Home Lighting


Updating your home’s lighting is a relatively simple way to enhance the ambiance of different spaces while complementing your interior design. The fixtures, light temperatures, and placements you choose can vastly impact the look and feel of areas throughout your home. Even adding a few picture windows in your living spaces can improve your access to natural light — no bulbs required. 

Light Your Way to a Better Home

Sometimes home lighting updates have nothing to do with aesthetics. Instead, a homeowner might want to replace a few bulbs with energy-efficient models. In other cases, the homeowner might need to install additional lighting to improve accessibility to dim areas. No matter what the need, Today’s Homeowner has the resources you need to get started.

Home lighting impacts more than just your ability to get around. It can also affect your overall well-being. Don’t just take it from us — Psychology Today says utilizing different lighting temperatures throughout your home can create environments for focus and calmness. In addition to color temperatures, light intensity can impact sleep cycles and alertness. 

Have the lighting you need but no repair knowledge in the event of outages or damage? Our home lighting resource hub features guides to repairing and replacing the bulbs and fixtures in your home. We’ll even provide tips for maximizing lighting outputs and minimizing those monthly energy bills.

Whether you’re looking for the best dimmer switches or new outdoor lighting ideas, we’re here to help. We’ve got the top tips and must-read resources you need to light your way to a better home.

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