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Hurricane Safety

Boarding up windows with plywood before a hurricane.

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Read on for suggestions on how to protect your home from hurricane wind damage and how to take extra precautions when building or remodeling your home.

Hurricane Prep List: What You Should Do Before the Storm

It's hurricane season — how are you protecting your home? Tackle this hurricane prep list now, so you don’t have to worry about these things later.
Hurricane fabric panel installed over a window, plywood hurricane shutter leaning against side of home, and working wooden shutters attached to a window

Hurricane Shutters: The Best, Most Affordable Options

Protect your home from hurricanes by covering its most vulnerable areas — windows and doors. Here’s what you should know about hurricane shutters.
Water-damaged room, seen during cleanup, following Hurricane Katrina in 2005

Water Damage Cleanup: What to Save and Toss After a Hurricane

Hurricanes bring devastating winds, rainfall and floodwater. While you're tackling water damage cleanup, here's our guide on what to keep (and toss)!

How to Make an Easy Fall Window Box

Window boxes can be difficult to maintain once the weather cools off, but with the right flowers and filler, you can wow visitors to your home all season long!

6 Home Improvements to Tackle in the Fall [SURVEY]

Want to sell your home? Top real estate agents suggest focusing on these fall improvements.
Yellow and red flowering mums.

Help for Fading Mums

Meredith asks, “Every year I buy gorgeous mums, but within a week the blooms have faded. How can I make them last longer?”

Store bought chrysanthemums are meant more for selling than lasting. Read on to find out how to prolong the bloom time of your mums.
Danny Lipford caulks around a home's windows while Chelsea Lipford Wolf applies window insulation.

October Home Maintenance To-Do List

Tackle these home maintenance chores to tighten up your house and save money during cold weather.


Priming wooden vent on eave of house.

Painting and Staining the Exterior of the Kuppersmith Project House

After completing all the brickwork, siding, and trim on the outside of our 1926 Kuppersmith Project house, the painting crew was able to caulk, prime, paint, and stain the exterior of the house. Watch this video to find out more.
system to organize electronic devices

How to Organize Electronic Devices for Charging

We all know technology can be confusing, and if you have an abundance of electronic devices, finding the right charger can be a nightmare. To solve this problem, attach a piece of colored electrical tape to each device and charger. Watch this video to find out more.
Using a drain cleaning zip tool to remove hair and other organic matter from a tub drain.

Eliminating Sink and Bathtub Drain Odors

Most odors in sink or tub drains aren’t caused by sewer gas but from organic matter and bacteria trapped in the drain. Watch this video for tips on how to clean drains to remove offensive odors.
Portable workbench made from hollow core door.

How to Build a Portable Workbench from a Hollow Core Door

Watch this video to find out how to make a lightweight workbench that's inexpensive and easy to store from a hollow core door and two collapsible sawhorses.

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Linda Johansen's shed after the renovation.

A New Aesthetic for an Outdoor Shed

We're transforming a shed into an art studio for homeowner Linda Johansen. Learn about all of the exciting projects here!

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