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How to Spread Your Centipede Grass

Discovering how to make centipede grass spread in a healthy manner depends on several factors, including soil pH and proper fertilization and watering.
Crape myrtle bush blooming

How to Grow Crape Myrtles in Cold Climates

Lois asks, “Can I grow a crape myrtle indoors in a cold climate as a houseplant?”

Crape myrtles aren't suited to grow as houseplants, since they need a period of winter dormancy. However, there are ways to grow crape myrtles in colder climates. Read on to find out how.
Planting Prep

How To Plant Container Grown Trees and Shrubs

Spring and fall are the best seasons for planting container grown trees and shrubs. Here's what you need to know when planting container grown trees and shrubs in your yard.

Why Aren’t My Crape Myrtles Blooming

There are several possibilities for why your crape myrtles haven’t bloomed. Read on to find out more.

Outdoor utility sink made from old kitchen sink, plywood top, and wood base

Build Your Own Outdoor Utility Sink

If you enjoy finding new uses for old stuff, then here's a great project for you. Rather than throwing away that old beat-up kitchen sink, put it to use in your yard, workshop, or garage! Read on for some tips on turning an old kitchen or bathroom sink into a handy outdoor potting and utility sink.
Decorate concrete along a home's exterior

DIY ‘Mix and Match’ Patio Project

To fix their home's ugly concrete perimeter, Lisa Young and her husband used SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits.
Mulching the backyard with a wheelbarrow filled with mulch and a shovel

5 Simple Solutions to Make Lawn Maintenance Easy

Let’s face it: Yardwork isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, but following Joe Truini's Simple Solutions will make lawn maintenance much easier.

Watering Your Lawn The Right Way

Photo Credit: Shutterstock © PEPPERSMINTA healthy lawn is one that receives the proper amounts of sunshine, important...


Applying joint compound to hardware cloth patch in drywall.

Repairing a Hole in Drywall with Hardware Cloth

Watch this video for an easy way to patch a hole in drywall using a piece of hardware cloth, a pencil, and joint compound.
White Roman shade on window with gold painted polka dot decorations.

How To Make Roman Shades for Windows

Watch this video to find out how to make and personalize Roman shades to add a decorative touch and reduce the amount of sunlight coming in your windows.
staining grout

How to Stain Grout

Grout can become discolored and dirty over time. A good solution to make old grout look like new again is to apply a grout stain to the old grout. Grout stain comes in many different colors and can be applied with a brush to mask any discoloration.

Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring comes sanded and finished from the factory, eliminating much of the mess and time involved with installing traditional solid wood flooring. It can be held in place with nails or glue, depending on the type of surface it’s installed over.

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