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The roof is one of your home’s most important structures. The roof protects your walls, foundation, and interior rooms from the outside world, preventing water damage and other issues. While most roofs are built to last between 25 to 50 years, they need occasional upkeep and maintenance to remain in tip-top shape. 

The Basics of Roofing

To keep your roof in good condition, you should familiarize yourself with all of its major components: 

  • Covering shingles: These are the topmost protective barrier of the roof. These keep the underside of your roof protected from rain and snow and come in various colors, styles, and materials. 
  • Battens: Also called lathes, structural cross sections of wood provide the foundation for shingles or other roof coverings. 
  • Underlayment: Underlayment is an additional waterproof material composed of felt, paper, or other synthetic material positioned below the shingles and battens. 
  • Decking: Next in line is the decking, a plywood sheet that provides the base for shingles and battens. It also supplies extra structural support in high winds and other extreme weather. 
  • Chimney: This vertical smoke stack releases gases from various parts of the home. 
  • Flashing: These thin metal strips (typically galvanized steel) provide extra layers of waterproofing and protection for critical roof areas. These can be seen along chimneys and roof valleys. 
  • Eaves, fascia, and soffits: These three components comprise the outermost section of the roof that overhangs the home’s outside walls. 
  • Valleys: These are where two roof slopes meet and are known for collecting debris. 
  • Ridge: The peak of the roof. 
  • Gutters: The gutter system funnels water away from the roof’s edge, preventing water damage to the foundation and walls. 

If any one portion of your roof becomes compromised, it can lead to other sections weakening and breaking down – because of this, getting a roof inspection at least once a year is recommended, especially if the roof is over a decade old. 

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