Home repairs in MN can mean huge bills for urgent repair needs — a failed furnace mid-winter, a busted AC during summer heat waves. It happens fast and can cost thousands — money few families have saved. This leaves many seeking coverage from home warranty companies. But skepticism abounds after stories of claim denials and policy confusion.

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I researched the top home warranty options for Minnesota homeowners. I know the pitfalls, so I analyzed the fine print to find real value, not gimmicks — things like reasonable pricing, easy-to-grasp coverage terms, and, most importantly,  providers that consistently pay claims and swiftly repair home issues.

Out of dozens, five Minnesota home warranty companies stood out to me as the best. I weighed Today’s Homeowner’s review factors like reputation, customer satisfaction, and flexibility to customize plans. I’m confident that all five can handle costly problems with vital home systems like furnaces, piping, appliances, and more. These best home warranty companies in Minnesota can ease the stress and expense of urgent home repairs year-round. I spotlight the pros and cons of each, so Minnesota homeowners can find trustworthy help.

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Table of Contents

    Top 5 Minnesota Home Warranty Companies

    Liberty Home Guard: Best For Customization
    • Liberty Home Guard is a top choice for coverage you can customize to fit most Minnesota homes. Liberty has over 40 add-ons to suit your needs, including well pump coverage for rural homes, generator coverage to ensure your home stays powered during winter storms, and pest control to deter bugs in the summer. Positive customer feedback also shows Liberty is highly responsive to claims. Though a newer company, it delivers flexible, dependable coverage.
    • If fast help for issues is critical for you, strongly consider American Home Shield (AHS). It handles most claims within one day. That kind of speedy response prevents smaller problems like appliance leaks from turning into bigger ones like water damage and becoming an expensive headache. AHS also covers preexisting conditions in older houses. That’s invaluable since unknown issues can appear anytime.
    • When choosing a provider, plan, and add-ons, focus on what each company includes or leaves out. Make sure the systems and appliances you need are all covered either in standard plans or as extra options. Read the contract fine print closely to avoid gaps like excluded items, low ‌coverage limits, and depreciated replacement values — all of which could leave you paying big bills down the road.

    My Expert Recommendation

    When your heat fails mid-winter, or AC dies in summer’s heat, steep repair bills hit hard and fast in MN. Many seek coverage from home warranty companies but meet confusing terms or face denied claims. I researched the top providers for real value, not contract terms that allow providers to weasel their way out of paying for repairs. In my research, Liberty Home Guard stood out to me. Its flexibility provides coverage to match your home’s unique appliances and systems with useful add-ons — things like pest control, sump pumps, generators, or septic tanks. Given MN’s extreme weather swings, Liberty’s quick emergency repair service provides vital assurance.

    For houses with luxury brand appliances, American Home Shield offers up to $4,000 in coverage for repairs or replacement. While not the highest limits (see Elite Home Warranty), reviews showed enough for most breakdowns. I read the fine print on exclusions closely, though. Like any warranty, gaps exist, so review what’s included thoroughly before you sign a contract. No doubt home warranty companies get skepticism at times. But unexpected costs can strain your family’s budget. Before taking home warranties out of consideration, look closer at Liberty for customizable plans or American Shield’s higher-end appliance coverage. Both provide real protection for MN homes against unexpected repair bills.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips
    I researched the top providers for real value, not contract terms that allow providers to weasel their way out of paying for repairs. In my research, Liberty Home Guard stood out to me.

    Minnesota Home Warranty Companies I Didn’t Include

    I didn’t include Home Warranty Direct or Choice Home Warranty among my top Minnesota home warranty picks. Home Warranty Direct started up recently (2022) and has concerning BBB complaints over misleading ads urging homeowners to act or “lose coverage.” With an F Better Business Bureau rating currently, I can’t recommend it to homeowners without more time to demonstrate reliable service.

    Choice Home Warranty faces an active consumer fraud lawsuit from the Arizona Attorney General over allegations still unsettled in court. Until that case concludes and findings emerge, I don’t feel comfortable suggesting it to Minnesota residents seeking coverage. Reliable help easing expensive home repairs requires trust in the provider behind any plan. Currently, both these companies raise red flags on responsive care. I’ll keep an eye on them to see if they address their issues.

    Compare The Highest Rated Home Warranties In Minnesota

    CompanyRatingMonthly CostService FeeResponse TimeBBB RatingLink



    12-48 hrs.


    American Home Shield Logo



    24-72 hrs





    48 hours


    choice home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    select home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    AFC Home Warranty logo



    48 hours


    first american logo



    48 hours





    2–24 hrs





    2–24 hrs



    Quote and cost data gathered January 2024. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

    Our Reviews of the Best Home Warranties in Minnesota

    Best for Customization

    Liberty Home Guard


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage

    Liberty Home Guard wins praise for helpful service — 4.7 stars on Google and Trustpilot. Compared to the average 2– to 3-star provider, Liberty’ excellent customer response brings peace of mind when issues hit. Liberty also excels at customization with 40-plus add-ons — useful for specialized systems like backup generators, sump pumps, and more. Tailoring coverage to unique home features matters in Minnesota’s extreme weather. Liberty also offers perks like 60-day repair workmanship guarantees — longer than the 30 days from other providers. Between bespoke plans and longer assurances, Liberty delivers for what Minnesota homes require.

    I’m disappointed that Liberty Home Guard has lower $2,000 appliance and systems coverage caps, which are much lower compared to other providers like those of others like American Home Shield’s $4,000 appliance and $5,000 systems caps. LHG’s add-ons also cost more — averaging $15 per month as compared to the $6 premiums seen at other providers. As a company founded in 2017, Liberty lacks experience versus the 50-year veteran American Home Shield, too. Once enrolled, customers report constant sales calls about upgrades and add-ons. Liberty also has  a tough $50 cancellation fee kicking in just 30 days after sign-up. Other frustrations come from Liberty’s rigid pricing, blanket bans on any preexisting defects, and higher-than-average service call fees.

