Kentucky is a great place for homeowners; with fair home prices, great weather, and access to wonderful schools and communities, the Kentucky population only continues to grow. However, along with all the positives of homeownership, there are typically a few negatives. One of the worst parts for many homeowners is that systems and appliances can break down at any time. This is where a home warranty policy can come into play.

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In our review of the best home warranty companies in Kentucky, we’ve considered local factors that influence what residents might want coverage for. These include the high average temperatures and humidity levels that put added strain on air conditioning systems and refrigerators. Although most home warranties don’t cover tornado damage, we do consider the risk of extreme weather in the area as well as the system breakdowns to which they contribute. Considering these factors should lead you to the best home warranty for you and your needs.

Kentucky’s Best Home Warranty Companies in 2023

Choice Home Warranty: Best Claim Acceptance Rate

Compare the Best Home Warranty Companies in Kentucky

The table below outlines data for the best home warranty companies in Kentucky and beyond. We constantly update these ratings as companies change their policies and prices to give you the most accurate information possible. Continue reading in-depth reviews of several top providers.


Monthly Cost

Service Fee

Coverage Limit

Response Time


States Covered




24–48 hours


49 states, excluding WA




24–72 hours


50 States




12–48 hours


47 states, excluding NV, WA, and WI




24–48 hours


47 states, excluding NV, WA, and WI




24–48 hours


49 states, excluding HI




24–48 hours


48 states, excluding AK and HI




24–48 hours


42 states, excluding AK, HI, MT, NH, ND, OK, SD, and WY




24–48 hours


34 states, excluding AK, CT, DE, HI, IL, LA, ME, MA, MN, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, VT, and WI

*Quote and cost data gathered January 2023. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

Best Claims Acceptance Rate

Choice Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: $50 Off + 1 month free when you sign up today!

Choice Home Warranty is the best overall home warranty in the state of Kentucky. The Choice Home Warranty plan is very simple and straightforward. You won’t have a hard time knowing exactly what is covered under your Choice Home Warranty policy. In addition, Choice has been on the market for more than 13 years, and they know exactly how to handle any customer service or repair-related issues that may come up. One of the things that customers notice about Choice Home Warranty is that they are very easy to work with. From the time you get your quote to the time you need a repair, they are with you every step of the way.

Key Highlights
  • Our Take: Best Overall
  • Average Annual Cost: $504-$639.96
  • Response Time: Up to 48 hours
Straightforward coverage and limits
All plans cover systems and appliances
Excellent customer service
Wide range of coverage and add-on options
No customization available

Choice Home Warranty only has two plan options to choose from. However, this should not deter you. Both of the Choice Home Warranty plans are considered combo or comprehensive coverage options. This means that the plans will allow for both system and appliance coverage. IN addition to the two plan choices, you can also include quite a few add-on options under your Choice Home Warranty plan. The coverage caps reach up to $2,500, and the service fee is average at $85.

Here’s a detailed look at Choice Home Warranty’s coverage:

  • Basic Plan ($42/month): The Basic Plan from Choice Home Warranty interestingly covers appliances and home systems. Most companies have basic plans that make you choose. This plan includes coverage for electrical, heating, and plumbing systems, plus some major appliances — like ovens, stove exhaust fans, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. It also covers additional components, like ceiling fans, HVAC ductwork, toilets, microwaves, garage door openers, and garbage disposals.
  • Total Plan ($53.33/month): The Total Plan includes coverage for home appliances and home systems as well, but the coverage is a bit more comprehensive. It includes a warranty for everything in the Basic Plan, plus AC systems, clothes washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Given the addition of air conditioners and refrigerators, most Kentucky residents choose this plan.

Choice Home Warranty offers add-on services as well for a slightly higher charge per month. The additional options include:

  • Central vacuum
  • Limited roof leak
  • Septic system
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump
  • Pool/Spa
  • Second refrigerator
  • Stand-alone freezer
Best For Customization

Liberty Home Guard


Our Rating

Limited Time: $200 Off + 2 Months Free + Roof Leak Protection.

Liberty Home Guard is the most trustworthy home warranty in the state of Kentucky. Liberty Home Guard has earned the distinction of being the most trustworthy because of its BBB rating of an A. This is the only home warranty company to earn this, and LIberty Home Guard did it after just two years. If you have issues that come up around your home, Liberty Home Guard is quick to respond and offers a professional and courteous repair technician. Their policies and systems are very modern and easy to work with. If you like new companies with great technology and communication, Liberty Home Guard is a smart choice.

