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Spring 2021

Lawn with dead spots from fungal disease.

How to Deal with Grass Fungal Diseases in Your Lawn

Grass fungal diseases can be challenging to deal with, but the right lawn care practices can go a long way toward prevention. Read on for some tips for preventing and treating fungal diseases in your lawn.
Black spots and yellow leaves on rose bush

How to Control Black Spot Fungus on Roses

Want your rosebushes to stay nice and red? Here's how to control a disease that can cause quite a bit of damage in your garden.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane supplies and clipboard

Hurricane Supply List: Stock Up on These Items [Printable]

Preparing a hurricane supply list is the first step in planning for a natural disaster that could leave you without vital resources for days.
Hurricane season

10 Hurricane Facts: Debunking the Most Popular Myths

Know the facts about hurricanes — that way, you can make informed decisions to protect your family before, during and after the storm. Here are the myths.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets: How to Do it The Right Way

Painting kitchen cabinets successfully depends on a great prep job. Watch Today's Homeowner's step-by-step guide for priming and painting cabinets.
Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf install a picture ledge to a wall in Judy Laurence's family room

DIY Picture Ledge: How to Create Stylish, Space-Saving Displays

A picture ledge is an attractive, space-saving way to display framed pictures and wall art. Watch how easy it is to build one!

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