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As a homeowner, you know the state of your lawn and garden can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Let’s face it – when neighbors pass by your home or visitors approach, your landscape is the first thing they see. 

Building the Best Lawn on Your Block

In addition to boosting your home’s value and appeal, a well-kept landscape achieves several other benefits. First, a well-maintained lawn wards off potential weeds and fungal infections. Weeds and fungus won’t go away on their own, so stamping them out quickly at the source is the best measure for your lawn’s long-term health. Weeds and fungus aren’t the only problems to look out for; an unhealthy lawn or garden can become a breeding ground for harmful pests like grubs, armyworms, and chinch bugs.

Don’t let all the talk of infestations and insects scare you. Maintaining a luscious lawn and gorgeous garden is manageable with routine DIY care or a little help from the pros. 

Here are a few common things to keep in mind when planning your yearly lawn care schedule (or hiring a professional to handle the work for you):

  • Watering is a significant part of lawn and garden maintenance that varies by location. Local climate patterns and your specific grass type will affect watering needs.
  • Fertilization is another tool for building the best turf on your block. Fertilizers can seriously harm your lawn and landscaping plants if used improperly, so understanding the correct numbers and chemicals for your specific lawn is key to success.
  • Aeration is the process of poking holes in your lawn either manually or chemically to allow for better water and nutrient flow. You can tackle this process DIY style or hire a lawn care expert.
  • Mowing will keep your lawn from turning into an overgrown mess. It can also keep pests at bay and improve the health of your grass – if done correctly.
  • Weeding keeps grass and garden plants from suffocating under pernicious weeds. Learning proper weed removal techniques will save you from an unsightly, infested landscape.

Want to learn more about these lawn care tactics? Our resources have the tips you need for a lush landscape.

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