    With extreme Minnesota weather causing systems like furnaces to run more often and see more wear and tear, unexpected breakdowns are more likely to happen. Minnesota homeowners need robust protection from a provider like Liberty Home Guard. Its affordable plans — coming in at around $50 per month — have useful add-ons like pest control, generator coverage, and even limited roof leak protection. Such flexibility brings homeowners peace of mind. Liberty also earns my praise for its positive reviews across several sites.

    The major drawback is Liberty’s $2,000 claim payout ceiling, which may not be enough to adequately replace higher-end appliances and systems. But for most standard items, it should suffice. A big perk is Liberty’s 60-day repair guarantee — double the standard elsewhere. So repeat/return issues that come back after the first repair visit get re-addressed cost free for two months.

    If your home lacks high-end appliances and systems, Liberty is a top choice. No other provider matches its plan customization, low premiums, and responsive assistance. But Minnesota homes with appliances like Viking or Wolf stoves ranges merit exploring higher coverage limits from other warranties first– or you can weigh Liberty’s pro-series appliance add-ons against the costs and caps of other providers.

    Liberty Home Guard earns an impressive 10/10 rating for its unmatched coverage customization — appliance-only or systems-only plans, or the combined Total Home Guard policy. Useful add-ons also abound — 40-plus options spanning pest control, electronics protection, limited roof leak coverage, and more.

    I would select the Total Home Guard plan for assurance on both appliances and home systems at around $60 per month, but Liberty’s pricing starts affordably at around $50 monthly, equaling national averages. Most add-ons run $8 to $15 extra monthly — slightly above standard but providing great flexibility.

    One drawback is Liberty’s non-negotiable $65 to $125 service fees on repairs. But discounts help ease that sting — Liberty offered me a $225 coupon plus two free months for an annual prepayment, totaling over $100 in annual savings. For homeowners wanting protection tailored to their unique needs at a solid value, Liberty Home Guard delivers customizable and discounted plans.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Appliance Guard$49.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon
    Systems Guard$54.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon
    Total Home Guard$59.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon

    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Minneapolis, MN. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    Liberty Home Guard has the most optional add-ons of any home warranty provider, with 40-plus options. As someone who lives in an area that receives a lot of snow in the winter, I appreciate Liberty’s optional generator coverage. With Minnesota’s yearly snowfall averages of 36 to 70 inches, power outages are common. With the chance of power failure in the long winter months, covering your whole-house generator will prevent surprise expenses and keep your home powered. 

    • Carpet cleaning: $19.99/month
    • Casita guest unit: $35.99/month
    • Central vacuum: $8.99/month
    • Electronics protection: $19.99/month
    • Ejector pump: $14.99/month
    • Freestanding ice maker: $14.99/month
    • Generator: $19.99/month
    • Grinder pump: $14.99/month
    • Gutter cleaning: $14.99/month
    • Ice maker (in-fridge): $3.99/month
    • Instant hot water dispenser: $9.99/month
    • Lawn sprinkler system: $9.99/month
    • Lighting fixtures: $7.99/month
    • Limited roof leak: $11.99/month
    • Pest control: $14.99/month
    • Plumbing fixtures: $7.99/month
    • Pool and spa: $19.99/month
      • Additional spa: $9.99/month
    • Power washing (exterior flooring): $19.99/month
    • Pro-series clothes dryer: $4.99/month
    • Pro-series dishwasher: $7.99/month
    • Pro-series microwave: $4.99/month
    • Pro-series range/oven/cooktop: $12.99/month
    • Pro-series refrigerator: $14.99/month
    • Pro-series standalone freezer: $14.99/month
    • Pro-series washing machine: $4.99/month
    • Re-key: $9.99/month
    • Reverse osmosis water filter system: $14.99/month
    • Salt water pool: $23.99/month
    • Second refrigerator: $7.99/month
    • Septic system pumping: $12.99/month
    • Sump pump: $8.99/month
    • Swamp cooler: $14.99/month
    • Trash compactor: $7.49/month
    • TV mounting (up to 65 inch TVs): $14.99/month
    • TV mounting (up to 85 inch TVs): $19.99/month
    • Water dispenser water line: $4.99/month
    • Water softener: $13.99/month
    • Well pump: $12.99/month
    • Window washing/cleaning: $19.99/month
    • Wine cooler/fridge: $11.99/month

    Liberty has the following industry-standard exclusions to its plans: 

    • Cosmetic defects
    • Cranes or other specialty vehicles required to install, remove, or access your appliances or home systems
    • Disposal of appliances, systems, or components
    • Electronics, computerized, “smart,” or Internet/enabled components and parts
    • Filters associated with any covered items
    • Fire sprinkler systems
    • Flues, vents, chimneys, and exhaust lines
    • Glass parts
    • Lighting
    • Malfunction or damage due to acts of God
    • Noise
    • Radon and other leak detection monitoring systems
    • Remote receiving and transmitting devices
    • Solar systems and applications

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    Liberty Home Guard gets a strong 8.9/10 rating for its fairly priced plans — $49.99 monthly equals the industry average. But Liberty’s costs add up with pricier add-ons — most over $14.99 per month versus the $6 to $13 average most competitors charge. There are also steep $65 to $125 service fees when you file claims. One key fine-print item — Liberty only covers ‌an item’s “book value,” not the full pre-depreciation worth of your appliances and systems. So, if your five-year-old refrigerator originally cost you $1,800 and it fails, LHG may only pay a depreciated value of $1,200 if you need a replacement. Coverage caps sit at $2,000 per item, too, below those of leading rivals like American Home Shield’s $3,000 and Elite Home Warranty’s $6,000 limits.

    However, Liberty shines, covering unique home systems using its deep add-on catalog — options unavailable elsewhere for water filters, luxury brands, and specialty equipment. So, for atypical appliances and features beyond standard coverage, Liberty provides appropriate protection. Just be aware higher ongoing fees accompany lower per-item limits before enrolling.

