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May 10, 2023

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    American Home Shield (AHS) is a home warranty company founded in 1971 to help homeowners avoid the inconveniences associated with the failure of home appliances and systems. Should a major system or appliance fail in your home, you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on replacements with a warranty plan from American Home Shield.

    As a leader in the home warranty industry, AHS has more than 50 years of experience and serves more than 2 million homeowners in the U.S. The company offers three different warranty plans to fit any budget and a variety of additional services that can give homeowners the peace of mind needed to live comfortably and without fear.

    Using our jump link table of contents to find what you’re most interested in for this review on American Home Shield.

    Our Review of American Home Shield

    Total Score: 82.5 / 100 points

    We examined six different criteria and gave the company a total score out of 100. The graph below provides an overview of American Home Shield’s ratings, and we will dive deeper into each category in the following sections.

    We explain our review methodology and what we look for below.

    Pros and Cons


    • High coverage limits
    • Over 50 years of home warranty experience
    • Great HVAC coverage


    • High monthly premiums
    • Some expensive add-ons

    Plans and Coverage of American Home Shield

    Score: 22 / 24 points 

    What We Like

    Because American Home Shield offers three different plans and a variety of additional benefits, the company is well-positioned with a range of coverage. The company also earned points in our ratings for covering unique systems and appliances like your roof, electronics and even a guest house.

    The company’s basic plan — ShieldSilver™ — is one of the most affordable of all our home warranty providers. More so, American Home Shield’s more expensive plans — including ShieldPlatinum™ and ShieldGold™ — offer comprehensive home system and appliance coverage. 

    What We Don’t Like

    American Home Shield’s most basic coverage only includes your home’s major systems, but you can add other appliances or systems as needed. 

    The company’s ShieldPlatinum™ plan is also one of the most expensive of all our home warranty providers, but its inclusion of roof leak protection is a major benefit. 

    We go into more detail on American Home Shield’s plans and coverage below.

    Affordability of American Home Shield

    Score: 21 / 22.5 points 

    What We Like

    American Home Shield offers three plans with costs to fit many different budgets. Its basic ShieldSilver™ plan is one of the most affordable at less than $50 per month if you choose the highest service fee.

    You can also visit the American Home Shield website for a sample contract that outlines your potential home warranty coverage. The company tries to ensure the samples available online for each state are as close as possible to your final service contract, although the two may not match exactly.

    Unlike some of its competitors, American Home Shield does not charge a cancellation fee if you decide to end your warranty contract. Instead, you have 30 days to decide if a plan is right for you and if you choose to cancel, you get a full refund. You can still get a prorated refund after 30 days if you did not use your warranty plan, but if you did file a claim during that time, you’d likely have to pay a fee.

    What We Don’t Like

    The company’s premium ShieldPlatinum™ plan is one of the most expensive options of all our home warranty providers, but unlike other companies, it includes roof leak protection at no additional cost. 

    We go into more detail on the cost of American Home Shield below.

    Customer Experience of American Home Shield

    Score: 12.5 / 18.5 points

    What We Like

    Many homeowners are satisfied with their American Home Shield warranty and have used their coverage to repair broken home systems and appliances. Customers also report fast and efficient service with knowledgeable technicians sent to their homes. 

    American Home Shield also has an easy quote process, offering customers an instant quote online in minutes. Your quote should include a detailed overview of plan rates, any additional costs and the ability to see how different service fees would affect overall costs. Each plan is also presented side-by-side in a comparison chart so you can easily compare coverage and determine which is best for your home.

    What We Don’t Like

    American Home Shield has several customer complaints online about customer service, including long wait times, refund issues, email unsubscribes and problems with sending third-party technicians to your home. Although many customers report a resolution of their complaints, others report ongoing issues with customer support.

    American Home Shield’s lower score in this category is due to the intrusiveness of its sales process. In our reviewer’s experience, American Home Shield contacts customers repeatedly via phone and email after a quote is requested — the company contacted our reviewer 11 times by phone or email within the first day of requesting a quote. Within 24 hours, representatives even texted our reviewer and repeatedly called throughout the week.

    Company Reputation of American Home Shield

    Score: 13.5 / 17.5 points 

    What We Like

    Overall, American Home Shield’s reputation is average — the company boasts a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 3.3 star average from Glassdoor. Whereas some employees discuss fair pay and the ability to work as many hours as they want, others discuss poor management and poor relations with their supervisors.

    What We Don’t Like

    Although American Home Shield actively addresses customer complaints online, it lost points in this category due to class action lawsuits. In some cases, the company has been sued for misrepresentation, fraud and breach of contract. American Home Shield resolved its cases in 2003 and 2009, but a current case as of 2021 is still in process.

