Home Walls


From water damage to termites, foundational shifts, and rodents, there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong inside your walls. Even worse, if not handled promptly, many of these issues can compromise other home systems.

The Basics of Wall Maintenance

To help you avoid issues or damage to your walls, we’ve compiled a list of the most common early warning signs that something could be wrong with your walls. 

Early warning signs of mice:

  • Scratching from within walls
  • Droppings along baseboards 
  • Dark, foul-smelling streaks
  • Small holes along baseboards

Early warning signs of water damage: 

  • Foul, musty smell coming from walls or closets
  • Dark spots along the walls, ceiling, or baseboard
  • A constant dripping sound from the wall
  • Peeling paint or paper
  • Discolored drywall
  • Buckling, cracking, or warping

Signs of a foundation shifting: 

  • Cracks in drywall 
  • Walls bending or bowing
  • Nails popping out of drywall
  • Baseboards and trim popping off walls
  • Gaps between exterior windows and doorframes and walls
  • Counters, cabinets, and cupboards separating from walls
  • Stuck windows 

Signs of termites: 

  • Small mud tubes in walls or ceiling
  • Small piles of sawdust-like material around baseboards or walls (this material is called frass.)
  • Pin-size holes in walls, baseboards, trim, or ceiling
  • Discolored drywall 
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper 
  • Hollow-sounding wood structures
  • Stuck windows and doors

There are plenty of things that can damage walls. But by keeping an eye out and doing regular upkeep, you can keep your walls in tip-top shape. If you’re interested in reading more about different types of wall maintenance or are encountering any of these issues, read more about them in the articles listed below. 

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