    I was able to quickly get coverage estimates through Liberty Home Guard’s smooth, user-friendly online quoting. Comparing plans and customizing protection to match my home needs‌ was simple as well. Once you enroll, Liberty offers multiple communication channels — chat, phone, and email access for convenient support.

    Liberty’s 30– to 60-day waiting period before you can file claims equals industry averages. I give a rating of 7.8/10 on Liberty’s customer service overall. A nice perk is their 60-day repair guarantee — longer assurances on workmanship than the 30 days typical elsewhere. This shows added commitment to ensure your systems get fixed swiftly and properly.

    No home warranty provider earns such consistently positive feedback as Liberty Home Guard, based on my research. For its reliable protection, mostly positive reviews, and consistent feedback,  it merits strong consideration and gets my glowing rating of 9.1/10.

    Overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google and Trustpilot spotlight Liberty’s responsive assistance, affordability, smooth claims handling, and quick resolution times. I had to hunt for negatives, finding just a couple citing unexpected fees or delays. Liberty also draws happy feedback from employees on Glassdoor, highlighting an empowering work culture that enables great service.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBNR*Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing..

    *Note (as of 3/6/24): The Better Business Bureau recently shifted LHG’s A+ rating to “NR.” We reached out to a representative from the Better Business Bureau, and they told us, “This business is not currently rated. BBB has recently received numerous complaints against this business and will issue a rating after it has fully evaluated them.” When asked about whether they revoke ratings after an increase in complaints, the rep said, “Yes, if they feel they need to review the complaints first before issuing an accurate rating.” This scenario has happened to LHG twice in the last two years, but each time the BBB has restored its A+ rating after a thorough review.

    Liberty Home Guard easily merits top marks —  a perfect 10/10 – for claims handling. A swift 12-hour average response time shows commitment, as do invaluable emergency repair options lacking elsewhere. With Minnesota’s fluctuating weather, having urgent support matters when issues become catastrophic — broken pipes, failing furnaces, leaking appliances. LHG green lights most claims within 48 hours total, too. This helps prevent small problems from becoming huge ones with crushing bills.

    Liberty offers its plans in all 50 U.S. states, earning it a perfect 10/10. With coverage across the nation, Liberty has developed strong contractor partnerships to fix issues in homes across the country.

    Best Coverage Limits

    American Home Shield


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $150 off any plan

    I appreciate American Home Shield’s 50-plus years of offering home warranty plans, allowing it to tap into qualified local technicians for repairs. It uniquely offers rare add-ons like roof leak protection alongside a free HVAC tune-up, which is useful before Minnesota’s severe winters. I also like provisions against rust/corrosion and adjustable service fees that show customer care.

    Where American Home Shield particularly stands out is by providing up to $5,000 coverage maximums on home systems and $4,000 for appliances — well beyond the $2,000 to $3,000 industry norm from the likes of Liberty Home Guard. This extensive protection brings peace of mind — even expensive equipment enjoys coverage.

    American Home Shield’s decades of experience created high hopes around customer reviews for me. But the abundant negative feedback on Trustpilot, Yelp, and BBB compared to rivals gives me pause. Complaints cite transparency gaps, rate hikes without warning, slow responses, and short 30-day workmanship guarantees after repairs. That said, people are more inclined to leave negative reviews as opposed to those with positive or neutral experiences. So, I take these with a grain of salt. However, if you want a warranty company with better reviews, explore options like Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty.

    As an industry founder with over 50 years of industry experience, American Home Shield leads in coverage strength, earning my  8.6/10 overall rating. Its coverage caps reach $4,000 for appliances and $5,000 for home systems — dwarfing those of competitors like LHG with limits that hover around $3,000. This provides superior value, securing even high-end home items. American Home Shield also boasts an immense contractor network with nationwide support.

    I found its website straightforward while I was getting quotes and shopping coverage tiers. However, despite generous caps, lower-tier American Home Shield plans leave out too many essential home items compared to the economy plans from rivals like Liberty Home Guard. To get comprehensive protection, I recommend Minnesota homeowners get American Home Shield’s ShieldPlatinum bundle, at just a slightly higher price tier. 

    A big perk of AHS is that it covers undetected defects and corrosion/rust damages excluded by almost all other providers. But while AHS advertises robust contractor partnerships, some reviewers share frustrations around lengthy repair delays. American Home Shield also trails its rivals in workmanship guarantees. But given strong caps and rare covered conditions, American Home Shield brings value to protect Minnesota homes.

    American Home Shield’s top offering, the ShieldPlatinum plan, covers roof leaks — lacking in the coverage of most other providers. It also provides a free HVAC tune-up — valuable for preparing your furnace for Minnesota’s long and frigid winters. Allowances for code violations and improper installations left unaddressed by other companies come included, too. With thorough maintenance and protection, American Home Shield equips homeowners proactively.

    All American Home Shield plans cover older items, undetectable preexisting defects, and improperly installed systems that many warranty rivals like Select Home disqualify. Owners of aging, temperamental equipment find assurance against large bills through broad coverage.

    While service fees hit $100 to $125 above the $75 norm, lower accompanying monthly premiums help offset those charges for budget-conscious families. For Minnesotans wanting coverage on vulnerable houses without overspending, American Home Shield earns my strong 9/10 rating.

    PlanMonthly CostService Fee*Available Discounts
    ShieldSilver$29.99 $39.99$100 $125Same-day discount
    ShieldGold$49.99 $59.99$100 $125Same-day discount
    ShieldPlatinum$79.99 $89.99$100 $125Same-day discount

    *If you choose the lower service fee of $100, you pay the higher monthly premium. For example, the $79.99 rate for the ShieldPlatinum plan pairs with the $125 service fee.

    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Minneapolis, MN. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    American Home Shield offers the below optional add-ons to Minnesota homeowners. The optional roof leak repair (which comes standard with the ShieldPlatinum plan), is perfect for sealing up small leaks before the state’s rainy spring weather. 

    • Electronics protection plan: $14/month
    • Guest unit: $15.99/month
    • Pool & built-in-spa equipment: $18/month
    • Roof leak repair: $10/month
    • Septic pump: $5/month
    • Well pump: $8/month

    AHS has the following exclusions to its plans, which are pretty standard in the industry. 

