Select Home Warranty Review (Costs, Coverage, & Ratings in 2023)

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Established in 2012, Select Home Warranty (SHW) is among the best home warranty companies, offering excellent coverage. With its 90-day workmanship guarantee, high coverage caps for your HVAC system, and low monthly premiums, Select Home Warranty offers the best value for home warranty coverage.

To find out if Select Home Warranty is the right home warranty company for your home’s needs, continue reading our in-depth Select Home Warranty review.

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Our Review of Select Home Warranty

Total Score: 84.5 / 100 points

From its inclusive plans to its smooth claims process, Select Home Warranty excels in every category our experts evaluate. Because it combined solid reputation, excellent availability, affordability and more, SHW received 84.5 out of 100 points, earning this warranty company 4.3 out of 5.0 stars.

select home warranty review scoring

Plans and Coverage of Select Home Warranty

Score: 20 / 24 points


Select Home Warranty offers homeowners three plans to choose from. These three plans — Gold Care, Bronze Care, and Platinum Care — cover your home appliances, systems, or both, making it easy for homeowners to choose exactly the coverage they need.

Not only are these plans affordable, but Select’s additional benefits are also affordable. For less than $10 per month, you can include coverage for your swimming pool, freezer, sprinkler system, and more. Plus, Select offers free roof leak coverage for any of its warranty plans.


Select Home Warranty has limited options for add-ons, so it may not offer coverage for all your household appliances. Unlike some warranty companies that offer robust coverage for each plan, Select’s plans offer basic coverage for your most essential home appliances and systems.

Affordability of Select Home Warranty

Score: 22.5 / 22.5 points


Select Home Warranty is one of the few home warranty companies to receive full marks in this category. Each of Select Home Warranties’ three warranty plans costs less than the national average of $50 per month.

In addition, each of these plans has great coverage and competitive coverage amounts for your HVAC systems. Select Home Warranty also has a low $85 service call fee, so any time you need to make a claim, it won’t break the bank.


The only drawback to Select Home Warranty’s affordability is the plumbing, electrical, and appliance coverage cap. While you will receive $3,000 coverage for your air conditioning and heating, you will only receive up to $500 in coverage for each of the remaining systems and appliances in your home.

Customer Experience of Select Home Warranty

Score: 15 / 18.5 points


Select Home Warranty offers a 90-day service guarantee, meaning if an SHW-covered repair fails, the company will send a service technician to fix the problem. Select Home Warranty customers have repeatedly raved about the friendly service and knowledgeable technicians, and many report quality warranty service.


Sometimes, Select Home Warranty customers can experience long wait times and be on hold for more than 30 minutes when they call the SHW call center. Select has a standard 30-day waiting period before you can start to make claims on your warranty.

Select Home Warranty is a great warranty provider for new homeowners and home sellers

Company Reputation of Select Home Warranty

Score: 12.5 / 17.5 points


Select Home Warranty, based in Mahwah, New Jersey, enjoys a solid overall reputation as a company. It has more than 10 years of experience in the home warranty industry and a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Select Home Warranty has a mediocre BBB rating and is not accredited by the BBB. There have been 5,233 complaints filed against the company, but only three have yet to be resolved.

Claims Process of Select Home Warranty

Score: 9.5 / 12.5 points


Select Home Warranty is available 24/7 and will send a service technician to you within 24 to 48 hours after you report a claim. If you need emergency service for a home system or appliance, Select representatives will do their best to send someone to your home as soon as possible.


Similar to other home warranty providers, it can sometimes take longer than 48 hours to receive service if you file a claim over the weekend. While some warranty companies have faster response times, SHW’s 48-hour response time is standard across the industry.

Availability of Select Home Warranty

Score: 5 / 5 points


Select Home Warranty has excellent availability in the United States. It provides warranty coverage for 47 states in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, which other home warranty companies do not typically cover.


Select Home Warranty does not offer coverage in Nevada, Washington, or Wisconsin. Therefore, if you live in one of these states, you cannot purchase a home warranty plan from Select.

Select Home Warranty Plans and Coverage Options

Select Home Warranty offers three home warranty options that cover your home appliances, home systems, or a combination of both. These plans are all below the national average cost of $50 per month for the first year.

PlanCost Per Month
Gold Care$44.42+/month
Bronze Care$44.42+/month
Platinum Care$47.75+/month
Quote data gathered from a Burnsville, Minnesota, ZIP code in January 2023. Cost data for a one-year warranty may vary depending on your location.

