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May 26, 2023

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    There are few things more integral to your home’s health, safety, and well-being than pest control. Pests like mice, cockroaches, and raccoons carry dangerous diseases, making them a safety risk. Others, like termites, carpet beetles, and carpenter bees, can destroy your home, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. This article will help you find the best pest control company while explaining the costs of pest control and what services you can expect. 

    To determine which pest control companies were the best in the business, we judged them against our strict, unbiased rating criteria. Specifically, we looked at their service offerings, prices, customer service ratings, company history, availability, and pest coverage. Each of these factors was rated, with their scores adding up to 100 potential points. Each company’s total score was then used to determine its overall placement and star rating. 

    • Terminix is our pick for the best pest control company for its outstanding termite control.
    • Orkin is a close second due to its strong reputation and comprehensive service coverage.
    • Ehrlich, Arrow, and Aptive all offer child and pet-friendly options for pest control treatments.

    Compare the Top Pest Control Companies

    TerminixOrkinHawxEhrlichArrow ExterminatorsBulwark ExterminatingAptive Environmental
    SuperlativeBest Termite ControlBest for Comprehensive ServiceBest Mosquito PlanBest Additional ServicesBest Rodent ControlBest Customer ServiceBest Eco-Friendly Service
    Years in Business96122109559248
    Services Offered Pest, termite, and wildlife control Pest and termite control and protection plansPest, termite, and mosquito controlPest control, fumigation, air purification, TAP servicesPest control, wildlife control, termite control, handyman servicesPest, termite, mosquito, rodent, and scorpion control Aptive pest plan
    Covered PestsCommon household pests, termites, rodents, and much more. Common household pests, wildlife, termites, and many moreCommon household insects, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, and more.Common household pests, wildlife, termites, and more.  Common household pests, wildlife, rodents, stinging insects, termites, and more. Common household pests,  rodents, stinging insects, termites, and more.Common household pests and stinging insects. 
    States CoveredAll but Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and VermontAll but Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming1620 13 12 24
    BBB RatingAA+BA+A+A+A+
    Our Rating4.6/5 stars4.7/5 stars4/5 stars 4.3/5 stars4.3/5 stars4.2/5 stars 4/5 stars

    Ratings accurate as of May 2023.

    Our Top 7 Best Pest Companies

    Our picks for the best pest control companies of 2023 are:


    Our Reason for Choosing Terminix

    With over 90 years of experience and satellite offices nationwide, Terminix is our pick for the best overall pest control company and best termite control. Terminix treats 13 common insects in your home through its general plan, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and millipedes. However, Terminix specializes in termite control, offering some of the best termite prevention in the industry. While most companies only offer a single option for termite control, Terminix offers three, including a complete removal and remediation guarantee.

    Pros & Cons


    • Robust termite protection through its three prevention plans
    • Standard plans cover 13 common household pests
    • Performs extra treatments at no additional cost if pests return between scheduled treatments


    • Doesn’t offer free inspections for all pests, but initial termite inspections are free
    • Single-service applications for pests like bed bugs, ticks, or roaches can be expensive

    To learn more about the company’s services and pest coverage, you can read our in-depth review of Terminix and view this informative video below.

    Does Terminix Offer a Guarantee?

    Terminix offers three guarantees: general satisfaction, Nix Termite, and Nix and Fix. 

    • General Satisfaction Guarantee: Terminix promises to return and retreat your home in the event of returning pests at no extra charge. 
    • Nix Termite Guarantee: Terminix promises to eliminate your termite problem and keep them gone, returning at no charge if termites pop back up. 
    • Nix and Fix Guarantee: Only applies to qualifying homes. This guarantee promises that Terminix will return in the event of recurring termites and cover any damage they incur, up to $250,000. 

    Services Offered

    Terminix offers services for general pest control and specialized pest control for ticks, termites, and bed bugs. 

