From the Bay Area to Disneyland to Los Angeles, California is home to many noteworthy attractions. But there’s more to the Golden State than its sparkling coastline and iconic scenes – it has the third-highest cost of living in the United States. For this reason, snagging savings on home repairs and maintenance is crucial for California homeowners.

We know homeownership is expensive, especially in areas with higher overall costs. For this reason, we’ve ranked and reviewed over 60 companies to find the top home warranty companies in California to help you find the best option for your property and budget.

Our favorite is Choice Home Warranty because its ability to provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. But this article will go through the coverage levels and pricing structures of all of our top choices so you can find the Home Warranty Company that best fits your needs.

What Are the Best Home Warranty Companies in California?

American Home Shield: Best Coverage Limits
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Best Coverage Limits

American Home Shield


Our Rating

Limited Time: $150 OFF All Home Warranty Plans for new members.

With more than 50 years of experience, American Home Shield (AHS) is among the best home warranty options for California homeowners. In addition to offering customizable plans, this company has an easy-to-use warranty service that covers major home systems and appliances and previously undetected damage.

American Home Shield offers three plans to suit your home budget and needs, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer in California who does not want any surprise breakdowns and repairs after you move in. 

AHS is a great choice for California homeowners because it includes unlimited air conditioning coverage. Under all three warranty plans, you will get complete coverage to fix your broken A/C unit, which saves you an average of $3,800. American Home Shield also offers some of the highest roof leak coverage at an annual maximum of $1,500. The ShieldPlatinum™ plan includes roof leak coverage at no additional cost, or you can add it to the ShieldGold™ and ShieldSilver™ plans.

American Home Shield is our top choice for new homeowners because its coverage plans include any pre-existing conditions or issues not previously identified by a visual or mechanical test. So if you notice existing damage to your new home’s systems or appliances during your warranty period, American Home Shield will cover the cost of a repair or replacement.

American Home Shield offers three warranty plans: ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™ and ShieldPlatinum™. We describe each plan in more detail below, which includes the most expensive $125 service fee, but you can also opt for a $75 or $100 fee for an additional monthly cost. 

  • ShieldSilver™ (starting at $49.99/mo): Perfect if you’re a California homeowner who wants to protect the basic systems in your home. This plan covers your heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems. It does not include home appliances, but you can add protection for electronics, pools and spas, roof leaks and more
  • ShieldGold™ (starting at $69.99/mo): Ideal for homeowners who want to cover every major home system and appliance. It includes 23 major household appliances and systems, including heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. This plan also adds kitchen appliances, and washer and dryer coverage
  • ShieldPlatinum™ (starting at $99.99/mo): This may be the most expensive plan available, but it covers all 23 major household systems and appliances. Plus, it includes roof leak coverage at no extra cost and one HVAC tune-up

In addition to your home’s main appliances and built-in systems, you can add 11 additional items to your American Home Shield warranty plan. Add-on options include roof leak repair, pools, spas, guest apartments and more.

Roof leak protection is one of the most popular add-ons among American Home Shield customers. This additional coverage offsets the cost of repairing or replacing your roof if it becomes vulnerable due to normal wear and tear or has rotted. 

For California residents, pool and spa coverage may be at the top of your add-ons list. You can have your pool or spa covered under warranty for an additional $24.99 per month.

As with all top warranty providers, American Home Shield has exclusions and coverage caps, which are as follows: 

  • If you have ShieldSilver™, your plan does not provide appliance coverage
  • If you have ShieldGold™, you have a coverage limit of $2,000 per appliance
  • If you have ShieldPlatinum™, you have a coverage limit of $4,000 per appliance

If your major household systems or appliances fail due to improper use, poor installation or lack of maintenance, you may not be eligible for warranty coverage. Therefore, report any problems immediately and keep a maintenance log to ensure you get the coverage you need if any issues arise. 

Best Claims Acceptance Rate

Choice Home Warranty


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Choice Home Warranty is not only a leader in the home warranty industry but has helped more than 1,650,000 homeowners in the U.S. handle more than 5 million claims. With an affordable home warranty and excellent service, this company is a great choice for California homeowners.

Why We Chose CHW

The purpose of a home warranty is to save you money if a system or appliance in your house fails, so home warranty cost is likely to be an important factor when choosing a provider. Choice Home Warranty’s protection plans start at around $47 per month, meaning its plans offer some of the most affordable benefits. So if you want comprehensive protection for all the systems and appliances in your home at the best price, Choice Home Warranty is the provider for you.