Gold Care Plan (starting at $44.42 per month): This appliance plan covers your cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, built-in microwave, refrigerator, stove/oven, clothes washer, and clothes dryer.

Bronze Care Plan (starting at $44.42 per month): As a systems plan, this home warranty covers air conditioning/cooling, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, plumbing system, and water heater.

Platinum Care Plan (starting at 47.75 per month): This plan includes everything from the Gold Care and Bronze Care plans. It includes air conditioning/cooling, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, plumbing system, water heater, cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, built-in microwave, refrigerator, stove/oven, clothes washer, clothes dryer, garage door openers, and plumbing stoppages.

Home System or ApplianceGold CareBronze CareBronze Care
Electrical Systems   
Built-in exhaust, vent, and attic fan 
Ceiling fan 
Doorbell and chimes 
Garage door opener 
Interior electrical lines 
Main breaker and fuse panel box 
Heating and Cooling   
Air conditioner 
Heating unit 
Kitchen Appliances   
Built-in microwave oven 
Garbage disposal 
Laundry Appliances   
Plumbing Systems & Accessories   
Faucets and valves 
Interior plumbing lines 
Water heater 
Roof leak repair

What Optional Add-ons Does Select Home Warranty Offer?

Select Home Warranty is one of the few providers offering free roof leak coverage with any warranty. If you want additional coverage for home appliances not included in the base warranty plan, SHW has several add-ons. The monthly prices for these are more affordable than most warranty companies.

Add-onCost Per Month
Additional spa$5.83/month
Central vacuum$3.33/month
Lawn sprinkler system$5.83/month
Pool equipment$8.33/month
Septic system pump$5.83/month
Spa equipment$5.83/month
Stand-alone freezer$3.33/month
Sump pump$3.33/month
Well pump$3.33/month
Quote data gathered from a Burnsville, Minnesota, ZIP code in January 2023. Cost data for a one-year warranty may vary depending on your location.

Does Select Home Warranty Have Any Exclusions?

Select has great home warranty coverage, but it does have some limitations and exclusions to its home warranty plans. Items that are not included in Select’s home warranty service include:

  • Damage due to acts of nature
  • Damage due to pets or pests
  • Failure to properly clean or maintain home systems or appliances
  • Foundation or structural damage
  • Improper installation, improper wiring, or damage caused by construction activity
  • Manufacturer’s defect
  • Misuse or human error
  • Neglect, rust, corrosion, or sediment
  • Removal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead, or other toxic materials

With Select Home Warranty’s money-back guarantee, you have 30 days to cancel your plan and receive a full refund.

Does Select Home Warranty Have Any Coverage Limits?

Select Home Warranty has a specific coverage limit for each item in your coverage plan. With SHW, you will get the highest coverage for your HVAC systems and up to $500 for other covered items:

  • $3,000 for air conditioning
  • $3,000 for heating systems
  • $500 for electrical systems (non-heating and cooling)
  • $500 for plumbing systems
  • $400 for add-ons
  • $250 for freon

Select Home Warranty Customer Reviews

Overall, Select Home Warranty scores well on customer experience. SHW has friendly and knowledgeable representatives, quick response times, and a simple claims process that makes repairing your home system or appliance a breeze.

Positive Reviews of Select Home Warranty

Many positive customer reviews rave about the friendliness of SHW employees and the competent technicians. Even more reviews praise the fast response times and high quality of service.

Just with my first service call, I am pleased with the response time, quick appt window, and the contractor that responded. They came out to the home and were very knowledgeable. SHW even followed up on how everything went. That’s what you expect from a home warranty company. Thanks again.

—NATASHA H., 09/09/2021

I was extremely impressed with the speed of getting an air conditioning professional out to diagnose our problem. Considering the fact that yesterday was a holiday (labor day), the technician was at my house before lunch today, the seventh of September. He diagnosed the problem, and did his due diligence. This is my very first experience with SHW. I’m glad we joined them.

—STEVEN S., 09/07/2021
Select Home Warranty's Gold Care plan will provide warranty coverage for your home appliances

Negative Reviews of Select Home Warranty

Some negative comments about Select Home Warranty mention multiple home visits by service technicians and long wait times for callbacks. Customers sometimes had difficulty getting their home appliances repaired because they had to order replacement parts.

This company isn’t worth paying…customer service doesn’t help when you call them and you can’t speak to a supervisor when you ask. I’ve been waiting for them to order a part for my washing machine since the 28th of Nov and they still can’t give me a tracking number because the truth is they haven’t ordered the part yet. This is not the first time I’m unsatisfied with this company.