  • Our Take: Most Trustworthy
  • Average Annual Cost: $779.88-$899.88
  • Response Time: Within 24 hours
Backed by a 60-day workmanship guarantee
A rating from the BBB
Excellent customer experience
Easy process for making claims and getting coverage
More expensive than many competitors

The Liberty Home Guard plans come in three different models. Much like Select Home Warranty, you can choose between an appliance, system, or combo plan. You will find that Liberty Home Guard also has a very long list of add-on coverages that you can include in your policy. There are some unique options like pest control and locksmith fees as well. Coverage caps are lower than many competitors at $1,500 per year, but the service fee is below average at $75 per service call.

Here’s a detailed look at Liberty Home Guard’s coverage:

  • Appliance Guard ($64.99/month): The Appliance Guard plan covers appliances only, so it’s not ideal for homeowners who want home system coverage as well. It includes refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, ice makers, garbage disposals, cooktop exhaust fans, clothes dryers, washers, garage door openers, and ceiling fans. It’s a bit expensive for appliance-only coverage compared to other providers.
  • Systems Guard ($69.99/month): As the name suggests, the Systems Guard plan covers home systems but excludes appliances. You’ll get peace of mind when it comes to your plumbing, heating, electrical, and air conditioning systems, plus water heaters, ductwork, toilets, and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Total Home Guard ($74.99/month): The Total Home Guard plan is the most comprehensive and the most popular in Kentucky. It covers everything in both of the other plans — appliances and home systems — for just $5 or $10 more per month. This plan is great for Kentucky homeowners who want total peace of mind, as it offers some of the best coverage of all home warranties.

Liberty Home Guard has a massive range of coverage options available via add-on services, allowing homeowners to customize their warranties. Below are all of the add-ons you can choose with LHG:

  • Pool and spa
  • Additional spa
  • Saltwater pool
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Floor/carpet cleaning
  • Sump pump
  • Fixtures
  • Water softener
  • Trash compactor
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Electronics protection
  • Swamp cooler
  • Ejector pump
  • Septic system pumping
  • Limited roof leak
  • Pest control
  • Locksmith
  • Free-standing ice maker
  • Central vacuum
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Re-key
  • Second refrigerator
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Well pump
  • TV and PC
  • Generator
  • Water dispensers
Best Value

Select Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time: Use code HOUSE25 for $150 off & 2 months free.

The Select Home Warranty is the most cost-effective home warranty plan for the Kentucky homeowner. The decision to purchase a home warranty can be a tough one. Many people that are on a tight budget will have a hard time deciding if the home warranty is a smart choice to make. Select Home Warranty makes this decision just a bit easier. The plan choices are affordable, the service fee is low, yet the coverage is quite broad. In addition, Select Home Warranty will give you free roof leak coverage with any policy you choose. The Select Home Warranty company has been on the market for close to ten years, and they have very high standards for workmanship and quality.

  • Our Take: Most Cost-Effective
  • Average Annual Cost: $624-$684
  • Response Time: Up to 48 hours
Very affordable
Great customer service
Long company history
Roof leaks covered in all plans
Relatively low coverage caps

There are three Select Home Home Warranty policies to choose from. You can have your choice between the appliance plan, systems plan, or combo plan. Many people prefer the combo plan as it is just a few dollars extra per month. For those few dollars, you will get a wide range of coverage and some additional options as well. Select Home Warranty also has a nice list of add-on coverages to help ensure your plan fits the needs of your Kentucky home. Select Home Warranty’s service call fee is just $75, and the coverage caps can be as high as $2,000 per year.

Here’s a detailed look at Select Home Warranty’s coverage:

  • Bronze Plan ($52/month): The Bronze Plan is one of the basic offerings from Select Home Warranty. It includes coverage for appliances only, like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, cooktops, washing machines, dryers, and garbage disposals. This is a somewhat expensive plan for appliances only, but it includes refrigerators, which many cheaper options don’t.
  • Gold Plan ($52/month): The Gold Plan is the other basic offering from Select Home Warranty. It excludes all home appliances and instead covers home systems. You’ll get protection for your electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, your water heater, ductwork, and air conditioning systems.
  • Platinum Plan ($57/month): The Platinum Plan is the comprehensive option from Select Home Warranty, and it includes coverage for everything in the Bronze and Gold Plans. That means you get $104 worth of coverage for just $57. It also includes coverage for ceiling fans, garage door openers, and plumbing blockages.

