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All about Insulation

Rockwool Stone Wool Safe N Sound Insulation

Insulation Solution for a Safer Home

Insulation is important to the energy efficiency of your home. But have you ever thought that insulation can also protect your home in the event of a fire? Check out this insulation we love to use!

Making Chelsea’s Mid-Century Home Smart and Energy-Efficient

In this episode, we're making Chelsea's mid-century home smart and energy-efficient.

How to Cut Insulation

Listen for helpful DIY tips to make cutting and adding insulation to your house go a little smoother and easier.
Person aiming remote control toward ductless mini-split air conditioner installed on a wall just below the ceiling.

8 Tips to Save Money on Heating Your Home

A heating solution that’s green and affordable? It’s possible! Here are some money-saving tips.

Space heater, seen close up, with controls to adjust temperature

Fire Safety Tips for the Fall and Winter

Watch this video for tips on how to keep your house and family safe from fires while improving the energy efficiency of your home at the same time.

Garage Makeover with Locker-Style Storage

Stephen and Katie Ward’s finished garage is the perfect solution to corral an abundance of items that previously sat on the garage floor.

4 Bedroom Modifications to Get Better Sleep

If your home is preventing you from falling asleep, some simple modifications can help. Here are four changes you can make to get a good night's rest.

Tackling Flood Fixes in Houston

Danny and Chelsea help a Houston couple with home improvements following Hurricane Harvey's flooding.
Brick home with a locked crawl space

How Can I Keep Moisture Out of a Crawlspace? (Solved!)

Crawl spaces have their advantages — just follow these tips to keep moisture out of them.
Rockwool insulation, as installed in a cellar

Tips for Insulating a Cellar

We're often asked about blanket insulation — here's what we recommend.

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