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Cracking paint on the wall

Why Your Paint May Be Cracking and How to Fix It

Cracking paint — it's every painter's worst nightmare, and it happens far too often. Here's why it happens, and how to fix it!

Picking the Proper Grout

Wesley needs advice on what kind of grout to use for his bathroom remodeling project.
Joe Truini reads from the tape measure

Take Notes With Your Tape Measure

One of the key steps in making accurate cuts is remembering the measurement once you get to the saw to make the cut. Rather than carrying around a notepad, try this.
Sharkbite toilet connector and Jodi Marks

The Easiest Way to Install a New Toilet Line

Doing some of your own light plumbing chores can save you lots of money, but it can also be frustrating. That's why Sharkbite developed their easy to use fittings, and the "SharkBite Click Seal Toilet Connector" takes them a step further.
red siding with chipped red paint

Repairing Split Wood Lap Siding

When wood lap siding splits or cracks along its length, here’s how to repair it.

Electric to Gas Light Conversion

It can be expensive to transfer an electric light to natural gas.

Converting an Electric Lamp to Natural Gas

Today's Homeowner Radio Listener Questions

How to Keep Your Putty Knife Clean After Every Use

Before using your putty knife to spread joint compound, wood glue or construction adhesive, stick a piece of clear packing tape onto the blade.
DIY Shoe Rack

Custom Build Your Own Shoe Rack

Create a custom-built shoe rack for your closet.

Hang up to 125lbs Worth of Art on a Wall Without a Stud

When you're hanging a lightweight print or photograph, there's a stud right where you need to put the nail. But start to hang a heavy mirror or clock and the studs are nowhere near where you need them. This is scary. You don't want that mirror to come crashing down on someone, so you wrestle with wall anchors and toggle bolts. But not anymore.
Drywall installation project

How to Retrofit Drywall to Practically Soundproof Your Home

National Gypsum's Soundbreak XP is a superior choice for sound dampening a wall.
National Gypsum Soundbreak XP Drywall

How to Get Superior Sound Dampening for Your Home

Need help soundproofing your home? This product keeps unwanted noises out! Also: a beam in Rich's basement is pushing a block, causing cracks to form on the home's exterior — learn what we can do about that, and more, here.