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Monthly Cost:
Service Fee:
Response Time:
24-48 hrs.
Coverage Limit:
BBB Rating:
48 states (ex WA & CA)
Choice Home Warranty (CHW) offers two affordable plans for homeowners covering the most common home appliances and home systems.
My customer experience with the company was positive — I found their website easy to navigate, and their quote process to be user friendly.
I like that the company’s customer service representatives are available 24/7/365.
CHW offers coverage limits of $3,000 — higher than those of some of their competitors, such as Liberty Home Guard.
Choice Home Warranty has many negative customer reviews posted across multiple review websites, citing issues with claims response and shady business with payouts, as some policyholders felt breakdowns were wrongly determined to be caused by preexisting conditions, which are excluded from coverage. This is concerning to me, so be sure to do your research and understand all exclusions and protections you have with Choice. 
While Choice’s plans are simple, they lack customizability. 
While the company offers 24/7/365 contact, emergency services can vary depending on the state you live in. Be sure to read through the exclusions to know what services are offered in your state. 
Choice’s service call fee option of $85 (a discounted rate offered to me while secret shopping) is higher than that of some of their competitors, such as Liberty Home Guard, who offer service fees as low as $65.

I recommend Choice Home Warranty to the budget-conscious homeowner who’s willing to do research before partnering with a home warranty provider. Be sure to understand all exclusions before signing a contract, and speak with a customer service representative to secure the best discounts for your contract. 

A home warranty is a service contract to help repair and replace home appliances and systems that have broken down — most often those caused by normal wear and tear. Partnering with a home warranty service provider can give you a one-stop option for resolving your home’s breakdowns. Home warranty companies also can have a bad rap. Negative stigmas like unfulfilled payout promises, inadequate and unfinished repairs leading to worsened conditions, hidden exclusions and fees, and even scams are difficult to ignore when debating purchasing coverage. That said, partnering with the right company can potentially save you thousands of dollars. 

I’ve researched Choice Home Warranty by secret shopping, scouring a sample contract, and using Today’s Homeowner’s unique and customer-centered review criteria to give you a comprehensive and trustworthy review of Choice Home Warranty. This provider was rated using Today’s Homeowner review criteria, including plans and coverage, affordability, customer experience, company reputation, claims process, and availability. Based on my own research and TH review criteria, this review discusses all aspects of home warranty coverage offered by this provider. 

For more on why Choice Home Warranty could be the best home warranty company for you, watch the video below.

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    Choice Home Warranty: Best Claim Acceptance Rate

    I love that both of Choice Home Warranty’s plans are incredibly affordable, each costing under $60 a month. Additionally, all their add-on coverage costs below $15 (most costing $8.33 and below) per month, allowing you to customize your plan at an affordable rate. Choice even offers coverage for older homes, systems, and appliances. This isn’t standard practice across home warranty providers, and is a wonderful perk of working with CHW — especially for customers who don’t own newly built homes. Choice Home Warranty offers coverage in 48 states, giving me confidence that the company abides by contracts since it can fulfill promised payouts on a large scale. I also appreciate that Choice offers coverage limits of up to $3,000 per item — higher than many other providers that restrict payouts to only $2,000. 

    It’s certainly concerning that Choice Home Warranty has numerous negative reviews left across multiple reputable review sites, such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Trustpilot. Most negative reviews report issues surrounding claim denial and less-than-stellar workmanship. I also dislike that Choice buries their exclusions in their sample contract. Other home warranty companies make exclusions clear and easy to find, but Choice hides exclusions under each appliance and system in their sample contract. While this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, it lessens the customer experience. 

    While CHW’s plan structure is simple, with only two plan options, this doesn’t leave much room for customization. Additionally, according to CHW’s contract, the provider doesn’t allow you the option to choose your own technician. While the company’s technicians can facilitate quick service, this policy further limits customization of your coverage. The Arizona Attorney General has filed a consumer lawsuit against Choice as well, which is concerning. If you want more customized home warranty coverage, Choice is likely not the best option for you. 

    Choice Home Warranty Bottom Line: 


    Choice Home Warranty scored an 8.6 out of 10 points overall using the TH review criteria. CHW has been in business for 14 years and has received a B rating from the BBB, and while according to their website at the time of this writing they’ve processed three million service requests since their founding in 2009, the company has received a lot of negative reviews. This is concerning, but CHW is able to operate in 48 states, making payouts as high as $3,000 per item, which helps establish legitimacy.

