Home Doors


When updating or renovating your home, you may discover that the options for doors are vast and numerous. While some doors are designed to fit in any home, others are built to fulfill specific purposes. Before installing a door, you should know the basic options available and which door is appropriate for each room. 

Door Basics

To help you find the best doors for your next home improvement project, we’ve compiled a list of all the major door types. 

  • Standard pre-hung doors: These are the most common types of doors available. They come with a ready-to-mount door, hinges, and, typically, a knob. These doors can be placed in just about any room or entrance in a home. 
  • Barn doors: Barn doors slide along a visible exterior track instead of swinging open. Barn doors can be attached with one top track or a top and bottom track. These doors add a rustic flair to rooms but are considered cumbersome by some homeowners.
  • Pocket doors: These doors slide like barn doors, but the single top track is hidden inside the frame. These are more subtle than barn doors and are typically used for closets. 
  • Bifold doors: Bifolds are attached to their frames via a track, like a barn or pocket door, but instead of sliding into the frame, they fold outward. This system allows for more efficient use of space and requires less work to install. They’re often used for closets, pantries, utility rooms, or other storage.
  • French doors: These doors are composed of multiple glass panes, allowing light to shine through from one space to another. They typically come in pairs but can be installed as a single door. They’re commonly used in dining, living, sun, and sitting rooms. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the different kinds of door options or want to read up on door repair and maintenance, check out some of our articles below. 

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