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If you don’t have time to manage your own lawn care, you may want to consider hiring a professional lawn care company to handle these tasks on your behalf.

Professional lawn care companies are experts in both your local climate and the processes you need to keep your grass healthy.

Mowing, overseeding, fertilizing, aerating, controlling pests — lawns need a ton of maintenance to stay green and gorgeous.

Depending on where you live, you may have dozens of different lawn care companies servicing your area. From Lawn Doctor to TruGreen, how can you decide which company is right for you?

The reviews team knows that every lawn care company doesn’t provide the same level of quality. The team researched some of the most popular lawn care companies in the United States to help you choose the option that’s right for your family.

The team ultimately recommends TruGreen for all of your lawn care needs. 

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Lawn Care Company Services 

Lawn care companies offer a wide variety of services. Take a look at some of the most common services you might see from your lawn care provider. 

  • Fertilization — Fertilization uses either organic matter or chemicals to enrich your soil. You may want to fertilize your lawn once or twice a year, depending on the type of grass you have growing on your lawn.
  • AerationAeration uses chemicals or a physical tool to de-compact your lawn’s soil and introduce tiny holes to your lawn. This allows more oxygen and water to make their way to the roots of your lawn, allowing it to grow more effectively.  
  • Seeding — Seeding and overseeding introduce new grass seeds to your lawn, helping you fill in bare patches in your grass. This helps you keep a healthy lawn that looks great while also fighting against weed growth. Most lawn care companies offer annual seeding services.  
  • Soil analysis — Grass seeds require a very particular soil pH to grow. If your soil’s pH balance is off or it doesn’t contain enough of the nutrients your grass type needs, you could be left with a bare or patchy lawn. During a soil analysis, your lawn care company will take a sample of your soil and send it to a lab for analysis. The lawn care company will share the results with you and provide you with lawn care tips and a treatment plan you can use to improve grass growth and control pests. 
  • Weed control — Weed control services use pesticides to eliminate invasive species of plants and grasses that can kill your grass. Your lawn care company may also apply a pre-emergent weed killer that prevents weed growth throughout the coming season. 
  • Pest control — Pests like grubs, mice and mosquitoes can uproot your plants, damage your lawn, and harm children and pets. Pest control services kill insect eggs before they hatch or use chemicals to deter pests from invading your lawn. 
  • Tree and shrub maintenance — Tree and shrub maintenance involves branch removal and pruning that keeps your yard safe and clean. Depending on the types of trees and shrubbery you have, you might need multiple tree and shrub visits from your lawn service each season. 

The specific services and treatments you’ll be able to schedule will depend on the lawn care company you choose. Some companies offer all of the services listed above, some only specialize in a few specific lawn care services, and others offer even more types of lawn enhancements. 

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Maintaining a healthy lawn is about much more than making sure that you have your lawn mowed once a week. Consistent and regular lawn care is an essential part of maintaining grass that’s as healthy as it looks — and it can be too time-consuming for many homeowners to handle.

Hiring a professional lawn care company saves you time, effort and stress. A professional lawn care company can perform a full analysis of your lawn and recommend treatments and services customized to the needs of your grass. When you hire professionals, you don’t need to worry about applying treatments ineffectively or spending hours learning how to perform difficult processes.

Many homeowners assume that hiring a lawn care company is an expense that they can’t afford. However, the truth is that hiring a professional team is often more affordable than DIY-ing the same processes.

Lawn care companies already have professional-grade equipment and products. You might need to spend thousands of dollars to create the same collection of tools that your lawn care company already has on-hand. When you compare the price of a full set of expert tools, the price of a lawn care visit pales in comparison. 

Preferred Lawn Care Company: TruGreen

The reviews team recommends TruGreen for homeowners looking for professional and affordable lawn care. With nationwide availability and a number of convenient packages, TruGreen has the skills and expertise to tackle some of the most common lawn care concerns.

Let’s take a look at what TruGreen offers its customers and how you can claim your free estimate.  

TruGreen Plans & Services

TruGreen is a full-service lawn care company that focuses on providing customers with convenient lawn care plan options.

