Looking for the top home warranty for Texas homeowners? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this Texas home warranty review, I looked at over 76 home warranty providers, gathered 152 quotes and graded companies across 6 different ranking factors. We then narrowed down our list to the top 7 home warranties in Texas worth taking a look at

Our Top Pick
Best for Customization
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$200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage
Best Coverage Limits
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$150 off any plan
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$150 Off (Code HOUSE25)
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Additionally, while secret shopping I’ve  gotten quotes for a two-bedroom home in Houston, talked to customer representatives, painstakingly reviewed sample contracts, and scoured the internet to find the most accurate customer reviews.

I’ve ranked them according to their plans, coverage, affordability, reputation, customer service, and more. Read on to see how we ranked these companies and how they stack up against the competition.

Why Trust Us?

Here’s how we ranked and reviewed the nation’s top home warranty companies to bring you the most accurate information.


Our team of experts reviewed over 70 home warranty providers to compare plan options, coverage limits, prices, and customer feedback.


We collected over 100 sample quotes from dozens of home warranty companies to give you an accurate look at industry pricing.


Our rating system scores providers based on 6 key factors: coverage options, affordability, customer experience, reputation, claims processes, and availability.

    Top 5 Texas Home Warranty Companies

    • Liberty Home Guard is the clear winner in my book. Its wide range of unique add-ons allows for plenty of customization, and the fact that this home warranty company covers air conditioning window units is a huge help for hot summer months in Texas. Since it has an A rating with BBB, its reputation is clear.
    • Before purchasing, read the ENTIRE sample contract, especially the exclusions and coverage limits. There are catches and surprises most of the time, so be sure to keep an eye out. Most companies don’t cover things like routine maintenance or specialty parts like glass, computerized parts, and more, so keep that in mind.
    • If you’re handy with home improvement or you have brand-new appliances, there’s a good chance that you don’t actually need a home warranty. Unless you need frequent repairs, it’s probably more practical to pay out of pocket. New appliances may be expensive, but are they worth more than your annual premium and additional service fees? Most likely, the answer is no.

    Read our full Home Warranty Review Methodology for more details.

    My Expert Recommendation

    If you care about high-customer service ratings, I recommend the Total Home Guard plan from Liberty Home Guard. Liberty Home Guard has the highest company reputation score out of all the companies on our list, so I feel more comfortable choosing them than any other company. 

    However, if I owned more expensive appliances or home systems and wanted to make sure they were entirely covered with my policy, I’d look elsewhere since Liberty Home Guard only offers a $2,000 coverage limit on most items.  First American Home Warranty covers up to $3,500 per appliance in its Starter and Essential plans and $7,000 per appliance in its Premium Plan, making it my top choice for appliance coverage. Likewise, American Home Shield has a $5,000 HVAC coverage limit and a $4,000 appliance coverage limit on its ShieldPlatinum plan, making it a well-rounded choice. For the best coverage limits, I recommend either First American Home Warranty or American Home Shield.

    Are you curious to learn more about what a home warranty is and how it works? If so, watch the video below from one of our top brands.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips
    If you care about high-customer service ratings, I recommend the Total Home Guard plan from Liberty Home Guard.

    Texas Home Warranty Companies I Didn’t Include

    Two Texas home warranty companies that didn’t make this  list were ARW Home and First Premier Home Warranty. While both companies are viable options, they both gave me  reasons to leave them off our top company list. ARW Home has decent coverage and unique perks like fewer payout limits and being able to choose your own technician, but its prices were steep enough to give me pause. The appliance-only plan starts at $46, and the full-coverage plan is a whopping $85. ARW is financially backed by insurance companies and other providers, but even that didn’t quite make up for its high prices.

    First Premier Home Warranty, on the other hand, offers relatively affordable plans (starting at $39.99 a month). Still, it only offers two plans, isn’t accredited by the BBB, and doesn’t offer a workmanship guarantee. With all that working against it, FPHW didn’t make this list either.

    Additionally, I originally had Choice Home Warranty on my list. However, during my research, I discovered that it’s currently subject to a class-action lawsuit filed by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office in 2019. The lawsuit alleges that the company made promises to protect customers from high-cost repairs but went on to deny many claims in bad faith. Knowing that, despite any other benefits the company offered, I didn’t feel comfortable recommending Choice Home Warranty to readers.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Be sure to shop around and get multiple quotes from different home warranty providers before purchasing. Many companies have promotions over the phone that could save you money, so we recommend always calling a representative first to see if you can get a deal.

    Compare the Best Home Warranty Companies in Arizona

    CompanyRatingMonthly CostService FeeResponse TimeBBB RatingLink



    12-48 hrs.


    American Home Shield Logo



    24-72 hrs





    48 hours


    choice home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    select home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    AFC Home Warranty logo



    48 hours


    first american logo



    48 hours





    2–24 hrs





    2–24 hrs



    Quote and cost data gathered January 2024. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

    Our Reviews of the Best Texas Home Warranties

    Best for Customization

    Liberty Home Guard


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage

    Liberty Home Guard excels because of its customizable coverage with up to 42 available add-ons, many of which (grinder pump, freestanding ice maker, etc.) are options that other providers don’t offer. LHG is especially beneficial for homeowners who use window air conditioning units because it covers up to two portable window air conditioning units per home. Most other providers don’t cover window units at all. Despite being a newer company, Liberty Home Guard is BBB-accredited and boasts an A rating, which is higher than any other provider on this list. Although an A may seem like a common occurrence, it’s not. Most home warranty providers have a bad reputation, so the fact that Liberty Home Guard earned an A speaks volumes.

    Given my experience with Liberty Home Guard, I would feel comfortable purchasing the Total Home Guard plan since it’s a good bargain for a comprehensive coverage plan. However, the Appliance Guard plan seems overpriced, and the Systems Guard plan is basically the same price as the comprehensive coverage. If you’re interested in Liberty Home Guard, you might as well spend the extra $5 to $10 and get the Total Home Guard plan.

