Home Safety


Your home should be a place where you feel safe, secure, and at ease. Unfortunately, even the coziest homes still have dangers; where there are electrical sockets, hard-to-reach spaces, and the threat of break-ins, there are potential hazards.

Making Your Home a Safe Space

Today’s Homeowner knows that life-proofing every inch of your home can be a hassle and a major stressor. That’s why we’ve compiled a hub of top-notch safety resources to get you and your home through daily life.

Here are some home safety tips to remember:

  • Always wear work gloves and safety glasses when completing maintenance work around your home. 
  • Use ladder safety best practices when repairing your roof, gutters, or outdoor lighting.
  • Use the recommended wattage for lighting fixtures to avoid electrical fires.
  • Keep power cords out of common footpaths to prevent tripping.
  • Always call a professional if you aren’t qualified to perform your own home repairs.
  • Keep windows closed and locked to prevent children from having accidental falls.

Making your home as safe as possible doesn’t stop at fire hazard and fall prevention; it includes securing your home against potential intruders. We recommend installing a security system to protect your family and belongings from break-ins. A smart home system is an incredibly useful tool for home security, allowing you to lock up and keep watch right from your smartphone. 

Without a security system, ensuring all locks are functional is the best way to protect your home. You can also remove that “hidden” spare key on your front porch and opt for a lock box or automated lock.

The actions mentioned above are only a few ways to life-proof your home and protect your family. Explore our collection of guides for a happier, hazard-free home if you’re seeking more ways to make your abode safe and sound. 

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