Hour 1

    Scott Gardner-Executive Producer and Director

    For the last episode of The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show we’re looking back at the evolution of the brand, in both TV and Radio, and talking to some of the people critical to its growth and development. For TV that goes back to 1998 when we first partnered with Today’s Homeowner Magazine to create a companion TV series for their publication.

    Scott Gardner had been producing another TV for us called Remodeling Today so he was responsible for re-tooling that show for a national audience and helping us find our voice. Since none of us knew what this was supposed to look like, we simply tried to deliver the kind of information and inspiration we would want as homeowners ourselves. 

    Brad Rodgers-Director of Photography

    Early in that process we hired a young guy to help with production named Brad Rodgers. Brad, like the rest of us, had a background in construction and a love for TV. He quickly became invaluable as a cameraman, and later as an editor for the show. He dedicated himself to learning how to do whatever was necessary to make the show better.

    Twenty-five years later, Scott and Brad have decided to continue working together with their own new production company called Second Story Media. Because of their home improvement knowledge they have already found several clients in that arena, along with a number of others. We wish them all the best as their new venture takes off! 

    Hour 2

    Dennis Gould-Radio Engineer

    Today’s Homeowner radio dates back to 2009, when we took over a small radio show called “Homefront.” Since our team was primarily made up of TV people, we needed some radio expertise and Dennis Gould was the guy we asked.

    Dennis owns a recording studio nearby and has done voiceover work for us over the years. He began engineering the radio show and in fact, he’s still the “voice of Today’s Homeowner.” Dennis brought enormous passion and professionalism to the radio show that helped it become what it is today. 

    Stephanie Greenwood-Vice President

    As the Today’s Homeowner brand grew, so did the job of marketing it. Stephanie Greenwood started working with us in that role in 2014 and eventually became the general manager of our operations. She was exceptionally instrumental in helping us celebrate our 20th season with a blowout party and then later our 25th season with a community service program. Stephanie also helped us maintain the family-like atmosphere in the business that kept it fun. 

    Today's Homeowner hosts Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Danny Lipford, aboard the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile, Alabama

    Chelsea Lipford Wolf-Daughter and Co-Host

    Of course, Danny’s daughter Chelsea joined the team along the way and added some real family to the mix. Chelsea started as an associate producer but eventually became Danny’s co-host on air. She added a much needed “softer” side to the projects we tackled but almost as importantly, she played the foil for Danny’s incessant “dad jokes.”

    What most people don’t know is that Chelsea was the perfect travel planner. When the crew was on the road, she could always be counted on to find the perfect spot for dinner or a great opportunity for sight-seeing. Thanks for keeping it fun Chelsea!

    For 25 years we’ve had some fun together and we hope we’ve helped homeowners make their homes more attractive, efficient, and comfortable. We’re grateful to everyone who has invited us into their home over the years! We think our time together was well spent; we hope you do too! 

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    Danny Lipford is a home improvement expert and television personality who started his remodeling business, Lipford Construction, at the age of 21 in Mobile, Alabama. He gained national recognition as the host of the nationally syndicated television show, Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford, which started as a small cable show in Mobile. Danny's expertise in home improvement has also led him to be a contributor to popular magazines and websites and the go-to source for advice on everything related to the home. He has made over 200 national television appearances and served as the home improvement expert for CBS's The Early Show and The Weather Channel for over a decade. Danny is also the founder of 3 Echoes Content Studio, TodaysHomeowner.com, and Checking In With Chelsea, a décor and lifestyle blog.

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