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Workers lay metal roofing over an existing asphalt shingle roof

Why Metal is the Best Option for Reroofing Your Home

Reroofing is desirable compared to ripping off an old roof. In this video, Today's Homeowner's Danny Lipford shares what you should know about metal roofs.
Metal roof on a house in Louisiana, seen close up.

Metal Roofing’s Benefits: Strength and Energy-Efficiency

People who are considering a new roof often ask seasoned remodeling contractor Danny Lipford, what are the benefits of a metal roof? Here's his answer.

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Three-story home with metal roof

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

Replacing a roof is a major expense and it has a big impact on how a home looks and performs. Here are key questions to ask before replacing your roof.
Red metal roof on a white wood house

MRA Launches Best Residential Metal Roofing Project Competition for 2021

The Metal Roofing Alliance has kicked off its 2021 Best Residential Metal Roofing Project quarterly competition, open to both the trades and homeowners.

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