In California, air conditioning can be a lifesaver during the state’s 100-degree summer days, so you’ll want excellent coverage for this system. Choice Home Warranty offers decent air conditioning coverage with a limit of $3,000 per contract term, but only if you choose the Total Plan. Because most homeowners pay between $400 and $900 to repair their air conditioning system, a warranty with Choice should be sufficient.

Choice Home Warranty also offers additional pool and spa coverage for $15 per month. If your pool and spa use the same equipment, you only need to pay one monthly fee to cover both. But if each of your systems is on different equipment, you’ll have to pay for separate coverage.

Choice offers limited roof leak protection with a coverage cap of up to $500. This coverage does not apply if your roof needs a partial or complete replacement, so if you live in an area of California that experiences rain, this may not be the home warranty for you.

Another reason Choice Home Warranty offers the best value is its standard $85 service call fee. Instead of tiered fees that some home warranty companies offer, Choice Home Warranty always charges the same rate per claim, meaning you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs.

Choice Home Warranty offers two coverage options that include either basic or comprehensive protection. The monthly costs do not differ by much — about 25 cents a day total, to be exact — so it might be worth considering the Total Plan.

  • Basic Plan (starting at $46.84/mo): This plan is perfect for homeowners who have a second home in California. Warranty coverage includes your heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, Whirlpool bathtub, oven/cooktop, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, ductwork, garage door opener and ceiling/exhaust fans 
  • Total Plan (starting at $54.75/mo): If you want full coverage for nearly every major system in your home, then this is the plan for you. It includes the same systems and appliances as in the Basic Plan with the addition of your clothes dryer, clothes washer, refrigerator and air conditioner

Both the Basic Plan and the Total Plan cover your major systems and appliances, but some homeowners may want additional coverage for other systems. Choice Home Warranty offers 12 additional coverages, such as roof leak repairs, stand-alone freezers and a second refrigerator.

For $15 per month, you can also add your home’s pool or hot tub. Choice Home Warranty offers some of the most affordable pool and spa coverage on the market, making it an excellent choice for California homeowners looking to cover these items.

Any item insured under either the Basic Plan or the Total Plan is covered up to $3,000. This high coverage cap ensures that almost all major repairs are covered if something breaks in your home. 

If you choose to add additional coverage, your service contract will state what the coverage amount is for those services. You will probably see $250 for septic tank pumping and $500 for the other additional items.

Best Value

Select Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: Use code HOUSE25 for $150 off & 2 months free.

Select Home Warranty offers affordable and complete home warranty services for your home. If you need a service technician, the claims process is simple and the service call fee is low.

When a system or appliance breaks, the last thing you want to do is pay an expensive service fee to have a technician come to your home. Many home warranty companies offer service fees of around $100 per call, but Select’s service fee of $65 to $75 is hard to beat.

Select Home Warranty only covers central air conditioning systems, so it may not be the best choice If you have wall or window air conditioning units. But if you do have central air and heat, Select should be at the top of your list. It offers up to $3,000 in coverage for each system, which is much higher than some of our other providers.

In addition, Select Home Warranty offers some of the most affordable additional services — you can cover your pool and spa for $8.33 per month and $5.83 per month, respectively. This home warranty coverage is incredibly affordable for California residents, so if you plan on including your pool or spa, Select is the way to go.

Unlike other home warranties that require you to pay up to $125 per service call, with Select Home Warranty, you pay only $65 to $75. Even though Select Home Warranty’s monthly plan fee is more expensive than many other home warranty providers, the low cost of service is worth it. Plan options include:

  • Gold Care (starting at $60.42/mo): Best for Californians who want only their systems covered, this plan includes your HVAC, plumbing system, electrical system, water heater and ductwork
  • Bronze Care (starting at $60.42/mo): If you have a second home in California and only want to cover your major appliances, then this is the plan for you. It covers your clothes washer and dryer, garbage disposal, refrigerator, stove/oven, built-in microwave, cooktop and dishwasher
  • Platinum Care (starting at $63.75/mo): This plan is best for California residents who want everything in their home covered. It includes all the systems and appliances in the Gold Care and Bronze Care plans

Select Home Warranty may have higher monthly costs, but its add-ons are among the most affordable in the industry. At just $3.33 to $8.33 per month per household item, you can cover your pool, spa, well pump, sump pump, septic system pump, stand-alone freezer and more.

If the damage done to your home system or appliance is covered under your home insurance policy or manufacturer’s warranty, then it will not be covered under your Select Home Warranty plan. Additionally, Select Home Warranty will not cover damage due to human error, natural disaster or any issues not caused by normal wear and tear.

Best For Customization

Liberty Home Guard


Our Rating

Limited Time: $200 Off + 2 Months Free + Roof Leak Protection.