Select Home Warranty also offers some add-on options for homeowners who are looking for some plan customization. The add-ons include:

  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Septic system
  • Well pump
  • Sump pump
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Roof leaks
  • Central vacuum
  • Stand-alone freezer
Best Coverage Limits

American Home Shield


Our Rating

Limited Time: $150 OFF All Home Warranty Plans for new members.

American Home Shield is the most customizable plan in the home warranty industry. With American Home Shield, you can choose all of your coverages and the service fees associated with your home warranty plan. This is a home warranty company that has been on the market for more than 50 years. During that time, they have put together an extensive network of professional and service technicians that are ready to handle any issues at your home. The American Home Shield plan has high policy coverage caps, and that is part of what makes this a plan that appeals to those with higher home values.

  • Our Take: Best Customizable Plans
  • Average Annual Cost: $419.88-$779.88
  • Response Time: Up to 48 hours
Many years of experience
Options to customize coverage and costs
Unique options for coverage
High coverage caps
More expensive than many other companies

There are three American Home Shield plans to choose from, they are all going to cover systems, but only two will cover the appliances in your home. The American Home Shield comprehensive plan choices tend to be the most popular as they will help you to have peace of mind about your entire time. If your Kentucky home has a pool, take a look at the American Home Shield’s additional coverage options to find something that will work for the specifics of your home. You can customize your service fee and pay between $75 and $150, and your coverage caps can be customized up to $3,000 or be unlimited as well.

Here’s a detailed look at American Home Shield’s coverage:

  • ShieldSilver ($39.99/month): The ShieldSilver plan covers home systems only, and it excludes all home appliances. Your warranty from AHS will cover electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, air conditioners, water heaters, HVAC ductwork, and much more. In total, 14 home systems are covered. This is a great affordable option for homeowners who don’t need appliance coverage.
  • ShieldGold ($49.99/month): The ShieldGold plan adds appliances to the ShieldSilver plan for just $10 more per month. It includes all ShieldSilver coverages, plus stoves, ovens, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines, microwaves, and more. Given the added items covered, the added fee on top of the ShieldSilver plan is well worth the investment for most homeowners.
  • ShieldPlatinum ($64.99/month): Finally, the ShieldPlatinum plan is American Home Shield’s most comprehensive and valuable plan. It includes all of the appliances and home systems in the Silver and Gold plans, but it also includes some appealing add-on services. Some examples are annual air conditioner tune-ups and maintenance, coverage for building permits and code violations, repairs for roof leaks, and more.

American Home Shield offers customization in your coverage options via add-on services. These include:

  • Electronic extended warranty
  • Pool and spas
  • Well pump
  • Septic pump
  • Guest unit
  • PC and TV

Home Warranties in Kentucky Cities

How Much Does a Home Warranty in Kentucky Cost?

The average home warranty cost in Kentucky is anywhere from $35 to $80 per month. If you want to pay less money, choose a policy that has more limited home warranty coverage and a higher service fee. The higher monthly plans tend to have extra add-on coverage and very low service fees associated with the policy. Your cost will also depend on the company you choose and customization options, as well as your location.

Single Family$594.45
Multi Family$1,070.89
Home Over 5,000 sq ft$1,294.73
Home Under 5,000 sq ft$635.16

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose a Kentucky home warranty with confidence. Each option on this list has some great benefits that are well worth considering. However, Choice Home Warranty still stands out as the best overall option. With the simplicity of the plans, the fair pricing, and impressive customer service and reviews, Choice is a great home warranty company. It makes sense to get several quotes from competing companies to make sure you are choosing a plan that works for your specific needs. We know that one of these four plans will make an excellent fit for your Kentucky home.

How to Choose the Best Home Warranty in Kentucky

Now you should feel pretty good about the top four home warranties in the state of Kentucky. The next challenging part is to narrow down which is going to be the best for your home. You will have to do a full analysis of the plan choices that appeal to you. However, three things make sense to keep in mind: coverage options, policy limits, and overall pricing.

