It’s one thing to take care of your lawn for you and your family; it’s another to make sure it is safe for your four-legged friends. As a dog owner, your number one priority needs to ensure that your dogs are safe while spending time on your lawn. Since dogs tend to play, sleep and relax on the lawn, it’s so important to consider how your lawn care service is impacting their health. We have put together some options for the best pet-friendly lawn care out there.

The Today’s Homeowner Reviews team reviewed and rated all of the top pet-friendly lawn care services on the market. TruGreen is our top recommended lawn care service due to its variety of plan options, superb reputation and customer reviews, Healthy Lawn Guarantee, and pet-safe products! TruGreen advises family and furry friends to wait 1-2 hours before resuming activities on treated lawns. If you are worried about your lawn maintenance and its impact on your dogs, keep on reading!

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Top 3 Best Lawn Care Services Safe For Dogs

Homeowners have many options when it comes to lawn care services for dogs, but we have narrowed this to the top three on the market.

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TruGreen is a nationwide lawn care maintenance company servicing millions of homes. With the number of customers and the time in the business, you can imagine that TruGreen has had some experience dealing with landscaping and taking care of animals and children.

Although TruGreen does not use completely organic fertilizer and insect control, they have worked with the EPA to develop products that are effective at giving customers a green lawn while still being as safe as possible.

TruGreen does not spray pre-emergent, weed killer, or fertilizer each time they come to your property. They only do these things on a set schedule, and they let you know ahead of time so you can prepare by bringing your pets inside. After about one to two hours, when the process is finished, and the chemicals are dry, it is safe to let your dogs run on the lawn again.

Offers everything you need to manage your lawn properly and mosquito control
Very consistent with schedule, so you know when to bring dogs in and out
Pesticides and fertilization are as safe as possible while still being effective
Fair priced and simple packages to choose from
Automatic renewal of subscription sometimes includes an increase in the price
Best Customizable Plans

Sunday Lawn Care


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If you are still nervous about letting a company come out and spray or treat your lawn, we certainly understand. Dogs are a member of the family, and taking care of them is essential. Sometimes the best way to avoid trouble with some of these fertilization and insect control options is to handle them yourself.

With Sunday Lawn Care, you will handle all of your lawn maintenance with advice and expertise from Sunday. They will send you a package with everything necessary to treat your lawn. You send in a soil sample, and they ship you what you need to have a green and luscious lawn.

The best part? All of the products are natural. You won’t have to worry about anything you put on your lawn when using Sunday Lawn Care. For a chemical-free lawn that still looks great, this is the company to choose.

Great pricing compared to full-service lawn care
Easy to work with
All-natural ingredients to help your dogs stay safe
Safe products shipped on time curated exactly for your property
You will still be the one that needs to do the lawn maintenance
You will need a local lawn care company for landscape design, mulching, tree care, and other services if you don’t want to do them yourself
Best For Weed Maintenance

Weed Man


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Weed Man is well known for its ability to keep weeds from growing on your lawn. In the past, weed control was always considered something that was dangerous or bad for animals. Luckily Weed Man has found ways to use eco-friendly and safe solutions to properly take care of your lawn. Whether you need fertilizing, weed control, or pest control, they have solutions that work for you.

What we love about Weed Man is that you can work with them to put together a package that works for your needs and your budget. If you want them just to mow your grass, you can do that. If you want a full-service option with fertilization, tick control, herbicide treatment, and more, Weed Man will work with you.

Have been around for more than 50 years
Safe and eco-friendly options to keep your dogs healthy
Do a great job of keeping the lawn green and weed-free
You will likely need another lawn care company to fill in some of the service gaps

Conclusion – Are Lawn Care Services for Dogs Worth It?

As we mentioned, some of the organic methods for taking care of a lawn will be a bit more costly than chemical-based solutions. In the end, knowing that your dogs are safe is worth the price that you might have to pay.

Homeowners all over the country struggle with keeping their lawns looking great while making sure their animals are safe. You can rest assured that there are very reliable and dependable lawn care services for dogs. You can find a solution that works for every member of your family.

Be diligent about what is being sprayed and when keep an open line of communication between you and your lawn care company and always understand what it is that is being sprayed or dispersed on your property. If you do these things and choose one of the best lawn care services for dogs from our list, you will be quite satisfied with the results you get.

Considerations for a Lawn Care Service for Dogs

When it comes to mowing and trimming, most lawn care programs will be just fine for your dogs. It’s important to choose a responsible company that won’t leave the gate open, but aside from that, things like shrub care, trimming, mowing, and even tree trimming are not harmful to animals.

The issue comes when you start looking at things like weed control, pest control, lawn fertilizer, and herbicides. Although you want to have a beautiful lawn, these are some of the things that can be harmful to your dog. It is essential to come up with a care plan for your property that includes organic lawn care. In addition to keeping your dog safe,  you will stay healthier as well.

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Lawn Safety Tips for Pets

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your lawn safe for all of your furry friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lawn Care Products Safe for Dogs?

Many lawn care products are not safe for dogs, children, and adults. Lawn care companies have become very good at tackling issues that come up in our yards; however, some of the time, the treatment is worse than the issue.

The most important thing you can do is talk to your lawn care company about what they are using to fertilize and treat your lawn. Tell them your concerns about your dogs and ask them what they have done with other homes that have dogs. In addition, it may make sense to contact your vet and see if they have suggestions.

Can Homeowners Have a Healthy Lawn That Is Also Pet Friendly?

It is possible to have a pet-friendly and healthy lawn. There are natural products out there that can do just as good of a job keeping your grass looking great. Sometimes natural products require more frequent application, and they can also be more expensive. This is something to keep in mind but should not be a deterrent when keeping your dog safe.

What To Look For in Pet Safe Lawn Care?

As we have mentioned, most of the mowing, trimming, weed eating, and blowing that a lawn maintenance care company does will not negatively impact your dog. However, the chemicals can end up causing some damage. If you choose to have your lawn treated in any way, you must make sure that the landscape company knows you have pets.

When you sign up for your contract, you should be asking about the chemicals that are used to ensure they are safe for your needs and the needs of your animals. Lawn care companies that have a pesticide license are going to easily be able to explain any potential impacts of what they are spraying.

Finding a lawn care company like Weed Man that has lots of organic solutions for your dogs is a great way to make sure this process is safe for your dog.

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