    Liberty Home Guard offers 42 add-on options for your coverage, more than any other home warranty provider on our list. Another pro is that LHG offers rare add-ons, like trash compactors, casita guest units, and reverse osmosis water filtration systems, which are uncommon in the industry. Liberty Home Guard also covers up to two portable window air conditioning units per home, which competitors like First American Home Warranty, American Home Shield, Cinch Home Services, Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, and AFC Home Club neglect.

    Liberty Home Guard’s monthly premiums, while not totally outrageous, start higher than most of the other providers on the market. The lowest plan cost is $49.99 a month, which may be an obstacle to those looking for a more affordable plan. Additionally, Liberty Home Guard is a newer company that was established in 2017. While its reviews and coverage add-ons are impressive, it lacks the decades of experience that other providers like First American Home Warranty (more than 35 years) and American Home Shield (more than 50 years) bring to the table.

    Liberty Home Guard scored a 10 for its plans and coverage because of its wide range of add-ons and its impressive comprehensive coverage. Although the Appliance Guard plan is a bit pricy for a plan that doesn’t cover any home systems, the Total Home Guard plan is a major bargain since it’s only $5 more expensive than the Systems Guard plan. If I were to purchase a plan from Liberty Home Guard, I would purchase the Total Home Guard plan since it’s a good deal for comprehensive coverage. I would shy away from the Appliance Guard plan because it’s not a great value for the money. If you only want to cover your appliances, the ShieldGold plan from American Home Shield is a better bargain at only $29.16. Liberty Home Guard’s plans are outlined in the chart below.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Systems Guard$54.99$65 – $125$225 offTwo free bonus months (with annual billing)Free limited roof leak protection
    Total Home Guard$59.99$65 – $125$225 offTwo free bonus months (with annual billing)Free limited roof leak protection
    Appliance Guard$49.99$65 – $125$225 offTwo free bonus months (with annual billing)Free limited roof leak protection
    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family home, 2 BR, under 5,000 square feet, in Houston, TX. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.
    Available Add-Ons

    The following add-ons are available for all plans:

    • Additional Spa – $9.99
    • Carpet Cleaning – $19.99
    • Casita Guest Unit – $35.99
    • Central Vacuum – $8.99
    • Ejector Pump – $14.99
    • Electronics Protection – $19.99
    • Freestanding Ice Maker – $14.99
    • Generator – $19.99
    • Grinder Pump – $14.99
    • Gutter Cleaning – $14.99
    • Ice Maker (In-Fridge) – $3.99
    • Instant Hot Water Dispenser – $9.99
    • Lawn Sprinkler System – $9.99
    • Lighting Fixtures $7.99
    • Limited Roof Leak – $11.99
    • Pest Control – $14.99
    • Plumbing Fixtures – $7.99
    • Pool And Spa – $19.99
    • Power Washing (Exterior Flooring) – $19.99
    • Pro-Series Clothes Dryer – $4.99
    • Pro-Series Dishwasher – $7.99
    • Pro-Series Microwave – $4.99
    • Pro-Series Range/Oven/Cooktop – $12.99
    • Pro-Series Refrigerator – $14.99
    • Pro-Series Stand-Alone Freezer – $14.99
    • Pro-Series Washing Machine – $4.99
    • Re-Key – $9.99
    • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System – $14.99
    • Saltwater Pool – $23.99
    • Second Refrigerator – $7.99
    • Septic System Pumping – $12.99
    • Stand-Alone Freezer – $5.99
    • Sump Pump – $8.99
    • Swamp Cooler – $14.99
    • Trash Compactor – $7.49
    • Tv Mounting (Up To 65-Inch Tvs) – $14.99
    • Tv Mounting (Up To 85-Inch Tvs) – $19.99
    • Water Dispenser Water Line – $4.99
    • Water Softener – $13.99
    • Well Pump – $12.99
    • Window Washing/Cleaning – $19.99
    • Wine Cooler/Fridge – $11.99

    I find roof leak coverage especially beneficial because leaks are some of the most common damages to homes, especially in Texas with increasing extreme weather events. Although the coverage is limited, it can still be a benefit to your home. However, the TV mounting coverage seems unnecessary because a new TV mount is fairly inexpensive, and the monthly price is a lot for an add-on.


    The following exclusions apply to all of Liberty’s plans:

    • Any kind of valve or leak
    • Chimneys and exhausts
    • Damage caused by improper installation
    • Damage caused by pests or mold
    • Damage caused by rust or corrosion
    • Disposal of old systems or appliances
    • Glass parts
    • Installation of systems or parts
    • Known or unknown preexisting conditions
    • Lighting
    • Luxury or commercial-grade systems and appliances
    • Poorly maintained systems or appliances
    • Routine maintenance
    • Solar systems
    • “Smart” components and parts

    Liberty Home Guard is a bit pricier than other providers on our list, but not by much. Its Total Home Guard plan ($59.99/month) is only about $5 to $10 more expensive than the competitors’ comprehensive plans, and it’s not as expensive as the premium options from AFC Home Club ($89) and First American Home Warranty ($72). For the quality of service and reliability that Liberty brings, I think the comprehensive coverage is worth the extra few dollars a month.

    The customer representative I spoke to stated that there was a service fee discount for policies purchased over the phone, bringing my deductible price down by a whopping $40. This may not be the case for every policy or every location, so keep in mind that your individual service fees will vary. However, I recommend calling first and asking if there’s a discount for purchasing your policy over the phone.

    Be sure to read the entire Liberty Home Guard sample contract to learn all the details about your plan.

    Customer feedback with home warranty companies is always a mixed bag, but Liberty Home Guard ranks fairly well amongst the competition when it comes to customer experience. In general, its agents are very informative and helpful, particularly on the sales end. This is common in the industry since most of the company’s efforts are put toward onboarding new customers. However, Liberty’s agents are still very knowledgeable and responsive to questions. There were a fair amount of complaints regarding items not being covered under warranty and a long waiting period (30-60 days) in the sample contract, so we gave Liberty a 7.8 out of 10.