If you want customizable warranty coverage, then Liberty Home Guard is the obvious choice. This warranty service provider has more than 34 add-on options that ensure every important item in your home is covered.

Many homes in California have a pool or hot tub, which are usually not covered by basic home protection. But with Liberty Home Guard, you can include your pool, saltwater pool and hot tub as part of your comprehensive warranty plan. So if you want a warranty with a combined $19.99 per month pool and spa coverage to help you keep cool in California’s warm summers, you should consider Liberty Home Guard. 

To give you peace of mind that your air conditioner will work during California’s hot summer days, Liberty offers up to $2,000 in warranty coverage for this system. Not all home warranty companies cover window or wall air conditioning units, but a Liberty warranty will cover up to two of your window units.

Liberty Home Guard is one of the few home warranty companies to offer pest control as an add-on. Because pesky pests can be a problem for any Californian, this $14.99 per month add-on is well worth the cost and can save you hundreds of dollars in pest control interventions. Under this additional coverage, you’ll get pest control services for ants, cockroaches, silverfish, moths, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, crickets and wasps.

Not only does Liberty Home Guard offer extensive insurance coverage, but they also have an excellent reputation as a company. With a 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can consider this company trustworthy.

Liberty Home Guard has three plans: Appliance Guard, Systems Guard and Total Home Guard. At less than $60 per plan, you can get complete coverage for less than $2 per day.

  • Appliance Guard (starting at $49.99/mo): This plan is a good alternative if you are a property owner or only visit California for the winter. It covers your clothes dryer, refrigerator, built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range/oven/cooktop, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and garage door openers
  • Systems Guard (starting at $54.99/mo): If you don’t have many appliances, then you may choose this plan to cover your home’s major systems, including heating, ductwork, plumbing, electrical and water heaters
  • Total Home Guard (starting at $59.99/mo): If you are a full-time California resident, then this plan is for you. It includes everything covered by the Appliance Guard and Systems Guard plans

Liberty Home Guard is your best option for add-on coverage. As the top warranty company for add-ons, you can cover almost everything in your home, including your ice maker, sprinkler system, trash compactor, central vacuum and instant hot water dispenser.

Liberty Home Guard offers home warranty protection for 34 additional items, including pest control. For as little as $14.99 per month, you can get coverage for pest control protection, which is often necessary for California homeowners.

Your systems and appliances will not be covered under your Liberty Home Guard warranty if the damage is caused by human error, natural disaster or lack of maintenance. Coverage caps also depend on your service contract and the covered item.

Additional Home Warranty Resources

So, What is the Best Home Warranty for Your California Home?

Because everyone’s home needs are different, there is no single home warranty company or plan that we universally recommend. Instead, several leading companies provide excellent service that could all be contenders for your home warranty.

In California, you should choose a home warranty that also covers your pool and spa. If either break, it can be expensive to repair, so a home warranty service can provide you with comforting peace of mind.

If you want the most comprehensive coverage and additional benefits, we recommend Liberty Home Guard or Home Service Club. Both companies offer extensive warranty coverage at a good price. In addition, you can purchase pest control and pool and spa coverage from both.

Choice Home Warranty or Select Home Warranty are excellent options if you are primarily interested in a low monthly rate. Both companies have competitive monthly rates and service call charges, so they are equally good deals.

Home warranties are not just for your primary residence. If you have a second home or vacation rental in California, you should choose a home warranty like Liberty Home Guard or Home Service Club to protect your home systems and appliances while you are away. That way, you will not have to pay thousands of dollars to replace these important items in your home when you come to visit.

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What Is a California Home Warranty and How Does it Work?

Home warranties cover costs associated with repairs or replacements for major home appliances and systems that have broken down due to normal wear and tear. These plans are designed to help homeowners budget for routine and emergency home repairs every month.

To redeem your service contract, you’ll pay a set monthly premium and per-service fees for each repair appointment. Once a repair need arises, you’ll submit a claim to your home warranty provider. The provider then assesses your claim and sends a technician to address the request. The technician will typically visit your home to complete the repair within 24 to 48 hours of your claim submission. You’ll pay the company’s designated service fee, and the provider will handle the rest of the cost – save any coverage limits or exclusions.

Most home warranty companies offer various plan options to suit different coverage needs. Plans may cover appliances, systems, or a combination of both. Add-on items such as additional appliances or luxury household items are also available for optional coverage.

How To Choose the Best Home Warranty in California

While the companies we reviewed are excellent service contract providers, not all home warranty companies on the market are created equal. In the sections below, we’ve detailed some important factors to consider when choosing a home warranty provider for your systems and appliances.