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    General Pest Control PlanCovers 13 of the most common types of pests, like cockroaches, silverfish, ants, wasps, and spiders. While some exotic pests may be excluded, this plan tackles most household invaders. 
    Quick Guard Mosquito ServiceThis additional plan targets and immediately eliminates mosquito problems. Inspectors identify and target mosquito breeding sites, eliminating them on the spot and returning for regular spraying during mosquito season.
    Tick Defend SystemTerminix uses a liquid and granular treatment to create a barrier that protects against all American tick species. Monthly servicing during tick season ensures your yard is tick-free every year. 
    Termite ProtectionTerminix’s three termite protection plans offer some of the best pest control services for termites in the industry. Basic plans eliminate existing termites and protect against future occurrences, with advanced plans covering termite damage alongside other pests. 
    Bed Bug ControlTerminix’s Bed Bug protection begins with a rapid inspection and elimination to get your home free of bed bugs ASAP. Then it creates a custom plan for monitoring and future protection. 

    If you’re interested in a free quote from Terminix, fill out this form or dial 866-569-4035.


    Our Reason for Choosing Orkin

    With over a century of pest control experience, it’s no surprise that Orkin offers comprehensive and attentive integrated pest management services. Orkin has a variety of plans available to homeowners across the country and treats an impressive total of 20 pests. Orkin also offers specialized services for bed bugs, termite control, and (depending on location) wildlife management. 

    Not only does Orkin cover more pests than most other pest control companies, but it has a strict training program ensuring that its technicians know their stuff. As a result, Orkin offers some of the best general pest control in the industry, providing skilled, trained exterminators who can handle a wide variety of infestations. If you’re looking for general pest control that covers the most pests from a trusted national brand, Orkin is the way to go.

    Pros & Cons


    • Offers instant online quotes
    • Standard plans cover 15 pests, with specialty services for other, less common invaders
    • If pests return between scheduled treatments, Orkin will return at no extra charge


    • Doesn’t offer free pest inspections
    • Wildlife management is limited to select service areas

    You can check out our full Orkin review to read more about its pest management services, coverage, and prices. 

    Does Orkin Offer a Guarantee?

    Orkin offers a complete satisfaction guarantee, vowing to return between treatments if pests resurface — plus, if it can’t solve the problem, it will refund your last service visit. Additionally, Orkin has a 30-day money-back guarantee that promises a full refund in the first 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with its services. 

    Services Offered

    Orkin provides homeowners with some of the best coverage options available, eliminating everything from bees, mosquitoes, and beetles to bed bugs, ticks, and flies. 

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    General Pest Control PlanThis plan covers 15 of the most common household pests, such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, hornets, and spiders. 
    Termite ControlOrkin combines liquid Termidor termite treatment, Sentricon baiting, and dry spray foam to create a complete protective barrier for your home and yard.   
    Bed Bug ServicesOrkin’s three-step process of inspecting, targeted elimination, and post-treatment monitoring eliminates bed bugs right away and prevents them from returning. 
    Mosquito ServiceOrkin pest inspectors will identify mosquito nesting areas, then use a combination of synthetic and natural agents to eliminate existing and future mosquitoes. 

    If you would like to receive a free quote from Orkin, fill out this form or call 877-868-1416.


    Our Reason for Choosing Hawx

    Originating in Ogden, Utah, nine years ago, Hawx has since expanded to 15 additional states, becoming a recognized brand nationwide. Hawx offers unique, customized pest prevention plans for all its customers, tailoring its treatment to fit your home’s unique needs. With solutions covering up to 40 household pests and an outstanding mosquito control plan, Hawx is a great option for standard pest control services and targeted mosquito extermination.

    Pros & Cons


    • Custom pest control plans tailored to your home’s needs
    • Technicians communicate directly with homeowners through messaging
    • Comprehensive mosquito control and prevention plan


    • Limited service areas
    • Some insects, such as pollinators, German cockroaches, and fire ants, are not covered

    To learn more about its custom plans and how they can best protect your home, read our complete Hawx review

    Does Hawx Offer a Guarantee?