Take a look at what each of its five currently available plans offers: 

Plan Services
TruComplete Lawn Care Plan– One aeration and overseed per year
– Eight general-service visits per year
– Fertilization
– Grub and pest control services
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– An analysis of your current lawn condition
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Service by lawn care professionals
TruHealth Lawn Care Plan– Eight general-service visits per year
– Fertilization
– Grub and pest control services
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– An analysis of your current lawn condition
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Service by lawn care professionals
TruSignature Lawn Care Plan– One aeration and overseed per year
– Eight general-service visits per year
– Seven tree service visits per year
– Fertilization
– Grub and pest control services
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– An analysis of your current lawn condition
– Tree and shrub services
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Service by lawn care professionals
TruNatural Lawn Care Plan– Five general visits per year
– Natural fertilizer application
– Weed control services
– An analysis of your current lawn condition
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Service by lawn care professionals
TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan– Six general visits per year
– Fertilization
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– An analysis of your current lawn condition
– Satisfaction guarantee
– Service by lawn care professionals

All plans come with a Healthy Lawn Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction for full-program customers. 

TruGreen also offers the following services a la carte:

  • Mosquito control — TruGreen’s monthly mosquito control plan strategically places mosquito pesticide and pre-emergent to the areas where mosquitoes hide and lay their eggs.
  • Soil amendment services — Soil amendment services apply enrichment treatments to your lawn to correct pH issues and make sure your lawn’s condition is conducive to grass growth.
  • Tree and shrub services — TruGreen’s tree and shrub services involve the application of deep-root fertilizer treatments to your plants, removing dangerous branches and pruning to keep your lawn accents looking great.  

TruGreen Availability 

TruGreen is available in 48 out of 50 states. The only states it doesn’t currently service are Hawaii and Alaska. This means that if you live in any of the continental states, you probably have a TruGreen provider near you. 

TruGreen Cost 

The specific price you’ll pay for your TruGreen plan will vary depending on where you live, the package you choose, your lawn’s current condition and more. 

Why TruGreen? 

TruGreen is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and currently holds an A+ rating on the BBB’s website.

Seventy-three percent of reviewers on Trustpilot gave TruGreen at least 4 out of 5 stars. All BBB ratings are as of March 2020. 

“I have had a great experience with TruGreen. Everyone from the people who answer the phones to the technicians have been very helpful and polite. When I call with a problem they are eager to do what needs to be done and respond quickly. They have been treating my lawn for button weed, which is very hard to get rid of. I have tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to do this on my own with help from garden center supplies and it only got worse. I am pleased to say that after less than 5 months, they have almost completely eradicated these weeds from my lawn and when I find any coming up again, they send a technician to treat any new seedlings that arise. My lawn is really looking good and I recommend TruGreen for lawn service.”

— Dorothy R., 5 stars, BBB, 8/9/2018

“Still finding weeds in the yard even after treatments. It seems to me they are not thorough and careful when applying the treatments. They are only here for a few minutes.”

— David, 3 stars, Trustpilot, 6/7/2019

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Other National Company: Weed Man

Weed Man is the reviews team’s second recommended lawn care provider. Though Weed Man doesn’t offer as many plans as TruGreen, it does offer a wide range of a la carte options and nationwide service. Take a look at what you get when you choose Weed Man to tackle your lawn care. 

Weed Man Plans & Services

Weed Man is a franchised company, which means that the specific offerings you’ll find from your provider may vary depending on your climate and local pests.

Here are some of the most common offerings you may see from your local Weed Man: 

