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Hurricane Safety

Storm window covers on the side of a home

Preparing For Hurricane Season

Thousands of homeowners are devastated by the destruction a hurricane brings. Read on for some tips on how to protect your home before a storm strikes.

Weathering Gordon with a Generator? Follow These Safety Tips

Generators are critical during severe weather events, when the power can go out. During hurricane season, follow these safety tips if you use a generator.

How to Remove Mold After a Hurricane or Flood

Before renovation can begin on a house that's been flooded, the drywall, insulation, and furnishings have to be removed. Then any residual mold is treated with chemicals and the framing is cleaned.

A Hurricane-Proof House Starts With These Materials

Hurricane-proof house products are seeing a dramatic increase in both acceptance and usage. Read to learn how they can help you be prepared.

How to Make a Wood Pallet Turkey

How to create a rustic turkey for your porch using a pallet.
Fall leaves in a wheelbarrow after being raked.

November Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Fall gardening is an exercise in delayed gratification – new plants barely put down roots before going dormant, and amended beds won't show their gratitude until spring. Read on to find out how to clean up, organize, and take stock of your yard during November.
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford insulates windows with spray foam insulation

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather

The leaves are falling, and snow season is just around the corner. Here are four tips to prepare for cold weather.
Lettuce plants

How to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

You can plant and grow yummy vegetables all the way through the fall. Here’s what you need to know.


Portable workbench made from hollow core door.

How to Build a Portable Workbench from a Hollow Core Door

Watch this video to find out how to make a lightweight workbench that's inexpensive and easy to store from a hollow core door and two collapsible sawhorses.
Pressure Wash Concrete

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Watch this video for some tips on how to spring clean your home both inside and out.
joining seams on granite countertop

How to Join Seams in Granite Countertops

Seams in granite countertops are glued together using two-part epoxy. A special clamping system, known as a seam puller, uses a vacuum pump to attach blocks to each half of the countertop. The two sections are then pulled together with lever operated clamps until the glue sets.
Drying items on a wire rack over a sink

Using Wire Shelving as a Drying Rack in the Shop

A scrap piece of plastic coated, wire shelving makes a great drying rack in your shop. Simply cut the shelving to length, suspend it over a utility sink, and use it to dry paint rollers and sponges. Watch this video to find out more.

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Front porch with open space

Opening Up a Front Porch

In this Front Porch Rehab, we open up the space and freshen up the exterior for a more inviting feel. Read about the projects and get inspired!

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