In South Carolina, home warranties sometimes let people down. You hear stories about denied claims, confusing contracts, and aggressive sales tactics. With the hot climate causing more wear and tear on critical home systems and appliances, breakdowns are more common, and ‌repairs can be expensive. So many Palmetto State residents view these companies skeptically.

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I extensively researched the top home warranty companies for South Carolinians. I compared real pricing, analyzed fine-print exclusions, and reviewed customer ratings. I used Today’s Homeowner’s rating criteria to grade all providers on coverage, value, customization options, customer service, reputation, and availability to fairly compare them. My strict analysis means these recommended companies can capably handle common system and appliance problems. This includes AC failures in hot summers and water heater issues leaving you with cold showers.

When reviewing providers, focus on what they exclude and include. Make sure your plan covers all home systems and appliances needing protection. This can be through standard or add-on options. Being informed reduces surprise gaps or claim denials later. 

Home warranties still bring value to South Carolina despite some bad players in the field. The right coverage tailored to your home can save you money when costly breakdowns eventually strike. The best home warranty companies in South Carolina I’ve identified here offer the best coverage, rates, and unique perks to help keep your home up and running.

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Here’s how we ranked and reviewed the nation’s top home warranty companies to bring you the most accurate information.


Our team of experts reviewed over 70 home warranty providers to compare plan options, coverage limits, prices, and customer feedback.


We collected over 100 sample quotes from dozens of home warranty companies to give you an accurate look at industry pricing.


Our rating system scores providers based on 6 key factors: coverage options, affordability, customer experience, reputation, claims processes, and availability.

Read our full Home Warranty Review Methodology for more details.

Top 5 South Carolina Home Warranty Companies

  • Liberty Home Guard (LHG) stands out for its plan customizability and unique benefits like pest control — with South Carolina’s large number of pesky and sometimes stinging insect species, this benefit provides additional reassurance. And while LHG is a newer company, positive customer feedback and ratings show this responsive provider can handle claims.
  • If quick fixes are most important to you, American Home Shield (AHS) responds to most claims within a day. Given the weather homeowners face here, fast claims handling is vital to keeping your home at comfortable temperatures and quickly fixing AC unit breakdowns. AHS also covers unknown preexisting conditions, which is priceless with older homes.
  • I also suggest looking into AFC Home Warranty, which has adjustable tiered plans and flexible service fees. AFC provides discounts on home security, medical care, credit monitoring, insurance, and more — creative perks not offered by any other provider. With customization around your home’s specific needs and lifestyle savings, AFC empowers homeowners like few can.

My Expert Recommendation

Of all the home warranty providers I researched, Liberty Home Guard stood out as the top option for South Carolina property owners needing customizable coverage. LHG allows custom fine-tuning to match any type of home through its 40-plus add-ons — like the unique pest control and carpet cleaning options. And with sudden and expensive system and appliance failures always possible, LHG’s generous coverage maximums and 24/7 emergency repairs provide confidence for residents worrying over pricey breakdowns. Its comprehensive protection plans give peace of mind against unexpected costs straining homeowners’ budgets.

For South Carolina houses featuring luxury brands or high-end appliances, I suggest American Home Shield (AHS) for its trusted reputation and higher coverage caps. As an established, Better Business Bureau-accredited leader in the home warranty space, AHS offers extensive, positive industry experience. Its coverage limits reach up to $4,000 for most appliances and $5,000 for HVAC systems — enough for most higher-end equipment. Of course, exclusions apply with any provider, so homeowners should review AHS’s terms as they would any home warranty provider. But between customization potential from LHG and higher coverage caps from AHS, South Carolina residents can more easily safeguard their essential home systems and appliances. 

Today’s Homeowner Tips
Of all the home warranty providers I researched, Liberty Home Guard stood out as the top option for South Carolina property owners needing customizable coverage. For South Carolina houses featuring luxury brands or high-end appliances, I suggest American Home Shield (AHS) for its trusted reputation and higher coverage caps.

South Carolina Home Warranty Companies I Didn’t Include

I didn’t include Choice Home Warranty on my list due to an open consumer fraud lawsuit filed against it by the Arizona Attorney General. While the case remains unsettled, I can’t comfortably recommend Choice to South Carolinians until the lawsuit concludes and I can review the findings.

I also excluded Old Republic Home Protection — though not for overtly negative reasons. Old Republic offers quality plans, great add-ons, positive online reviews, and maintains an A+ BBB rating. However, the top five providers I recommend on this list still edged out Old Republic through superior coverage options, pricing, or customer service reputations. Homeowners searching for a warranty can still consider Old Republic, but my top picks represent the best of the best currently serving South Carolina.

Compare The Highest-Rated Home Warranties In South Carolina

CompanyRatingMonthly CostService FeeResponse TimeBBB RatingLink



12-48 hrs.


American Home Shield Logo



24-72 hrs





48 hours


choice home warranty logo



24-48 hrs.


select home warranty logo



24-48 hrs.


AFC Home Warranty logo



48 hours


first american logo



48 hours





2–24 hrs





2–24 hrs



Quote and cost data gathered January 2024. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

Our Reviews of the Best South Carolina Home Warranties

Best for Customization

Liberty Home Guard


Our Rating

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$200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage

I like Liberty Home Guard’s 40-plus coverage add-ons. Liberty allows bespoke fine-tuning to match the requirements of any South Carolina home. You can safeguard unique home systems like central vacuums, casita units, and more — flexibility other companies simply don’t offer.

I also like Liberty for its sterling customer service reputation and policy perks. Its 4.7-star Google and Trustpilot ratings for quality service exceed the typical 2–3 stars among competitors. You additionally get 60-day workmanship guarantees — longer than the industry’s 30-day standard. 

Liberty Home Guard, while strong in customization options, lags in coverage maximums — topping out at just $2,000 for home appliances. That limit falls 2–3 times lower than competitors like Elite Home Warranty, which provides up to $6,000 in protection. Additionally, Liberty’s numerous add-ons come at steeper premiums, averaging $15 per month and dwarfing Elite’s $6 rider fees.