    We’ve included some customer reviews of American Home Shield from the BBB below.

    Claims Process of American Home Shield

    Score: 8.5 / 12.5 points 

    What We Like

    American Home Shield offers 24/7 customer support, and you can call for emergency service if your systems and devices fail without warning. There are several ways to get in touch with customer service, namely by calling customer care or submitting an online claim.

    The company also has a 30-day waiting period, so you only have to wait a month before you can claim your warranty. 

    What We Don’t Like

    While American Home Shield offers multiple ways to file a claim, customers have reported long response times of up to 48 hours. The company also lost points in this category due to negative online reviews surrounding the claims process.

    We’ve included a step-by-step outline of HomeServe’s claims process below.

    Availability of American Home Shield

    Score: 5 / 5 points

    What We Like

    American Home Shield has a robust service area. The company covers nearly all 50 states, from the coast of California to its main headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, and most states in between. The only areas American Home Shield does not cover are Alaska, Hawaii, and New York City. 

    Because of this extensive availability, American Home Shield received all points in this category.

    What We Don’t Like

    Due to service exclusions, homeowners in Alaska, New York City and certain parts of Hawaii can not purchase an American Home Shield warranty.

    American Home Shield Plans, Costs & Coverage

    American Home Shield offers homeowners three different warranty plans and coverage options. Each of these plans can provide excellent coverage for your home systems or appliances, and you can choose which option works best based on your needs and budget. If your plan doesn’t cover a necessary item, you can easily add it to your warranty coverage. 

    The company’s three warranty plans are ShieldSilver™, ShieldGold™ and ShieldPlatinum™, which we describe in more detail below. 

    Service Fee CostShieldSilver™ Monthly CostShieldGoldMonthly CostShieldPlatinumMonthly Cost 
    $75 Service Fee$69.99$89.99$119.99
    $100 Service Fee$59.99$79.99$109.99
    $125 Service Fee$49.99$69.99$99.99
    American Home Shield lets you choose your service fee, so your total monthly cost will depend on how much you want to pay each time a technician comes to your home — the lower the service fee, the higher the monthly payment.


    American Home Shield ShieldSilver™: This plan is American Home Shield’s most affordable plan option. It covers 14 major systems — including heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. You’ll get up to $5,000 in coverage for HVAC systems and complete coverage for covered electrical and plumbing components. Although this plan does not include home appliances, you can add protection for electronics, pools and spas, roof leaks and more.

    American Home Shield ShieldGold™: This plan offers comprehensive coverage,including 23 major household systems and appliances. This plan has a $5,000 coverage limit for HVAC systems, and homeowners have a limit of $2,000 per appliance.

    American Home Shield ShieldPlatinum™: This plan is the most expensive plan option, offering comprehensive coverage of all 23 major household systems and appliances plus roof leak coverage. If you choose this plan, you’ll get up to $5,000 in HVAC coverage, $1,000 in roof leak repair, and a $4,000 coverage limit per appliance. You’ll also get $250 in coverage for home code violations, permits and alterations.

    The table below outlines the major home systems and appliances included in each American Home Shield plan.

    What Optional Add-ons Does American Home Shield Offer?

    If your American Home Shield plan does not cover any of your home systems or appliances, you can include them as add-ons for an extra monthly cost. Add-ons include extra systems, maintenance services and certain levels of coverage. 

    The table below shows the type and cost of American Home Shield’s available add-ons.

    Add-onCost per Month
    Roof Leak$10
    Electronics Unlimited$14
    Guest Unit$19.99
    Septic Pump System$5
    Well Pump$8
    Sump Pump$5
    House Rekey$100
    Discounted A/C Unit and HVAC Tune-up$75 (included in ShieldPlatinum™)
    Air Filter DiscountStarting at $5.25 each

    Remember, roof leak protection is already included in the ShieldPlatinum™ plan. However, if you choose the ShieldSilver™ or ShieldGold™ plans, you can add roof leak protection for $10 per month.

    The unlimited electronics plan is relatively new to American Home Shield and covers all of your home electronics up to $2,000 per claim. Currently, this protection plan includes the following electronic devices:

    • TVs
    • Desktop computers and laptops
    • Tablets
    • Printers
    • Home theater systems
    • Smart home products
    • Headphones
    • Video game consoles

    When your electronics fail due to mechanical and electrical defects caused by normal wear and tear, American Home Shield provides world-class technical support to help you get your systems back up and running. The plan also covers surge protection and workmanship defects.

    Does American Home Shield Have Any Exclusions?