    Despite being a newer company, Liberty Home Guard has a particularly high score on most customer review sites. Most customers praised Liberty Home Guard for its diligent customer representatives and prompt service. However, most of the complaints were about Liberty not covering certain items, being slow to address repairs, or using unlicensed handymen to fix issues. These complaints are common to the industry, showing that even for a company with mostly positive reviews, there are still a lot of fine print details to watch out for. Regardless, Liberty Home Guard does have a higher score than most of the other companies on this list, making them more trustworthy than the competition.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBNR*Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
    *Under review due to recent complaints as of Feb 2024. Previously an “A+” rating.
    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

    Note (as of 2/19/24): The Better Business Bureau recently shifted LHG’s A+ rating to “NR.” We reached out to a representative from the Better Business Bureau, and they told us, “This business is not currently rated. BBB has recently received numerous complaints against this business and will issue a rating after it has fully evaluated them.” When asked about whether they revoke ratings after an increase in complaints, the rep said, “Yes, if they feel they need to review the complaints first before issuing an accurate rating.” This scenario has happened to LHG twice in the last two years, but each time the BBB has restored its A+ rating after a thorough review.

    Liberty Home Guard has a standard claims process, allowing you to submit your claim by phone or online 24/7. Once you put in a claim, Liberty will aim to send a licensed technician to your home within 24 to 48 business hours, although there’s no guarantee. LHG’s max payout is $2,000 per claim, but diagnosis and repair are limited to $500 for plumbing, electrical, and add-on items. Your coverage limit is also limited to $250 for the first 90 days of your coverage.

    In most cases, Liberty Home Guard pays claims in a timely manner and sends technicians within a reasonable window of time. There are the occasional outliers where an item isn’t covered, money isn’t paid, or a technician isn’t dispatched within a reasonable time. Still, they are the exception rather than the rule. Simply put, no other company on this list has a better or more reliable claims process than Liberty Home Guard. 

    Liberty Home Guard is available in all 50 states, giving it a perfect score for national availability. Even if you only need a home warranty policy for your home in Texas, nationwide availability can be a sign that a company is more established and has a wider network of technicians that can service your home. Although availability isn’t the most important factor, it can be a sign of the company’s legitimacy and ability to function across the entire country.

    Best Coverage Limits

    American Home Shield


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $150 off any plan

    American Home Shield has particularly high coverage caps on its ShieldPlatinum plan, making it a tempting option for those who want the full extent of their items covered for a decent monthly rate. The only other company that’s in the same ballpark with appliance coverage limits is First American Home Warranty ($3,500 per appliance in its Starter and Essential plans and $7,000 per appliance in its Premium Plan), so American Home Shield definitely stands out from the rest of the pack when it comes to coverage limits. If I purchased a plan from American Home Shield, it would definitely be the ShieldPlatinum plan to get the higher coverage limits. The ShieldSilver and ShieldGold plans are affordable, but the ShieldPlatinum offers the best benefits to homeowners.

    However, American Home Shield’s negative customer reviews concern me. If you scroll through Yelp for more than a few minutes, you’ll likely feel the same. While its low monthly rates and high coverage caps make it a very tempting option, the frequency of complaints makes it seem like a risk. If you’re willing to roll the dice, American Home Shield has great plans and prices. Its coverage limits are almost unbeatable, but if you’re looking for a company with a great reputation, I’d look at Liberty Home Guard.

    The things I liked best about American Home Shield were that it has very affordable coverage that starts at just $20.99, and it offers high coverage limits for appliances and home systems. American Home Shield has a $5,000 HVAC coverage limit and a $4,000 appliance coverage limit on its ShieldPlatinum plan, which is roughly $2,000 higher than most competitors. Both the ShieldSilver and ShieldGold plans are more than $10 a month cheaper than most competitors’ basic coverage plans, making them a great bargain.

    American Home Shield has received more than 5,000 complaints on Yelp and Trustpilot alone, which is high even for home warranty companies. Despite the fact that AHS has resolved a lot of the issues and has a B rating on BBB, it still makes me leery of choosing them for my home warranty plan. Additionally, AHS doesn’t offer any plans for just your appliances, so there’s no way to just get your appliances covered.

    American Home Shield’s plans are particularly affordable, with options starting around $10 to $20 cheaper than most competitors. Out of all the options, I would choose the ShieldPlatinum plan since it offers comprehensive coverage with high coverage limits at a reasonable price. Most competitors charge between $50 and $60 a month for their most comprehensive plan, so at $56, the ShieldPlatinum plan is right on par. Every plan AHS offers is a good value for the money, so if you’re concerned with getting a bargain, you can’t go wrong here. Due to its lack of appliance-only plans and the limited add-on options, American Home Shield’s score dropped down to a 9 out of 10, but they’re still close to the top of our list of home warranty providers when it comes to plan options.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    ShieldSilver$20.99$100 – $125Limited Time 30% off online quote
    ShieldGold$29.16$100 – $125Limited Time 30% off online quote
    ShieldPlatinum$55.99$100 – $125Limited Time 30% off online quote
    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family home, 2 BR, under 5,000 square feet, in Houston, TX. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

    Available Add-Ons
    • Electronics Protection Plan (all plans) – $14
    • Guest Unit (all plans) – $6.99
    • Pool & Built-in Spa Equipment (all plans) – $18
    • Roof Leak Repair Limit (included in the ShieldPlatinum plan, but available as an add-on for others) – $10
    • Septic Pump (all plans) – $5.00
    • Well Pump (all plans) – $8.00

    The electronics protection plan is particularly useful because it protects an unlimited amount of new and used devices like TVs, laptops, printers, and more. However, there are limitations (it doesn’t cover cell phones, items in storage, preexisting conditions, theft or loss, rented items, maintenance, cosmetic damage, insect or animal damage, etc.), so be sure to discern whether this add-on is right for you.

