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May 4, 2023

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    Founded in 1984, First American Home Warranty (FAHW) serves homeowners across 34 states with three home warranty plans covering appliances and systems. Its optional First Class Upgrade unlocks services typically excluded from protection.

    The team at Today’s Homeowner reviewed FAHW’s three coverage plans, add-ons, exclusions, and more. We scoured hundreds of customer reviews, examined sample contracts, and referenced reputable third-party review sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    As one of our best home warranty companies, FAHW offers some of the best appliance coverage in the industry. Learn about FAHW’s plans to determine if this provider is right for your property.

    Our Review of First American Home Warranty

    Total Score: 79.5 / 100 points

    First American Home Warranty scored 79.5 points out of 100, which places it lower than our other top home warranty companies. Although this company has three comprehensive plan options that start at affordable prices, it’s only available in select states. It has expensive premium plans, fewer items for optional coverage, and a slower 48-hour response time.

    Check out the graphic below to see how well FAHW scored in each of our six categories, and read on to learn more about this company’s home warranty coverage options.

    FAHW Pros & Cons


    • Offers comprehensive home warranty packages
    • Choose your $75, $100, or $125 service call fee
    • Improper installation and modification coverage with Premium plan


    • Higher monthly premiums than national average
    • Slower 48-hour response time

    Plans and Coverage of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 16 / 20 points

    What We Like

    Like other home warranty companies, FAHW has three plan options, which lets you pick the best plan for your home’s needs and budget. First American Home Warranty truly shines in the coverage cap — it offers $3,500 per covered appliance. This amount is among the top in the field, so if out-of-pocket expenses or coming up short on coverage is a concern, you’ll get peace of mind with a policy from First American Home Warranty.

    What We Don’t Like

    A major downside to FAHW’s Starter plan is the lack of central air conditioning coverage. You can purchase this as an add-on, but at that point, you might as well upgrade to the Essential plan. First American Home Warranty also has limited options for add-ons, such as electronics and roof leak coverage. Compared to other home warranty providers, such as Liberty Home Guard, the eight unique add-ons FAHW offers don’t compete.

    Affordability of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 20.5 / 22.5 points

    What We Like

    First American Home Warranty costs between $47 and $87 per month, and its Starter plan comes in below the national average cost of $50 per month. Unlike some home warranty companies, FAHW allows you to choose between $75, $100, and $125 service call fees. Although this choice affects your monthly cost, it gives you more control over what you pay for your home warranty plan. FAHW also allows homeowners to view a sample contract online before committing to a purchase and has a free cancellation policy and a money-back guarantee.

    What We Don’t Like

    Though FAHW’s cheapest plan is below the average cost, many of its other plans are much more expensive than others we’ve seen. Several home warranty providers have less expensive plans that cover the same household items. FAHW offers flexible service call fees but doesn’t beat the $60 industry-best service call fee from Select Home Warranty.*

    (* in select states)

    Customer Experience of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 15 / 18.5 points

    What We Like

    FAHW makes it easy to get a quote and compare options. Immediately after you submit your information, you are brought to a page that lets you change the service call fee, compare each plan’s coverage, and look at costs. This makes it easier to choose the plan that’s right for you.

    If FAHW doesn’t service your state, it will connect you with other home warranty companies that do, so you can still get in contact with other reputable home warranty companies when you provide FAHW with your information.

    What We Don’t Like

    As we looked at customer reviews for First American, what jumped out the most was reports of the long wait times for getting a service technician to your home. Some customers experience a three-day wait or longer, which is frustrating when you want your home appliance or system to work quickly.

    FAHW also contacted our reviewer several times after they requested a quote, which led to dozens of phone calls. Although it’s good to have at least one point of contact after you get a free quote, the number of phone calls we received was excessive.

    Company Reputation of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 13.5 / 17.5 points

    What We Like

    First American Home Warranty has been in business for nearly 40 years, which speaks to its stability and successful business plan. Its experience and pricing have allowed First American Home Warranty to stand the test of time, even in trying markets. It also has no active lawsuits for consumer rights violations, meaning it has no current record of deceptive, unfair or fraudulent business practices.

