Renewal by Andersen


Renewal by Andersen installs its own patented Fibrex framing material.

Best Quality Frames
Price Range:
BBB Rating:
49 states (ex. HI)
20-year glass/framing, 10-year hardware, 2-year installation
Installs its own patented Fibrex framing
Holds an A+ rating with the BBB
Uses a team of certified installers
Limited warranty protection
More expensive than other window replacers

You can purchase the following window styles from Renewal by Andersen:

  • Double-hung
  • Casement
  • Bay/bow
  • Picture
  • Sliding/gliding
  • Awning
  • Specialty

Renewal by Andersen is the replacement window division of longtime industry titan Andersen Windows & Doors. Renewal by Andersen only installs replacement windows made by Andersen.

But these windows are some of the highest quality and technologically advanced available on the market and one of the most popular window brands. If your home needs upgraded, customized replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen might be a good choice.

With those high-quality windows, you’ll get Renewal by Andersen’s white-glove service that takes carries you from consultation to cleanup. After a full installation service, your certified Renewal by Andersen crew will cover maintenance and care tips to set your new windows up for success. Then, the installers will dispose of old windows and debris, leaving your home better than they found it.

Ready to learn more about this top-rated window replacement company? We’ve compiled this in-depth Renewal by Andersen review to help you understand the details of the company’s products, services, price points, and overall reputation before investing.

Renewal by Andersen Reviews

One of the best ways to vet a company before buying its products is to explore reviews from real customers. We scoured the web to see what Renewal by Andersen customers have to say about this long-standing industry figure. We included some reviews – good and bad – below to help you decide if the company is right for you.

Many customers express high satisfaction with Renewal by Andersen’s consultation and installation processes, noting impressive customer care and personalized service. Customers also rave about the quality of the replacement windows, calling the products beautiful and superb.

    Despite its generally positive reputation, Renewal by Andersen isn’t perfect. In fact, some dissatisfied customers have left poor reviews pointing to spotty communication and unreliable post-installation support.

    Our Review of Renewal by Andersen

    Renewal by Anderson is a high-end window replacement company with top-notch products and a well-thought-out service process. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for white-glove service and high-quality materials, Renewal by Andersen could be a good choice for you. The company earns particularly high marks for its service and reputation.

    However, like any company, Renewal by Andersen has some drawbacks. The big one is price: Its windows are more expensive than many competitors, which might drive away buyers on a tight budget. The company has a more narrow product line than some other window installers, meaning that they might not be the best choice if your home has custom-designed windows to replace. They also offers a less-than-generous limited warranty on its window products.

    Continue reading the sections below for a deeper look at each scoring factor.

    Pros & Cons of Renewal by Andersen

    The tabs below provide a high-level overview of Renewal by Andersen’s pros and cons. We encourage you to keep these factors top of mind as you explore the rest of the company review.

    Installs its patented Fibrex framing
    Holds an A+ rating with the BBB
    Uses a team of certified installers
    Child company of the long-standing Andersen Windows brand
    Available in 49 out of 50 states
    Limited warranty protection
    Service may vary depending on the contractor you get
    More expensive than other window replacers

    What We Liked and Didn’t Like

    Now let’s dive into each of the areas where Renewal by Andersen shines and those where it falls short. We cover everything from product offerings to company standing to help you make the best buying decision.

    What We Liked

    Renewal by Andersen offers seven replacement window styles with one framing option, contributing to its lower score here. However, the product lineup includes the most common residential window styles, so you’ll likely find what you need. We like that they offer a lot of customization, allowing you to design your windows from the grilles to the hardware.

    What We Didn’t Like

    Renewal by Andersen’s score in this category stems from its limited selection of frame materials and window styles. While some companies offer two or three frame options, Renewal by Andersen only offers one. The company also sticks to seven standard window styles, while some competitors offer 10 or more.

    The important thing to remember when shopping with Renewal by Andersen is that the company has a very specific goal – to provide high-quality replacements for existing windows – which is likely why it doesn’t branch out into multiple product options.

    What We Liked

    Renewal by Andersen is serious about providing customers top-notch service. The company offers a “Signature Service” process that carries homeowners through window consultation, design, installation, and post-install support. If you like white-glove treatment and don’t want to worry about the job at all, they are a good option. After your Renewal by Andersen certified crew has installed your new windows, they’ll dispose of any leftover debris and walk you through maintenance tips.

    What We Didn’t Like

    A downside of Renewal by Andersen’s service is that it doesn’t use all in-house contractors. The company operates nationwide through a network of retailers and installers, which means your service may vary depending on where you shop.

