

Plus, Select Home Warranty has excellent response times, sending a technician to your home within 24 to 48 hours of your request. With such fast response times, your system or appliance will be repaired in no time.

Select Home Warranty has three different plans that cover either your home’s systems, appliances or both. These plans are each affordable and around $60 per month without the additional cost of add-ons. The coverage included in the Gold, Bronze and Platinum Care plans is as follows:

  • Gold Care (starting at $60.42/mo): Perfect for homeowners who want basic system coverage, this plan includes air conditioning, heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, water heater and ductwork
  • Bronze Care (starting at $60.42/mo): If you don’t want to worry about your home appliances, this plan is ideal. It covers your clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven, built-in microwave, cooktop and dishwasher
  • Platinum Care (starting at $63.75/mo): This plan is best for homeowners who want full coverage of all their systems and appliances. Covers all the systems and appliances in the Gold Care and Bronze Care plans

With Select Home Warranty, every time you make a claim and need to send a service technician to your home, you only have to pay $65 to $75 for the service fee. Compared to other home warranty providers that charge a service fee of up to $125, Select Home Warranty is the less expensive option.

In addition to the company’s affordable monthly premiums and low service fee, its nine additional benefits are also affordable, ranging from $3.33 per month to $8.33 per month. Currently, Select Home Warranty offers free roof leak coverage when you purchase a warranty plan.

Select Home Warranty limitations and exclusions are similar to other home warranty providers. The company does not cover the cost to repair system and appliance damage due to acts of nature, human error or manufacturer’s defect.

Best For First Time Homeowners

American Home Shield


Our Rating

Limited Time: $150 OFF All Home Warranty Plans for new members.

American Home Shield (AHS) is a home warranty provider with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. The company serves 48 states and certain ZIP codes in Hawaii and New York. It is an excellent choice for all homeowners looking to purchase home warranty coverage, especially first-time homebuyers.

To get a free quote visit American Home Shield online.

American Home Shield offers three plans that cover a range of price points. Since new homeowners are likely just learning what it means to own a home, a warranty that covers the cost of broken systems and appliances is necessary.

American Home Shield is a good option for first-time homebuyers because it covers pre-existing conditions so long as you did not discover the issue before purchasing a warranty. So if new homeowners purchase warranty coverage, then move in and find that a major system in their new home needs repair, an AHS will likely cover it.

American Home Shield offers three warranty plans: ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™ and ShieldPlatinum™. We describe each plan in more detail below. 

  • ShieldSilver™ (starting at $49.99/mo): Covers heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems. It does not include home appliances. You can add protection for electronics, pools and spas, roof leaks and more.
  • ShieldGold™ (starting at $69.99/mo): Covers 23 major household systems and appliances, including heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. This plan differs from the ShieldSilver™ plan by adding kitchen and laundry appliances coverage.
  • ShieldPlatinum™ (starting at $99.99/mo): The most expensive available but covers all 23 major household systems and appliances, plus includes roof leakage protection. 

Because American Home Shield’s basic plans cover only your major systems and appliances, you may need additional coverage for other devices in your home. AHS offers 11 additional coverages. 

One of the most popular add-ons is leaky roof repair. If you do not choose the ShieldPlatinum™ plan, you can add roof coverage for as little as $10 per month.

Even though American Home Shield covers your basic systems and appliances, there are some limitations to its warranty coverage. The ShieldSilver™ plan does not cover appliances, but the ShieldGold™ and ShieldPlatinum™ plans have coverage limits of $2,000 per appliance and $4,000 per appliance, respectively.

In addition, American Home Shield’s warranty plans cover damage due to normal wear and tear. Thus, you will not receive coverage for repairs required due to misuse, human error or natural disasters.

Most Added Benefits

AFC Home Club


Our Rating

Limited Time: Save Up to $200 On Top Rated Coverage.