As a newer company founded in 2017, Liberty also shows some inexperience next to long standing providers like American Home Shield. And once homeowners sign up, some report aggressive sales calls pushing upgrades along with cancellation penalties. Liberty also excludes preexisting conditions and carries non-negotiable service charges.

With South Carolina’s hot and humid weather and lots of rainfall, homeowners need robust protection from unexpected breakdowns. I strongly recommend considering Liberty Home Guard with its affordable, customizable plans that start around $50 monthly. Liberty particularly shines through unique coverage add-ons — with options addressing specialized needs like pest control, pools, and carpet cleaning rarely offered by competitors. This flexibility provides peace of mind around securing all your home systems.

I’m impressed by Liberty’s sterling 4.7-star customer service ratings on Google and Trustpilot as well. My research shows its fast claims handling and 60-day workmanship guarantee double the 30-day industry norm. Really the only drawback is Liberty’s capped coverage limits of $2,000, which may not be enough to fully cover ‌repairs to luxury or high-end appliances. However, for most Palmetto State homes without ultra-high-end systems, these lower caps sufficiently cover standard equipment.

So, if you value customization, multiple add-ons, affordable premiums of around $50 monthly, and great customer service, strongly consider Liberty Home Guard. It earns my high 9.3/10 rating and is a superb choice. Liberty empowers South Carolina homeowners to tailor robust protection against unexpected breakdowns and costly bills.

Liberty Home Guard has the best coverage customizability — 40-plus add-ons like generators, limited roof leak protection, electronics coverage, and more available with its appliance, system, or combined plans. For South Carolina homes with expensive HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, washer/dryers, and more, this flexibility delivers peace of mind.

I’d choose the combined Total Home Guard plan for comprehensive protection on both appliances and systems since it costs just $10 more per month than the base plan. Pricing is also impressive, starting at an affordable $50 monthly, equaling national averages. The Systems Guard and Total Home Guard plans ‌start at $55 and $60 monthly.

A unique aspect of Liberty’s plans is its 60-day workmanship guarantee, which is double the industry’s 30-day standard, giving you extra protection should contractors disappoint. I give Liberty top marks of 10/10 for its unmatched coverage and plan options fine-tuned to South Carolina homes. If you get a quote online, Liberty is currently offering a few discounts. For example, when I got a quote, LHG offered me two months free with an annual prepayment and a $225 coupon. 

PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
Appliance Guard$49.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon
Systems Guard$54.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon
Total Home Guard$59.99$65 $1252 months free, $225 off coupon

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Charleston, SC. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Liberty Home Guard has the most impressive list of optional add-ons of any provider on this list. For South Carolina homes, you can add on generator coverage to make sure you can stay online during the state’s power outages. Or, if you’re a busybody like me and don’t have time for all the routine home maintenance tasks you should be doing, you can add on carpet cleaning and window washing for affordable rates. With a list as extensive as this one, you can cover virtually any home system and appliance you need.  

  • Carpet cleaning: $19.99/month
  • Casita guest unit: $35.99/month
  • Central vacuum: $8.99/month
  • Ejector pump: $14.99/month
  • Electronics protection: $19.99/month
  • Freestanding ice maker: $14.99/month
  • Generator: $19.99/month
  • Grinder pump: $14.99/month
  • Gutter cleaning: $14.99/month
  • Ice maker (in-fridge): $3.99/month
  • Instant hot water dispenser: $9.99/month
  • Lawn sprinkler system: $9.99/month
  • Lighting fixtures: $7.99/month
  • Limited roof leak: $11.99/month
  • Pest control: $14.99/month
  • Plumbing fixtures: $7.99/month
  • Pool and spa: $19.99/month
    • Additional spa: $9.99/month
  • Power washing (exterior flooring): $19.99/month
  • Pro-series clothes dryer: $4.99/month
  • Pro-series dishwasher: $7.99/month
  • Pro-series microwave: $4.99/month
  • Pro-series range/oven/cooktop: $12.99/month
  • Pro-series refrigerator: $14.99/month
  • Pro-series standalone freezer: $14.99/month
  • Pro-series washing machine: $4.99/month
  • Re-key: $9.99/month
  • Reverse osmosis water filter system: $14.99/month
  • Salt water pool: $23.99/month
  • Second refrigerator: $7.99/month
  • Septic system pumping: $12.99/month
  • Sump pump: $8.99/month
  • Swamp cooler: $14.99/month
  • Trash compactor: $7.49/month
  • TV mounting (up to 65 inch TVs): $14.99/month
  • TV mounting (up to 85 inch TVs): $19.99/month
  • Water dispenser water line: $4.99/month
  • Water softener: $13.99/month
  • Well pump: $12.99/month
  • Window washing/cleaning: $19.99/month
  • Wine cooler/fridge: $11.99/month

As with all home warranty plans, Liberty has certain exclusions, none of which are out of the ordinary:

  • Cosmetic defects
  • Cranes or other specialty vehicles required to install, remove, or access your appliances or home systems
  • Disposal of appliances, systems, or components
  • Electronics, computerized, “smart,” or Internet/enabled components and parts
  • Filters associated with any covered items
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Flues, vents, chimneys, and exhaust lines
  • Glass parts
  • Lighting
  • Malfunction or damage caused by acts of God
  • Noise
  • Radon and other leak detection monitoring systems
  • Remote receiving and transmitting devices
  • Solar systems and applications

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

I give Liberty Home Guard strong marks of 8.9/10 for affordability. It offers competitively priced base plans — starting at $49.99 monthly, equaling the industry average. However, its add-on costs run higher than most providers, averaging over $14.99 per month, compared to the $6 to $13 range from other providers. You’ll also pay a non-negotiable $65 to $125 service fee when filing claims, which ranges higher than many competitors, too.

Additionally, Liberty only covers items up to “book value,” so it won’t account for an appliance’s full pre-depreciation worth. And its $2,000 cap per item falls well below that of other providers — for example, Elite Home Warranty offers $6,000 coverage caps for appliances. However, Liberty covers unique appliances that others don’t like reverse osmosis filters and pro-series/luxury equipment. So, South Carolina homeowners with specialty systems can still find excellent value despite higher add-on costs and lower coverage limits. For homes with standard systems and appliances, be aware of those drawbacks before enrolling.

