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‘My Cabinet Knobs’ Paint Vanished — What Can I Do?’

A listener needs to know how she can keep her white kitchen cabinets white.

How to Repair a Water Damaged Basement

Today's Homeowner Radio Tools and toolbox lying on the flood-damaged floor

What You Should Do After a Basement Floods

Repairing a home after a flood can be a costly and extensive job.

How to Whitewash Unfinished or Stained Furniture

Want to whitewash your furniture? It's not hard to do, and it makes for a great weekend project!
Scrub brush and power drill with a plus sign in between

Power Scrubbing Any Surface

Attaching the head of a scrub brush to a power drill can do wonders for ceramic tile floors.
Painting wooden baseboard with a foam trim roller in a workshop.

Paint Trim Like a Pro

Painting interior molding requires just two tools: a foam trim roller and a paintbrush.

How to Create Safe Passage for a Car

How to widen a narrow driveway.

How to Repair a Damaged Concrete Porch

How to repair cracked concrete without the need of a jackhammer.

The Best Way to Kill Weeds at the Root

Kill tough weeds starting at the root with this grass and weed control spray.

How to Transform Your Desk into a Pantry

How to transform unused kitchen space into extra storage.

The Best Way to Tile Over Linoleum Sheet Flooring

A homeowner wants to know the best way to tile over her laminate flooring.

The Perfect Tool for a Sticky Subfloor

Stephen in Alabama says, "I have a concrete slab, raised, with what looks like tar paper or tar-like substance holding down particleboard. I have removed the top two or 3 layers of flooring. But now I am stuck, aside from the old hammer & chisel approach."