    What We Liked

    While Renewal by Andersen is undoubtedly more expensive than some of its competitors, the company does provide a beginning-to-end installation process with white glove service. Plus, it offers a few different flexible financing options to help make your investment more manageable.

    What We Didn’t Like

    While window shopping, you’ll likely notice that Renewal by Andersen has one of the higher price points in the market. With costs sometimes exceeding $1,200 per window, the company isn’t the most affordable option for every homeowner.

    What We Liked

    Renewal by Andersen boasts an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau, a significant indicator of responsible business practices and reliable customer service. The company has only received 387 customer complaints in the past three years, which is impressive for a company of their size.

    What We Didn’t Like

    Many top window companies offer lifetime warranties for their window products. Renewal by Andersen offers a 20-year warranty for framing and glass materials, making it one of the least generous companies for warranty support. Renewal by Andersen provides only 10-year and 2-year warranties for hardware and installation, which means you’ll lose warranty coverage for those items after that time.

    What We Liked

    Renewal by Andersen boasts an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau, a significant indicator of responsible business practices and reliable customer service. The company has only received 387 customer complaints in the past three years, which is impressive for a company of their size.

    What We Didn’t Like

    Renewal by Andersen operates through a nationwide franchise network, a plus for homeowners seeking service in their area. However, the franchises are usually independently owned and operated, so your customer service experience may vary from location to location. We suggest researching reviews and ratings of your local Renewal by Andersen retailers to find the best one.

    Availability of Renewal by Andersen By State

    The map below illustrates Renewal by Andersen’s nationwide availability. As you can see, it has a presence throughout most of the United States but excludes Hawaii.

    How Much Does Renewal by Andersen Cost?

    Our research shows that Renewal by Andersen windows typically cost between $1,200–$3,000 per window.

    However, the company doesn’t list cost information on its website, likely because product prices will vary significantly depending on the type of window and customizations you choose or where you purchase your Renewal by Andersen windows. Even the company’s How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost page lacks pricing information and instead urges customers to schedule a free consultation for accurate cost information.

    Renewal by Andersen Financing Options

    Renewal by Andersen offers customers multiple financing options to help them afford replacement windows. The company has financing programs with zero upfront fees, deferred payments, low monthly costs, and credit lines up to $55,000. You can pay for your Renewal by Andersen windows using cash or credit card, or come up with a custom plan with financing options for the most manageable investment.

    You can also check Renewal by Andersen’s Special Offers page for occasional discounts and deals on window and door products below.

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    What Types of Windows Does Renewal by Andersen Offer?

    Renewal by Andersen offers seven window styles to meet various functional and aesthetic needs. The company sticks to the basics, offering replacements for only the most popular window types. While this may be sufficient for those seeking run-of-the-mill window styles, those seeking glass block or garden windows must look elsewhere. If you need single-hung or pass-through windows, you can shop with Renewal by Andersen’s parent company, Andersen Windows.

    Check the sections below for brief descriptions and common use cases of Renewal by Andersen’s available window products.


    Double-hung windows are a classic option used in many residential settings. These windows open from the top and bottom via maneuverable sashes. The sashes overlap and tilt inward in the middle to allow airflow through both ends of the window.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Casement windows open on a hinged side like a door. Casement windows open with a hand crank, making them an excellent option for hard-to-reach spaces. When the window is fully open, fresh air will flow through the entire window sash area for superior ventilation.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Bay windows add a grand statement and some additional space to their room. They’re sometimes called “projection windows” because they bow past the home’s exterior to form a nook-like space.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Picture windows include fixed frame units that don’t open or close. Instead, these large windows offer an unobstructed view of the outside world, all while allowing natural light to flow into the home.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Sliding windows are essentially sliding patio doors in window form. They typically involve a fixed sash and a maneuverable one that opens horizontally on a gliding track. Renewal by Andersen allows you to have one or both sashes slide.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Specialty windows are fixed models that come in various shapes and sizes. Some homeowners opt for one specialty window as the centerpiece of a room, while others combine specialty windows with standard ones for added appeal. Renewal by Andersen offers 16 customizable specialty shape options.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen


    Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. Much like a traditional awning, these windows provide shelter from the rain, allowing the homeowner to use them even in wet weather. Their smaller size and easy opening make them ideal for high-up, cramped, or hard-to-reach spaces.

    Image Source: Renewal by Andersen

    What Materials Does Renewal by Andersen Use In Its Windows?