    • Damage due to pets or pests
    • Failure to properly clean or maintain home systems or appliances
    • Foundation or structural damage
    • Improper installation, improper wiring, or damage caused by construction activity
    • Manufacturer’s defect
    • Misuse or human error
    • Natural disasters
    • Neglect, rust, corrosion, or sediment
    • Removal of hazardous material

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    American Home Shield does cost more up front than some competitors and has a higher-than-average service free of $100 to $125, but it provides value that earns it a solid 8.7/10 rating. Lower-cost home warranties from other providers typically cap system reimbursements at around $2,000 when you need repairs. But American Home Shield boosts limits up to $5,000 instead — vastly more security.

    Its $5,000 limit on HVAC systems is much needed in Minnesota. With the state’s frigid winters and seven-month period of temperatures below 60ºF, furnaces run more often compared to other states — this means they see more wear and tear and a greater chance of breakdowns.  So while American Home Shield’s monthly and per-claim costs sit higher, that added spend acts as protection when furnaces break down and other surprise issues pop up. 

    Factoring in its monthly price, service fees, and coverage caps, American Home Shield remains a top choice,  given trade-offs. Competitors may list lower fees, but can easily expose owners to five-figure repair bills. American Shield Home’s superior coverage maximums bring peace of mind and make higher rates worthwhile if you own costly equipment. Consider total costs either way before enrolling — but know that glaring coverage gaps often accompany low monthly fees.

    Given American Home Shield’s 50-plus years of experience, I expect it to provide strong communication and assistance. But abundant reviews cite dropped calls and unreturned messages — shortfalls that worry me for such a seasoned provider. While no company has perfect service, AHS has clear areas for needed improvement.

    On the positive side, American Home Shield does have multiple contact methods through account managers. So if one manager lags, alternate support options act as backups. Its 30-day waiting period before covering claims also beats slower 60-plus day competitor norms.

    Although work remains to boost American Home Shield’s reliability as demonstrated by consistent positive feedback, I rate AHS a decent 8.4/10. Quicker coverage activation and backup communication channels help offset struggles reaching representatives. Optimizing these backup systems matters for Minnesotans needing claim assistance promptly from their provider partner during urgent home issues.

    American Home Shield’s low 2.1 Trustpilot rating alongside 1.0 on Yelp raises some red flags for me. That said, many online complaints often involve misunderstandings over convoluted policy details. Critical feedback on AHS centered on slow contractors, claim rejections without clarity, and unanswered calls.

    But positive reviews praised robust coverage from American Home Shield when claims processing functions smoothly. Claims are easy to file online, and online tracking brings transparency once you get a claim approved.  And responding to 98% of negative Trustpilot reviews shows that AHS cares enough to make things right. Considering people with bad experiences shout the loudest in online reviews, I give AHS a fair 7.7/10 score. 

    What matters most for Minnesotans is timely assistance when facing urgent winter furnace failures or summer AC losses. So, while many grievances trace back to complex contract terms, consistent issues involving delays and poor communication still disappoint me. For the peace of mind home warranty customers need, American Home Shield must expedite assistance and simplify policies. Its decent overall reputation could use some polishing. 

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing.

    American Home Shield’s 24/7 customer assistance and capability for homeowners to submit claims online anytime ease worries — especially for urgent HVAC failures or leaking appliances needing quick response. Having reliable aid on-call matters when home emergencies strike unexpectedly.

    Once you file a claim, checking its status through your AHS account proves straightforward. Its convenient tracking systems match industry norms and prevent added stress during delays. However, AHS’s slower 48-hour average response time versus leaders offering 24-hour resolution could exacerbate pressing issues — dropping AHS’s rating to a decent 8.4/10. Still, around-the-clock access offers reassurance if your Minnesota home needs service after hours or on weekends.

    American Home Shield provides its plans to all states except Alaska, earning a perfect 10/10 rating for availability. With coverage nationwide, AHS has strong relationships with local contractors that can fix issues in your home when the need arises.

    Best Value

    Select Home Warranty


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $150 Off (Code HOUSE25)

    I appreciate how Select Home Warranty (SHW) includes limited roof leak protection across all plan tiers — a remarkably rare addition in the home warranty space. Most providers exclude roofs outright, even as paid add-ons. But Select bundles in this peace of mind by default affordably.

    For Minnesota homeowners facing extreme winter snowstorms and heavy rainfalls, being able to affordably seal up small leaks with patches before the snowy and rainy seasons to prevent water damage is a great bonus. Beyond ‌roof coverage, Select Home Warranty’s monthly premiums also trend cheaper than those of competitors. So families gain vital assurance without paying excessive charges. Select also simplifies packages and provides a 90-day repair guarantee — longer than the 30 or 60 days seen from other leading providers.

    One downside with SHW is its scanty add-on catalog — just nine secondary options to customize coverage. By comparison, leading competitors like Liberty Home Guard provide 40-plus add-ons. So Minnesota homeowners with high-end appliances or uncommon home systems may feel inadequately protected with Select.

    SHW also doesn’t let you choose your preferred repair technicians — you get who they dispatch with no alternatives. And its strict $75 plan cancellation fees irks me, too.  It benefits the company more than customers needing flexibility. Another potential drawback comes from Select excluding preexisting defects. This introduces a risk for families unaware of underlying issues before enrollment. Without “as-is” protection, surprise claim denials may hurt your wallet in the future. So, if you choose Select, inspect all appliances/systems first and document their proper operation. Doing this up front prevents battles down the road over paying new repair bills out of pocket.

    I appreciate Select Home Warranty simplifying choices with Gold, Silver, and Platinum packages plainly covering either appliances, systems, or both, and rate it a solid 8.4/10. Competitors pushing confusing plan names and opaque terms fail homeowners needing clarity. Budget-focused Minnesota families also benefit from Select’s low rates — monthly premiums beat those of rivals such as American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard.