    • Acts Beyond Our Control (Earthquake, Storms, Mud, Fire, Etc.)
    • Flues, Chimneys, Fireplaces, And Exhaust Lines
    • Hazardous Materials 
    • Improper Capacity
    • Items Covered By Other Insurance Or Warranty
    • Known Pre-Existing Breakdown 
    • Manufacturer Or Government Recalls
    • Misuse Or Accidental Acts
    • Multimedia Centers
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Power And Fuel Sources
    • Routine Maintenence
    • Smart Home Systems
    • Special Systems (Radon Mitigation Systems, Gas Detection Systems, etc.)

    American Home Shield is one of the most affordable companies on our list. American Home Shield’s basic plans start about $10 cheaper than AFC Home Club’s lowest plan, and about $20 cheaper than the other competitors, proving to be the cheapest home warranty. While the coverage isn’t the greatest on its cheaper plans, American Home Shield offers a great entry point for homeowners who want coverage but don’t want a high monthly fee. $20.99 for basic coverage is basically unbeatable, so I recommend this company for budget-conscious buyers.

    Be sure to read the entire American Home Shield sample contract to learn all the details about your plan.

    While many customers had complaints about items not being covered or having to pay out of pocket for a second opinion, many customers seemed happy with the representatives, and the company has worked hard to resolve a lot of the complaints on review sites like BBB. Though American Home Shield has more complaints compared to most other companies, the agents have helped a lot of frustrated customers with their grievances. Despite comments that the company is a hustle, the customer representatives clearly care and work hard to mend AHS’s reputation.

    The chart below doesn’t necessarily bode well for American Home Shield’s reputation, but many review sites are predominantly negative reviews, which can cause an inaccurate view of the company as a whole. American Home Shield is accredited by the BBB and has a B rating, giving it a decent reputation. AHS has received a particularly high number of complaints, but it’s also resolved many of them with customer cooperation. Most of the complaints were regarding items that weren’t covered, issues with repairs, and logistical errors that resulted in inaccurate billing. On the other hand, the company is often praised for its quick responses to claims. While American Home Shield may have a lot of complaints, it’s also resolved a lot of the issues, bringing its overall reputation score up to 8.3 out of 10.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

    Aside from any frustration from items not being covered, most customers have a good experience with American Home Shield’s claims department. In general, agents handle claims quickly and get technicians to service items within a day or two. Because of its high coverage limits on appliances and systems, American Home Shield pays out fairly well for claims. There were occasionally some problems with specific contractors that AHS used, but overall, the agents worked quickly to get claims resolved.

    American Home Shield operates in all of the continental United States, giving them a perfect availability score. While nationwide availability isn’t the most important factor, it shows that American Home Shield has been a successful business all throughout the country and has built a reputation. Companies that operate nationwide have more accountability to their customers and to the general public, which lessens the chances of a scam.

    Best Value

    Select Home Warranty


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $150 Off (Code HOUSE25)

    You should consider Select Home Warranty if you want a great deal on comprehensive coverage or if you want free roof leak protection with your plan. Most other competitors don’t even offer roof leak protection, and the ones that do normally offer it as a paid add-on (Liberty Home Guard offers it as a free promotion, but it’s a limited-time offer). Since its coverage limits on appliances aren’t very impressive, I would only consider the Gold Care or Platinum Care plans from Select Home Warranty. All things considered, its prices are reasonable, and the free roof leak coverage makes either plan worth it. Getting comprehensive coverage for less than $50 a month is virtually unheard of, so Select Home Warranty’s Platinum Care plan is an especially great value.

    Select’s terms and conditions are a bit strict for my liking, but it’s not a total dealbreaker for me. However, I absolutely recommend you get very familiar with your contract before making any claims. If not, you may end up losing out on claim payouts, and that defeats the entire purpose of purchasing a home warranty policy. If the strict terms are a bit too much for you, I recommend you look elsewhere.

    While Select Home Warranty may not have the lowest prices on our list for basic plans, it does offer the best value for the cost. I found that Select Home Warranty’s plans come with free roof-leak protection, a feature that most other companies only offer as an add-on. Select Home Warranty also offers comprehensive coverage for as low as $48 a month, which is $5 to $10 a month cheaper than even the most affordable competitors’ comprehensive options.

    Additionally, Select Home Warranty is very active on review sites and has responded to many customer complaints in a timely manner. This shows that even if some issues slip through the cracks and customers take them to public review sites, the company still cares and wants to make things right. That level of commitment goes a long way in my book.

    Select Home Warranty has particularly low coverage limits, with appliances capped at $500 per item and additional coverage items at $400. Most competitors cap appliances around $1,000 to $2,000, so $500 is quite low. Additionally, according to Select’s terms and conditions, you must contact Select within three days of discovering a malfunction for your claim to be accepted. That’s a fairly small window, and most other companies don’t have time limitations for when you submit a claim. Once you find a malfunction, you can’t contact a technician of your own choice without first getting Select’s approval. This is fairly standard in the industry, but when paired with its other requirements, it still gives customers a lot of hoops to jump through when submitting a claim.