    What We Don’t Like

    First American Home Warranty is in the mid-range for customer reviews and BBB complaints, registering a BBB score of 2.22/5. It’s received 4,853 complaints in the last three years and 1,552 complaints in the last 12 months. The majority of the BBB complaints revolve around denied claims or unaccountable tradespeople.

    Claims Process of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 10.5 / 12.5 points

    What We Like

    First American Home Warranty accepts claims on its website and by phone, catering to whichever method a homeowner is more comfortable with. You can file a claim 24/7, so you don’t have to wait if your home system breaks down over the weekend or on a holiday. FAHW also offers emergency services, which we see in about half of all home warranty providers.

    What We Don’t Like

    First American Home Warranty doesn’t have an exceptional response time, clocking in at around 48 hours. The class leader in this category responds within 12 hours. When something goes wrong in your home, hours can feel like days, so a faster response time would improve FAHW’s score in this department.

    Availability of First American Home Warranty

    Score: 3 / 5 points

    What We Like

    Located in Santa Rosa, California, First American Home Warranty is available in many markets in the Southern and Western U.S. and the Mid-Atlantic region. This makes it a good choice if you live in any of these areas.

    What We Don’t Like

    Available in only 34 of 50 states, FAHW has the smallest coverage area among our top home warranty companies. First American Home Warranty is not an option if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, much of the Upper Midwest, New England, and some states in the Mid-Atlantic region. That leaves a fair portion of the country out of candidacy for a First American Home Warranty policy.

    First American Home Warranty Plans and Coverage Options

    First American Home Warranty has three plan options that range from $47 per month to $87 per month. These options — the Starter Plan, Essential Plan, and Premium Plan — vary in cost based on the coverage amount and the service call fee.

    FAHW is one of the few home warranty providers that lets you set your service fees. You can choose $75, $100, or $125. Remember that the lower the service call fee, the higher your monthly premium. For example, you’ll pay only $47 per month for the Starter plan if you choose the highest fee of $125 but $62 per month if you opt for the lower fee of $75.

    Service FeeStarter PlanEssential PlanPremium Plan

    Quotes listed in the tables above were collected on April 7, 2023, for a single-family residence in North Carolina on a one-year contract term. Claim your free quote to learn more about pricing in your state or area.

    Starter Plan (starting at $47/month): This basic plan includes appliances and seven home systems and is a great option if you want your most important home essentials covered. Covered items include plumbing, electrical, and heating systems, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, and built-in microwaves.

    Essential Plan (starting at $57/month): This plan includes everything in the Starter plan plus your clothes washer and dryer, water heater, air conditioning, exhaust fans, and garage door opener. If you have an older home with older HVAC systems, this is the plan for you.

    Premium Plan (starting at $72/month): If you have high-end systems and appliances, you’ll need the Premium plan to get the coverage you need. This plan includes everything in the Starter and Essentials plans with the addition of luxury appliances, garbage disposal, entire garage door system, faucets, instant hot water dispenser, trash compactor, window AC units, mini-splits units, coverage for improper installation and code violations, permits, and concrete encasement.

    What Optional Add-ons Does First American Home Warranty Offer?

    First American Home Warranty has eight unique add-on items. Each of these add-ons costs just $2 to $21 per month and can be worth it if you need additional coverage for your home. If you have several refrigerators, you can add each extra one for an additional $4 per month.

    Only the Essential and Premium plans include electric air conditioning, so if you have this system in your home but want the less expensive Starter plan, you can add your air conditioning for an extra $8 per month.

    Add-OnCost Per Month
    Additional refrigeration (each unit)$4
    Central air conditioning (electric)$8
    HVAC tune-up$2
    Limited roof leak$8
    Pool/spa equipment$21
    Second pool/spa equipment$21
    Septic tank pumping/system$7
    Water softener$7
    Well pump$7

    Does First American Home Warranty Have Any Exclusions?

    Like all home warranty providers, FAHW only covers the cost to repair or replace your home system or appliance when it breaks down due to normal wear and tear. However, purchasing the Premium plan also covers improper installation and modification. This coverage is unavailable from any other top provider, so it sets FAHW apart. First American Home Warranty’s exclusions include the following:

    • Cosmetic defects
    • Damage due to acts of nature such as fires, flood, freezing, and storms
    • Hazardous or toxic materials, such as asbestos, fungus, or mold
    • Items covered under homeowners insurance and manufacturer’s warranty
    • Repairs or replacement needed due to missing parts
    • Residential property over 5,000 square feet
    • Routine maintenance
    • Solar power systems and components

    Check out First American Home Warranty’s sample contract for more detailed information on the company’s exclusions.

