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Outdoor planters with beautiful flowers in them

How to Spruce Up a Summer Garden with Tropical Plants

Consider adding these tropical plants to your garden. They add a cool, inviting touch, and tolerate heat and humidity. Learn more from Chelsea Lipford Wolf.
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford tests a retractable screen door from Wizard Screens

Advantages of Retractable Screens for Covered Decks and Porches

It's nice to lounge on a porch or covered patio — until mosquitoes ruin the day. Here's a solution to keep those pests away.
Backyard Smart graphic

Backyard Smart: How To Repair Lawn Bare Spots

Even if you have lush, green grass, you’re going to have to learn how to repair bare spots in your lawn. Follow the steps in this Backyard Smart video.

Rain Chain: A Stylish Alternative to Downspouts

Moving water from gutters to the ground is a necessary chore. Rain chains are the perfect blend of form and function because they do it with style.
Lush green lawn

Grass 101: What Grass Type is Best for Your Yard

A lush, beautiful lawn is possible practically anywhere you live. You just need to select the right type...

Lawn Care Tips — How to Mow Like a Pro

The difference between spending time cutting grass and enjoying backyard life comes down to having the right mower.Exmark mowers deliver a perfect cut in...

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