    However, Select’s $3,000 cap falls short for costly HVAC replacements. Considering replacement furnaces cost between $2,800 and $9,175, Select’s lower coverage limits could quickly erode Minnesota families’ savings. Some brands such as Elite Home Warranty offer two to three times higher limits protecting expensive systems and appliances, so weigh your unique system expenses before enrollment. Average ‌households may find ‌the limited coverage adequate, but ones with more upscale features merit exploring increased protections. 

    A nice perk is Select’s 90-day labor guarantee on repairs, exceeding the standard 30– to 60-day industry guarantees. This shows strong contractor partnerships for addressing issues that pop back up after the initial repair.

    I like how Select Home Warranty simplifies plan choices with dedicated appliance, system, and combined plans. However, its single-focus Gold and Bronze bundles leave concerning coverage gaps versus the broader Platinum plan for only about $4 more monthly. At that minor upcharge for expanded protections, Platinum makes sense for practically all Minnesota homeowners, in my view. Select lets you easily compare and select precisely what you need rather than sorting through confusing, jargon-heavy packages from some providers. But with its lower coverage limits, I rate its plans and coverage a fair 8.3/10. 

    Select also regularly advertises savings like two months of free coverage alongside $150 off yearly pricing — which I encountered firsthand gathering quotes. While light on optional add-ons some homeowners may need, Select excels at delivering simplified, budget-friendly protection for everyday Minnesota home needs. 

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Bronze Care$44.42$75$150 off (website), two extra months free
    Gold Care$44.42$75$150 off (website), two extra months free
    Gold Care$47.75$75$150 off (website), two extra months free

    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Minneapolis, MN. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    Select Home Warranty offers the nine optional add-ons below. While it has many fewer offerings than providers like Liberty Home Guard and Elite Home Warranty, I appreciate the well pump coverage. Living in a rural area, I know how critical well pumps can be for your home and just how expensive they can be to repair and replace. 

    • Central vacuum: $3.33/month
    • Lawn sprinkler system: $5.83/month
    • Pool: $8.33/month
    • Roof leak: free
    • Septic system: $5.83/month
    • Spa: $5.83/month
    • Standalone freezer: $3.33/month
    • Sump pump: $3.33/month
    • Well pump: $3.33/month

    SHW has the below exclusions, which are standard in the home warranty industry. 

    • Common areas in condominiums or multifamily homes
    • Damage from natural disasters and rust
    • Defects or damages caused by the foundation and structure of the home
    • Incorrect installation or malfunctions due to construction damage or improper wiring
    • Issues with systems or appliances related to hazardous or toxic materials (for example mold, asbestos, and gas leaks)
    • Secondary damage (i.e., your home warranty may cover roof damage but won’t cover water damage caused by a roof leak)
    • Solar heating systems

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    Select Home Warranty stands out to me for highly affordable premiums — just about $40 monthly, including discounts — beating the industry’s $50 to $60 average and every other provider in this guide. This competitive pricing reaches across all Select’s Bronze, Gold, and Platinum bundles, protecting either appliances, home systems, or both without major upcharges seen at other providers. The only downside is that its coverage caps could be higher. 

    I rate SHW’s  affordability a 9.1/10 given not just lower monthly costs up front but also flexible $65 to $75 service fees well below the typical $100-plus charges from other providers. So Minnesota families save money both initially on cheaper plans and avoid steep bills later if repairs become necessary.

    Select Home Warranty’s simplified shopping for coverage with its intuitive website impresses me — quick protection details and quotes come without pressure. Outlined plans, pricing specifics, coverage inclusions, add-ons, and more appear in plain language without overwhelming you with information and “buy now” messages. This contrasts with pushy competitors that cold-call and email-blitz you once they get your contact details. 

    With Select, there’s no confusion, no nonsense — just the information you need to be adequately informed. Minnesota households can carefully weigh the protections they need for their homes at their own pace. Getting details digitally also streamlines exploring plans, deductible choices, item inclusions, and more. Select’s above-average online experience earns it an 8.1/10 user rating from me.

    I give Select Home Warranty a fair 8.3 out of 10 rating for its reputation, as customer opinions contrast strongly. Some people praise its helpful service and quick repairs after issues arise. But others blast low payouts or even outright denials on claims.

    Select’s average B Better Business Bureau score confirms mixed performance. However, SHW has far fewer reviews in total than larger providers with more customers. So extreme complaints likely overstate problems somewhat. Still, based on consistent negative feedback, there are clear issues that need attention. For Minnesotans considering coverage, weigh Select’s affordability and core plan strengths first. Then factor in criticism fairly, knowing even top companies dissatisfy some homeowners. Isolated complaints differ from widespread dissatisfaction. 

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing.

    Filing claims with Select Home Warranty works fairly smoothly — online submissions or direct calls both connect you promptly. However, Select ‌usually takes 48 hours to dispatch technicians for non-emergencies. I give the claims process a lower 7.6/10 rating, reflecting its slower-than-industry-average pace. Even 24 hours leaves families without hot water or AC uncomfortable for too long when issues strike.

    Thankfully, emergency issues like burst pipes and failed furnaces amid Minnesota’s frigid winters do receive 24/7 prioritized assistance within a 12-hour window. So weather-related catastrophes threatening health and safety get immediate help, including on nights and weekends. Just prepare for longer waits for non-emergency repairs.

    Select Home Warranty is available in all 50 U.S. states — a rarity among providers, earning it a stellar 10/10 rating. With availability across the country, you can count on Select’s network of experienced contractors to fix problems in your home when they arise.Select Home Warranty covers all U.S. states and the District of Columbia. With full nationwide coverage, you can expect a top-tier network of experienced contractors ready to knock out any issues you have in your home. 

    Best Customer Ratings

    Elite Home Warranty


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    $150 Off + 1 Month Free

    I find Elite Home Warranty’s 4.5– to 5-star appraisals across review sites like Google and Yelp​​ remarkable. This easily beats the home warranty industry’s typical 2– to 3-star reputation. The consistent customer praise highlights Elite’s ability to satisfy users with great service and coverage.

