What Is a Pool Warranty and What Does It Cover?

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A pool warranty is a contract designed to protect your pool from expensive repairs. These warranties are generally sold by pool manufacturers and buildings, but they are also offered by home warranty companies. Homeowners who have a pool on their property love the flexibility and privacy that come with owning one. In order to enjoy these benefits, homeowners must maintain their pool and make repairs to it when needed.

In this article, we explain what a pool warranty is, what it covers and whether home warranty companies offer a pool warranty. We recommend considering purchasing extended coverage for your pool from a home warranty company.

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What Is a Pool Warranty?

A pool warranty is a contract provided or sold by pool manufacturers, pool builders or home warranty companies. These warranties are designed to protect your pool from expensive repairs. There are three types of pool warranties that are separate from home warranty coverage:

  • Pool manufacturer warranty: A manufacturer pool warranty covers pools with a vinyl liner and pools with a fiberglass pool shell. For pools with vinyl liners, the warranty covers the parts where the sections of the liner were melded together. These warranties typically last a few years. If your pool has a fiberglass pool shell, there is usually a 25-year structural warranty and an additional warranty for up to 15 years that covers the gel coat surface of the pool.
  • Workmanship warranty: A workmanship pool warranty covers installation-caused errors such as plumbing leaks, leaks in the fittings in the pool and structural movement of the pool. This type of warranty is usually offered by builders and typically lasts for one year. Concrete pools are covered under this type of warranty since they have a builder and no manufacturer. Unfortunately, installation errors are unlikely to show up until at least a few years after installation.
  • Equipment warranty: An equipment warranty is a pool warranty that covers some pool equipment, such as heaters, automatic vacuum cleaners, filters and lights. Equipment warranties usually last for one year.

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Does a Pool Warranty Adequately Protect Your Pool?

The pool warranties mentioned above provide some value, but extended protection is ideal for homeowners with pools. This is especially the case for homeowners without large amounts of savings to protect themselves from unexpected, expensive repairs.

The table below shows you the cost of some common pool repairs or replacements, according to Fixr.com. As you can see, the cost of pool repairs varies widely. Some repairs are relatively cheap, while others cost well over a thousand dollars.

Pool RepairCost
Pool pump replacement$2,100–$3,000
Pool light replacement$155–$215
Small tear or hole in vinyl liner$350–$500
Large tear or hole in vinyl liner$1700–$2,500
Broken seal around the skimmer$100–$125
Swimming pool leak$900
Large tear or hole in vinyl liner$1,700–$2,500
Crack in the pool beam$4,000–$5,000

Does Home Warranty Coverage Come With a Pool Warranty?

Some home warranty companies offer protection for a pool in addition to the helpful coverage they provide for the rest of your home. One notable provider that offers coverage for pools is American Home Shield.

Our research found that a home warranty with additional pool coverage typically costs between $100 and $205 per year. We recommend that homeowners who do not currently have a home warranty consider one. Home warranty owners pay a relatively small monthly payment and a service fee every time they need a repair instead of paying expensive repair bills out of pocket. This can save homeowners considerable amounts of money and stress.

In 2019, over two billion dollars were spent on home warranties in the U.S. alone. Homeowners frequently report that their home warranty gives them peace of mind and financial stability when their expensive appliances or systems need repair or replacement.

Which Home Warranty Companies Offer Pool Coverage?

Our research team examined every major home warranty company in the industry using data on their coverage levels, cost, quotes and claims processes, customer service, and more. To do this, we received real price quotes and talked to representatives from each company.

The two home warranty providers discussed below offer pool coverage as optional add-ons and also have some of the best home warranty plans in the industry. We recommend getting a free quote from both of them so that you can compare their offers against each other.

#1 American Home Shield

AHS covers the following parts of a pool as an optional add-on for all three of its plans:

  • Pool sweep motor and pump
  • Pump motor
  • Blower motor and timer
  • Plumbing pipes and wiring
  • Plumbing and electrical

We recommend AHS for a pool warranty and home warranty for the following reasons: 

  1. 24/7 Claims and Customer Service: AHS operates a 24/7 customer service line and responds to claims within 24 hours 98% of the time, which is much quicker than many other home warranty companies.
  2. Large network of contractors: AHS has a nationwide network of over 16,000 independent, screened professional contractors. This helps them deliver quick, professional service to your home.
  3. First and most popular home warranty business: The first home warranty company in the market, almost one out of every two home warranty customers buys an AHS policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pool warranty cover?

There are different types of pool warranties. An equipment warranty covers your pool’s equipment, while a workmanship warranty protects your pool from installation-caused errors such as plumbing leaks, leaks in the fittings in the pool and structural movement of the pool. A manufacturer pool warranty covers pools with a vinyl liner and pools with a fiberglass pool shell.

Are pools covered under a home warranty?

Some pools are covered under a home warranty. American Home Shield offers pool coverage as an optional add-on for their plans.

Does American Home Shield cover pool leaks?

American Home Shield covers a number of components in your pool, including its pool sweep motor and pump, pump motor, blower motor and timer, plumbing pipes and wiring, and plumbing and electrical systems. If any of these components are causing your leak, then American Home Shield will fix it.


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