    Does First American Home Warranty Have Any Coverage Limits?

    FAHW coverage amounts range from $500 to $3,500, depending on the covered item. FAHW provides good coverage for household appliances at $3,500 per item compared to competitors. However, many other providers have coverage of at least $2,000 for HVAC systems, while FAHW has a limit of $1,500 per system. See the table below for coverage limits for each covered item.

    Covered ItemCoverage Limit
    Additional refrigeration$1,000
    Central air conditioning$1,500
    Clothes washer and dryerComplete coverage if purchased
    Electrical systemsComplete coverage if purchased
    Heating systems$1,500
    HVAC tune-upComplete coverage if purchased
    Kitchen appliances$3,500 per appliance
    Plumbing systems$500
    Pool/spa equipment$1,500
    Septic tank pumping/system$500
    Water Heater$1,500
    Well pump$1,500

    First American Home Warranty Customer Reviews

    We aim to provide you with the most transparent review possible, so we always go through dozens of reviews from the most reputable consumer info entities like the BBB. We read more than 150 customer reviews to understand the experiences of real FAHW customers, and we’ve included a selection of the reviews we think will be most helpful to your research.

    Positive Reviews of First American Home Warranty

    Finding positive reviews of home warranty companies online can be challenging, but FAHW seems to be the exception to that rule. On the BBB website, you’ll find dozens of positive reviews from current customers who have successfully used their FAHW home warranty plans to get home systems and appliances fixed.

    “Our problem was our relatively new refrigerator was making a lot of noise when running. First American Home Warranty sent a ***** repairman to check it out. He determined that we had a damaged bearing in the motor. Repairman had to order a new motor. In addition to replacing the motor, he cleaned the mechanics of the refrigerator (at an additional cost). Compared to buying a replacement refrigerator, we think it's worth the money.”

    Roger H., April 2023, BBB

    “I have been with First American Home Warranty since **** with multiple rental units and my personal home. With what is offered by other home warranty companies, First American home warranty company is the best. I have tried all warranty companies there are in the book. No one can deliver best service but First American Home Warranty. If you are a new homeowner or real estate investor with rental units, buy First American Home Warranty with first class upgrade. This is the best package for your peace of mind. Love what you guys do First American Home Warranty. This is coming from someone who is hard to satisfy. You have been great serving my needs for over 20 years. Thank you for your services.”

    Ali A., March 2023 BBB

    Negative Reviews of First American Home Warranty

    As with every home warranty company, not every customer has a positive experience. The negative reviews of FAHW often mention poor workmanship from third-party contractors and longer-than-average wait times of three days or more.

    “Not professional at all. Water heater started leaking and no hot water. They wanted to send out own contractor and wait 3 days to get it serviced. Having children wasn't able to wait so went ahead and got own plumbing company and diagnosed it was bad water heater and paid out of pocket. Called the company to try to get reimbursed and denied me real quick and kept saying because of guidelines!!! Very unprofessional [and] when I called in and told them I wasn't going to wait 3 days they didn't even let me know if I did it on my own they weren't going to reimburse me.”

    Rudy A., March 2023, BBB

    How To File a Claim With First American Home Warranty

    When you need to file a First American Home Warranty claim, you can call the customer service line or submit an online claim through the customer portal. You can submit a claim online 24/7, and FAHW will work quickly to process your service request. Follow these steps to have your claim processed:

    1. Discover your broken home system or appliance.
    2. Immediately call the customer service phone number or go online to submit your claim.
    3. An FAHW representative will follow up with you about your claim.
    4. FAHW will accept your claim and schedule an appointment with a service provider.
    5. The service provider will come to your home and diagnose the problem.
    6. The plumber, electrician, or technician will repair your home appliance or system.
    7. Pay your service call fee.

    So, Is First American Home Warranty Worth It for You?