    Select Home Warranty offers three fairly standard plans, with one exception: free roof leak coverage. The Bronze Care plan is a poor value for the money because Select’s appliance coverage limits are so low (as noted in the “What I Didn’t Like” section), but both the Gold Care and Platinum Care plans are a good value since they cover home systems as well. While the Gold Care plan costs a similar amount to competitors’ home systems protection plans, the Platinum Care plan is a particularly great deal. For under $50, Select’s comprehensive coverage is a total steal.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Gold Care$44.42$75 – $100$150 off any planFree roof leak coverageTwo extra months FREE (when you’re billed annually)
    Platinum Care$47.75$75 – $100 $150 off any planFree roof leak coverageTwo extra months FREE (when you’re billed annually)
    Bronze Care$44.42$75 – $100 $150 off any planFree roof leak coverageTwo extra months FREE (when you’re billed annually)
    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family home, 2 BR, under 5,000 square feet, in Houston, TX. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.
    Available Add-Ons

    Select Home Warranty offers the following add-ons for all its plans:

    • Central Vacuum – $3.33/mo
    • Lawn Sprinkler System – $5.83/mo
    • Pool – $8.33/mo
    • Roof Leak – $0/mo (included in all plans)
    • Septic System – $5.83/mo
    • Spa – $5.83/mo
    • Stand Alone Freezer – $3.33/mo
    • Sump Pump – $3.33/mo
    • Well Pump – $3.33/mo

    The lawn sprinkler system is a very convenient add-on that not every home warranty company offers. It also comes at a reasonable price, so it’s worth it for homeowners who want to protect their sprinkler systems.


    Select Home Warranty has the following exclusions on all its plans:

    • Common areas in condominiums or family homes
    • Damage caused by natural disasters and rust
    • Defects or damages caused by the foundation and structure of the home
    • Incorrect installation or malfunctions due to construction damage or improper wiring
    • Issues with systems or appliances related to hazardous or toxic materials
    • Secondary damage
    • Solar heating systems

    Select Home Warranty’s basic coverage options may not be as cheap as competitors like American Home Shield, but its comprehensive coverage is especially affordable. Getting comprehensive coverage for under $50 a month is almost unheard of, so the Platinum Care plan is an extremely great value for the money.  The rest of the plans are about the average price for their coverage, so Select’s affordability score isn’t as high as some competitors. The representative I talked to on the phone offered me a $5 discount on the monthly rate for the Platinum Care plan, so I advise that you talk to a representative over the phone to score the best deal.

    Be sure to read the entire Select Home Warranty sample contract to learn all the details about your plan.

    The customer service agents for Select Home Warranty seem to be friendly and knowledgeable, but the sales agents may gloss over some of the strict terms and conditions in the contract in order to simplify the sale. While this isn’t uncommon with home warranty policies, it could be improved, especially because Select has a stricter claims process than the competition. Still, the agents are responsive to questions and helpful overall. Select performs better than average among all industry competitors, and on par with the other companies in our list, so we gave them an 8.1 out of 10.

    The table below may make it seem like Select Home Warranty has a bad reputation, but its scores are actually about average for the home warranty industry. Keep in mind that most people only review a company when something goes poorly, and in the case of home warranties, there’s a lot of fine print that can result in claims getting denied. Despite that, Select Home Warranty has normal levels of complaints. Additionally, Select is more active than competitors on review sites and works to resolve any complaints that customers post. For that reason, we gave Select Home Warranty an 8 out of 10.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

    You can submit claims to Select Home Warranty online or over the phone.  Select has an average response time of around 48 hours for non-emergency claims, but keep in mind that you have to reach out within three days of discovering an issue with any covered items. I rated them at a 7.6 because the company offers standard methods for making claims, but it doesn’t pay out as much as some competitors because of its low coverage limits. Still, Select Home Warranty is about average when it comes to its claims process.

    Select Home Warranty operates in 47 states, so according to our review standards, we gave it a perfect availability score. While nationwide availability isn’t the most important factor, it shows that Select Home Warranty has been a successful business all throughout the entire country. Since it operates on a large scale, it doesn’t have anywhere to hide from lawsuits or complaints, which lessens the chances of a scam.

    Best for Additional Benefits

    AFC Home Warranty


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    Spring Sale: $250 off + free roof leak coverage

    I was impressed by AFC Home Warranty’s workmanship guarantee and its ability to let members choose their own service technician, but its refusal to cover known or unknown preexisting conditions gives me pause. Trust goes a long way in this industry, but in this case, it’s a double-edged sword. If you have a technician you trust, AFC is a huge benefit since you’re able to choose that technician for repairs. On the other hand, it’s hard to trust AFC if they won’t cover preexisting conditions that you had no idea existed. The cons are risky, but the pros are so good they make it worth considering.

    If I purchased a plan from AFC, I’d be tempted to purchase the Diamond plan despite its high price point. It covers lots of items, like electronics and smartphones, that are basically unheard of in the home warranty industry. However, AFC’s cancellation policy makes me rethink purchasing a plan. If you cancel during the waiting period, you’ll get a full refund, but after that, you’ll get a “prorated refund based on the months not used in the plan and less any service or claims costs incurred by AFC Home Warranty.”

    AFC Home Warranty impressed me with its workmanship guarantee for the life of your membership. This guarantee means that if a covered item breaks, AFC will make sure the parts and labor are covered for the entirety of a member’s plan. Whether you have a one-year plan or a three-year plan, AFC covers the item the whole length of time without charging additional service fees if something goes wrong. Other companies  30-day or a 60-day guarantee’s simply can’t match that.

    Additionally, AFC lets its members pick their own technicians: a feature that most competitors don’t allow. Likewise, its Diamond plan, although expensive ($89.17 a month), covers a lot of items that the competition doesn’t, like smartphones, electronics, exterior sewer and water lines, and more. If you’re looking for perks, there are plenty to find here.

    My biggest issue with AFC Home Club is that it doesn’t cover unknown preexisting conditions on your systems or home appliances. Essentially, if a technician finds an issue and can trace it back to before you started your policy with AFC, your policy won’t cover it, regardless of whether you knew about the issue or not. This raises a lot of questions about when issues start and whether you’re liable. Best case scenario: it’s inconvenient. Worst case scenario: you end up paying out of pocket for repairs you thought would be covered because a technician claimed the issue started before you knew about it. Either way, it’s not great.