    Hawx offers a satisfaction guarantee for its general pest control and mosquito abatement plans. If pests return after Hawx applies its treatments, it will return at no additional charge to eliminate them. 

    Services Offered

    Unlike most other pest control companies, Hawx offers options for either a generalized pest control plan, which covers most pests, or selective treatments for specific critters.  

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    General Pest ControlCovers up to 40 potential pests, specializing in pests local to service areas. Plans are custom-built for homeowners after an initial consultation and inspection. 
    Mosquito Abatement PlanHawx’s mosquito abatement plant targets these stinging insects where they nest, eliminating them as nymphs and larvae. Hawx also returns each month to reassess and reapply treatments, keeping mosquitoes at bay during peak seasons. 
    Ant ControlAfter an initial inspection, Hawx technicians will target and eliminate invading ants. Then, they’ll use preventative treatments while informing homeowners about good pest control practices for keeping ants out. 
    Spider ControlWith Hawx’s spider control plan, technicians eliminate existing spiders while destroying their webs and nesting. Then, they’ll return every quarter to respray for further prevention. 
    Rodent ControlHawx Rodent Control includes immediate rodent removal, including the nesting area, and steps to keep them from returning, like sealing key entry points. 

    If you’re interested in a custom quote from Hawx, fill out this quick form or contact the provider at 818-273-1741.


    Our Reason for Choosing Ehrlich

    Ehrlich has been in business since 1928, providing some of the most impressive services to the East Coast. We like Ehrlich because its primary pest prevention plan, Pestfree 365, targets over 40 pest species year-round. However, the real winning point for its plan is that it includes bed bugs, which are typically not included in most basic pest control plans. Additionally, it has some of the best choices for secondary services, like fumigation, vegetation control, and air purification. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Pestfree 365 covers 40 different pest species, including bed bugs
    • Child and pet-friendly options
    • Wide selection of secondary and select pest control services


    • Limited service areas
    • Customer reviews indicate mixed service experience

    If you want to read more about its wide selection of services, feel free to read our full Ehrlich review

    Does Ehrlich Offer a Guarantee?

    Ehrlich offers a satisfaction guarantee for its Pestfree 365 service. This guarantee states that if pests return between service visits, Ehrlich will come back and solve the problem. 

    Services Offered

    Alongside its Pesfree 365 general pest control program, Ehrlich also offers a wide selection of additional residential and commercial pest control services.

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    Pestfree 365Covers over 40 different pests, including bed bugs, ants, bees, cockroaches, crickets, and much more. 
    Termite ControlEhrlich offers a comprehensive termite removal plan which can include liquid control, bait stations, fumigation, and select spot treatments. 
    Tick ControlErhlich offers season-long tick control and prevention plans that create a lethal barrier for bloodsucking parasites. 
    FumigationEhrlich provides fumigation services for residential and commercial buildings, including containers, warehouses, and silos. 
    Vegetation ControlThis program removes a wide range of weeds from residential and commercial properties. It helps desirable plants grow and removes places for pests like mice to hide. 

    If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote from Ehrlich, you can fill out this quick form.

    Arrow Exterminators

    Our Reason for Choosing Arrow Exterminators

    Since its start in 1964, Arrow has become a trusted name in pest control. Available in most Southern states, Arrow Exterminators offers free inspections alongside pest control and handyman services, like lawn care, insulation, and moisture control. However, we picked Arrow because of its impressive wildlife and rodent control program. 

    Under its program, Arrow inspects, targets, and removes rodents, birds, large mammals, and more from your home. Compared to other companies, Arrow Exterminators targets more kinds of wild animals and places a greater emphasis on this service, making its team an ideal choice for wildlife removal. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Wildlife control program that targets difficult-to-manage pests, like raccoons, bats, and rodents
    • Free pest inspections
    • Family and pet-safe options for pest control


    • Limited availability
    • Lack of pricing on its website

    If you’re interested in its stellar wildlife and rodent control program, or its other services, you can read about the company in our full Arrow review

    Does Arrow Exterminators Offer a Guarantee?