With the longest workmanship guarantee of any home warranty provider and a plethora of extra home benefits, AFC Home Club stands apart from all other providers. AFC Home Club offers four warranty plans and even lets you choose your service technician when you need a repair.

To get a free quote visit AFC Home Club.

AFC Home Club offers basic home warranty plans, but its added benefits are what truly set it apart from other providers. With each of its four warranty options, homeowners will have access to member benefits, including: 

  • Cove Smart Home Security discount
  • Discounted home and auto insurance
  • Free utility concierge service
  • Discounts on Encompass home parts and goods
  • Discounted emergency, pet, dental and vision insurance
  • Discounted whole life insurance, cyber ID protection and accidental death insurance
  • DealCash discounts

AFC Home Club has four different plans for homeowners to choose from:

  • Silver (starting at $363/year):  Best for those who want to cover only major appliances. Protects your washer, dryer, oven/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal and garage door opener
  • Systems (starting at $454/year): Ideal for homeowners who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars should a home system fail. Covers air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, ductwork and water heaters
  • Gold (starting at $545/year): An ideal plan for homeowners who want coverage for the most common home systems and appliances. Covers all items included in the Silver and Systems plans
  • Platinum (starting at $605/year): If you want the most comprehensive coverage available and without having to pay out of pocket for appliance or systems failure, this is the plan for you. Covers everything in the Gold plan plus five additional items

AFC Home Club offers warranty coverage for 12 additional items, including your central vacuum, pool, spa and electronics. Once you have chosen your base plan, you can add any of these items to your warranty coverage upon checkout.

After a 30-day waiting period, AFC Home Club will pay $3,000 per major appliance included in your warranty contract. For add-ons and certain items within your warranty, the coverage limit varies from $150 to up to $1,000. Read your contract closely for specific coverage limits in your state.

Best Response Time

Cinch Home Services


Our Rating

Limited Time: Get two months free for new membership signups.

Cinch Home Services is an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to protect their systems and appliances and is known for its coverage of undetected pre-existing conditions. This warranty provides comprehensive protection for your home’s systems, appliances or a combination of both.

To get a free quote visit Cinch Home Services online.

Most home warranty providers offer service within 48 hours of submitting your claim, but Cinch Home Warranty goes a step further and promises service within 24 hours. In addition to its 24/7 customer service, this is why Cinch has the best response time by far among our home warranty providers.

Cinch Home Warranty offers three plans that cover either your home appliances, built-in home systems or a combination of appliances and systems. 

  • Appliances Plan (starting at $39.99/mo): If you have more appliances in your home than the most basic set, then this is the plan for you. It covers your clothes dryer, clothes washer, cooktops, dishwashers, built-in food centers, freestanding ice makers, built-in microwave, ranges, range exhaust hoods, refrigerators, wall ovens and air conditioning 
  • Built-in Systems Plan (starting at $49.99/mo): A comprehensive systems plan that is ideal for homeowners who have more unique systems in their homes. It covers air conditioning, ductwork, attic fans, ceiling fans, central vacuum, doorbells, electrical systems, garage door openers, garbage disposals, heating systems, instant hot/cold water dispensers, plumbing systems, smoke detectors, sump pumps, toilets, water heaters, Whirlpool bathtubs and air conditioning
  • Complete Home Plan (starting at $54.99/mo): This plan is best for homeowners who want everything covered for a low monthly premium. It covers everything included in both the Appliances and Built-in Systems plans 

In addition to your home systems and appliances, you can add other items to your Cinch warranty plan. Unlike other home warranty providers, Cinch does not offer coverage for roof leaks. Many of your major home systems are already covered, but you can add pools, hot tubs, septic systems and well pumps to your warranty.

If you have the Complete Home Plan, you may be eligible for a $500 refund of your homeowner’s insurance deductible. Talk to your Cinch representative to find out if you qualify for this reimbursement.

