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Masonry is important to your home’s foundation, but it can also be a stunning feature. For example, veneer fireplaces are timeless, and exposed brick on the side of your home adds gorgeous curb appeal.

The Basics of Masonry

Solid masonry and veneer masonry are the two most common uses of this technique. Solid masonry is meant to be constructive, stand independently, and bear weight veneer. On the other hand, veneer masonry is often constructed outside the home and is more for appearance than structure. 

You can expect masonry techniques to be used in the following structures:

  • Chimney structure
  • Concrete block foundation
  • Hearth
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Load bearing wall

It can be considered masonry if individual pieces of material are mortared together. However, there are three types of masonry techniques and materials commonly used in homes: 

  • Brick masonry: This type of masonry is the most classic type and best at keeping your home insulated. The bricks are laid down in a serpentine pattern that is staggered.
  • Concrete block masonry: This type of masonry is commonly used in the foundation of older homes and the walls of commercial buildings because of the material’s strength.
  • Stone masonry: This type of masonry is known for its clean and modern look and is commonly seen on the fronts of homes.

Masonry is a skilled trade, so homeowners often must turn to professional masons to build solid masonry or veneer masonry. Since many of these projects involve the structure of your home, it is not advisable to do this work yourself. Instead, contact a local mason using the resources listed below.

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