    If you want comprehensive coverage for every important system and appliance in your home, FAHW’s Premium plan is one of the best in the home warranty industry. You won’t find many other plans that cover HVAC tune-ups, central vacuums, hot water dispensers, and luxury appliances. You’d have to pay extra for this coverage with most providers, so First American Home Warranty is worth it.

    However, FAHW’s Essential and Premium plans are on the more expensive side. If you want a good home warranty but don’t want to break the bank, there are other home warranty provider options. In the section below, you’ll find out how FAHW compares to our list of the best home warranty companies.

    First American Home Warranty Vs. Other Home Warranty Companies

    Compared to other home warranty providers, First American Home Warranty has more expensive monthly premiums but has a BBB rating and service call fee that is on par with the average. See how FAHW compares to each of our top home warranty providers in the table below.

    ProviderBest forMonthly CostService FeeBBB Rating*Date FoundedCompany Reviews
    First American Home WarrantyHomeowners on a Budget$47 – $87$75, $100, or $125B1984This provider
    Liberty Home GuardBest for Customization$50 – $70$65 – $125A+2017Read our review of LHG
    Select Home WarrantyBest Value$60 – $64$60 or $75B2012Read our review of SHW
    American Home ShieldBest for Coverage Limits$50 – $100$75, $100, or $125B1971Read our review of AHS
    Choice Home WarrantyBest Claim Acceptance Rate$47 – $55$85C2009Read our review of CHW
    AFC Home ClubBest Additional Benefits$30 – $50$75, $100, or $125B2009Read our review of AFC

    * BBB ratings are accurate as of April 2023.

    Now that you know more about FAHW’s plans and coverage, check out our most frequently asked questions about First American Home Warranty.

    FAQs About First American Home Warranty

    Is First American Home Warranty worth the money?

    First American Home Warranty coverage is worth the money if you have older or luxury appliances. You’ll get up to $3,500 in coverage per appliance, which means you won’t have to pay out of pocket to repair or even replace one of your appliances in many cases. In addition, not many home warranty companies cover luxury appliances, which makes this company worth it if you have high-end appliances.

    How reliable is First American Home Warranty?

    FAHW is a verified and reliable home warranty company. Although some customers have had issues with the service technicians used by this company, many others have reported successful claims and good customer service.

    What are the benefits of First American Home Warranty?

    Unlike other home warranty providers, First American Home Warranty covers luxury appliances. If you have high-end appliances in your home, you can get excellent coverage from this company. You can also choose your service call fee, which gives you more control over your monthly premium.

    Methodology: How We Rank Home Warranty Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our home warranty company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — whether you’re looking for low-cost coverage, a hassle-free repair process, 24/7 assistance, or all of the above.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with real estate professionals and repair contractors.

    A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across six categories converted to a five-star scale. We researched more than 60 home warranty providers to develop the following formula:

    • Plans and Coverage (24 points): A home warranty provider can score highest in this category if it offers multiple robust plans that cover all basic systems and equipment, as well as optional add-ons. We examine each company's exclusions and limitations to determine the coverage amounts for each item. Companies with coverage limits of $3,000 or more perform best in this category, and bonus points go to companies that cover unusual items such as electronics and leaky roofs.
    • Affordability (22.5 points): When evaluating costs, we not only consider monthly plan prices, but we also take into account the cost of add-on coverage, service fees, and whether companies offer free cancellation periods or money-back guarantees. If a provider allows potential customers to view sample contracts before getting a quote, that transparency earns more points in this category.
    • Customer Experience (18.5 points): A home warranty company must give its customers ample support when they experience issues. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews and conducting homeowner surveys. We also go through the quotes process with each company and take meticulous notes about the friendliness of salespeople, how detailed each quote is, and how often the provider contacts us after giving a quote.
    • Company Reputation (17.5 points): In this category, we look at a combination of customer reviews and reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider the years of company experience, how satisfied its employees are, and whether it has been hit with any consumer rights violations or lawsuits.
    • Claims Process (12.5 points): We score providers highly when they offer short response times, multiple ways to file claims, and around-the-clock availability. Companies can earn bonus points if they have a good reputation for quick and easy claims processing.
    • Availability (5 points): Providers that serve more areas can have experience dealing with a wider range of homeowner headaches. A company earns the maximum points in this category if it offers services in most U.S. states.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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