    I also like Elite’s affordable pricing plus 26 add-ons to customize plans — doubling the six to 12 options most competitors have (besides Liberty with 40-plus add-ons) . With contract limits reaching $10,000 per home system and $6,000 per appliance, Elite’s coverage means Minnesota families can tailor protection, balancing financial security and monthly costs.

    A major gap that irks me with Elite Home Warranty is its lack of emergency repair coverage without extra fees — concerning since critical systems often fail overnight or on weekends when prompt help is essential. Elite’s $150 surcharge for true after-hours access seems unacceptable for a home warranty provider. Most providers have off-hours response as a standard inclusion. Things like pipe leaks and furnaces that aren’t heating in Minnesota’s winters require a prompt response.

    I give high marks — a strong 8.6/10 rating — to Elite Home Warranty for industry-best coverage limits of $10,000 protecting home systems and $6,000 securing appliances. These maximums drastically exceed the typical $2,000 to $3,000 competitors like Liberty Home Guard offer. For Minnesota homes with high-end appliances and systems prone to costly repairs, Elite brings invaluable peace of mind.

    Of Elite’s available plans, I recommend the Elite Complete plan spanning both appliances and systems to maximize value. However, a drawback is that Elite lacks strong emergency repair support outside normal weekday business hours. I want responsive assistance addressing unexpected heating loss or pipe leaks anytime, and I’m positive most Minnesota homeowners do, too.

    On the plus side, Elite offers 26 add-ons to customize protection — more than most providers. Still, certain luxury equipment does trigger extra surcharges — an annoyance that increases overall costs. Before enrolling, weigh limitations around urgent repairs and professional-grade appliances carrying extra service fees against Elite’s leading reimbursement potential. For shielding costly systems and appliances, I think Elite is worth it.

    Similar to other home warranty companies, Elite Home Warranty offers appliance-only, systems-only, and combined policies. I recommend the Elite Complete plan with combined coverage for the broadest protection at a minor premium increase. Elite particularly excels with its large coverage caps that are much higher than industry standards. For appliances, it pays up to $6,000 per claim — doubling the regular $3,000 limits of leading competitors like American Home Shield. And for home systems, Elite’s $10,000 coverage cap is even more impressive — more than enough to fully cover the cost of a brand new, high-end furnace for a large home.

    With Minnesota’s extreme weather straining critical systems and appliances, elevated limits bring confidence that your home repairs will be fully reimbursed. During my research, Elite offered a 30-day free trial plus $150 off for calling to enroll — increasing its appeal. Given remarkable coverage caps that blow away all competitors, I rate Elite a perfect 10/10 for its plans. If your house contains multiple professional-grade brands prone to steep repair bills, Elite deserves your consideration.

    PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
    Elite Appliance$48.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial
    Elite Systems$52.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial
    Elite Complete$59.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial

    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Minneapolis, MN. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    Elite Home Warranty offers the below optional add-ons to Minnesota homeowners. As someone who relies on their whole-house generator during power outages, I appreciate the optional protection for it. Since Minnesota experiences frequent power outages from the cold, ensuring your generator is running is essential, especially if you work from home like I do. 

    • Attic exhaust fan: $69.99/year
    • Central vacuum: $49.00/year
    • Effluent pump: $99.99/year
    • Ejector pump: $99.99/year
    • Freestanding freezer: $59.99/year
    • Freestanding ice maker: $59.99/year
    • Freestanding spa equipment: $119.99/year
    • Generator: $99.99/year
    • Geothermal heating and cooling system: $299.99/year
    • Grinder pump: $99.99/year
    • Guest house: $299.99/year
    • HVAC annual maintenance: $299.99/year
    • Jetted/hot tub: $99.99/year
    • Lawn sprinkler system: $99.99/year
    • Lift pump: $99.99/year
    • Limited roof leak repair: $99.99/year
    • Pool & spa equipment: $199.99/year
    • Pool equipment: $149.99/year
    • Premium appliances: $249.99/year
    • Premium benefits: $199.99/year
    • Premium systems: $299.99/year
    • Premium systems plus: $499.99/year
    • Septic system: $129.99/year
    • Service lines: $349.99/year
    • Sump pump: $99.99/year
    • Swamp cooler: $149.99/year
    • Water filtration system: $99.99/year
    • Water softener: $99.99/year
    • Well pump: $99.99/year
    • Wine cooler: $69.99/year

    Elite Home Warranty has industry-standard exclusions to its plans, listed below: 

    • A lack of maintenance
    • Acts of God
    • Commercial appliances
    • Cosmetic damage
    • Natural disaster-related damages
    • Units in a rental property

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    Elite Home Warranty’s base monthly premiums are right around the industry average, ranging from $45 to $60, depending on your selected plan tier. However, in my experience, the phone reps were vague about the costs of add-ons. I also struggled to find clear published add-on rates during online research. I finally found them buried deep in the quote request confirmation page.

    Like competitors, Elite splits coverage between appliances, systems, or combined bundles. Its $100 service call fee is generally equivalent to that of other top providers, too. However, Minnesota families still risk extra charges adding up — things like $150 weekend/after-hours surcharges and $150 per visit premium equipment service fees. This yields my fair rating of 8.7/10.

    Elite Home Warranty’s website really is a struggle. Getting any prices or quotes online proves impossible. You must call in and speak with an Elite customer service representative. This caused me considerable frustration right away and is unlike the approach of other providers that show instant customized rates right away.

    But for enrolled members over time, Elite earns praise in reviews for claims assistance and coverage, boosting my rating up to an average 7.6/10. Once signed up, most people seem happy despite the rocky start. While first impressions disappointed me, thousands of homeowners ultimately feel satisfied by Elite’s protection, according to many online reviews.

    As an emerging industry player, Elite Home Warranty lacks extensive feedback, with under 200 total reviews so far on sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google. However, a strong A+ Better Business Bureau rating offsets my concerns over Elite’s limited review sample size. And available reviews shine positively on Elite’s claims handling, budget-friendly premiums, and outstanding service quality.