    Additionally, I have a small gripe with AFC’s cancellation policy. While you’re not locked into a contract, you can be charged a $75 cancellation fee after your first 30 days. Even if you pay a monthly bill, you still agree to a contract term of either one year or three years, despite the company’s claims that you’re not locked into a contract. You’re not LOCKED IN, but you will have to pay a fee to cancel early. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is a bit misleading.

    AFC Home Warranty offers four plans instead of the traditional three, giving more options for customers to choose from. The Silver Plan starts at $32.25, offering a great bargain for kitchen and laundry appliance coverage. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Diamond Plan is the cream of the crop. It’s the most expensive plan on this entire list, weighing in at a whopping $89.17 a month. If you have money to spare, it offers amazing coverage on rare items like smartphones, external water lines, electronics, and more. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a great value for the money since it’s so pricey.

    AFC gives you the option to choose a one-year term or a three-year term, giving consumers an average of 13% savings when they purchase the latter. The company also has flexible service fees, which is a very convenient feature that only a few companies on our list offer.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Diamond Plan$89.17$75 – $125$100 off + Roof Leak Coverage Applied (limited time promotion)
    Platinum Plan$54.58$75 – $125$100 off + Roof Leak Coverage Applied (limited time promotion)
    Gold Plan$49.75$75 – $125$100 off + Roof Leak Coverage Applied (limited time promotion)
    Silver Plan$32.25$75 – $125$100 off + Roof Leak Coverage Applied (limited time promotion)
    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family home, 2 BR, under 5,000 square feet, in Houston, TX. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.
    Available Add-Ons

    AFC Home Warranty offers the following add-ons for all plans:

    • Built-In Microwave- $50 (Annual Price)
    • Central Vacuum- $25 (Annual Price)
    • Double Oven- $25 (Annual Price)
    • Hot Water Dispenser- $25 (Annual Price)
    • Ice Maker- $25 (Annual Price)
    • In-Ground Pool- $100 (Annual Price)
    • In-Ground Pool And Spa- $150 (Annual Price)
    • Roof Leak- $0 (Typically $25)
    • Septic System- $50 (Annual Price)
    • Stand-Alone Freezer- $25 (Annual Price)
    • Sump Pump- $35 (Annual Price)
    • Well Pump- $50 (Annual Price)

    Aside from roof leak coverage (which is a worthwhile investment even when it’s not included for free as a promotional deal), AFC Home Warranty gives the option to cover your exterior septic system, which can be a huge benefit. This isn’t necessarily a rare add-on, but it’s especially useful.

    • Accidents
    • Acts Of God
    • Chemical Or Sedimentary Build-Up
    • Collapsed Ductwork
    • Cosmetic Defects Or Routine Maintenance
    • Electrical Shorts Or Power Surges
    • Electronic Or Computerized Energy Management 
    • Failure Due To Excessive Or Inadequate Water Pressure
    • Failure To Clean Or Maintain As Specified By The Equipment Manufacturer
    • Fire, Freezing, Or Electrical Failure
    • Hazardous Or Toxic Materials
    • Known Or Unknown Preexisting Conditions
    • Lighting And Appliance Management Systems
    • Lightning, Mud, Or Earthquake Damage
    • Missing Parts
    • Misuse Or Abuse
    • Pest Damage
    • Repairs Related To Costs Of Construction, Carpentry Or Other Incidental Costs
    • Rust Or Corrosion 
    • Structural Changes
    • Storms
    • Secondary Damage From A Noncovered Item
    • Upgrades, Components, Or Parts Required Due To Incompatibility With The Replacement System
    • Water Damage 

    Although this is a long list of exclusions, one definitely stands out to me. AFC Home Warranty won’t cover any “known OR UNKNOWN preexisting conditions,” meaning that if a technician finds a problem that likely existed before you purchased your policy, it won’t be covered. 

    Most companies won’t cover known preexisting conditions, but not covering unknown preexisting conditions can act like a “get out of jail free” card for home warranty providers. It’s tempting to give AFC Home Warranty the benefit of the doubt because they have so many other great qualities, but this is a risky exclusion. Tread lightly.

    Aside from the Diamond plan, all of AFC’s coverage options are quite affordable. The Platinum plan is about $5 cheaper than Liberty Home Guard’s comprehensive plan, so it’s an especially good bargain. Overall, AFC’s plans are right on par with our other top competitors, staying within $5 to $10 of what they’re charging for similar coverage. However, the Diamond plan is the most expensive plan on our list, which brings AFC’s affordability score down to a 9.1.

    Be sure to read the entire AFC Home Warranty sample contract to learn all the details about your plan.

    AFC ranks better than any other competitor when it comes to customer experience, and part of that is due to its quick response times and workmanship guarantee. Customers praised the company’s competent and friendly agents, and I personally found AFC’s dedication to resolving customer complaints on review sites to be impressive. While no company is perfect, it’s clear that AFC cares about its members.

    Even though the percentage of negative reviews doesn’t fall in its favor, AFC Home Warranty has a very low number of complaints. To be fair, it also had a lower number of reviews than the competition, but it’s still a good sign that it doesn’t have as many complaints as the other companies in the industry. Customers typically praise AFC for its quick response times and the ability to choose their own provider. 

    It’s also important to note that AFC Home Warranty has responded to EVERY negative review that I saw in BBB, trying to resolve the issues with the customers. This shows that AFC has very dedicated customer service, even if it is a form of damage control.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

    AFC Home Warranty ranks lower than all other providers on our list when it comes to the claims process, and the reason is simple: it doesn’t offer emergency services. Every other provider on our list offers this service, so it’s quite a detriment to AFC. Also, while many customers were impressed with AFC’s claim response time, its general response time is about average. Since it doesn’t offer emergency services and its response time isn’t better than the competition, we gave AFC a 6.8 out of 10.

    AFC Home Warranty operates in 49 states, so according to our review standards, we gave it a perfect availability score. Nationwide availability isn’t the most important factor, but it shows that the company has been successful throughout the entire country. Since it operates on a large scale and is accountable on review sites, it lessens the chances of a scam.

