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Summer 2021

American wisteria in bloom

Native Alternative to Invasive Imported Wisteria

In the spring, wisteria bursts into bloom along roadways and arbors, reminding me that this stuff is taking over the world! Some types of wisteria may be beautiful, but they're considered invasive species and should be grown with caution (if at all). Read on to find out how to grow native American wisteria in your yard.
House generator

How to Maintain Portable and Home Standby Generators

Whether you own a portable or whole-house standby generator, it's important to perform regular maintenance to ensure maximum performance.


Outdoor TV cabinet, seen with the doors open as a football game plays on the screen

How to Build an Outdoor TV Cabinet

Boost outdoor entertainment opportunities and watch TV on the patio! Watch this video to learn how to build an outdoor TV cabinet.
fabric awnings

How to Remove Fabric Awnings

Planning an exterior update to your home and need to remove your fabric awnings? Here's how you can easily do it! Watch this video to learn more.

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