Home Countertops


A countertop is a main workstation of a kitchen. Every meal you make in your home will likely be put together on a counter. As such, they’ll need to stand up to a great deal of use and resist wear and tear. Most countertops are made from hard, long-lasting materials that are easy to clean, require little maintenance, and are stain resistant. However, not all countertop materials are created equal, and not all are suited for every home.

The Basics of Countertops

This brief article will cover some of the main types of countertops and provide extra reading materials on maintenance and cleaning. 

Here is an overview of some types of countertop materials: 

  • Laminate: This is the most common type of countertop material on the market. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, easy to install and replace, low maintenance, and comes in various styles. However, laminate is more prone to damage and doesn’t last nearly as long as most other materials. 
  • Quartz: This material is one of the most economical of the pure stone variety. Quartz is hard, resistant to dents, durable, easy to clean, and has a beautiful appearance. While stronger and more resistant to damage than laminate, quartz can still be scratched, melted, and faded by direct sunlight. 
  • Granite: This is the most popular of the stone countertops. It’s less expensive than marble and more resistant to scratches and chips than quartz. Granite also comes in a wide array of colors and styles, making it highly versatile. However, it’s labor intensive, heavy, difficult to install, and requires the occasional sealing. 
  • Marble: One of, if not the most beautiful stone countertop materials you can buy. Marble is easy to clean, durable, and looks far more elegant than other materials. However, it’s the most expensive and more vulnerable to average wear and tear, requiring annual sealing. 

While these are the common countertop materials, there are even more to choose from when installing or replacing your countertops. If you want to learn more about countertops, check out some of our articles below. 

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