    Best Appliance Coverage

    First American Home Warranty


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $100 Off with Code PROTECT

    First American Home Warranty does a lot of things well, but what may be more important is the lack of things it does poorly. Most other competitors have at least one or two red flags to look out for, but First American doesn’t present any major glaring issues. While it does have some things I would change about the company and the plans it offers, it doesn’t have anything that stands out to me as scammy or dangerous. Honestly, that’s a big accomplishment in this industry.

    Additionally, its appliance coverage limit of $3,500 makes it one of the best home appliance insurance companies, and while the Premium plan is a bit too frivolous for my tastes, it would be great for someone who’s looking to cover luxury appliances. That being said, First American Home Warranty is the only provider with specific luxury appliance coverage, so homeowners with luxury appliances should definitely purchase the Premium plan.

    I was very impressed with First American Home Warranty’s appliance coverage, partially because it offers higher appliance coverage caps on its Starter plan than most competitors offer on their most comprehensive plans. First American covers up to $3,500 per appliance in its plans, which is much better than the industry average of around $2,000. The company with the highest appliance coverage limit on our list is American Home Shield, with a $4,000 appliance limit on its ShieldPlatinum plan, so First American Home Warranty is only $500 behind.

    I don’t have any big gripes with First American Home Warranty’s policies, but I do wish it offered a plan that only covered home systems. It’s fairly standard for competitors to have appliance-only plans and systems-only plans, so it would be nice if First American did that as well. Additionally, the company doesn’t have nationwide availability, so it lacks the network that other providers bring to the table. Aside from that, First American doesn’t have any red flags to look out for.

    First American Home Warranty offers three plans, but instead of the usual formula of one appliance plan, one systems plan, and one comprehensive plan, they all have a mixture of appliances and systems. Aside from its lack of air conditioning coverage, the Starter plan is a great value. On the other hand, the Premium plan is a bit too pricey for my tastes, and it covers a lot of items that aren’t necessary. If I chose a plan from First American, I’d choose the Essential plan. It offers comprehensive coverage at an average price, and it comes with the high appliance coverage limits stated in the previous sections.

    PlanMonthly CostService Fee
    Starter Plan$47.00$75 – $125
    Essential Plan$57.00$75 – $125
    Premium Plan$72.00$75 – $125
    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family home, 2 BR, under 5,000 square feet, in Houston, TX. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.
    Available Add-Ons
    • Additional Refrigeration- $4.17
    • Additional Refrigeration 2- $4.17
    • Additional Refrigeration 3- $4.17
    • Central Air Conditioning (electric)- $8.33
    • First American Advantage- $0.00 (only for Essential and Premium plans)
    • HVAC Tune-Up- $2.08
    • Limited Roof Leak- $8.33
    • Pool/Spa Equipment- $20.83
    • Pool/Spa Equipment 2- $20.83
    • Septic Tank Pumping/System- $7.08
    • Water Softener- $7.08
    • Well Pump- $7.08

    The add-on I find most practical is the central air conditioning coverage. While the Essential and Premium plans include central air coverage, purchasing the add-on with the Starter plan is more cost-effective if you don’t want to purchase an entire comprehensive policy.


    First American Home Warranty has the following notable exclusions: 

    • Chimneys
    • Collapsed Or Broken Lines
    • Cosmetic Defects
    • Damage From Pests
    • Damage From Weather, Theft, Or Smoke
    • Glass Doors
    • Knobs
    • Low Voltage Electrical Systems
    • Plumbing Stoppages Caused By Foreign Objects
    • Roots
    • Rotisseries
    • Solar Systems
    • Space Heaters
    • Water Heater Storage Tanks

    However, First American covers some of these exclusions (like knobs and dials) in its Essential and Premium plans.

    The Starter and Essential plans from First American Home Warranty are a good value, landing right in the middle of what competitors are charging for comprehensive coverage plans. The Essential plan covers all major appliances and home systems, and it’s $2 less than the price of Liberty Home Guard’s Total Home Guard plan, so I would recommend that plan to those looking for a good value. First American also offers flexible service fee options, which can affect your monthly rates. Since the company has affordable options and flexible service fees, we gave it a 9.3 out of 10.

    Be sure to read the entire First American sample contract to learn all the details about your plan.

    First American Home Warranty ranks in the middle of the list for customer experience, and while it has an average score, a few things stood out to me. First American is very responsive to feedback and questions, both over the phone and on review sites. In general, the company chooses reliable contractors to perform repairs, and the agents are informative. While the team is generally responsive, its response time varies more than competitors, so we gave First American an 8.1 out of 10.

    Customer review sites tend to have a majority of negative reviews for home warranty companies due to the nature of the industry (not covering claims, fine print in contracts, etc.), but First American Home Warranty performed surprisingly well on Trustpilot. Earning 4.1 stars on a review site may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but in this line of work, it’s essentially a perfect score. 

    The majority of complaints were about First American partnering with sub-par technicians, taking a long time for repairs, and the difficulties of talking to a real person when calling customer service. However, customers praised First American for its quality service, reliable agents, and trustworthy contractors. Because of the positive reviews and overall satisfaction, First American ranks near the top of our list for company reputation.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

    At an 8.4, First American Home Warranty sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to its claims process, mainly due to its response times. First American has an average response time of around 48 hours, and while that’s not a bad stat on its own, it’s not particularly impressive either. Many of the companies on our list have an average response time of 12 hours or less, so First American Home Warranty isn’t beating any records with its speed.

    First American Home Warranty is only available in 34 states (not available in AK, CT, DE, HI, IL, LA, ME, MA, MN, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, VT, or WI). This isn’t a dealbreaker at all for Texas residents, but it is worth noting. First American Home Warranty is still active in more than half the country, so that’s enough to earn a decent reputation and nationwide recognition. Still, since its availability isn’t up to par with the rest of the competition, we gave it a 6 out of 10.