    Similar to other home warranty companies, American Home Shield has some exclusions to its contract coverage, mostly due to a lack of maintenance and treatment. Your home warranty plan does not cover the following:

    • Routine maintenance
    • Repair and replacement of cosmetic defects
    • Repairs needed due to misuse or abuse
    • Radon monitoring system, fire sprinklers and solar equipment
    • System or appliance upgrades when the issue is missing components or parts
    • Flues, venting, chimneys and exhaust lines
    • Electronic or computerized home management systems
    • Repairs of systems that have hazardous or toxic material
    • Repairs needed due to mold
    • Costs of construction or carpentry
    • Restoration of walls, floor coverings, cabinets, countertops, tiling, paint or similar items
    • Natural disasters, fires, freezing, water damage, electrical failure, pests or pets

    To make sure you are eligible for home warranty coverage, it is a good idea to keep a maintenance log. The log will show your provider that you regularly maintain your systems and that the repairs needed are due to normal wear and tear. 

    The above list broadly covers all of AHS’s exclusions. If you want a more detailed description, read through American Home Shield’s sample contract

    Does American Home Shield Have Any Coverage Limits?

    All three warranty plans from AHS include coverage of up to $5,000 for each HVAC system and full coverage for covered plumbing and electrical components.

    The biggest difference lies in how ShieldPlatinum and ShieldGold cover your household appliances. With the ShieldPlatinum plan, you receive up to $4,000 per appliance; with the ShieldGold plan, the cap is $2,000 per appliance.

    American Home Shield has excellent coverage limits on its add-ons, which range from $500 to $3,000 per covered item. Whereas most companies have a coverage limit of $1,000 for pools, for example, AHS has a coverage cap of $3,000.

    The table below highlights the coverage limits for each covered item.

    Covered ItemCoverage Limits
    Electrical systemsNo special limits for covered items
    HVAC systems$5,000
    Kitchen appliances$2,000 to $4,000
    Laundry appliances$2,000 to $4,000
    Plumbing systemsNo special limits for covered items
    Pool and built-in spa$3,000
    Roof leak repair$1,000
    Septic ejector pump$500
    Well pump$1,500

    American Home Shield Customer Reviews

    Thousands of American Home Shield customers have posted both positive and negative reviews on the BBB website. We’ve included a few of these home warranty reviews below. 

    Positive Reviews of American Home Shield

    The reviews below highlight positive testimony from multiple customers about American Home Shield’s customer service, reliability and quick response times when handling repairs. 

    “Have been with AHS for several years and when we need something done, they are reliable. The companies they partner with are reliable and prompt. Have had to have multiple items repaired over the last couple of years, and have had no problems.”

    Elaine W. 11/30/2022

    “We have been with American Home Shield for four years and could not be more pleased with their service. We've needed to use them five times and were very satisfied each time. We normally correspond online, but with one service we needed to speak with a customer service rep. [and] again we were happy with the results. She was knowledgeable and professional.”

    Billie K. 11/29/2022

    Negative Reviews of American Home Shield

    As shown below, customers have also complained about American Home Shield, citing long response times, questionable charges and an inability to successfully contact customer service. Complaints also mention issues with the claims and repair process.

    “This is the absolute worst experience! My heat has been out since Nov. 16. It is now Nov. 28 and we've been through below-freezing weeks. AHS is zero help. They charge a monthly fee, twice the amount of a normal service call and customer service is absolutely terrible. Still no idea when it will be fixed. The escalation department never answers. Truly a nightmare. I would give zero stars if it were an option.”

    Shane G. 11/28/2022

    “HSA is a terrible choice for a home warranty company. I went two months without a hot water tank as HSA would do nothing to expedite the process. When I needed my furnace replaced, I paid $1,800 for ‘modifications’ and HSA paid $400-500, which is of no value to a customer already paying $1,800. Nothing new was installed except for the furnace and the process of hooking up the furnace to the electrical box. There was no detailed account of what the modifications were so that nothing could be refuted or contested by me. The customer representatives don't manage the project or advocate for their customers — they put the responsibility on the contractors and the contractors in turn put the responsibility on HSA [and] nothing gets done.”

    Justin T. 12/02/2022

    American Home Shield vs Other Home Warranty Companies

    When choosing a warranty for your home, it’s best to get several quotes from different providers to compare options. Once you have gathered several quotes, it’s easier to choose the best warranty provider for your home. 

    Below is an overview of the top home warranty providers, what they offer and how each compares to American Home Shield.

