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Spring 2021

How to Select the Right Tree for Your Yard

Trees provide a lifetime of beauty, clean air, shade, and shelter. If you're shopping for trees for your yard, you may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of species and varieties available. One of the best ways to narrow down your choices is to determine the purpose of the trees in your landscape design. Read on to find out more.

How to Treat Iron Deficiency in Plants

Paul asks, “Our hollies are showing signs of iron deficiency. What should we do?”

Iron deficiency starts with a yellowing of the leaves in between the dark green veins, resulting in a spidery look. Read on to find out how to diagnose and treat iron deficiency in plants.

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Fertilized green grass in a backyard

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 10, 2021

Choosing the right fertilizer is the key to having a great-looking yard. Learn more about that in this Today's Homeowner Radio episode.
White cast iron sink in a mid-century modern bathroom

Refinishing a Sink: 2 Options to Restore Vintage Cast Iron |...

Wondering if you can refinish an old cast-iron sink to make it look new again? Here are your two options, and more tips, from the Today's Homeowner Podcast.


Cracked concrete walkway beside a tree in a southern Alabama neighborhood

Concrete Repair Made Easy: DIY Fixes with Quikrete

Cracked concrete distracts from your home's curb appeal. Here's how you can easily repair concrete surfaces with affordable Quikrete products.
Chimney-style range hood in a modern California kitchen

How to Install a Chimney-Style Range Hood

Installing a chimney-style range hood can add style to any kitchen.

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