  • Lawn fertilization — Weed Man uses a golf course-grade slow-release fertilizer on all customers’ lawns. This premium blend helps your grass grow in thicker throughout the year. 
  • Weed control services — Weed Man offers two types of weed control: pre-emergent and post-emergent. Pre-emergent weed control uses natural substances to prevent weeds from sprouting in your yard, while post-emergent weed control uses pesticides to kill weeds already harming your grass. 
  • Surface insect control — Insect control prevents pests from harming your grass seeds. It does this by preventing their eggs from hatching in your lawn. 
  • Crabgrass control — Crabgrass is a type of weed that can make your lawn look patchy or tough. Crabgrass control from Weed Man uses chemicals to kill crabgrass and prevent it from growing in next season.
  • Core aeration — Weed Man’s core aeration service uses a mechanical tool to reduce thatch and introduce more oxygen into your soil. Weed Man offers aeration services at the beginning of both spring and fall.  
  • Seeding — Seeding introduces new grass seeds into your lawn to fill in patchy or brown spots.
  • White grub control White grubs are stubborn pests that can cause serious harm to your grass roots. Weed Man offers both preventive white grub treatments (that eliminate eggs before they hatch) as well as chemical treatments to kill off current infestations. 
  • Moss control — Moss can be a difficult intruder to remove and prevent. Weed Man offers comprehensive moss removal services for grasses in damper climates. 
  • Ant control and removal — Weed Man offers both perimeter ant control and in-lawn ant removal services. In many parts of the country, it also offers specific treatments for fire ants.
  • Flea and tick control — Weed Man’s flea-and-tick-control service uses strategic pesticide sprays in areas where harmful pests are likely to hide.
  • Mosquito control — Weed Man offers pre-emergent mosquito control to prevent these disease-carrying pests from nesting on your lawn.
  • Mole control services Moles can dig through your lawn, causing harmful and unsightly tunnels. Weed Man offers mole removal and deterrent services to safely and humanely keep moles away from your property. 
  • Soil pH adjustments — Weed Man’s pH testing services begin with taking a sample of your soil. The company’s team then tests your soil for pH imbalances and recommends a nutrient blend designed to fully enrich your lawn. This helps your grass and plants grow in healthier. 

You can purchase these services a la carte, adding only the options that you need for your lawn. Certain specialty packages include the following: 

  • Spring fertilization
  • Broadleaf weed and crabgrass control
  • Late spring/summer fertilization
  • Summer inspection
  • Summer weed control
  • Late summer fertilization
  • Late summer/fall weed control
  • Fall fertilization

Weed Man Availability 

Weed Man is available in most parts of the country. The company currently has over 150 independent franchises serving over 400,000 households across the nation. Weed Man currently offers service in all states except for the following:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • North Dakota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

Weed Man’s availability may also vary by ZIP code. 

Weed Man Cost

To see the cost of your specific Weed Man plan, you’ll have to request a free quote.

Why Weed Man? 

Weed Man is accredited by the BBB and holds an A rating with the organization. Weed Man does not have a profile with Trustpilot. 

On the BBB, the most recent reviews are negative. Older reviews skew more positive, noting effective treatment and excellent service. 

“Their products work well, but their communication is lousy. I have a fenced backyard that I keep locked because of pets, and so I had to have an adult present to unlock and then move animals for them to treat. They acted like I was asking for the sun, moon and stars to have to schedule a time to come.

“When all the adults in our household went to 8-to-5 jobs, I gave them a particular day, after 4, that I would always be available. Had a treatment scheduled for this Monday, and 4 came and went with no one coming. I called at 4:15 and left a message. Didn’t hear anything else till Wednesday. Then they said someone did come by on Monday, but didn’t contact me because they saw kids in the driveway! What the ??? I finally just had to give up on them.” 

 — Susan P., 1 star, BBB, 1/9/2020 

“We have seen a great improvement in our lawn. Must get all treatments to be effective, in my opinion. I am going on 4 years of their service. When I have a question or concern, they respond in a timely manner.” 

— Al Smith, 5 stars, BBB, 3/31/2017

Other National Company: The Davey Tree Expert Co.

Another nationwide lawn service company, The Davey Tree Expert Co., specializes in combining expert tree removal and maintenance services with year-round lawn care plans.

The reviews team recommends The Davey Tree Expert Co. for all of your specific tree and shrub needs. The company also provides lawn care treatments for comprehensive services. 