  • Coverage Options: Take a walk around your home and decide what the most important coverages are. Maybe you worry most about your electrical system and your laundry room appliances. Look for plans that offer the coverages you need as part of their monthly pricing.
  • Policy Limits: The policy limits will tell you how much per appliance or system can be spent on a repair each year. Some plans like Select Home Warranty have policy limits of around $1000 for some appliances; others will be closer to $3000. If you have newer and more expensive systems and appliances, choose the higher policy limits.
  • Overall Pricing: The overall pricing of a policy is another essential factor to consider. Most plans will range between $40 and $80 per month. Choose a plan that you feel comfortable with the pricing, and after just a few repairs, it will easily justify the cost of the plan.

In addition to the above more general factors, you’ll also want to consider some local factors that tend to affect what homeowners in Kentucky want to be covered. For example, Kentucky’s summers can be quite warm, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s from April through October. Many homeowners will run their ACs during these months, placing tons of stress on their cooling equipment. As a result, most Kentucky residents choose plans that include coverage for air conditioners.

The average humidity in Kentucky is also quite high, averaging above 70% year-round. As such, air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers work overtime to combat the humidity. The added stress from high humidity can make these systems and appliances break down more quickly, meaning coverage for them in Kentucky is crucial.

Kentucky also experiences around 21 tornadoes per year. While the Bluegrass State isn’t as afflicted by tornadoes as many others, the high winds they bring occasionally can damage and weaken roofs. Most of Kentucky also receives above-average rainfall, with some areas receiving nearly double the national average. These weather conditions combined can lead to roof leaks, so choosing a home warranty that covers this issue will provide some peace of mind.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a home protection plan that keeps your home and its contents safe from damage and unexpected issues. Many people compare home warranties to homeowners insurance. While they differ quite a bit, they provide the same kind of peace of mind and coverage when things go wrong in and around your home.

Home warranties require a monthly payment and a service call fee each time you file a claim. When a covered item gets damaged or needs replacement, your home warranty provider will cover some or all of the cost to keep your out-of-pocket costs low.

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance

It’s helpful to compare home warranties and homeowners insurance policies because they both provide financial assistance in the case of something in your home going wrong. However, there are quite a few differences.

Most notably, homeowners insurance only covers disasters like fires, damage from extreme weather, and trees falling on your home or personal property. Home warranties can kick in even when there is no catastrophe and you instead run into issues because of normal wear. Some examples include your appliances failing from old age, plumbing lines leaking, and roof leaks not tied to natural disasters.

Another important distinction between home insurance and home warranties is the type of things they cover. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover specific home systems and instead applies to whole-home damages. On the other hand, home warranties cover individual appliances and systems, like refrigerators, dishwashers, electrical systems, plumbing lines, and more.

Finally, homeowners insurance requires a deductible, which is a price you pay out of pocket before the coverage kicks in. Home warranties don’t have a deductible and instead charge a much smaller service fee for each claim. Home warranties typically have coverage caps of $1,500 to $3,000, while homeowners insurance can be unlimited or reach into the hundreds of thousands.

How Does a Home Warranty in Kentucky Work?

Before you’re able to take advantage of a home warranty, you have to choose one that works for your purposes and suits your budget, and then pay for the plan and wait for it to take effect. In most cases, this can take 30 to 90 days. Once the plan takes effect, the process to request service is as follows:

  • Identify a problem with an appliance or home system that is covered by your home warranty
  • File a claim with your home warranty service provider, which is typically done online or by phone. Some companies have convenient mobile apps for a streamlined experience
  • Provide access to your home to the service rep to assess the issue and confirm that it’s covered by your home warranty
  • Pay a nominal service fee, averaging around $85. You might have additional out-of-pocket costs, depending on the extent of the issue and your coverage caps

What does a Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty plan is designed to cover systems and appliances in the home. When these systems and appliances break down, the home warranty will cover the costs of repairs and replacements. Overall a home warranty can give homeowners peace of mind about their ability to keep their homes up and running.

Every home warranty plan is different, so the specifics that are covered will vary among providers and individual plans. Most appliance plans cover major appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. They might also cover smaller appliances, like microwaves and garbage disposals, and some electronics, like garage door openers.

Home warranties that cover major systems should include plumbing, heating, and electrical. Many of them also provide coverage for HVAC equipment, ductwork, and air conditioners.

What is Not Covered by a Home Warranty?