    Arrow uses its Steps Total Protection system for all integrated pest control services. Under this system, Arrow inspects your property, identifies all current pests, and then treats the problem with the most environmentally friendly options available. This program also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Services Offered

    Arrow provides an array of pest and lawn services, including a comprehensive wildlife control program.

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    Common Household Pest Control This is Arrow’s standard pest control program. It covers pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs.
    Termite ControlArrow inspects your entire property, identifies infested areas, then treats them with a Sentricon baiting system. 
    Rodent ControlArrow’s rodent control system not only targets and eliminates rodent populations, but Arrow will also repair damaged areas and replace infested insulation. 
    Wildlife Control Unlike many of its competitors, Arrow offers a complete wildlife control program that covers birds, large mammals, snakes, and other regional pests. 
    Home ServicesArrow offers a small selection of home services, including lawn care, moisture control, insulation installation, and handyman services. 

    If you want to receive a quote from Arrow, you can fill out this quick form.

    Bulwark Exterminators

    Our Reason for Choosing Bulwark Exterminating

    With over 24 years of experience, Bulwark uses its industry expertise to provide top-notch customer service to 12 states in the Midwest. Bulwark’s operating area and pest control options are limited as a family-owned business, but its impeccable reputation and exceptional customer reviews more than compensate. We chose Bulwark because, after combing through thousands of customer responses for dozens of pest control companies, it has, by far, the most positive customer reviews compared to the other companies on our list. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Highly positive customer feedback across multiple online review sites
    • Generous 60-day service guarantee
    • All-natural pest control treatment options


    • Limited service area of 12 states
    • Limited pest control service options

    To learn more about its customer service, pest control plans, and satisfaction guarantee, you can read about Bulwark in our complete review

    Does Bulwark Exterminating Offer a Guarantee?

    Bulwark offers two impressive, industry-leading guarantees. First, its 60-day satisfaction guarantee promises to return and retreat pest problems at no charge if you’re not satisfied. Second, if there’s a problem and a technician doesn’t show up, your next visit is free of charge. 

    Services Offered

    Bulwark aims for quality over quantity with its service options, offering only general pest control alongside scorpion, mosquito, and termite plans. 

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    General Pest Control PlanThis is Bulwark’s standard plan, covering pests like ants, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, and ticks. It can be a recurring service or a one-time treatment. 
    Mosquito Control PlanBulwark’s Mosquito control plan completely removes mosquitoes from a property with monthly visits in April through October or can eliminate them for up to five weeks with a single treatment. 
    Termite ControlBulwark uses a pet-friendly termite control barrier derived from chrysanthemums to eliminate termites at their nests.
    Scorpion ControlBulwark uses a combination of natural chemical treatments combined with a physical barrier, the Scorpion Wall, to keep these stinging pests out. 

    If you want to receive a personalized quote from Bulwark, you can fill out this short form.

    Aptive Environmental

    Our Reason for Choosing Aptive

    Although it’s a relative newcomer to the pest control industry, Aptive has made a mark with its focus on reducing insecticide risk and its seasonal pest control plan. The Four-Seasons Protection Plan includes an initial visit followed by quarterly treatments, keeping your home free from bugs through each season. We chose Aptive because of its dedication to environmentally friendly pest control, going so far as to be a member of EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, which helps build community awareness of pesticide risk. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Eco-friendly pesticides
    • Donates to the malaria control organization “United To Beat Malaria”
    • Offers 24/7 customer service


    • Aptive doesn’t provide pest control services for termites or bed bugs
    • Only offers one pest control plan

    If you want to learn more about its eco-friendly, pet-friendly pest control services, you can read about Aptive Environmental in our full review

    Does Aptive Offer a Guarantee?

    According to Aptive’s FAQ page, it promises to return as many times as needed to ensure your home is protected with its products. 

    Services Offered

    Unfortunately, Aptive has limited options for its pest control services. It only offers a Four-Seasons Protection Plan alongside mosquito control. 

