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Tips for a Safer Shower While Aging in Place

A listener needs a safer shower. How she can update her bathroom for an aging-in-place situation.

Help Needed After Stalled Curbless Shower Installation

A homeowner needs an extra hand or two or three with a curbless shower installation project.

How to Remove Painted Molding Without Damaging Drywall

Before prying painted wood moldings off the wall, take a sharp utility knife and slice through the paint seal along the top edge of the molding.
Sawdust fallen from wood

The Easiest Way to Clean Fallen Sawdust from Floors

It’s easier and quicker to sweep the floor of a woodshop or...

How to Keep Lovebugs Out of Your Home

It's lovebug season! Do this to keep these insects — and heat — outside.

Runaway Flooring & Bathroom Remodeling

A homeowner's floorboards are trying to escape. It's a moisture issue, how you can monitor your home if you have the same problem.
LG InstaView

Knock Twice for an Instant View Inside This Refrigerator

Does your fridge show what's inside when you knock? This one does!
Paint Popcorn Ceiling

Tips for Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

Follow our advice and you won't have to worry about painting popcorn for another 30 or 40 years!

What to Do About Runaway Floorboards

Some serious buckling is going on in this Texas home's floor. Danny and Joe discuss what causes this to happen and offer a few suggestions.

How to Replace a Light Fixture with a Ceiling Fan

You don’t need to hire an electrician to change out your old bedroom light fixture for a stylish ceiling fan.
Cast Iron Bathtub

How to Refresh a Cast Iron Bathtub with Peeling Paint

A homeowner wants to know if she can update her cast iron tub, or if she'll have to ditch it.
Washing dishes

Dishwashing Tips to Save Water and Electricity

Here a few tips for getting the most out of your dishwasher.