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Winter real estate with for sale sign in front yard

Selling Your Home in the Winter: Tips from Top Agents

Planning on selling your home this winter? Here’s what 500 top real estate agents say you should do to attract buyers.
Danny Lipford uses snow blower during winter

How to Safely Use Your Snow Blower

Operating a snow blower, or snow thrower, may look fun, but safety is important. Follow these tips to prevent harm to you or the machine.


How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree from an Old Wooden...

Learn how to make a DIY Christmas tree from an old wooden pallet — featuring “Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solution host Joe Truini.
Joe Truini removing rust from tools

How to Clean Rusty Tools to Make Them Look Brand New

If your old tools are rusted or beginning to rust, don't throw them out! Here's how to clean them to look brand new.

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