    Type of ServicePests Covered
    Four-Seasons Protection PlanAptive’s complete pest control plan provides environmentally conscious, pet-friendly protection against pests like ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, mice, rats, and slugs.

    For a custom quote from Aptive, complete this quick form.

    What Should You Look For in a Good Pest Control Company?

    Choosing the right pest control company is essential in protecting your home from unwanted critters. Unfortunately, not all pest control companies provide the same quality service as those presented in this guide. When looking for your next professional pest control company or exterminator, we recommend keeping the following things in mind:

    • Licensing and certification: All reputable pest control companies should be certified through your state’s appropriate regulatory agency. Most state government websites contain a license look-up for home service providers and contractors. 
    • Experience and reputation: Not all pest control companies have experience handling every kind of pest — always double-check a company’s history and services to ensure it’s the right fit for your home. 
    • Customer service and satisfaction: Even the most well-rated companies can have poorly performing branch offices. Local satellite offices’ customer reviews are just as important as those for the national brand. 
    • Pest control methods and products: Some pest control products can harm pets, infants, and young children. A reliable pest control company will host product information on its website. 
    • Pricing and guarantees: Pest control can be expensive, especially for larger homes. When investing in a pest control company, choose those that stand behind their products and methods with a customer satisfaction guarantee. 

    Additionally, when shopping for a pest control company, we recommend taking the following steps: 

    • Asking for referrals and testimonials: Like in any service industry, asking a pest control provider for referrals and testimonials is commonplace. This tactic allows you to see firsthand how it performed in its field. 
    • Checking online reviews and ratings: Customer reviews and ratings are one of the quickest ways to gauge a company’s reputation and work history. We recommend checking websites like the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Yelp. 
    • Requesting a free inspection and estimate: Unlike many other service industries, pest control companies don’t always offer free estimates and inspections. However, local branches may be willing to offer them when asked, so it never hurts to try. 
    • Comparing plans and contracts: We always recommend comparing quotes from multiple pest control companies before deciding. This way, you can compare prices and services, finding the best deal at the lowest cost. 
    • Negotiating discounts and deals: Many pest control companies offer deals through their websites or associated social media accounts, especially for first-time customers. 

    How Much Do Top Pest Control Companies Typically Charge?

    Typically, pest control costs $250–$400 for basic pest control services packages but can reach upward of $2,000 for intense termite treatments. Other secondary services can have varying prices. For example, bed bug services costs can range from $300 to over $3,000. You can use the table below for more accurate average pricing.

    Standard Pest Control CostBed Bug Service CostTermite Treatment CostMosquito Contract Cost
    Terminix$500–$750 per year$450–$1,200Between $500 and $2,000 or more annually$600–$900 (six to nine-month contracts)
    Orkin$600–$715 per year$350–$1,500$1,500 and up$199 (per visit)
    Hawx$800–$900 per yearNA$500–$1,000 and up$350–$500
    Ehrlich$600–$1,200 or more per yearIncluded in the standard plan$1,500 and up $250–$600
    Arrow Exterminators$500 and up per year$500–$3,000$800–$2,000$60–$100
    Bulwark$55–$65 per month$200–$500$500 and up$100–$300
    Aptive$500–$600 per yearNANA$199

    How Can You Save Money When Hiring a Top Pest Control Company?

    Finding a reliable pest control company is essential in keeping dangerous pests out of your home. Some pests, like termites and mice, can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage if left unchecked and untreated. Finding a pest control company that can handle these kinds of pests can be difficult and expensive, especially in the case of serious infestations. 

    When shopping for a pest control company, we recommend taking your time and carefully vetting your options. Even in emergencies, like a severe termite infection, rushing into a contract can cost you plenty. Always check each company’s history, accreditations, customer reviews, and service offerings. Next, call multiple companies, asking pertinent questions during each initial inspection. By comparing quotes and asking initial questions, you can compare the relative price of each company while gauging their customer service, expertise, and project estimations. 

