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    Angled Attic Walls

    Alan’s home in Iowa was built in the 1890’s. On the second floor the angled roof rafters act as walls for the rooms. He wants to know if there’s a way to insulate those angled walls from the inside by adding some material to the walls.

    The only real solution to this situation is to insulate behind the plaster walls. Insulation can be blown into that cavity from the attic space above or you can cut small holes in the plaster from the inside of the room and blow in the insulation there.

    Winter Snow Craftman Cape Cod Style Home

    Winter Weather Home Checklist

    It’s important to get your home ready for the chilly weather ahead. In order to help you do that well we’ve created a checklist of chores to tackle before the winter weather sets in. Click Here To Download Checklist Now!

    These are simple tasks like changing the filter for your heating system or cleaning your baseboard heaters. By setting a specific time to address these issues you enable yourself to make sure they get addressed at least once every year. 

    Hour 2

    Concrete Connections

    Drew from Massachusetts has a fairly common problem which is that the curtain rod brackets around one of his windows are starting to pull out of the concrete wall. He wants to know how he can re-attach them with more success and if so, how?

    There are two possible solutions. The first is installing a lead anchor in the concrete to attach the bracket to. This requires a larger hole in the concrete so the second solution may be easier. That is using a concrete screw, sometimes called a Tapcon, to screw directly into the concrete to secure the bracket. 

    Ornamental Tree Options

    This is the ideal time of year to plant ornamental trees because the ground is still warm and the trees can get acclimated without any stress from heat. So we are checking in with our friends at The Home Depot to see which ones are best to consider.

    The crabapple tree* is a great option because it has beautiful blooms in the spring but also great color in the fall. It’s also small enough at maturity that it won’t hide your house if you plant it in front.

    The Leland Cypress Tree* is another great option because it’s an evergreen and it grows so quickly, up to three feet per year. These trees are perfect to create a privacy screen between your property and your neighbor’s.

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    Simple Solutions

    Tomato Cage Holiday Tree—Make decorative Christmas tree decoration by wrapping a tomato cage with garland (real or fake) and lights. Add ornaments and bows for use indoors or out. Use wire cutters to snip three cages to different heights.

    Homemade Furniture Polish—Make an affordable, nontoxic furniture polish by mixing 1 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, and 1/8 cup of lemon juice. Pour the solution into a plant mister and spray it onto wood surfaces.

    Rub in circles with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust, dirt, and grime. Then, use a second cloth to polish the surface in straight lines parallel with the direction of the wood grain. Remove small scratches by simply rubbing the surface with a piece of walnut.

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