I give Liberty Home Guard a 7.8/10 rating for customer experience. It has helpful customer service and seamless online quoting, delivering easy coverage comparison. I could swiftly customize my South Carolina plan during my secret shopping. Liberty’s transparency and simple quoting proved useful.

Once you’re enrolled, Liberty also impresses through multiple contact options — chat, phone, and email access — offering convenient support channels. The 30– to 60-day waiting period (depending on the plan you choose) before coverage starts matches industry averages as well. I particularly like Liberty’s service guarantee backing repairs, providing extra reassurance that your home items get fixed properly by technicians the first time.

I  give Liberty Home Guard a glowing 9.1/10 rating for reputation. No other home warranty provider maintains such consistently high ratings across thousands of reviews as Liberty. For the best customer service and reputation among South Carolina options, Liberty is my top recommendation.

Liberty’s overwhelmingly positive Google reviews highlight exceptional service — from representatives going the extra mile to fast turnarounds on claims. I had to search extensively for negative reviews — the few I found cited long waits, high fees, and confusion about contract terms. But Liberty’s positive ratings show it prioritizes employees and customers, cementing its commitment to quality service.

Liberty also draws praise from employees on Glassdoor, highlighting a supportive company culture, which empowers great service. With glowing customer and employee appraisals, it easily earns a great 9.1/10 score for reputation. 

Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
BBBNR (Not Rated)Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Note (as of 2/26): The Better Business Bureau recently shifted LHG’s A+ rating to “NR.” We reached out to a representative from the Better Business Bureau, and they told us, “This business is not currently rated. BBB has recently received numerous complaints against this business and will issue a rating after it has fully evaluated them.” When asked about whether they revoke ratings after an increase in complaints, the rep said, “Yes, if they feel they need to review the complaints first before issuing an accurate rating.” This scenario has happened to LHG twice in the last two years, but each time the BBB has restored its A+ rating after a thorough review.

I give Liberty Home Guard a perfect 10/10 score for its claims service. It has a 12-hour average response time plus invaluable emergency repair options many providers lack. Liberty shines here and addresses catastrophic failures like pipe bursts, AC breakdowns, and appliance leaks on an expedited schedule.

Homeowners consistently laud the smooth claims process, praising quick payout delivery post-approval. After a standard 30– to 60-day waiting period before coverage starts, most claims earn green lights within 48 hours, too. This user-friendly process offers incredible service, exceeding expectations. Its emergency services provide confidence during AC breakdowns, pipe leaks, and other urgent failures. Its rapid response times prevent small issues from becoming expensive nightmares, and consistent praise cements Liberty as a top choice for claims handling.

Liberty offers its plans to homeowners in all 50 states, earning it a perfect 10/10 rating. You can expect a strong network of local contractors that LHG can quickly dispatch to repair issues in your home. 

Best Coverage Limits

American Home Shield


Our Rating

Limited Time:
Limited Time Offer: 50% Off

I like that American Home Shield (AHS) offers unique coverage options and has higher-than-average $2,000 to $5,000 coverage limits. I also like that it covers rust, corrosion, and preexisting conditions and provides customizable service fees. With over 50 years in business, AHS can tap into its wide contractor network for specialized help for unique South Carolina home repair needs.

Also, AHS is one of the only providers that offers roof leak protection (as either an add-on or included with its premium plan) — useful to South Carolina homes with the state’s average yearly rainfall of about 50 inches. It also provides great coverage caps — up to $5,000 for home systems such as your HVAC and $2,000 to $4,000 for appliances. This is far more than most competitors’ $2,000 to $3,000 system and appliance caps. This additional coverage gives me peace of mind‌ — even pricier items are protected.

It disappoints me that ​​American Home Shield has received thousands more negative reviews on the BBB in the last year than competitors — over three times the amount of Select Home Warranty. It also earned less than two stars on Trustpilot and Yelp, showing poor reputability that surprised me given its 50 years in the industry.

That said, most people tend to share negative rather than neutral or positive experiences on review sites. Plus, AHS has operated the longest of all the providers I’ve highlighted here, accumulating more reviews than other providers over time. So, I take these ratings with a grain of salt. That said, if you want a provider with better reviews, Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty both have stellar review rankings.

With over 50 years in the industry, American Home Shield scores a strong 8.6/10 overall rating with me. It leads competitors with coverage caps reaching $4,000 for appliances and $5,000 for systems — higher than many providers with around $3,000 limits. Its expansive contractor network also enables broad, reputable support.

I praise AHS for covering undetectable preexisting defects and corrosion/rust unlike almost all other South Carolina providers, increasing plan value, though some reviews show extended repair delays despite touted contractor partnerships. And at 30 days, the workmanship guarantee falls short of rivals like Elite Home Warranty’s 90 days.

I found AHS straightforward to quote and shop online. However, despite higher-than-average coverage caps, ‌lower-tier AHS plans cover too few appliances and systems compared to other providers. For comprehensive protection, the ShieldPlatinum plan works best. It covers practically everything needed at only slightly higher pricing that still beats competitors’ comparable offerings. So, with generous coverage maximums and preexisting defect coverage, AHS is a strong choice for Palmetto State homeowners needing confidence that their expensive appliances and systems are protected.

I give American Home Shield a great 9/10 rating for its plans and coverage. Its top ShieldPlatinum plan uniquely covers roof leaks, which is rare among home warranty providers and allows South Carolina homeowners to get leaks in their roofs patched before the rainy spring. This top-tier plan also includes free HVAC tune-ups, allowances for code violations, permits, and modifications that other warranties exclude. The free tune-up helps avert HVAC failures during hot South Carolina summers. With maintenance visits and expansive coverage, AHS provides beyond-basic protection.