The Davey Tree Expert Co. Plans & Services

Davey Tree offers a wide variety of services that will enhance both your trees and your lawn as a whole. The company’s current offerings include:

  • Tree health inspections and treatment — As a team of certified arborists, Davey Tree can diagnose and treat most tree diseases, fungi and infestations.
  • Tree trimming and pruning — Davey Tree offers year-round pruning and trimming services to keep your trees healthy and safe.
  • Tree removal — Felling a tree is an incredibly dangerous process that requires expert precision. Davey Tree offers safe tree removal services.
  • Tree planting and transplanting — Davey Tree can plant new trees on your property or move existing trees to a new lot.
  • Shrub pruning — Davey Tree provides year-round shrub pruning and maintenance as well.
  • Tree and shrub fertilization — Trees and shrubs often have very deep roots that require specialized fertilization services. Davey Tree offers deep, slow-release fertilization treatments for trees and shrubbery.
  • Storm preparation services — Storms can cause broken branches and other property liabilities. Storm prep services can help you mitigate these risks and keep your property safer.   

In addition to tree and shrub services, Davey Tree offers a full lawn care maintenance program. You can completely customize your lawn care program to fit the specific needs of your lawn and your household budget.

Some of the services you may want to add to your plan include:  

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Grub and pest control
  • Disease management
  • Lawn renovation and restoration
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding

The Davey Tree Expert Co. Availability 

Davey Tree is available in 47 states, meaning that they serve most parts of the country.

The company does not list unavailable locations on its site. Customers can search their ZIP code to see if there is a local office in their area. 

The Davey Tree Co. Cost

Like other lawn care companies, Davey Tree does not list sample quotes for its services on its site. Some factors that could impact the price you pay include the size of your yard and trees, the location you live in and the condition of your lawn and trees.

To receive a quote, customers can request a consultation.  

Why Davey Tree? 

Davey Tree is BBB-accredited and holds an A+ rating from the organization. Davey Tree doesn’t have a profile on Trustpilot. 

Reviews are mixed. Some customers complain of failed services and upselling, while others note exceptional, prompt service. 

“What a pleasant surprise! Davey Tree took down six large trees in our backyard today. The trees were well over 40 feet tall, one was arching over our neighbors’ garage, one was arching over our house, one was interfering with power lines, and one was pushing up against a fence.

“The crane arrived on time, the crew was there at the stated time, and they were polite and efficient. They cleaned up the yard of all dropped limbs and branches. They took care with our driveway and warned us ahead of time that part of the yard along the driveway would be impacted … The price was fair and the quality of work was outstanding. I would absolutely use Davey Tree again, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.” 

— Ruth Ann L, 5 stars, BBB, 3/2/2020

“We contacted Davey tree company here in Indianapolis, IN to inquire about the particulars of cutting down our tree in the front yard. The understanding was that they would be coming out sometime in the winter.

“However, when we got home from work on Aug. 7, 2019 to our surprise, the tree had been cut down. We notified the company wanting to know what happened. He was reminded that the work order was originally scheduled for some time during the winter. There was no definite winter date given at the time.

“The assumption was that an exact date would be given as we approached the winter months. We explained to him that we really didn’t appreciate having to pay an untimely expense, at which point he apologized, acknowledged that the error was their fault and indicated that it was a computer error that caused the problem.” 

— H.G., 3 stars, BBB, 8/20/2019

Reviews Team’s Verdict

Ultimately, the reviews team recommends TruGreen as the top lawn care company. With nationwide availability and easy-to-understand plans and pricing, TruGreen makes it simple for homeowners to understand what their lawn needs and how they can achieve the green lawn they’ve been dreaming of.

While you may have more local options available, few companies will be able to match the wide range of services and expertise of TruGreen. The company offers five specific plans and a variety of a la carte options. 

Keep in mind that the best lawn care provider for you will depend on your individual needs as a homeowner and your unique budget.

Do you think that TruGreen might be the right lawn care company for you? Getting a quote is simple and easy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look after your lawn?

Looking after your lawn is a year-round job. You need to water your lawn, mow it regularly, fertilize it, overseed it, aerate it and protect it from pests. You can also hire a professional lawn care company to handle the job for you. 

How much is lawn care service? 

The specific price you’ll pay for lawn care services will depend on where you live and the company you choose. You might pay as little as $20 a visit if you only need someone to go over your property with a lawnmower, or you might pay thousands of dollars if you need something like tree removal. The best way to learn what you can expect to pay is to get a free quote from multiple lawn care providers. 

What’s the best way to maintain your lawn?

The best way to maintain your lawn is to treat it consistently and always be on the lookout for pests. A lawn care company can help you create a customized treatment plan. 


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