    ProviderBest ForMonthly CostService FeeBBB RatingYears in Business
    American Home ShieldFirst-time Homeowners$49.99 – $99.99+$75.00 – $125.00B51
    Liberty Home GuardMost Customizable $49.99 – $69.99+$65.00 – $125.00A+5
    Choice Home WarrantyValue$46.83 -$54.75 $85.00D+13
    Select Home WarrantyMost Affordable Service Fee$60.42 – $63.75+$60.00 – $75.00B-10
    AFC Home ClubMost Added Benefits$30.00 – $50.00+ $75.00 – $125.00B13
    2-10 Home WarrantyKitchen Appliances $17.00 – $60.00+$65 – $100B39

    How to File a Claim With American Home Shield

    You can file a claim with American Home Shield by submitting a service ticket online or you can call the company’s 24/7 customer service line. You can also track your home repair history and follow up on previous home service claims.

    The company’s claim filing portal accepts requests 24/7. The below steps can help you know what to expect when filing your claim.

    FAQs about American Home Shield

    Is American Home Shield legitimate?

    American Home Shield is a reputable company that offers warranties to homeowners who want to protect their major home systems and appliances. If something breaks or malfunctions in your home, AHS will send technicians such as plumbers and electricians to fix the issue.

    Does American Home Shield cover pre-existing conditions?

    American Home Shield will cover repairs for pre-existing conditions so long as you do not detect the issue before purchasing your warranty. Similar to the process for other warranty repairs, you submit a service request after your 30-day waiting period has ended.

    Does American Home Shield cover roof leaks?

    American Home Shield covers roof leaks with its ShieldPlatinum™ plan. If you have the Shield Silver™ or ShieldGold™ plan, you can add roof leak coverage for an additional monthly fee. If you choose roof leak coverage, it becomes part of your covered repairs.

    Does American Home Shield require a home inspection?

    American Home Shield does not require a home inspection to purchase a home warranty. All you have to do is get a free quote from the company then you can purchase your preferred warranty plan. After the 30-day waiting period, you can start to submit service requests under warranty coverage.

    How do American Home Shield home warranties work?

    After you receive your free quote from American Home Shield, you can purchase your home warranty plan. Once you have a home maintenance contract, you must wait at least 30 days before filing a claim. These claims will prompt a representative from ASH to send a technician to your home to inspect your home systems and appliances.

    Do I need an American Home Shield home warranty if I have homeowners insurance?

    An AHS home warranty is separate from homeowners insurance. While homeowners insurance is required to own your home, a home warranty is optional and protects your home’s systems and appliances if they fail. A home warranty covers your home systems and appliances, while homeowners insurance covers damage and loss of property.

    How do you cancel an American Home Shield policy?

    To cancel your American Home Shield home warranty policy, you must call the 24/7 customer service line. You cannot cancel your home warranty policy online.

    Methodology: How We Evaluated American Home Shield Against Our Review Criteria

    To help consumers like you choose the best home warranty companies for your home, we dive deep into every top-rated home warranty company and rate them based on six factors. Once we research a company and have gathered all our data, we use the following scoring system to grade each home warranty company on a 100-point scale. We then convert the score to a 5-star rating.

    • Plans + Coverage Options (24 Possible Points): Since every customer has different needs and a different budget, we award more points to providers that offer more plans and greater flexibility. American Home Shield has good coverage options and offers several unique additional benefits, so it scores well in this category.
    • Affordability (22.5 Possible Points): Affordability is an important factor because many homeowners choose home warranties to avoid high payments for home appliance repairs. We evaluate each company based on the cost of its plans and additional services, service call fees and cancellation terms. American Home Shield offers multiple plans and competitive pricing and therefore scores well in this category.
    • Customer Experience (18.5 Possible Points): Your experience as a customer is important, including the support you receive when contacting your home warranty provider. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews, conducting homeowner surveys and analyzing the quotes process. American Home Shield scores well in this category, but its customer service seems to vary by service request and agent.
    • Company Reputation (17.5 Possible Points): A company’s reputation is a combination of reviews from customers and reputable organizations like the BBB. We also take into account the years of experience a company has, how satisfied its employees are and any past or pending lawsuits. While American Home Shield has a B rating with the BBB, which we consider average, the company lost points in this category due to past and present lawsuits. 
    • Claims Process (12.5 Possible Points): In this category, we look at the overall claims process, including how easy it is to file a claim and a company’s response time. While American Home Shield offers multiple ways to file a claim, customers report long response times and negative reviews regarding claims resolution in some cases.
    • Availability (5 Possible Points): Availability refers to how many states and locations a company serves. American Home Shield scores well in this category, serving a total of 48 U.S. states.

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    America’s Preferred Home WarrantyAmerican Home ShieldAmerican Residential Warranty
    AWG Home Warranty DivisionChoice Home WarrantyCostco Home Warranty
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    Homeguard Home WarrantyHSA Home WarrantyHWA Home Warranty
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    Cinch Home ServicesLiberty Home Guard 
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