    Considering Minnesota’s weather placing frequent strain on household systems, such responsive support brings peace of mind. Most negative reviews focused on organizational hiccups or waiting period confusion — likely tied to misunderstandings about contract terms rather than negligence.

    With few Elite reviews available, I can’t fully judge yet. But a good Better Business Bureau rating alongside shining user praise signals a strong reputation, earning my strong rating of 8.3/10. As more customers share Elite experiences publicly over time, I’ll watch feedback trends closely. For now, Elite stands as a great option for Minnesota families wanting coverage balancing great service with reasonable costs.

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBA+Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing.

    Elite Home Warranty allows 24/7 claims filing online or via phone — meeting the industry standard for always-available assistance. However, Elite doesn’t cover crucial after-hours emergency repairs without extra fees. This leaves Minnesota households vulnerable to urgent issues like AC or appliance failures. I expect true round-the-clock help from industry leaders without exceptions and fees. While acceptable for normal breakdowns, delays addressing emergencies during extreme weather worry me — garnering Elite a lower 6.8/10 rating.

    EHW offers its plans to homeowners in 47 states, including Minnesota, so North Star State homeowners can expect to have trusted local contractors ready to fix their homes’ appliances and systems.Elite Home Warranty is available in 46 U.S. states — all besides California, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington. While it’s not complete nationwide coverage, EHW has a strong network of contractors that you can rely on for expert repairs. 

    Best for Preventative Maintenance

    Cinch Home Services


    Our Rating

    Limited Time:
    2 Months Free On All Plans

    I like that Cinch Home Services’ phenomenal 180-day workmanship guarantee crushes the industry standard 30- to 90-day guarantee. This exceptional six-month protection window demonstrates Cinch’s unmatched commitment to quality service. Another benefit is Cinch’s 24/7 customer support availability and its low monthly premiums starting at just $30.

    I don’t like Cinch’s steep $100 to $150 service charges and $25 contract cancellation penalty starting 30 days after signup. Compared to those of more customer-friendly providers I’ve reviewed, these company-biased terms overshadow positives like CHS’s 180-day workmanship guarantee. Numerous customers also cited claims for seemingly covered repairs being denied and technicians leave before problems were fully addressed. 

    I’m also disappointed that Cinch Home Services only provides five optional add-ons — far below the 10-to-15 average and nowhere near the 40-plus options from leading rivals like Liberty Home Guard. For Minnesota homeowners wanting extensive customization matching their unique systems and appliances, Cinch’s few offerings may disappoint.

    I rate Cinch Home Services an 8.1/10 overall for its positive reputation but just-average protection plans. Operating since the 1980s, Cinch garners my trust through transparency, affordable pricing, and quality service representatives that homeowners can count on. Its crown jewel comes via an unparalleled 180-day workmanship guarantee — showing its strong commitment to proper repairs.

    Like most warranty providers, Cinch offers appliance, system, and complete home plans from $35 to $50 monthly. However, it lacks a robust add-on catalog, providing just six — far below the 10 to 15 average and nowhere near the likes of Liberty Home Guard offering 40-plus. Moreover, available additions run steep at $13 to $22 monthly. So customization isn’t a strength for Cinch — if you want custom, check out Liberty Home Guard and Elite Home Warranty.

    Cinch Home Services provides standard home warranty coverage similar to that of other major providers. It has three core plans for appliances, systems, and a combo that matches most competitors’ offerings.  For a marginal price increase, the Complete Home Plan provides the best protection for Minnesota homeowners. 

    While Cinch delivers solid coverage of the basics, it falls short on customization. With just three main plans and five add-ons, it has fewer choices compared to most providers. Uncommon items like electronics and roof leaks are excluded too, which may disappoint Minnesota homeowners wanting to patch leaks before the spring downpours. I give Cinch a less-than-stellar 6.7/10 rating for its plans and coverage options.

    On the plus side, I like that Cinch’s Complete Home Plan offers broad protection for major appliances and systems at a reasonable price. Monthly premiums range from $30 to $57, depending on your chosen service fee, which is competitive. 

    Cinch covers the key home functionalities at a fair cost with its standard warranty options, but homeowners wanting expansive customization may prefer competitors like Liberty Home Guard and Elite Home Warranty. 

    PlanMonthly CostService Fee*Available Discounts
    Complete Home Plan$44.99 $56.99$100, $125, or $150First month free
    Built-in Systems Plan$35.99 $47.99$100, $125, or $150First month free
    Appliances Plan$30.99 $40.99$100, $125, or $150First month free

    Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Minneapolis, MN. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    Cinch Home Services has the below optional add-ons for Minnesota homeowners. Given the state’s extensive rural area, homeowners may find the septic tank pumping and well pump coverage exceptionally useful. 

    • Pool (heater included): $22
    • Spa (heater included): $22
    • Pool with built-in spa (heater included): $22
    • Septic tank/pumping: $4.58
    • Well pump: $12.50
    • Premier upgrade package (includes permits, code upgrades, removal and disposal costs, and more): $12.50

    Cinch has the below exclusions from its plans. These are all standard in the industry. 

    • Accidents
    • Commercial-grade appliances or systems
    • Coverage below the slab or basement floor of your home
    • Damage caused by abuse, misuse, or neglect
    • Damage caused by lightning strikes, power failure, or power surges
    • Damage caused by remodeling or unauthorized repair
    • Electric devices
    • Failures due to acts of God
    • Flues, venting, chimneys, and exhaust lines
    • Items covered under other insurances, warranties, or guarantees
    • Problems caused by mold or mildew
    • Removal of hazardous materials
    • Routine maintenance
    • Structural or property damage

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    As one of the more affordable home warranty companies, Cinch Home Services offers budget-friendly protection plans starting at just $30.99 per month. This low pricing allows Minnesota homeowners on tight budgets access to coverage typically only available at higher price points from competitors.