Think about these essential features and plan benefits when making your final pick:

Assess Reputation and Reviews

Seeing what real people say about a company is one of the best ways to vet it before buying. Assess a provider’s reputation by exploring BBB ratings, online reviews, and asking fellow customers you know. Real customer reviews are helpful because you’ll see a company’s good and bad aspects without sugarcoating.

Remember – the more time a company has in the industry, the better picture you’ll be able to see of its reputation. Longevity in the industry also points to better customer relationships and reliable service.

Retrieve Multiple Quotes

California homeowners should retrieve quotes from several companies to ensure they get the best price and coverage. Most home warranty companies offer free quotes when you fill out a quick online form. You must input your zip code to get a quote, which helps you see coverage and cost options for your specific location.

While retrieving multiple quotes, remember to look for monthly or annual cost variations. You can often opt for an annual payment plan instead of a monthly one for a significant discount. Make a list of your coverage needs beforehand and use it to select the best plan at a price in your budget.

Seek High-limit Coverage Caps

Don’t forget to assess a home warranty company’s coverage limits before buying a plan. Coverage caps are limits the company will pay for a specific item’s repair or replacement. Once a repair need exceeds the coverage limit, you’ll be responsible for the remainder of the bill.

When it comes to California home warranties, coverage caps vary significantly. Some plans have $500 coverage limits, while others go up to $3,500. If you have newer or high-end appliances and systems, higher limits can mean the difference between full coverage and a big bill.

Consider California Home Needs

Your area’s climate – and the state of your home – are important factors to consider when purchasing a home warranty. For example, if you live in an area of California with frequent temperature fluctuations, you’ll likely benefit from HVAC system coverage. If your home is subject to lots of rainfall, roof leak coverage is a good idea. 

According to Liberty Plumbing, Californian homes experience a high frequency of plumbing issues like slow drains, low water pressure, and leaky fixtures. For this reason, California homeowners should invest in a home warranty policy with solid plumbing system coverage.

FAQs about the Best Home Warranties in California

What is the average cost of a home warranty in California?

The national average cost of home warranties is about $50 per month. Some home warranty plans in California cost less — about $45 per month — whereas high-tier plans can cost $60 or more per month.

Are home warranties worth it in California?

Home warranties are worth it in California because an investment of less than $60 per month can save you thousands of dollars over time. However, it may be more worthwhile to purchase an appliance warranty only, as you may not need to cover everything included in a comprehensive warranty, especially if you don’t have or use a heating system.

Can I still get warranty coverage for my California home if I live in another state?

Yes. You can take out a home warranty on a home in California, even if you live in another state. Similar to how you must purchase homeowners insurance for each of your homes, you can purchase a home warranty for each of your homes.

For example, if you live in Nevada but have a beach house in Santa Monica, you can purchase a home warranty for each home.

Methodology: How We Evaluated California's Top Home Warranty Companies

At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our home warranty company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — whether you’re looking for low-cost coverage, a hassle-free repair process, 24/7 assistance, or all of the above.

Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with real estate professionals and repair contractors.

A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across six categories converted to a five-star scale. We researched more than 60 home warranty providers to develop the following formula:

  • Plans and Coverage (24 points): A home warranty provider can earn the maximum point value in this category if it offers multiple robust plans that cover all basic systems and appliances and optional add-on coverage. We give bonus points to companies that cover uncommon items, such as electronics and roof leaks.
  • Affordability (22.5 points): When evaluating costs, we not only consider monthly plan prices, but we also take into account the cost of add-on coverage, service fees, and whether companies offer free cancellation periods or money-back guarantees. If a provider allows potential customers to view sample contracts before getting a quote, that transparency earns more points in this category.
  • Customer Experience (18.5 points): A home warranty company must give its customers ample support when they experience issues. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews and conducting homeowner surveys. We also go through the quotes process with each company and take meticulous notes about the friendliness of salespeople, how detailed each quote is, and how often the provider contacts us after giving a quote. 
  • Company Reputation (17.5 points): In this category, we look at a combination of customer reviews and reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider the years of company experience, how satisfied its employees are, and whether it has been hit with any consumer rights violations or lawsuits. 
  • Claims Process (12.5 points): We score providers highly when they offer short response times, multiple ways to file claims, and around-the-clock availability. Companies can earn bonus points if they have a good reputation for quick and easy claims processing.
  • Availability (5 points): Providers that serve more areas can have experience dealing with a wider range of homeowner headaches. A company earns the maximum points in this category if it offers services in most U.S. states.

We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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