Cinch Home Warranty does not cover the routine maintenance, repairs or replacements usually covered by home insurance; repairs or replacements covered by manufacturer’s warranties or other damage that is not due to normal wear and tear.

The maximum annual coverage you receive for all items covered by your home warranty is $10,000, but the limit for each appliance or system is between $1,000 and $2,000. 

Cinch Home Warranty will also pay for repairs of pre-existing damages that were not previously identified.

Best Workmanship Guarantee

2-10 Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: $1 MONTH FREE! for new accounts this month.

2-10 Home Warranty has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, servicing more than 6 million homes in the U.S. With three warranty plans and several additional options, this warranty company is a great option for protecting your home.

To get a free quote visit 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Very few companies offer a home warranty exclusively for your kitchen appliances. So if you are like many homeowners who only want to cover those essential appliances, then a Simply Kitchen plan from 2-10 Home Warranty is the best choice for you.

The plan starts at $17 per month and covers all of your major kitchen appliances. 2-10 Home Warranty is also one of the few providers that allow you to purchase a warranty at any point during the closing of a home purchase. So this coverage can be used as an incentive to attract buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

2-10 Home Warranty offers three plans — Simply Kitchen, Complete Home and Pinnacle Home — and gives you the option to choose a service fee of $65, $85 or $100 per claim. The lower the service fee, the higher your monthly payment.

  • Simply Kitchen (starting at $17/mo): Best for homeowners who only want kitchen appliance coverage. It covers your built-in microwave, dishwasher, range, oven, cooktop and refrigerator with an ice maker
  • Complete Home (starting at $46/mo): Great for homeowners who want to use a warranty to incentivize potential home buyers. Coverage includes heating systems, cooling systems, built-in microwave, dishwasher, range, oven, cooktop and refrigerator with an ice maker, plumbing systems and electrical systems
  • Pinnacle Home (starting at $60/mo): Ideal for homeowners who want complete home coverage. Coverage includes everything in the Simply Kitchen and Complete Home plans

If you opt for the Pinnacle Home plan — 2-10 Home Warranty’s base coverage plan — your coverage will include nearly all of your home’s systems and appliances. If you want additional coverage, the company offers 10 items as plan add-ons. 

The annual coverage limit for 2-10 Home Warranty plans is $25,000. This amount applies to all household systems and appliances, but each item covered under your warranty has its own coverage limit — for example, the coverage amount for just your refrigerator is $2,500. There may also be additional exclusions to your policy because 2-10 Home Warranty does not cover some accessories.

Best for Kitchen Appliances

First American Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: Checkout Online and Get a $100 Instant Discount

Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty (FAHW) is an experienced home warranty provider. With 24/7 customer service, quick response times, and low monthly premiums, this warranty provider is an excellent choice for home appliance coverage.

To get a free quote visit First American Home Buyers Warranty

First American Home Warranty is a great option for homeowners who want a home appliance warranty. Not only does FAHW cover nearly all components and parts of appliances under warranty, but with a generous $3,500 per appliance coverage, it ensures you won’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

FAHW’s rates are low compared to other home warranty providers, and even the Premier plan is below the national average. If you choose a plan, you also have the option to lower the service call fee to $75 per claim, which saves you money in the event of a claim.

First American Home Warranty offers two warranty options. The Basic Plan offers one of the best appliance warranties on the market, and the Premier plan covers both your appliances and home systems. These plans include:

  • Basic Plan (starting at $36/month): This appliance plan covers your clothes washer, clothes dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/range/cooktop, microwave, garbage disposal, trash compactor
  • Premier Plan (starting at $46.50 per month): This comprehensive plan includes home appliances and major systems, such as your clothes washer, clothes dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/range/cooktop, microwave, garbage disposal, trash compactor, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, heating system, water heater, electrical system, garage door opener, ductwork, central vacuum

First American Home Warranty does not cover air conditioners in its base warranty plans, but you can add air conditioner coverage for an additional monthly fee. You can also add additional refrigerators, coverage for your pool and spa, well pump coverage, and septic system pumping. If you want to expand your coverage further, you can upgrade to First Class coverage.