All home warranties will have exclusions, so you should read through your service contract — including the fine print — to see what isn’t covered. Most will exclude things like damages caused intentionally, cosmetic repairs, and damage that resulted from a lack of proper maintenance. Pre-existing problems are also usually not covered.

Biggest Complaints about Home Warranty Companies in Kentucky

Most homeowners in Kentucky are pleased with the value they get from their home warranty company, but there are some common complaints we found online.

One of the most common complaints we see is from customers who don’t get the coverage they believe they should for air conditioning equipment. In most cases, it appears that the home warranty company states that the damage or breakdown is due to a lack of maintenance, which voids coverage. Be sure to maintain your systems properly to ensure you get coverage when you need it.

Another common complaint is that roof leak coverage is inadequate to cover repair costs. Roof leaks are common in Kentucky because of the extreme weather and the above-average rainfall throughout the state. Many home warranties include coverage for roof leaks, but the cost of repairing can sometimes exceed the company’s payout limit. Make sure you understand coverage caps before signing anything.

Are home warranties worth it?

A home warranty is well worth the price that you pay in most cases. It only takes one or two expensive repairs or replacements in the course of a year to be able to justify the cost of the plan. The first time you are quoted $700 to fix your HVAC and it only costs you the $75 service fee, you will know that a home warranty was the right choice.

There are many examples where the $75 service fee you’ll pay is well below the average cost of repair. For example, an average plumber visit totals over $300, a refrigerator repair averages around $250, a fridge replacement can top $2,000, roof repair can reach into the thousands, and electrical work averages around $275 per visit. If you’ve ever gotten hit with an unexpected maintenance or repair fee, you already know that a home warranty can be well worth the investment.

Even if you don’t end up needing the services provided by your home warranty company, the peace of mind you can purchase with an average of $680 per year is worth the money. You won’t have to worry as much about unexpected bills, which makes budgeting and saving far easier.

FAQs about Home Warranties in Kentucky

What Is the Best Home Warranty Company in Kentucky?

The best home warranty company in Kentucky is the Choice Home Warranty. Choice has fair pricing, will accept both new and old homes, and has a very easy sign-up process. With more than 13 years in the industry, Choice Home Warranty is a great plan for Kentucky homeowners.

Why Is a Home Warranty Necessary?

A home warranty isn’t required by mortgage lenders like homeowners insurance, but many homeowners who have experienced the benefits of a warranty will never again live without one. Home warranties provide peace of mind that you won’t run into hundreds or thousands of dollars in unexpected home repair fees or replacement fees for appliances. They’re home protection plans that, in combination with your home insurance, provide total coverage to save you money in the long run.

Most importantly, home warranties cover things that homeowners insurance doesn’t, like failing appliances, issues with home systems that don’t stem from catastrophes, and more.

What Is a Service Fee?

A service fee is what you’ll pay for each claim you file with your home warranty provider. The fee averages around $85 but can range from around $60 to $150, depending on your warranty company and plan. The service fee is a small part of the total cost of repairing or replacing damaged items in your home, ultimately saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in some cases.

Who Needs a Home Warranty?

Everyone can benefit from a home warranty because they provide protection for the systems and appliances that cost homeowners the most money over time. However, they are particularly useful for those living in aging homes, first-time homebuyers moving into an unfamiliar home, and homeowners selling their homes on the real estate market to buyers who might demand certain repairs before closing.

Today's Homeowner Home Warranty Ranking Methodology

At Today's Homeowner, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 home warranty companies so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

Our team spent hours on the phone speaking to representatives from each home warranty company to get information right from the source. We also dug into the fine print on each company’s service agreement to ensure no detail was left out.

To make the most of our research, we developed an objective rating system to score each home warranty company based on the following criteria:

  • Plans: Do they provide a variety of plan options? We looked at the number of plans each company offered and the flexibility of adjusting the plan.
  • Prices: How reasonable are the monthly and service fees compared to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
  • Coverage: How many items are covered in each plan? We looked at the number of items each company covers. We dig into all service contracts available to get all the details.
  • Customer service: How is the customer experience when calling the providers? Based on our phone calls, we judged each company’s customer service.
  • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
  • Nationwide availability: How many states does the company cover? We found the number of states covered by each company.
  • Unique perks: Does the company offer discounts or cover special items? We looked for perks offered by each company that set them apart from the competition.

See the best home warranty companies in your state

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