All AHS plans have coverage for old and improperly installed equipment plus preexisting conditions that many competitors exclude — bringing peace of mind to owners of complex or aging systems. While service fees run higher than the $75 average at $100 to $125, AHS delivers flexibility through lower monthly premiums or higher service fees — which you choose before you sign a contract. I’d likely choose the higher fee for lower monthly costs since my newer, well-maintained appliances will likely need fewer repairs. But the ability to select your preferred structure provides freedom even if fees trend high.

PlanMonthly CostService Fee*Available Discounts
ShieldSilver$29.99 – $39.99$100  – $12520% off same-day sign-up discount
ShieldGold$49.99 – $59.99$100  – $12520% off same-day sign-up discount
ShieldPlatinum$79.99 – $89.99$100  – $12520% off same-day sign-up discount

*If you choose the lower service fee of $100, you pay the higher monthly premium. For example, the $39.99 rate for the ShieldSilver plan pairs with the $100 service fee.

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Charleston, SC. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

American Home Shield offers just six optional add-ons for South Carolina homeowners. Living in a rural area myself without access to city water, I appreciate the optional coverage for well pumps — these are costly to repair and replace. 

  • Electronics protection plan: $14/month
  • Guest unit: $15.99/month
  • Pool & built-in-spa equipment: $18/month
  • Roof leak repair: $10/month
  • Septic pump: $5/month
  • Well pump: $8/month

American Home Shield has the below exclusions to its plans, which are standard in the industry. 

  • Damage due to pets or pests
  • Failure to properly clean or maintain home systems or appliances
  • Foundation or structural damage
  • Improper installation, improper wiring, or damage caused by construction activity
  • Manufacturer’s defect
  • Misuse or human error
  • Malfunction or damage due to natural disasters
  • Neglect, rust, corrosion, or sediment
  • Removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, or other toxic materials

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

I give American Home Shield an 8.7/10 rating for affordability because of its strong plans and fair price. Yes, it costs more than some competitors and has higher $100 to $125 service charges and monthly fees. But you get stronger coverage in return. Cheaper plans from other providers often cap system coverage at around $2,000 while AHS extends that to $5,000 — providing far more protection.

For example, AHS offers up to $5,000 in coverage on HVAC systems, whereas many providers only allow $2,000 to $3,000 for this equipment — costs for new AC units in SC can easily exceed this. For pools, its $3,000 limit also triples what most providers offer. So while not the most budget friendly, the extra premiums supply South Carolina homeowners higher levels of protection from out-of-pocket expenses — especially those with higher-end systems.

If you’re on the fence, I’d weigh monthly premiums and service fees against appliance replacement/repair costs without coverage. With South Carolina’s weather adding wear and tear to AC units, refrigerators, and other items, AHS’s elevated coverage maximums can save thousands over time by lowering hefty repair and replacement bills. So, if you have pricier items, the higher coverage caps justify the higher monthly rates when breakdowns happen.

I give American Home Shield an 8.4/10 rating for customer experience. I expected great service from this long-standing company. However, many reviews cite issues like unreturned calls and messages — worrying for an industry leader. Positively, American Home Shield gives homeowners account managers as well as multiple contact methods. So if one agent doesn’t respond, backup support options help you get a reply faster. However, some reviews still highlighted miscommunications where customers never got responses — understandably frustrating.

On the plus side, AHS’s 30-day waiting period before coverage starts beats competitors that make you wait 60-plus days. And its website is very simple to navigate for quotes and pricing comparisons as you choose plans. So while communication gaps disappoint me, the backup contact options and shorter startup times show American Home Shield still prioritizes customers.

I give American Home Shield a lower 7.7/10 rating for company reputation due to its low Trustpilot and Yelp ratings. With complaints involving late contractors, denied claims, and slow responses, this gives me pause. However, negative reviews often come from customers misunderstanding what’s covered and limits. So reading the contract closely before signing is key.

Positively, even critical feedback confirms American Home Shield provides strong coverage when things operate smoothly. And AHS replying to Trustpilot complaints shows the company diligently trying to make things right with dissatisfied customers — an encouraging sign. Plus, AHS makes filing claims straightforward with 24/7 online and phone support for urgent issues — a crucial benefit. 

Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

I give American Home Shield’s claims process a strong 8.4/10. Its 24/7 customer service and the ability to file claims around the clock brings peace of mind against home failures, which can happen anytime. Having reliable help on call is critical — especially for issues like a broken clothes washer when you have tons of laundry piling up. After filing, you can conveniently check the status and repair history through your account. AHS’s user-friendly interface is a plus and the 24/7 availability keeps you connected whenever you have an issue. 

American Home Shield is available in all U.S. states besides Alaska. With full continental U.S. coverage, it has a strong network of local contractors to help remedy the appliance and system issues that come up in your home. 

Best Value

Select Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:
$150 Off (Code HOUSE25)

One of the biggest advantages of Select is that its monthly rates trend cheaper than most competitors, so South Carolina homeowners gain vital coverage without excessive charges. I also like that SHW has limited roof leak coverage in all its plans. Most companies completely exclude this protection, even as an add-on. But Select affordably bundles it into every plan tier by default. Overall, Select offers the best value because of its budget-friendly pricing, strong standard inclusions, and simplified packages. It proves an especially compelling provider for residents wanting essential protections at discount pricing.

With just nine add-ons available, Select Home Warranty trails providers like Liberty Home Guard, which has over 40 options. So South Carolina residents with unique home systems may not be able to cover all the items they need. Select also prohibits homeowners from choosing their preferred contractors for repairs. And it imposes tough $75 contract cancellation fees, benefitting the company over homeowners.

Another limitation is Select’s exclusion of preexisting defects, creating a risk for homeowners unaware of hidden issues before enrollment. I advise thoroughly inspecting your home first and confirming everything works properly to prevent claim denial battles later.

I give Select Home Warranty a strong 8.4/10 overall rating for its clear Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care plans covering either appliances, systems, or both. These easy-to-understand plans simplify shopping versus competitors with confusing plan tiers. Select’s affordability stands out to me, too, with below-average monthly premiums beating most competitors, including Liberty Home Guard.

