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Tables, chairs, sofas, and beds make your spaces cozy and personal. Without them, your home would just be a big, empty structure. Because furniture is such an integral part of your home sweet home, you must choose pieces you love and keep them in good shape.

Today’s Homeowner knows that staying on top of furniture maintenance, repair, and cleaning can be enough to make your head spin — especially if you have countless pieces decorating every nook and corner of your home. 

Furnishing Your Home Like a Pro

We’ve compiled a hub of guides to help you tackle furniture upkeep like a pro. Explore our resources for tips on the following:

Furniture Repair

Sometimes, everyday life gets in the way of your perfectly curated furniture collection. Maybe a chair leg goes wobbly, or spilled wine stains your favorite couch. No matter what furniture fixing need pops up on your horizon, we’re here to help with DIY repair guides for everything from couches to credenzas.

Furniture Maintenance

Figuring out where to put your new sofa or loveseat is only part of the process. Next, you’ll need to determine your new furniture piece’s maintenance requirements to keep it looking fresh for years to come. No clue how to maintain materials like wood, metal, and upholstery? No worries. Our guides cover the best ways to maintain and clean various types of furniture.

Furniture Refresh

You’ve maintained your favorite side table for years, but the color just isn’t doing it for your interior design anymore. Or, maybe you’re a thrifting enthusiast and found a must-have antique piece for a killer price. In either scenario, the furniture might need a good old-fashioned refresh. Today’s Homeowner has countless guides for refinishing worn-out furniture to make it look new.

Furniture turns your house into a home. Explore all the ways you can keep your furniture pieces cozy, sturdy, and polished with our helpful resources. 

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