Sash windows are a lovely addition to any home and offer numerous advantages to homeowners. As a result, it’s critical to learn as much as possible about them, their components, and how they function.


One of the most crucial sections of your window is the sash. The window section that includes the glass panel and opens and shuts is called a sash window. Depending on the type of window you have placed in your home, there may be more than one functional sash window. For this article, we talked to team members from Keeler Hardware, experts in window hardware, and they walked us through the details about sash windows and how you can effectively use them to secure your home.

The Benefits of Sash Windows

The most important part of your window is the sash. It impacts the overall performance and durability of your sash windows, and if it isn’t functioning properly, it can cause various issues, including draughts and leaks. As a result, it’s critical to keep your window sashes in good operating order.

Even if you don’t want to go for a traditional look, you can still benefit from the functional benefits of a sash window. The benefits include: 

● Sash windows are perfect for managing aeration and air movement inside any house when properly maintained and sealed.

● Because they may be locked in an ajar state, sash windows are also incredibly secure. As a result, you can enjoy an open window without worrying about intruders.

● Sash windows are frequently made with multiple tiny glazing panes. With the glazing bars remaining in place, an invader cannot enter through a shattered window or a damaged glass pane.

What Are the Types of Sash Windows?

As we’ve already mentioned, not all windows have the same types of window sashes. Your window sashes may be built differently depending on your window size. The multiple ways window sashes operate on each window type are detailed here.

Windows with Double Hungs


These two working window sashes slide up and down to open and close. Double-hung sash windows are popular in many homes since they are simple to clean and maintain. Double-hung windows also offer the advantage of promoting good airflow and effectively ventilating a space.

Windows with Sliding Sash


Horizontally, these sashes open and close. Sliding kinds of sash windows are identical to double-hung windows, except they are flipped horizontally.

Windows with Casements


The operation of these sashes differs from that of a traditional window sash. Casement windows open outwards, to the left or right, and are operated by a crank system. The sash is attached to the window’s crank system rather than being installed in the frame along a track.

Security Tips for Sash Windows to Keep Your Home Safe

Some of the best security tips for sash windows every homeowner to adopt include: 

Maintain the Cleanliness of the Sash Window

You’re doing it wrong if you’re wiping the glass with paper towels. You’re just pushing the dirt around the sash on the pane while also creating unnecessary static on the glass, attracting even more filth and dust. Microfiber cloth and Glass cleaner are the best tools for cleaning windows. This way of cleaning is also good for the environment because it eliminates the need for many filthy paper towels in your trash can.

Maintain the Smooth Working of Your Sash Window by Oiling Them

Maintaining your windows by keeping them oiled and smooth will help you maintain them and decrease any back issues you may experience when attempting to force open a stuck window. Rub oil or wax into the window hinges, frames, and other inside and pulley elements to ensure the window is loose and operates smoothly and easily.

Maintain the Insulation of Your Window Sash

Poorly insulated windows can let up to 25% of heat escape. Gaps surrounding your sash windows allow air to enter while also allowing heated air to escape. This means you’ll have to pay more for energy. This is never a good thing. Replacing worn seals to decrease water and air leaks is one of the best methods to keep your window insulation in good shape.

Keep Your Sash Window Painted Regularly

Sash case windows should be painted regularly to keep the wood from rotting and improve its appearance – always a plus! To help protect your windows from the outdoors, you are expected to re-paint them every 4 years. Before you start painting, make sure your windows are completely clean.

Make Sure Your Sash Windows Aren’t Sticking

Sticking is a typical issue that individuals have with sash windows. Sash windows are expected to open and close smoothly. The primary cause of sticking appears to be a sloppy paint job that effectively seals the glass. If one finds paint on the sills of the window or perhaps the frame of the window itself, simply scrape it off with a sharp tool.

Make Sure Your Sash Window Is Well-Secured

Additional locks and stops or blocks can be installed in the meeting rails to effectively prevent window sashes from opening just beyond the appropriate height. This could also adequately prevent interior falls through the windows, which is something that every parent of a young child fears.

Inspect Your Sash Window for Deterioration Regularly

A prevalent long-term issue with wooden sash windows is rot, a problem with any outdoor wooden product. The fungus tends to thrive on damp wood, and the more the sash wears down, the more moisture can get in. Run regular inspection on the Sash window to ensure it’s still in the right state and can perform its functions effectively.

What Is the Most Effective Method of Window Security?

The window’s type and location determine the ideal type of window security. For upper-story windows, sash locks are usually sufficient, but a ground-floor window near the street may require more complex locks, obstacles, or sensors to remain secure.

How Much Does Sash Window Installation Cost?

Window film is generally affordable, especially if you install it yourself. The price per square foot of the glass is usually between $6 and $8.

What Is the Best Way to Secure My Sash Window From the Inside?

Your first line of defense should be solid, functional locks, and there are many options for adding to your existing locks to make a window more difficult to open. Both entry and glass break sensors are fantastic techniques to ensure that you are notified if your windows are tampered with.


A great part about sash windows, asides from the security function, is how decorative they can be. There are a variety of styles to choose from, just as we’ve highlighted in this article, allowing you to decorate your home in a way that suits your taste. Covering all windows also makes it easy to choose the appropriate window treatment for your home and secures the home effectively.

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