    Finally, you can save money by being more acutely aware of the kinds of pests infesting your home and common problem areas. By knowing the kinds of pests in your home and identifying problem areas, you can obtain more accurate estimates and avoid unnecessary service fees. Careful observation and general pest know-how are key here, but you should look out for:

    • Holes in window and door screens: These can lead to pest issues like flies, ants, and stinging insects. 
    • Gaps, cracks, and holes in foundations: Any crack or gap one-quarter of an inch or more can let pests inside. 
    • Scratching noises in walls, foul smells, and streaks along baseboards: These are all telltale signs of rat infestations. 
    • Holes in baseboards, sawdust-like deposits, and bowed floors: These issues indicate termite damage. 
    • Gaps in siding, shingles, or spaces between window frames: These are all common entry points for pests. 
    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Termites are some of the most damaging pests out there, and keeping an eye out for their warning signs is a must. Look out for “frass,” a sawdust-like dropping that they leave behind near baseboards and walls. Additionally, look for discarded wings on windowsills in the spring and early summer.

    So, What Is the Best Pest Control Company?

    Ultimately, the best pest control company will be the one that suits your specific needs and tackles the kinds of pests you’re experiencing. Generally, Terminix offers the best combination of services, industry experience, and quality — especially if termites are your main problem. However, if you’re experiencing a wide range of pest problems, Orkin may be a better choice. Or, if you have children and pets to worry about, Aptive, Arrow, and Ehrlich are all good options. 

    Pests are no joke, with many acting as vectors for diseases or posing a serious risk to the condition of your home. As such, it’s essential to discover the depth of the problem and find a solution before things get out of hand. We always recommend scheduling an inspection as soon as pest infestations appear. 

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    Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs About Pest Control Companies

    What is the most effective pest control?

    The most effective pest control service is the one provided by a professional. We recommend Terminix, which values customer service, educates customers throughout the treatment process, and offers effective and affordable plans.

    Is pest control worth the cost?

    Pest control is worth the cost for many homeowners. Whether DIY or handled by a professional, pest control gives you peace of mind that your home is free of disease-carrying bugs like mosquitoes and cockroaches. Additionally, pest control ensures your home stays damage-free, as termites and rodents can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and wiring.

    Should I try pest control myself?

    You can use DIY pest control solutions to rid your home of bugs. However, if you can’t get a hold on the infestation in your home, it’s best to call a professional before the problem gets too large and causes damage to your home.

    What is the best way to get rid of mice?

    The best way to get rid of mice in your home is to place traps in vulnerable areas, such as along the walls or near a trash can. If your efforts don’t get rid of the problem, it may be wise to call a professional before the infestation gets out of hand.

    Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Pest Control Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement and maintenance projects. To that end, we have researched the top pest control companies so you can choose the right one to keep your home pest free. 

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, and in-depth customer review analysis.

    A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across five categories, converted to a five-star scale. We researched and analyzed dozens of the nation’s best pest control companies and developed the following formula:

    • Plan Options (25 points): We looked at the variety and quality of each company’s service plans when determining this factor’s score. The number of pest removal plans and the variety of pests covered by these plans all impacted their score.  
    • State Availability (10 points): We ranked companies based on the total number of states they operated in.
    • Trustworthiness (25 points): Reputation and trustworthiness are essential when evaluating a pest control company. As such, we thoroughly inspected each company’s background, reviews, and industry ratings. This included checking their Better Business Bureau Ranking (BBB), business history, and customer feedback and ratings from Google, Yelp, and other industry-related websites, when applicable. 
    • Customer service (25 points): A company's ability to communicate and provide direct, speedy responses is essential for creating a good customer experience. With this in mind, we looked at each company’s availability, responsiveness, and available means of communication (online chat, phone number, email, response form, etc.).
    • Additional Benefits (15 points): We looked at supporting services offered by each company when calculating this factor’s score. Additional benefits like a mobile app, available product details, how easy those details are to find, and the ability to request callbacks all contributed to this score.   

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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