For failures due to normal wear and tear, First American has no set coverage limit for home systems coverage, but you will receive up to $3,500 for each appliance covered under warranty. For additional coverage and certain components of your home systems, the coverage cap ranges from $500 to $1,500.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Home Warranty?

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a home warranty provider and getting quotes. Although many home warranties cover similar home systems and appliances, not all coverage is the same in certain areas. You should consider the following factors carefully before deciding on your home’s warranty:

  • Home warranty cost and coverage
  • Ease of claims process
  • Customer reviews
  • Service limits per system and appliance
  • Exclusions

Home Warranty Cost and Coverage

Since one of the benefits of a home warranty is saving money if one of your home systems or appliances fails, the cost and coverage of your home warranty are probably the most important factors to consider before deciding on a plan.

The more expensive the plan, the more coverage you will have for home appliances and systems. However, you may not need to cover all those systems and appliances. As you shop for a warranty, carefully look at each plan and decide what coverage you need and what you’re willing to spend each month.

Ease of Claims Process

When a system or appliance in your home fails, you want the claims process to be as simple as possible. You also want someone to come to your home as soon as possible to handle the repair. Most home warranty providers offer two ways to file a claim, and you’ll usually hear from a representative to resolve the issue within 48 hours, if not sooner.

When searching for a home warranty that best suits your needs, look for providers known for excellent and quick customer service and ease of claims processing.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

It’s also helpful to choose a company that offers emergency service and 24/7 customer service, which is the case with many of the companies on our list.

Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about home warranty companies is to read customer reviews on reputable websites like the BBB. You should look at both the positive and negative reviews to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Service Limits per System and Appliance

Before you choose a home warranty company, read the fine print in your contract. Your coverage limit indicates how much money a home warranty will cover per appliance or home system. The best home warranties cover up to $3,000 or more per system or appliance, which covers a significant amount if something fails.

For example, you can purchase roof leak protection through Choice Home Warranty. This add-on covers damage from roof leaks up to $500. However, the cost to repair damage caused by a roof leak can exceed $500, and your home warranty will not cover the additional cost.


Even if a warranty covers a particular system or device, it may not cover everything that goes with that system. If you read the fine print in your warranty contract, you may find that certain parts of a system are not covered if it breaks. For example, your home warranty may cover your garage door opener, but not the garage door itself 

When looking for the best warranty for your home, be sure to find the most comprehensive plan to ensure that you are fully covered in the event of system or appliance failure.

Best Claims Acceptance Rate
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american home shield
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What Do The Best Home Warranties Cover?

The best home warranty companies offer basic plans to cover your most common home systems and appliances. Some companies offer systems-only or appliance-only plans, whereas others have combination plans that cover both systems and appliances.

You can expect the following items to be covered under the best home warranty plans:

  • Air conditioning
  • Clothes dryer
  • Clothes washer
  • Dishwasher
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical systems
  • Garbage disposal
  • Heating systems
  • Oven/cooktop/stove
  • Plumbing systems
  • Refrigerator
  • Water heater

What Home Warranties Don’t Cover

Even the best home warranties still have exclusions. Home warranties cover the cost to repair or replace your systems and appliances when they deteriorate due to normal wear and tear, but home warranties don’t cover some things. These items are often listed as exclusions, indicating any part of a system or appliance not covered by your warranty.

The big one is known pre-existing conditions. If something was broken before you bought your home warranty plan, you likely can’t get coverage for it.

Although it depends on your warranty provider, most warranty providers do not cover the following:

  • Building and zoning code violations
  • Commercial-grade equipment
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Damage due to misuse, improper installation, poor maintenance, or defects from previous repairs
  • Knobs and fixtures
  • Plumbing and electrical outside the boundaries of the home
  • Removal of asbestos, mold, radon gas, or other hazardous material
  • Rust, corrosion, or sediment
  • Smart technology and components
  • Structural problems in your foundation, paint, flooring, and walls

How Much Do the Best Home Warranties Cost?