    Renewal by Andersen window frames are made of the company’s proprietary Fibrex® composite material. The company boasts that this blend of plastic and wood gives you twice the strength of vinyl while being much more efficient than aluminum. Fibrex® comes in a wide selection of colors.

    Renewal by Andersen says Fibrex® uses reclaimed polymers and wood products, making it a little more eco-friendly. The product also has a solid 20-year life span.

    You should consider shopping with another company if you want vinyl, wood, or aluminum replacement windows. While Fibrex® offers many benefits of other material types, it may not provide the classic look of wood or the affordability of vinyl you’re seeking.

    Learn more about Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® frame material in the video below:

    Renewal by Andersen Windows Series

    Renewal by Andersen is the replacement window product series of Andersen Windows. For this reason, they don’t offer multiple series and they just stick with one product line of Fibrex replacement windows. If you’re interested in learning about the main brand’s six series options, read this comprehensive Andersen Windows review.

    Does Renewal by Andersen Offer Window Customization?

    Renewal by Andersen offers vast customization options to help you tailor-design your replacement windows. The brand offers 49 color combinations, 11 hardware finishes, and multiple grille patterns for a truly custom look.

    The table below lists some of Renewal by Andersen’s most popular customizations:

    Customizable ItemOptions
    Interior ColorsWhite
    Cocoa Bean
    Dark Bronze
    Forest Green
    Red Rock
    Exterior ColorsWhite
    Cocoa Bean
    Dark Bronze
    Forest Green
    Red Rock
    Hardware FinishesWhite
    Distressed Nickel
    Distressed Bronze
    Bright Brass
    Antique Brass
    Satin Nickel
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Modified Prairie
    Best Quality Frames


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    Save $375 off each Window!

    How Energy-Efficient Are Renewal by Andersen’s Windows?

    Renewal by Andersen makes Energy Star-certified windows designed to minimize thermal loss and lower energy bills. The windows do this with insulated frames and glass that keep cool air in during summer and cold air out during winter, helping to reduce the amount your home will need to heat or cool.

    Andersen has designed a solid selection of energy-efficient glass and window film products available in its Renewal by Andersen product line:

    • Enhanced Triple-Pane Glass
    • SmartSun™ Glass
    • Enhanced Triple-Pane with SmartSun™ Glass
    • SmartSun™ Glass with HeatLock® Technology
    • Sun Glass
    • Low-E4® Glass

    Soundproofing & Insulation of Renewal by Andersen Windows

    Renewal by Andersen windows feature dual-pane glass with insulative argon fills between the panes. While this feature greatly reduces energy loss from the windows, it also helps reduce noises that enter your home.

    To determine the soundproofing power of a window, you must assess its Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. STC ratings range from 18 to 38, with higher numbers indicating better sound-blocking capabilities. Most of Renewal by Andersen’s dual-pane replacement windows have STC ratings of 34, meaning they provide excellent sound reduction. If you’re seeking more ways to reduce the noises infiltrating your home, read our guide to soundproofing your windows.

    Renewal by Andersen Consultation Process

    Renewal by Andersen offers in-person and virtual consultation options to fit individual homeowner needs. They’re free of charge with no attached obligation, meaning you won’t be locked into any purchases just for meetings. The consultation is simply a time to scope out the company and explore its products, prices, and services firsthand.

    Renewal by Andersen consultations include the following steps:

    1. A sales representative will assess your home’s current windows to identify any steps that need to be taken before installing new ones, and to understand what replacement types you need.
    2. The design consultant will provide multiple window options that fit your home aesthetically and functionally.
    3. You’ll receive project pricing estimates and free quotes to start budgeting for your new windows.

    Keep in mind, that you’ll need to to be present for the in-home consultation to receive the estimate.

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    Limited Time:
    Save $375 off each Window!

    Renewal by Andersen Installation Process

    If you decide to purchase Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, a representative will revisit your home to get detailed measurements and specifications that will eventually become custom-sized, tailor-made windows.

    Once that’s done and your windows are ordered, the company has a set installation process that works like this:

    1. Team arrives: A crew of Renewal by Andersen’s Certified Master Installers arrives at your home with a “rolling workshop” equipped to handle any challenges that arise.
    2. Pre-installation check-in: The installation crew chief reviews the process with you and answers any pre-installation questions.
    3. Area prep and cleaning: The crew places drop cloths around the project area and removes the old windows from the opening.
    4. Installation: The team installs the new window, ensuring it’s fully sealed, insulated, and sized for the opening.
    5. Test the new window: The crew tests the new window to ensure everything is operating properly.
    6. Clean up: The team thoroughly cleans the project area, disposing of old window parts, and clears all debris.
    7. Final walkthrough: The crew chief walks you through a product demonstration, provides maintenance and care tips, and answers any questions.