SHW offers good discounts too, making it a favorite for budget-conscious South Carolina homeowners. I like its strong coverage caps up to $3,000 for air conditioning and HVAC systems — critical in South Carolina’s hot climate. However, some providers offer up to $6,000 and $10,000 limits (American Home Shield and Elite Home Warranty, respectively), so weigh your HVAC system expense before you enroll.

That said, if you own standard, reasonably priced appliances and systems, Select’s value focus brings useful financial security without high monthly bills. Its long 90-day workmanship guarantee also exceeds the typical 30– to 60-day industry standard — suggesting strong contractor partnerships for quality service. With easy plan choices, reduced pricing, and decent coverage terms, Select Home Warranty is a great pick for typical Palmetto State homes wanting straightforward protection. However, those with luxury appliances may prefer higher coverage caps from other providers.

​​I give Select Home Warranty a solid 8.3/10 rating for its dedicated appliance, system, or combined coverage plans. However, its single-focus Gold Care and Bronze Care plans don’t cover much on their own. If purchasing a plan, I would definitely choose Platinum Care, covering both appliances and systems. Based on sample quotes, Platinum costs only $4 more per month for substantial extra coverage — making it the best choice for most Palmetto State homeowners.

Select also regularly advertises added savings — I was offered two free months and $150 off yearly pricing when getting a quote. These deals demonstrate Select’s affordability versus competitors. So while light on specialty add-ons, Select provides consumer-friendly transparency, allowing South Carolinians to easily compare and pick the right plan for their basic protection needs.

PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
Bronze Care$44.42$75$150 off (website), two extra months free
Gold Care$44.42$75$150 off (website), two extra months free
Platinum Care$47.75$75$150 off (website), two extra months free

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Charleston, SC. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Select Home Warranty offers the following optional add-ons for SC homes: 

  • Central Vacuum: $3.33/month
  • Lawn Sprinkler System: $5.83/month
  • Pool: $8.33/month
  • Roof Leak: free
  • Septic System: $5.83/month
  • Spa: $5.83/month
  • Standalone Freezer: $3.33/month
  • Sump Pump: $3.33/month
  • Well Pump: $3.33/month

As someone who almost added a central vacuum system to their new home, I appreciate the option to protect it. These systems are expensive and hard to repair and replace. Covering it can save you a good chunk of money when it fails. 


SHW has the below exclusions from its plans, which are pretty typical among home warranty providers. 

  • Common areas in condominiums or multifamily homes
  • Damage from natural disasters and rust
  • Defects or damages caused by the foundation and structure of the home
  • Incorrect installation or malfunctions due to construction damage or improper wiring
  • Issues with systems or appliances related to hazardous or toxic materials (for example mold, asbestos, and gas leaks)
  • Secondary damage (i.e., your home warranty may cover roof damage but won’t cover water damage caused by a roof leak)
  • Solar heating systems

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

I give Select Home Warranty’s affordability a glowing 9.1/10 rating due to its highly affordable premiums at only around $40 monthly‌ — including discounts. This competitive edge beats the $50 industry average across the board with its Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care plans. While Select does have staggered plan pricing, they don’t have the steep upcharges some competitors levy.

I also love that Select provides two low-cost service fee options of $65 or $75 when issues arise. Most providers charge $100 or more per visit, so Select’s reduced fees give peace of mind that repairs won’t break the bank. South Carolina homeowners not only save money upfront on Select’s cheaper plans initially but avoid high repair visit fees down the road as well — critical protections that won’t ding your wallet. 

I’m impressed with Select’s website and easy online quote system. Compared to other providers, Select’s process was much faster without excessive follow-ups pressuring me — which I’ve experienced in the past with other providers.

The Select site outlines available plans, pricing details, coverage specifics, add-ons, and more in plain language. South Carolina households can research which protections suit their repair risks and budgets. With the easy-to-use website and transparent quoting, Select simplifies quoting and enrollment versus providers with tedious sales processes — earning its 8.1/10 score for customer experience.

I give Select Home Warranty a fair 8.0/10 rating for reputation because of its mixed customer reviews. Its mediocre Better Business Bureau B grade and its ratings on Trustpilot and Google hover around 3.8. Plus, many reviewers complain about the quality. Positive reviews praise Select’s quick repairs after a claim is approved, good customer service, and easy enrollment. However, negatives cite low reimbursements, claim denials, and incompetent technicians, which disappoints me to see. 

That said, I take these with a grain of salt since dissatisfied customers shout louder than satisfied ones. And Select’s lower review volume indicates fewer unhappy buyers than massive competitors like American Home Shield. So I’d weigh this conflicting feedback carefully alongside Select’s affordability when deciding. No company satisfies everyone, but potential issues like low reimbursements warrant caution despite its competitive pricing.

Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Claim filing with Select Home Warranty is a simple process‌ — you just file online or call it in. For standard claims, SHW’s response time is typically 48 hours before a contractor comes out for repairs, which is the industry average. 

That said, waiting two full days for repairs isn’t ideal. For example, if your refrigerator stops running, your food may spoil by then. However, Select does provide 24/7 emergency services for issues like this, so you can get priority repairs. 

Select Home Warranty is available in all states, a rarity among home warranty providers, earning it a perfect 10/10 score. With “sea to shining sea” coverage, Select has a strong network of experienced contractors across the nation to get your appliances and systems back up and running.  

Best Customer Ratings

Elite Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:
$150 Off + 1 Month Free

I’m impressed by ​​Elite Home Warranty’s high ratings across Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. Elite consistently outshines the lackluster 2– to 3-star industry standard. Customers routinely spotlight Elite’s responsive service and ability to promptly settle claims to users’ total satisfaction. This demonstrates Elite provides best-in-class customer service along with reliable coverage when issues arise.

Elite also enables fully customized protection through 26 add-ons — over double what most competitors offer. With generous coverage topping out at $10,000 per system and $6,000 per appliance, even premium equipment gets covered. Combined with affordable baseline pricing and an outstanding reputation, Elite delivers complete protection homeowners can tailor to their budgets and unique home systems. This flexibility to personalize comprehensive plans makes Elite a superb one-stop provider.