The best home warranty providers offer rates at different price points to accommodate a range of budgets, and most top companies have rates at or below the national average cost of $50 per month. The average price of a home warranty is generally between $45 and $65 per month, which amounts to $540 to $780 per year.

How Do Home Warranties Work?

The best home warranty providers provide as much information as possible up-front. So before you choose the warranty provider that best suits your needs, you’ll have the opportunity to compare plans, prices, and service terms. Our top providers, like Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty, make it easy to compare each plan to make the most informed decision possible.

You want the quickest solution possible when your major household systems and appliances fail. The best providers feature a simple claims process, and with any of these companies, you can expect the following  process:

  1. Submit a claim online, via app, or over the phone.
  2. Your warranty company will respond to your service request within 48 hours.
  3. Your warranty company will forward your claim to an approved contractor.
  4. A service technician will come to your home to assess, diagnose, and/or repair the damage.
  5. Pay the service call fee.

Do You Need a Good Home Warranty?

Although almost anyone can benefit from a home warranty, home warranties are more worthwhile for some people than others. The main purpose of a home warranty is to avoid the cost of repairing or replacing expensive home systems. So, a home warranty is absolutely worth it if you do not have a robust emergency fund.

If you own older home appliances and systems, you are more likely to use your home warranty and make it worth your while. In addition, real estate agents and home sellers can also benefit from a home warranty, as these plans offer peace of mind to potential buyers.

FAQs About The Best Home Warranty Companies

What is the difference between a home warranty and a home insurance policy?

Home insurance is a requirement for most mortgage companies and covers damage or loss of property. A home warranty is an optional protection plan that covers the cost if one of your home systems or appliances fails.

What should I look for in a home warranty?

Before you commit to a home warranty company, read sample service contracts to understand what is covered by the warranty. Although home warranty plans from different companies are similar, each provider has a slightly different service contract.

In particular, look at the annual coverage amount for each covered system and appliance and any exclusions.

Who pays for a home warranty?

Each month, you pay a monthly premium for your home warranty. If one of your home appliances fails, you can file a claim and your home warranty will cover most, if not all, of the cost to repair or replace that home appliance. If the cost of repairs exceeds your coverage amount, you’ll have to pay the difference yourself.

How are home warranties regulated?

Home warranties are regular by each state independently, but most states have similar rules as those outlined by the Service Contract Model Act promoted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Methodology: How We Evaluated the Best Home Warranty Companies

To help consumers like you choose the best home warranty companies for your home, we dive deep into every top-rated home warranty company and rate them based on six factors. Once we research a company and have gathered all our data, we use the following scoring system to grade each home warranty company on a 100-point scale. We then convert the score to a 5-star rating.

  • Plans + Coverage Options (24 Possible Points): Since every customer has different needs and a different budget, we award more points to providers that offer more plans and greater flexibility.
  • Affordability (22.5 Possible Points): Affordability is an important factor because many homeowners choose home warranties to avoid high payments for home appliance repairs. This category evaluates each company based on the cost of its plans and additional services, service call fees and cancellation terms.
  • Customer Experience (18.5 Possible Points): Your experience as a customer is important, including the support you receive when contacting your home warranty provider. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews, conducting homeowner surveys and analyzing the quotes process.
  • Company Reputation (17.5 Possible Points): A company’s reputation is a combination of reviews from customers and reputable organizations like the BBB. We also take into account the years of experience a company has, how satisfied its employees are and any past or pending lawsuits.
  • Claims Process (12.5 Possible Points): In this category, we look at the overall claims process, including how easy it is to file a claim and a company’s response time.
  • Availability (5 Possible Points): Availability refers to how many states and locations a company serves.
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