—DANA C., 12/07/2022

Filed a claim 3 times to get my oven fixed, and they kept saying they are working to get me a technician but it never happened, they also said I could get my own technician and they would reimburse me, but that defeats the purpose of the home warranty, I’m paying you to get a technician to fix my appliances. Called to cancel the warranty and was charged a $75 cancellation fee even though I was a dissatisfied customer. Terrible home warranty company, stay away.

—MICHAEL S., 12/03/2022

Select Home Warranty Vs. Other Home Warranty Companies

Select Home Warranty tends to have higher monthly premiums than other home warranty companies, but it also has the lowest service call fee. Many top home warranty companies, including Select, have at least 10 years of experience.

ProviderSuperlativeMonthly CostService FeeBBB RatingYears in Business
Select Home WarrantyBest Value$60.42–$63.75+$60– $75B-10
Liberty Home GuardBest for Customization$49.99–$69.99+$65–$125A –5
American Home ShieldBest Coverage Caps$49.99–$99.99+$75–$125B51
Choice Home WarrantyBest Claim Acceptance Rate$46.83–$54.75$85D+13
AFC Home ClubBest Additional Benefits$30–$50+$75–$125B13
2-10 Home WarrantyBest Workmanship Guarantee$17–$60+$65–$100B+39
BBB ratings are updated continuously. BBB ratings are accurate as of February 2023.

How to File a Claim With Select Home Warranty

Select’s claims process is as simple as making a phone call. To file a service request with Select Home Warranty, you should follow the steps below, and a service technician will be at your door in as little as 12 to 24 hours.

  1. Notice that something is wrong with your home appliance or system.
  2. Call SHW’s call center or go online to file warranty claims.
  3. Select will verify your service request.
  4. Select dispatches a service provider to your home.
  5. The service technician assesses and diagnoses the home system or appliance.
  6. The service technician repairs or replaces the home system or appliance.
  7. Pay the service call fee.
  8. Your home system or appliance runs as it should.

You will qualify for cost reimbursement if you receive pre-approved service to repair or replace your appliance or home system.

FAQ: Select Home Warranty

What is the warranty period for Select Home Warranty?

Select Home Warranty has a 30-day waiting period, which means you must wait at least 30 days from the day you purchased your warranty plan to make a claim. After the waiting period is over, you can begin making service requests.

Is Select Home Warranty a good home warranty?

Select Home Warranty offers competitive monthly premiums, low service call fees, and great coverage for all your home systems and appliances. Overall, it is a good home warranty company and will provide peace of mind because you will not have to pay out of pocket for your home systems and appliances.

What are the cons of a home warranty from Select Home Warranty?

Select Home Warranty has lower coverage caps than other home warranty providers. Some customers have reported paying multiple service call fees if there is more than one problem with a home system or appliance.

Methodology: How We Rank Home Warranty Companies

At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our home warranty company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — whether you’re looking for low-cost coverage, a hassle-free repair process, 24/7 assistance, or all of the above.

Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with real estate professionals and repair contractors.

A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across six categories converted to a five-star scale. We researched more than 60 home warranty providers to develop the following formula:

methodology for how we reviewed select home warranty
  • Plans and Coverage (24 points): A home warranty provider can earn the maximum point value in this category if it offers multiple robust plans that cover all basic systems and appliances and optional add-on coverage. We give bonus points to companies that cover uncommon items, such as electronics and roof leaks.
  • Affordability (22.5 points): When evaluating costs, we not only consider monthly plan prices, but we also take into account the cost of add-on coverage, service fees, and whether companies offer free cancellation periods or money-back guarantees. If a provider allows potential customers to view sample contracts before getting a quote, that transparency earns more points in this category.
  • Customer Experience (18.5 points): A home warranty company must give its customers ample support when they experience issues. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews and conducting homeowner surveys. We also go through the quotes process with each company and take meticulous notes about the friendliness of salespeople, how detailed each quote is, and how often the provider contacts us after giving a quote.
  • Company Reputation (17.5 points): In this category, we look at a combination of customer reviews and reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider the years of company experience, how satisfied its employees are, and whether it has been hit with any consumer rights violations or lawsuits.
  • Claims Process (12.5 points): We score providers highly when they offer short response times, multiple ways to file claims, and around-the-clock availability. Companies can earn bonus points if they have a good reputation for quick and easy claims processing.
  • Availability (5 points): Providers that serve more areas can have experience dealing with a wider range of homeowner headaches. A company earns the maximum points in this category if it offers services in most U.S. states.

We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.


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