Elite Home Warranty disappoints me by not covering emergency repairs without extra charges. This lack of emergency coverage contrasts with many competitors’ policies. When crucial systems fail outside normal business hours, SC households face safety risks from weather extremes. But Elite’s $150 emergency fee seems excessive for a customer-service-focused provider.
Another disadvantage is Elite’s exclusion of commercial appliances and systems, frustrating some homeowners. It also voids workmanship guarantees if homeowners choose their own technicians instead of using Elite’s network, despite South Carolinians’ strong preference for trusted locals.

What stands out about Elite Home Warranty is its exceptionally high coverage limits — $10,000 per home system and $6,000 per appliance. These caps eclipse the typical $2,000 to $3,000 maximums from nearly all providers, including Liberty Home Guard and American Home Shield. For owners of high-end, expensive household systems vulnerable to steep repair bills, Elite brings invaluable peace of mind.

The Elite Complete plan bundles appliances and systems together for maximum bang-for-buck. Its high limits supply comprehensive protection that I recommend to all Palmetto State residents wanting robust, worry-free coverage. However, you should note Elite’s lackluster emergency services outside normal business hours. And while add-ons allow some level of customization, certain luxury brands nonetheless trigger additional service surcharges. Blanket exclusions on commercial-grade equipment also apply across all plans.

Factoring in its leading coverage maximums that are two to three times higher than the industry norm, Elite Home Warranty merits an 8.6 out of 10 overall rating from me. This score reflects stellar protection for most residential systems, apart from some limitations on after-hours emergencies and commercial-grade equipment.

Elite Home Warranty offers three easy-to-understand plans — an appliance-only plan, a systems-only plan, and a combo plan. What makes these plans really stand out is the unrivaled coverage maximums, far surpassing industry standards. For appliances, Elite pays up to $6,000 per claim — double the common $3,000 limit among South Carolina competitors. Even more impressive, its $10,000 per claim cap on home systems leads all providers statewide.

With South Carolina’s yearly average of 54 days of 90ºF weather, AC units are constantly running. This extra strain means a greater likelihood of breakdowns and expensive repairs. Elite’s high coverage caps bring immense peace of mind by fully covering sudden repair costs. I recommend the Elite Complete plan for bundling appliance and system coverage into one affordable premium.

During my research, Elite offered a 30-day risk-free trial and a $150 discount for signing up over the phone, making its comprehensive plans even more budget-friendly. Given Elite’s record-shattering coverage caps multiple times higher than those of other providers, I rate its protection plans a perfect 10 out of 10. 

PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
Elite Appliance$48.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial
Elite Systems$52.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial
Elite Complete$59.99$100$150 sign-up, 30-day trial

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Charleston, SC. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Elite Home Warranty has the following optional add-ons for South Carolina homes. As someone who deals with power outages like many South Carolina residents, I appreciate the affordable premium to cover generators. I also like the option for HVAC annual maintenance — this is essential and ensures your AC is in tip-top shape ahead of summer while preventing expensive breakdowns. 

  • Attic exhaust fan: $69.99/year
  • Central vacuum: $49.00/year
  • Effluent pump: $99.99/year
  • Ejector pump: $99.99/year
  • Freestanding freezer: $59.99/year
  • Freestanding ice maker: $59.99/year
  • Freestanding spa equipment: $119.99/year
  • Generator: $99.99/year
  • Geothermal heating and cooling System: $299.99/year
  • Grinder pump: $99.99/year
  • Guest house: $299.99/year
  • HVAC annual maintenance: $299.99/year
  • Jetted/hot Tub: $99.99/year
  • Lawn Sprinkler System: $99.99/year
  • Lift pump: $99.99/year
  • Limited roof leak repair: $99.99/year
  • Pool & spa equipment: $199.99/year
  • Pool equipment: $149.99/year
  • Premium appliances: $249.99/year
  • Premium benefits: $199.99/year
  • Premium systems: $299.99/year
  • Premium systems plus: $499.99/year
  • Septic system: $129.99/year
  • Service lines: $349.99/year
  • Sump pump: $99.99/year
  • Swamp cooler: $149.99/year
  • Water filtration system: $99.99/year
  • Water softener: $99.99/year
  • Well pump: $99.99/year
  • Wine cooler: $69.99/year

EHW has the following exclusions from its plans, which are typical in the home warranty industry. 

  • A lack of maintenance
  • Acts of God
  • Commercial-grade appliances
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Natural disaster-related damages
  • Units in a rental property

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

At first glance, Elite Home Warranty’s $45-to-$60 monthly premium range looks competitive compared to other providers in South Carolina. However, some additional fees can make it cost more than other providers in certain cases. For example, Elite has a $150 weekend/after-hours surcharge for emergencies and a $150 upcharge for servicing “premium” brands. 

I also found the phone rep I spoke to somewhat vague when I asked directly about extras that raise monthly costs. But perhaps the rep didn’t understand my question or was not trained properly. Online, add-on pricing lives buried in quote confirmation screens rather than transparently listed. 

Still, Elite offers the standard coverage options in appliances-only, systems-only, and bundled plans. And its $100 service call fee matches top in-state competitors. Still, for SC residents wanting financial protection on home systems and appliances, Elite brings relatively affordable options thanks to competitive baseline premiums. Factoring in the need for more transparency around fees, I give Elite Home Warranty an 8.7 out of 10 on its affordability. 

I found Elite Home Warranty’s website challenging to navigate for quoting, unlike competitors’ sites that display premium estimates up front, earning it a fair 7.6/10 rating. Elite requires calling to receive any ballpark monthly price ranges. Its optional add-on costs are hard to find, too, differing from the pricing transparency practices of most providers.

Speaking with a phone representative, I felt they lacked transparency around the extra fees and charges associated with plan add-ons as well. This convoluted online pricing approach forces homeowners to call in just for basic quotes. However, Elite does boast many positive customer reviews, signaling that most homeowners appreciate the service once enrolled. So while Elite’s opaque pricing frustrated me initially, satisfied customers show that Elite delivers responsive support and coverage over the long haul.