    Watch this video for a first-hand look at Renewal by Andersen’s installation process:

    Does Renewal by Andersen Offer a Good Warranty?

    On its website, Renewal by Andersen claims to have the nation’s best warranty coverage for windows and doors. Unfortunately, we found this statement a little misleading after comparing their warranty with competitors. Renewal by Andersen offers a 20-10-2 warranty structure with the following terms:

    • 20-year warranty coverage for glass and Fibrex materials
    • 10-year warranty coverage for locks, hinges, and other hardware components
    • 2-year warranty coverage for professional installation

    If your glass or Fibrex framing has manufacturing or workmanship defects during the 20-year warranty period, Renewal by Andersen will replace or repair the window at no cost to you. The same treatment applies to the other warranty items and their specific lengths. After the periods pass, those items will no longer qualify for Renewal by Andersen’s warranty coverage, and you must handle any repair or replacement costs out of pocket.

    Renewal by Andersen’s logic in establishing a limited warranty is that with high-quality products and expert installations, the windows will last for decades, and you likely won’t need to use the coverage. However, some customers need the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty – especially considering how big of an investment new windows are.

    If you’re one of these buyers, Renewal by Andersen might not be your best choice. You should instead shop with popular window manufacturers like Champion and Castle Windows that offer transferable lifetime warranties on their products.

    So, Is Renewal by Andersen Worth It For Your Home?

    Renewal by Andersen is a solid choice if you seek high-quality window replacements from a trusted brand. Its Signature Service installation is a huge asset for homeowners without the expertise or time to complete DIY window installations. You’ll get a professional crew of window installers and a 20-year warranty to back up any defects in your new windows’ materials.

    Although Renewal by Andersen is one of the costlier options on the market, you can explore its custom financing options to determine if a payment plan will make the investment manageable. You can also compare their prices with other top window companies to find the best fit for your home and budget. We’ve recommended some of the best window companies below to start your search.

    Best Quality Frames


    Limited Time:
    Save $375 off each Window!

    FAQs About Renewal by Andersen

    Does Renewal by Andersen Install Windows?

    Renewal by Andersen only does window replacements. The company doesn’t add windows to new constructions or install a window where there wasn’t one before.

    Where Are Renewal by Andersen Windows Made?

    Renewal by Andersen’s custom windows are made at the Andersen Corporation manufacturing plant in Minnesota.

    Does Renewal by Andersen Make Doors?

    Along with its custom replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen specializes in replacement patio doors. The company offers French doors and sliding glass doors with various customization options.

    Is Renewal by Andersen a Good Company?

    Renewal by Andersen is a trusted window replacement company with nearly 30 years of industry experience. Its expertise is backed by its parent company, Andersen Windows, which has been making and selling windows for over one hundred years. Renewal by Andersen has an A+ Better Business Bureau score, which indicates trustworthy business practices and reliable customer service.

    Note: The quality of your experience with Renewal by Andersen may depend on the franchise near you. The company operates through an expansive network of retailers, so you may find that sales tactics and service quality vary by Renewal by Andersen location.

    Methodology: How We Rank Window Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our window company ratings emphasize what matters most to you—a wide range of well-designed products with reliable installation and great curb appeal.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with renovation and building experts.

    A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across five categories, converted to a five-star scale. We researched dozens of windows installation and replacement companies to develop the following formula:

    • Product Offerings (40 points): Window installers can earn the maximum point value in this category if they offer a wide variety of window styles, frame materials, hardware designs, and glass and coating options. Companies earn more points if they design custom windows for your home. We also score the quality and energy efficiency of the windows each company installs.
    • Service Offerings (10 points): When evaluating this category, we consider factors such as consultations, post-installation cleanup, and additional product offerings. We also look at each company's installation team structure – including whether it uses certified window installers or subcontractors to complete work – as this can cause variances in quality.
    • Affordability (25 points): Our affordability rating considers the provider’s average window prices and how they align with industry averages, as well as discounts and payment plans.
    • Warranty and Support (10 points): A best-in-class window installer will back up its work with a solid warranty to give you added peace of mind. Companies receive the maximum point value in this category if they offer lifetime warranties for their products and workmanship.
    • Company Reputation (15 points): To ensure we’re recommending worthwhile installers, we check each company’s reputation and standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider how many years of experience it has in the window industry.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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