Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for heating and cooling your home. A reliable HVAC system gives you complete control over your home’s temperature and air quality, so you want to ensure this system runs at optimal capacity.

The Basics of HVAC

There are four main types of HVAC systems: 

  • Ductless system: Best for homes that cannot support duct systems; the air conditioner and heat pump exist outside the home.
  • Hybrid system: This advanced HVAC has improved energy efficiency and has a separate heating and cooling system
  • Packaged system: The packaged system contains just one system for both heating and cooling. It’s typically used in homes that do not have basements.
  • Split system: The most common type of HVAC, split systems consist of a main system for cooling and a main system for heating.

Because HVAC installation is not the most DIY-friendly task, most homeowners must hire a professional HVAC installation company to install, repair, and maintain their home heating and cooling systems. These experts can recommend the best system for your home in terms of size, efficiency, and air quality components like humidifiers and air filtration systems.

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