​​As a relatively new home warranty provider in the market, Elite Home Warranty has limited online customer feedback — fewer than 200 reviews across sites like Google, Trustpilot, and Yelp. This small sample size dings its reputation score to a fair 8.3/10. However, Elite does hold accredited BBB status with an A+ rating — positive signs assuring its credibility.

The available reviews shine positively on Elite’s claims processing speed, high coverage caps, affordable premiums, and excellent service follow-up to make sure you’re satisfied. Most negative reviews seem to be about customer misunderstandings over waiting periods and some disorganized reps, but nothing glaring. 

Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
BBBA+Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

leading providers, Elite doesn’t cover emergency repairs after hours without extra fees. This leaves South Carolina households exposed to off-hours AC failures or leaking dishwashers.

However, Elite’s 24–48-hour response time for standard claims aligns with norms across the industry. Because it lacks true around-the-clock emergency assistance without add-on charges, I give Elite a below-average score of 6.8 out of 10 for its claims process.

Elite Home Warranty plans are available in 47 of 50 U.S. states, earning it a stellar 10/10 score. South Carolina homeowners can rest assured EHW has connections with experienced local contractors to fix issues in their homes. 

Best for Additional Benefits

AFC Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:
4th of July Sale: $250 off + free roof leak coverage

AFC Home Warranty stands out to me by bundling rare extras like discounted home security, medical benefits, and insurance savings alongside its core appliance and systems coverage. These creative perks bring additional value that other South Carolina warranty providers don’t offer.

Adding to its robust protection plans, AFC also impresses me with its largely positive customer feedback online — a rarity in the industry filled with consistent complaints. Its array of optional add-ons further allows Palmetto State homeowners to customize comprehensive coverage catered to their home’s specific needs.

I don’t appreciate AFC Home Club’s lack of emergency repair services outside normal business hours without extra fees. South Carolina homeowners must pay additional charges for urgent issues like leaking water heaters and AC breakdowns that happen during nights, weekends, and holidays. With South Carolina’s wilting summers, waiting extended periods to avoid fees while dealing with cooling system breakdowns and failed appliances isn’t realistic. Most competitors offer 24/7 emergency assistance, recognizing around-the-clock support is essential.

Additionally, while AFC advertises up to $3,000 coverage limits, fine print shows some appliances have much smaller $150 to $1,000 caps. So, South Carolinians must carefully review protection on an item-by-item basis to gauge gaps. You don’t want surprise shortfalls leaving you exposed to pricier repairs and replacement costs when issues arise.

What stands out about AFC Home Warranty to me is its user-friendly enrollment process, allowing South Carolina homeowners to customize coverage through tiered plans and flexible service fees — options most competitors lack. This simplicity and flexibility earn AFC top marks in my book — a strong 8.5/10 rating.

Reinforcing its strengths, AFC boasts a positive B BBB rating, and online reviews cite consistent contract adherence as well. However, it does have relatively lower $3,000 coverage caps that give me pause about protecting high-end equipment. Its process for assessing the value of items is also unclear — AFC isn’t transparent on how it determines the value of, for example, your refrigerator if it fails beyond repair. So, you may not get the full value that you paid for it new for a replacement unit. 

Within coverage limits, though, AFC garners glowing feedback for seamless claims and knowledgeable technicians. Of its lineup, the Diamond Plan is my recommendation as it affordably bundles systems, appliances, roof leaks, and electronics together under one roof. While gaps exist in emergency services and caps, this inclusive plan nicely suits most Palmetto State homes wanting comprehensive protection.

AFC Home Warranty’s shining strength is its exceptional Diamond Plan spanning systems, appliances, electronics, exterior lines, and even unusual extras like roof leaks. With electronic device protection and comprehensive coverage all under one roof, the Diamond Plan has no equal among competitors. Beyond the Diamond Plan, AFC impresses me with four total options, enabling Palmetto State homeowners to customize protection for their exact needs — from basic appliance only to the loaded Diamond package. 

This range and flexibility surpasses most competitors, which limit customers to just three rigid plans. Savvy shoppers can also discover discounts like $140 off annual policies or $250 for three years up front from AFC. Combined with the Diamond Plan’s one-of-a-kind tech device coverage, South Carolinians can maximize savings on robust, tailored protection plans. For its industry-leading coverage variety and modern device protection, I rate AFC Home Warranty an 8.1 out of 10. 

PlanMonthly CostService FeeAvailable Discounts
Silver Plan$34.33$125Up to $250 off, free roof leak protection
Gold Plan$48.50$125Up to $250 off, free roof leak protection
Platinum Plan$53.17$125Up to $250 off, free roof leak protection
Diamond Plan$87.75$125Up to $250 off, free roof leak protection

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Charleston, SC. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

AFC Home Warranty has the following optional add-ons available to South Carolina homeowners. As someone who owns a double oven, I appreciate that AFC lets homeowners add coverage for this pricey appliance. 

  • Built-in microwave: $50/year
  • Central vacuum: $25/year
  • Double oven: $25/year
  • Electronics coverage: $24.99/month
  • Hot water dispenser: $25/year
  • Ice maker: $25/year
  • In-ground pool: $100/year
  • In-ground pool and spa: $150/year
  • Roof leak (free, worth $25/year)
  • Septic system: $50/year
  • Standalone freezer: $25/year
  • Sump pump: $35/year
  • Well pump: $50/year

After reviewing a sample contract, I found the following exclusions in AFC’s plans: 

  • Crane rentals needed to move appliances or systems
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • Haul-away services
  • Light fixtures
  • Malfunction or damage caused by acts of God
  • Code violations
  • Appliances and systems not properly maintained

These exclusions appear to be standard among providers. 

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

What stands out about AFC Home Warranty is the affordability across its plan range — from a plan for just core appliance coverage to the loaded Diamond bundle staying under $65 monthly. These competitive premiums cater to all South Carolina budget sizes compared to pricier industry averages and earn it a strong 9.1/10 rating.

I also like that AFC provides a choice of $75, $100, or $125 service fees per repair visit. This flexibility is unique, enabling homeowners to balance higher deductibles against lower monthly costs. However, complex add-ons often exceed $15 and quickly accumulate, driving up total rates.

