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Water damage to home caused by hurricane related flooding.

Tips for Maintaining an Efficient Sump Pump

A sump pump can be an effective device for moving accumulated water away from your house and preventing costly repairs. Here are a few tips to keep your sump pump in good working order.
Seedling growing in garden

How to Test Seeds for Germination Before Planting

Before heading out to plant your garden, it's a good idea to test your seeds for viability, especially if you're using seeds you collected or leftover seeds from last year. Read on for an easy, DIY technique for testing seed germination that can be done using ordinary household materials.

Man-made pond in a beautiful, well-designed garden

Garden Design: 5 Tips for a Beautiful, Sustainable Backyard

When it comes to the state of our planet, each one of us can do something to reduce our carbon footprint — start with these garden design tips.

Lawn Care Tips — How to Mow Like a Pro

The difference between spending time cutting grass and enjoying backyard life comes down to having the right mower.Exmark mowers deliver a perfect cut in...


Removing Mold and Mildew Inside Your Home

Mold and mildew inside your home can be caused by high humidity in or under your house, leaks from plumbing or roofs, and standing water in bathrooms or kitchens. If not removed, mold can damage your home and may even pose a health hazard.

Tips to Keep Your Paint Roller Clean

Find out how to protect paint rollers with masking tape and keep roller lint from coming off on your walls. Watch this video to find out how.

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