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A fence does more than just divide portions of a property; it’s a part of the design and aesthetic of a yard and home. Someone’s choice of fence says a lot about them as a homeowner; do they like the simple, efficient privacy afforded by a vinyl fence? Or do they prefer a natural, environmentally friendly approach with a hedge fence? Wrought iron fences have a Victorian-esque sophistication, while traditional wooden fences have a rustic charm. 

The Basics of Fences

To help you pick the right fence for your home, we’ve compiled a quick list of the most popular types:

  • Vinyl fence: These fences are cheap, easy to install, not difficult to clean, and come in various styles and colors. It should be no surprise that they’re extremely popular and a common sight in most yards. 
  • Wood fence: Wood fences have been an iconic and classic staple of America for generations. While more difficult to install and maintain than their modern vinyl counterparts, wood fences are more durable and longer lasting.
  • Metal fence: Metal fences are the most durable and longest-lasting of the bunch, with the lowest maintenance. But they’re also the most expensive, typically requiring the work of a professional to install. 
  • Chain-link fence: These have the lowest cost and are the quickest to install. Chain-link fences epitomize function over form. While not the most attractive, they’re great for keeping pets in and pests out, and offer decent security. 
  • Composite: A combination of plastic, resin, and wood particles, composite fences give the look and security of wood fences but with more durability. They’re more expensive than both wood fences and vinyl, however. 

Fences provide privacy, security, and a pleasing aesthetic for your lawn and garden. If you want to read about more fence options, their maintenance, and ways to utilize them, check out our articles below.   

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