Expert Advice on Improving Your Home
Rock fireplace with dark mortar in living room

Changing the Mortar Color on the Fireplace

Changing the color of the mortar on your fireplace can give the whole room a new feel. Mortar is the "grout" in your...
Chimney-style range hood in a modern California kitchen

How to Install a Chimney-Style Range Hood

Installing a chimney-style range hood can add style to any kitchen.
Fireplace with limewash

How to Transform a Brick Fireplace with Limewash

Applying a limewash is a quick, easy way to update a fireplace. Here's how to do it!

How to Repair Mortar in a Brick Wall or Chimney

Brick homes and chimneys are durable and built to last thanks to mortar joints that take the brunt of damage caused by wall movement, foundation settlement and exposure to elements. A buffer between the bricks,...

10 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Safe

Light a fire for warmth and ambiance, but follow these tips to stay safe.

ASK DANNY: Should I Whitewash My Fireplace?

Don't white-wash a brick fireplace on a whim — because the results are irreversible.

Create a Backyard Paradise with an Outdoor Fireplace

Adding a Pavestone fireplace to your backyard paradise not only makes a statement, but it also makes your outdoor living space usable nearly year-round.

Eco Log Burning

I recently heard someone say they were saving trees by rolling up their old newspapers to burn in the fireplace. The problem with that plan is that the only way newspaper can burn effectively...
Danny Lipford applies mortar to the chimney crown.

How to Install a Chimney Cap

Installing a chimney cap can help to prevent mold, mildew and moisture from damaging your home, while the mesh cage reduces fire hazards and keeps birds, squirrels and other animals out of the chimney.