House foundation is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your home. When exposed to the elements, foundations are subject to deterioration and moisture intrusion, making them less structurally sound over time. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the things you can use in covering an exposed house foundation.

Ideas For Covering Your Home’s Foundation

The house foundation contributes to the overall strength and durability of your home. It serves as protection to ensure your homes stay sturdy and secure during harsh weather conditions. However, not everyone is fond of having exposed foundations because they can be an eyesore. 

Most homeowners prefer decorating and concealing these exposed foundations to improve the overall curb appeal of their houses. Let’s look at different ideas and materials you can use to cover them.


By using bricks, you can create a lattice to cover exposed house foundations that can add a homey appeal to your house. Bricks are cost-effective, and it’s also a fun DIY project you can enjoy doing with your family.

Cement Blocks

Using cement blocks is also an efficient way to cover up the exposed foundations. Cement blocks will not make your home look ugly, and they’re great choices to cover up the foundation because they can provide a patterned design to your house.

Conceal and Paint

Concealing the exposed foundation through painting is a simple and budget-friendly option. Painting is a fun DIY project which enhances your creativity and imagination. However, you must ensure that the paint is durable and matches your house curb’s overall decoration and color. 

Flower Beds

Flowers are always appealing to the human eye; they make your exteriors look homier and aesthetic. When choosing what flowers to plant, choose those that grow to the height of your exposed foundation.

Generally, hedges, vines, and Hydrangeas are ideal for masking a rough and exposed foundation. 

man inspecting flowers around his home's foundation
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Gravel is also a great option to conceal exposed foundations; it’s a durable and sturdy material that can help improve your home’s protection. However, before buying a large amount of gravel, ensure that you have chosen the color and type that will perfectly match your home’s exterior look. 

High Bush and Hedges

Big bushes and hedges are easy options for simply hiding an exposed foundation. These plants can also help improve your home’s landscaping and exterior look. 

River Rocks

River rocks can also provide a great accent to your home’s exterior. They are smooth landscaping rocks that can make your home look more sophisticated. These are also cost-friendly and easy to maintain. 

Lattice Work

Latticework joins small wood pieces together to form a decorative pattern. You can choose to lean the lattice against the exposed foundation or secure it on the ground.

If you enjoy doing DIY projects, you can also paint them so they’re more presentable. 

latticework over a brick foundation
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Steel Sheet

A steel sheet is a piece of metal that can protect your home. This is a great option if you enjoy doing DIY projects because they are easy to install and trim. Using steel sheets can also help add texture and color to match your home’s exterior appearance. 

Stone Cold

Stone cold can make your home look elegant and high-end. This material comes in varying sizes, shapes, and patterns, so ensure that you choose the right kind to match your home’s exterior appearance.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

If you love decorating, you can also accent stone-cold with flowers or other plants to improve your home’s landscaping. 

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer panels are ideal options if you want something efficient and durable. However, ensure that you have prepared your budget because stone veneer can get very expensive. 


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Stucco can give your home’s exterior a new look. It’s a type of cement that can be applied to ceilings, walls, and foundations using a putty knife. Many homeowners prefer using stucco to conceal exposed home foundations because it provides a textured look. 

To make your home look more unique, you can apply tint to your stucco if you want a certain color. You can do this before applying stucco on the exposed foundation or wait for the applied stucco to dry and paint it using a paint sprayer or a nap roller. 

Tree Barks

Tree barks can be used when the exposed foundation is small; these are not expensive. Consider using tree bark if you want a versatile material that can go well with any color. 


Using wood allows you to create a latticework or a patterned fence to make houses look warm and homey. When properly installed and sealed, wood is also a versatile skirting material against insects and moisture. 

Conceal Creatively

Even though having an exposed house foundation is a staple among residential areas, many homeowners prefer concealing them to make their houses look more appealing and aesthetic. With this, there are many materials homeowners can use to conceal exposed foundations creatively. 

Concealing exposed house foundations is also a fun DIY project you can always try out with your family. When you are looking for ways to conceal the exposed foundations of your homes, make sure to try out our creative suggestions.

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