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How to Make Your Driveway Slip-Resistant

Have a slanted, slick driveway? That's an accident waiting to happen! Here's how to make it slip-resistant.
House with gravel driveway on the left; house with asphalt driveway on the right

Pros and Cons of Asphalt and Gravel Driveways

If you’re struggling with whether to add an asphalt or gravel driveway, consider these factors.
Laying pavers over a crushed stone and sand base.

Patio and Driveway Paver Foundation Tips

Laying a paver patio or driveway starts with a good foundation. Watch this video for tips on how to use crushed stone and a compactor to make sure your paver foundation holds up over time.

Distinctive Driveway

My new semi-circle driveway took several steps to create.
Using trowel to smooth poured concrete slab for driveway

How to Color Concrete When Pouring a Driveway

To color the concrete for the driveway on the Kuppersmith Project house, powdered colorant was poured into a paper grocery sack and dropped into the concrete truck, then mixed into each load of cement. Watch this video to find out more.
Tractor grading lot at the Kuppersmith Project house

How to Grade a Lot and Excavate for a Driveway or Paver Patio

In order for the lot on the Kuppersmith Project house to drain properly, a tractor was used to grade the ground so it sloped away from the house and any rainwater runoff flowed away from the foundation. Watch this video to find out more.

Repairing Cracks in a Driveway

Cracks in a concrete or asphalt driveway need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from penetrating the surface and eroding the soil beneath the drive. Watch this video to see how to go about repairing cracks in your driveway.
Ask Danny

How to Repair a Sinking Concrete Driveway or Sidewalk

Chuck asks, “The walkway next to my driveway is sinking. What can I do to stop it?”

To fix a sinking sidewalk you'll need to jack it up then fill in the area under it. Read on to find out more.