All about Insulation

Rockwool Stone Wool Safe N Sound Insulation

Insulation Solution for a Safer Home

Insulation is important to the energy efficiency of your home. But have you ever thought that insulation can also protect your home in the event of a fire? Check out this insulation we love to use!

Making Chelsea’s Mid-Century Home Smart and Energy-Efficient

In this episode, we're making Chelsea's mid-century home smart and energy-efficient.

Garage Makeover with Locker-Style Storage

Stephen and Katie Ward’s finished garage is the perfect solution to corral an abundance of items that previously sat on the garage floor.

4 Bedroom Modifications to Get Better Sleep

If your home is preventing you from falling asleep, some simple modifications can help. Here are four changes you can make to get a good night's rest.

Tackling Flood Fixes in Houston

Danny and Chelsea help a Houston couple with home improvements following Hurricane Harvey's flooding.
Brick home with a locked crawl space

How Can I Keep Moisture Out of a Crawlspace? (Solved!)

Crawl spaces have their advantages — just follow these tips to keep moisture out of them.
Rockwool insulation, as installed in a cellar

Tips for Insulating a Cellar

We're often asked about blanket insulation — here's what we recommend.

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