    Texas Home Warranty Regulations

    Homeowners are not required to have a home warranty policy in the state of Texas. Home warranty companies used to be regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), but in 2021, the authority transferred to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The TDLR has an RSC Ombudsman to assist consumers with issues related to home warranty providers, including claim delays or denials, by providing an intermediary.

    Although there are no requirements to have a home warranty policy, there are warranty laws for newly constructed homes. If you’re buying a new home, title 16 of the 2009 Texas property code states that warranty periods must be:

    “(1) one year for workmanship and materials;

    (2) two years for plumbing, electrical, heating, and air-conditioning delivery systems; and

    (3) 10 years for major structural components of the home.”

    In this case, you most likely won’t need a home warranty policy on your new home because the builder warranty covers most home systems for two years.

    Texas Home Warranty News

    If you are a Texas homeowners exploring home warranty options, these recent news highlights underscore the importantance of doing your research before committing to a home warranty plan. In North Texas, NBC 5 Responds, a investigate news outlet, assisted AHS customers facing challenges like unavailable parts and fully booked service providers. NBC 5 Responds facilitated over $9,000 in A/C repairs or reimbursements for these consumers.  While AHS emphasized their commitment to resolution, this underscores the importance of vetting warranty providers. Meanwhile, the Abilene Better Business Bureau warns against a scam by the fake company Home Warranty Division, which sends postcards claiming homeowners’ warranties are expiring, aiming to trick them into blindly renewing non-existent warranties. John Riggins, president of the Abilene Better Business Bureau, advised consumers to research company names, use the BBB Scam Tracker, and to be cautious of unfamiliar companies to avoid falling victim to scams.

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    FAQs about the Best Home Warranties in Texas

    Do You Need a Home Warranty in Texas?

    You aren’t legally required to purchase a home warranty in Texas, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling residential or commercial properties. Although home warranties are not mandated, there are two types of implied warranties in Texas that are provided under the law. An Implied Warranty of Good and Workmanlike Manner guarantees your home is built with quality materials and an adequate level of skill, while an Implied Warranty of Habitability says that the house is safe and sanitary enough to be suitable for habitation. Both of these implied warranties are necessary for all builders to follow.

    You need a home warranty in Texas if you don’t have money saved for essential repairs on all your major systems and appliances. You may benefit from a home warranty in Texas due to the extreme heat in the region and the toll it takes on your home systems and appliances. Specifically, central air conditioning systems are crucial in the Texas heat, so it makes sense to purchase a home warranty with an air conditioning service add-on to cover your home cooling needs if you live in a particularly hot climate.

    How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost in Texas?

    The average cost of a home warranty in Texas is $55.08 a month or $660.96 a year, with service fees ranging from $75 to $150. If you had six service calls a year (using the average service call fee amount of $112.50), your average annual home warranty bill would be $1,335.96. The home warranty quotes we got ranged from $20.99 a month to $89.17 a month, but this rate varies depending on your location, service fees, and policy type. If you have optional add-ons, your rate will be higher. If you pick a bare-bones policy, it will be lower. Be sure to weigh all the options and your specific needs before purchasing.

    There are a few different factors that can affect how much a home warranty costs, including:

    • Property age: Older properties may need more repairs, so a home warranty could be more expensive. 
    • Location: If you live in an area that has a high cost of living, repairs may be more expensive, which could raise your rate. Additionally, if you live in an area that’s prone to extreme weather conditions, that could increase your rate.
    • Provider: Your provider may have a different price point than the competition, so that could affect your rate.
    • Coverage: The more system and appliance add-ons you want covered, the more expensive your policy will be. 
    • Service fees: The combination of your monthly premium and service fees can affect your overall cost. Higher service fees may result in a lower monthly premium but can make your overall cost more expensive if you have a lot of repairs.

    How To Save Money When Shopping for Home Warranties In Texas?

    If you want to save money when shopping for a home warranty, be sure to call providers for the best possible rate. Most agents have a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to your monthly premium and service fees, so they may offer you a deal. Be sure to let them know that you’re getting quotes from multiple companies. You could save as much as 25% of your rate or service fees just by calling, so it’s definitely worth the effort, even if you have to deal with an overly sales-y customer representative. Also, keep an eye out for any special online promotional offers or discounts for paying your annual premium up-front, as these can be beneficial as well.

    When in doubt, don’t spend money for coverage on things you don’t want covered. If you only want to get a warranty for your appliances, don’t get the comprehensive plan just because the sales rep told you to. However, if you do want the best coverage for everything in your home, comprehensive coverage is the way to go. If you can get all your appliances and home systems covered for $50 or less, that’s a great deal.

    Is a Home Warranty Worth It for Texas Homeowners?

    A home warranty is worth it in Texas if you have a lot of home systems and appliances to maintain or if they may need repairs often. If you don’t have thousands of dollars saved to pay out of pocket for repairs, a monthly home warranty bill makes the most sense. Replacing a broken central air unit during a hot Texas summer will cost you around $5,650 on average, but you could have it covered for less than $150 in service fees with a comprehensive coverage plan. Monthly premiums above $50 may seem expensive, but when comparing the price of a home warranty to the cost of repairs, you can save a lot in the long run.  

    However, it can be difficult to know for sure if home warranties are worth it, depending on your specific circumstances. A home warranty isn’t worth it in Texas if your home systems and appliances are brand new or won’t need any maintenance for years. Additionally, if you live in a warm climate like southern Texas, covering heating systems may not be a top priority. Likewise, if you have extremely expensive appliances ($4,000+), your policy’s coverage limit may not cover the entire amount needed to replace them, so a home warranty wouldn’t do you much good. I always recommend reading over a sample contract and painstakingly reviewing your quote before purchasing coverage to ensure that all your needs are met.

    More Texas Resources

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