Home Attic


While your attic is a great place to keep your Christmas and Halloween decorations, it also serves several important functions: it aids in temperature control, provides access to roof vent systems, and can serve as a bedroom. However, without proper care, your attic can become rundown and let in water, pests, and drafts, leading to a whole host of other problems.

The Basics of Attics

Below we list some of the best ways to keep your attic in tip-top shape, along with some other helpful reading material. 

  • Replace old insulation: Insulation doesn’t last forever, and it will begin to degrade after about 15 years. As such, you should always replace your insulation every 20 to 30 years. 
  • Do a yearly inspection and repairs: Every year, you should do a thorough walk-through of your attic, keeping an eye out for any holes, damage, or leaks. We recommend using a waterproof silicone sealant to patch any hole larger than a quarter inch in width. 
  • Declutter often: An attic, like a garage, can quickly become a home’s default junk and storage location. While this practice is convenient, it can lead to excess clutter and debris buildup. We recommend cleaning out your attic twice per year, throwing away all garbage, and getting rid of anything you’re not attached to. 
  • Ensure attic vents are working properly: One of the most important parts of an attic is its ventilation system. Without properly working vents, an attic’s air will hold too much heat, which can lead to the buildup of ice dams in winter and high electricity bills in summer. 

An attic is an often overlooked section of the home but holds numerous important functions. If you want to learn how to better care for and utilize your attic, check out some of the articles below. 

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