    However, Cinch’s service fees between $100–150 when you need a technician for repairs are notably higher than the industry average of $75. Additionally, Cinch charges a $25 cancellation fee if you decide to leave after just 30 days, which seems intended to lock customers into commitments rather than empower choice. Taking affordability, protections, and limitations together, I rate Cinch Home Services an 8.7 out of 10.

    Cinch Home Services earns a decent 7.8 out of 10 rating from me. On the positive side, Cinch stands out by offering an 180-day workmanship guarantee on repairs — three times longer than the typical 60 days. Also, its website provides transparent pricing estimates based on your ZIP code, enabling convenient self-service quotes. These perks showcase a focus on ‌positive customer experience.

    However, after I requested a quote online, Cinch representatives called and emailed me nearly six times in just a couple of days. This high-pressure sales approach came across as aggressive compared to competitors who respect people’s time. Additionally, new Cinch policyholders must wait 30 days before filing their first claim, limiting protections during the initial month.

    With 45 years of industry experience, Cinch Home Services stands as one of the most tenured home warranty providers in the marketplace, behind only American Home Shield. This extensive track record bolsters my trust in ‌its offerings and business practices. Adding to its credibility, Cinch currently holds no concerning lawsuits or violations on its record — I mention this because lawsuits are common in the industry. 

    However, Cinch’s positives fail to translate into sterling customer reviews. Across various sites, including a low 2.5-star rating on Google reviews and a mediocre 3.7 rating on Trustpilot, Cinch doesn’t have the feedback I expected of a tenured provider. Plus, its 3.4 Glassdoor score landed below my expectations, too. Ultimately, Cinch delivers on longevity and legal compliance but falls short of excelling in actual homeowner experiences, earning my 8.3 out of 10 rating. 

    Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
    BBBB+Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing.

    When your water heater fails at midnight or your furnace peters out on the coldest day of a Minnesota winter, Cinch Home Services delivers ‌prompt claims assistance. Its 24/7/365 emergency hotline ensures around-the-clock aid when disaster strikes at the most inconvenient times. Even outside normal business hours, Cinch connects with you in just two hours on average when filing claims.

    However, Cinch’s backend claims support isn’t all good. I found numerous customer reviews reporting denied claims for repairs that they claim should have been covered under their contract. Technicians also occasionally fail to fully fix issues on the first visit — granted Cinch has a 180–day guarantee, it’s still difficult to coordinate repeat repair visits. While these poor reviews likely stem from homeowners not reading the policy fine print, these recurring complaints remain concerning. Ultimately, I give Cinch Home Services a 9.2 out of 10 rating for its claims process.

    Cinch Home Services offers its plans to homeowners in 47 U.S. states — excluding California, Hawaii, and Alaska. With its wide network of contractors, you can expect Cinch to quickly dispatch experienced local technicians to fix your home systems and appliances.

    Calculate the Cost of Minnesota Home Warranty

    Use our tool below to estimate the annual cost of a home warranty in Minnesota. Just enter your monthly premium, the estimated number of service call visits, and the service call fee. The calculator will provide the estimated full yearly cost of a plan for your home.

    Appliance Average Repair Cost Average Replacement Cost
    Dehumidifier $50–$200 $1,300–$2,800
    Microwave $50–$400 $60–$2,000
    Dishwasher $50–$500 $400–$3,000
    Exhaust Fans $16–$300 $250–$950
    Electric Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
    Gas Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
    Dryer $100–$400 $450–$2,300
    Oven $100–$430 $400–$3,000
    Washer $50–$450 $400–$2,300
    Freezer $90–$500 $160–$2,900
    Refrigerator $40–$350 $200–$5,000

    Minnesota Home Warranty Regulations

    Minnesota has robust protections through the state Department of Commerce’s Insurance Division. Special statutes passed by legislators, such as § 59B.01 to 59B.11, require home warranty providers to have ethical business practices and financial responsibility measures in place before offering their services to state residents.

    For example, companies can’t offer plans without obtaining state bonding. This covers costs if a provider goes out of business. Clear contract terms are mandatory also to avoid confusion over what a warranty includes and excludes. Industry associations like the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) also encourage fair home warranty principles regionally by working with state legislators to pass laws.

    Minnesota Home Warranty News

    Minnesota’s Commerce Department recently warned residents of scam home warranty letters from fake companies. These letters falsely claim current warranties are expiring or use made-up ties to mortgage and deed offices. Their goal is to steal personal and payment information, often for criminals abroad. 

    If you’re interested in home warranty coverage, the state advises researching first and asking for referrals. Never hand out financial details without checking a company’s legitimacy. Report any suspected fraud attempts to the U.S. Commerce Department or U.S. Postal Inspection Service. And always stick to the best home warranty providers this guide recommends.

    Our Top Pick
    Best for Customization
    Limited Time:
    $200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage
    Best Coverage Limits
    American Home Shield Logo
    Limited Time:
    $150 off any plan
    Best Value
    select home warranty logo
    Limited Time:
    $150 Off (Code HOUSE25)
    Best Customer Ratings
    Limited Time:
    $150 Off + 1 Month Free

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do You Need a Home Warranty in Minnesota?

    Minnesota’s cold winters and warm summers mean unexpected home repairs hit often and carry big bills. A home warranty helps lower the costs and stress that come with urgent replacement of home features like AC systems, furnaces, and appliances.

    How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost in Minnesota?

    The average cost of a home warranty in Minnesota is $300 to $600 per year. Prices vary based on the plan, provider, and the number of add-ons you choose, as our guide to home warranty costs explains.

    How To Save Money When Shopping for Home Warranties In Minnesota?

    To save money on a Minnesota home warranty, call providers directly and ask for current discounts or wait for seasonal sales during slower months. I got 10% to 20% off or other incentives just by inquiring politely.

    Is a Home Warranty Worth It for Minnesota Homeowners?

    A home warranty is absolutely worth it for Minnesota homeowners because of pricey, recurring repairs brought on by extreme weather. Paying a small monthly fee is better than facing a surprise $5,000 furnace replacement bill. Our article looks closely at the value a home warranty provides.

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