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Danny Lipford in front of home.

Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Spring is finally here, and I hope you've got a lot of energy, because this season's to-do list will really get you moving! From cleaning gutters and windows to organizing your garage, our spring maintenance list will get your home in shape so you can enjoy the summer ahead.

Your Guide To Organic Lawn Care

Safe and effective organic lawn care is making waves across the country. Learn more about taking care of your lawn the natural way in this organic lawn care guide.

“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf paint a brick home's exterior

4 Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Most homeowners hire professional painters to update their home’s exterior. However, painting your home with these pro tips is easy and more affordable.
Senior citizens fill SmartControl Scepter fuel containers.

Message to Aging Americans: Protect Your Hands

As an important aspect of Healthy Aging® Month in September, Scepter® reminds consumers to re-evaluate the products they use around the home.


Spray painting a cast iron foundation vent grate

How to Paint Cast Iron Foundation Vent Grates

Before painting the cast iron foundation vent grates on the Kuppersmith Project house, a wire brush was used to remove any rust. Next, the vents were sprayed with a metal primer followed by a metal paint to match the trim on the house. Watch this video to find out more.
Smoke detector

3 Smoke Detectors and How They Work

Not all smoke detectors are created equal. Here's how each type works, and installation tips.

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