It’s vital to carefully review AFC’s sample contract before enrolling. While advertising $3,000 coverage limits broadly, the fine print shows lower $150 to $500 caps on certain items. Still, flexibility and options make AFC a strong, affordable choice for customized protection.

After getting quotes online and speaking with customer service reps over the phone, I am impressed by AFC and give it a top score of 9.2/10 for my customer experience rating. I found its website wonderfully user-friendly. It neatly organizes different plans, coverage tiers, and add-ons so South Carolina households can easily customize suitable policies matching their budget and needs. Rather than a vague sample contract, AFC even provides transparent example agreements illustrating each plan’s coverage specifics — simplifying the shopping process.

AFC also avoids pushy sales tactics that alienate customers. Its 24/7 availability proves more convenient for urgent issues arising overnight or on weekends, too. Additionally, customer feedback praises great communication and professional technicians handling claims – two critical factors for positive experiences with any home warranty provider.

What stands out about AFC Home Warranty is its consistently positive online ratings, including a strong 3.7 score on Google that easily bests the poor 2-star averages of top national rivals. Multiple AFC reviewers praise excellent customer service,  quick technician dispatch, seamless claims experience, and reasonable reimbursements when issues require repairs.

With under 2,000 total online reviews, AFC has limited customer feedback compared to major competitors boasting multiple thousands of ratings. However, AFC counterbalances its small size through long standing BBB accreditation (since 2015) and proven service reliability over 14 years in business.

When complaints do pop up, AFC displays responsiveness — promptly addressing and closing 140-plus Better Business Bureau cases in the past three years. While AFC would benefit from more customer feedback based on its small size, current ratings, and accountability reflect positively and earn it a robust 8.3/10 rating.

Rating SiteRatingNumber of Reviews
BBBBCustomer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

A standout feature of  AFC Home Warranty is its life-of-contract workmanship guarantee, protecting South Carolina households if technicians need to revisit repairs. Rather than the home warranty industry’s standard 30- to 90-day coverage window, AFC customers pay absolutely nothing extra for the full policy duration if repeat repairs on the same system or appliance component are needed. This backing demonstrates AFC’s confidence in the quality and reliability of its services.

However, a major AFC weakness is the lack of 24/7 emergency repair options during nights, weekends, or holidays — bringing its claim process score down to a sub-par 6.8/10. As its coverage documents state, AFC “will be closed on Nationally Recognized Holidays therefore resulting in delayed Service Request Assignments.” This can force South Carolina families to wait or pay steep extra charges for leaking appliances or broken-down AC units during sweltering summers.

While AFC is responsive overall, before enrolling prospective SC customers should carefully weigh its inability to support urgent issues after hours. Waiting multiple days for emergency repairs may prove unrealistic given South Carolina’s hot, humid climate.

AFC Home Warranty offers its plans in 47 U.S. states, earning a perfect 10/10 rating. While AFC’s coverage isn’t available in Washington, California, and Hawaii, South Carolina homeowners can count on AFC’s wide network of experienced contractors to swiftly remedy breakdowns in their homes. 

Calculate the Cost of South Carolina Home Warranty

Our home warranty cost calculator helps South Carolina residents budget for a new home warranty. In the tool below, just type in a monthly premium, service call fee, and the estimated number of service visits you expect in a year. Then, click “calculate.”  The calculator will then output the total estimated annual cost of a new plan. 

Appliance Average Repair Cost Average Replacement Cost
Dehumidifier $50–$200 $1,300–$2,800
Microwave $50–$400 $60–$2,000
Dishwasher $50–$500 $400–$3,000
Exhaust Fans $16–$300 $250–$950
Electric Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
Gas Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
Dryer $100–$400 $450–$2,300
Oven $100–$430 $400–$3,000
Washer $50–$450 $400–$2,300
Freezer $90–$500 $160–$2,900
Refrigerator $40–$350 $200–$5,000

South Carolina Home Warranty Regulations

In South Carolina, the state Department of Insurance handles home warranty regulations, primarily through statutes §§ 38-78-10 to 38-78-120. Before selling home warranty plans in the state, each provider must register with the South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) and pay a yearly licensing fee. If you have a complaint with a home warranty provider, you can file it on the SCDOI website.

Along with state government regulation, organizations such as the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) help regulate home warranty companies by working alongside state legislators to create laws to benefit residents and companies.  

South Carolina Home Warranty News

A recent report found that with cooling competition in the South Carolina housing market, homebuyers have more leverage to negotiate concessions like seller-paid home warranties. A home warranty plan can ease buyers’ worries about appliances failing in that first year (or longer if they renew). However, some experts recommend instead negotiating credits to cover repairs or strong inspection contingencies. Still, a seller-paid home warranty remains a low-cost concession that provides security to the buyer — an easy add-on when you’re buying a new home. Just make sure you choose a top provider that covers all the home systems and appliances you need.

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FAQs about the Best Home Warranties in South Carolina

Do You Need a Home Warranty in South Carolina?

Yes, South Carolina’s humid, subtropical climate means your AC unit and other systems and appliances run more often, leading to more frequent repairs and maintenance than states in milder climates. This makes a home warranty valuable protection against unexpected costs.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost in South Carolina?

The average cost of a home warranty in South Carolina is $350-$700 per year, depending on the plan and provider. Monthly fees typically range from $40-$80 for both basic and enhanced plans– see our guide on home warranty costs for more details. 

How To Save Money When Shopping for Home Warranties In South Carolina?

I recommend you get quotes from multiple providers and ask about special discounts. Sometimes you can get different/steeper discounts by getting quotes online and over the phone. Also, see if your home insurance provider partners with a home warranty provider— it may offer bundling discounts. 

Is a Home Warranty Worth It for South Carolina Homeowners?

A home warranty is worth it for South Carolina homeowners because the humid climate can lead to more AC, plumbing, and appliance breakdowns. This coverage protects against expensive repair bills even with older homes. Several reviews and testimonials show that warranties can save residents thousands in just one or two claims.

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