    Choice offers two comprehensive plans and a small list of affordable add-on options. That said, I’d only recommend purchasing their Total Plan, as their Basic Plan lacks essential coverage, leaving repair responsibility on you for your most vital (and often expensive) appliances and systems. Choice states that emergency services are typically available, and have provisions for these services based on the state you live in. A lack of emergency services can be a huge deal-breaker for homeowners, so be sure to read through their sample contract to learn if your state is covered. 

    If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner who wants simple coverage options for your most important appliances and systems, Choice Home Warranty may be the best fit for you. Again, I recommend their Total Plan, because it costs just over $6 more a month to add protection for the most vital items in your home, including your air conditioner system, refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer.   

    Choice Home Warranty Plans and Coverage 


    Choice Home Warranty offers two comprehensive plans, both costing under $60 a month. Their Basic Plan includes coverage for heating, electrical, and plumbing systems, ductwork, and most common kitchen appliances, excluding your refrigerator. The Total Plan adds coverage for your air conditioning system, refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer to the Basic Plan’s coverage. If I were choosing to work with CHW, I’d opt for the Total Plan, as it costs under $10 more per month than the Basic Plan and includes coverage for the most critical appliances and systems, such as refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, and air conditioning systems. 

    While CHW’s plan options are limited, causing them to lose points in this category, they’re clear and easily understood. CHW’s list of add-ons is short but includes items commonly found in homes, including a pool and spa. 

    In addition to discounts of $50 off the first year plus one month free and free roof leak coverage as offered on their website, when secret shopping with Choice my customer service representative offered me via email 20% off any plan and an $85 service fee for the first year of coverage. While the chart below reflects quotes with my offered discounts applied, Choice may not offer you the same discounts. I recommend calling to ask about what discounts they can give you. 

    PlanMonthly Cost*Service Fee
    Basic Plan$37.34$85
    Total Plan$44$85

    *Monthly cost figures include discounted rates offered at the time of writing. Choice Home Warranty has been running a $50 off and one month free promotion since the beginning of this year, and the chart also reflects the 20% discount offered by a customer service representative via email. 

    Editor’s Note: The cost data cited in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in Tucson, Arizona, and was accurate at the time of writing.

    Available Add-Ons

    These are Choice Home Warranty’s add-on options and their monthly costs:

    • Pool: $15
    • Spa: $15
    • Well pump: $8.33
    • Central vacuum : $3.33
    • Limited roof leak: $5.83
    • Second refrigerator: $3.33
    • Stand-alone freezer: $3.33
    • Sump pump: $3.33
    • Additional spa: $15
    • Septic system:  $10
    • Septic tank pumping : $5.42

    As I mentioned previously, even though this is a limited list of add-ons that doesn’t leave much room for customization, the items covered are those commonly found in homes that homeowners would likely want protection for.


    Like all home warranty companies, Choice has limitations to their coverage. CHW documents exclusions in their contracts, opting to address them as they apply to each covered item individually. Their sample contract states that all components and parts of the following are covered: clothes washer and dryer, built-in microwave, oven/range/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator (excluding audio/visual equipment and Wi-Fi components), and ceiling fan. 

    Alternatively, some appliances and systems do have limitations outlined in CHW’s sample contract, including air conditioners, plumbing systems, electrical systems, and more. I pulled the following notable exclusions directly from Choice Home Warranty’s sample contract: 

    • HVAC: Outside/underground pipes, window units, refrigerant line sets, portable units, fuel storage tanks, clogged ductwork, and refrigerant 
    • Water heater: fuel tanks, secondary tanks or tanks exceeding 75 gallons, vents, flues, thermal expansion tanks, and energy management systems
    • Electrical system: circuit overload, face plates, all solar, generator, or emergency management systems
    • Plumbing system: stoppages caused by collapsed, damaged, or broken drains, vents, or sewer lines outside of the home’s main foundation, damages caused by outside infiltration (such as roots), bathtub, sink, shower, jets, caulking or grouting, septic tanks, holding tanks, water filtration systems, and saunas

    Choice Home Warranty Affordability 


    Choice Home Warranty earned an 8.9 for affordability — one of their highest scores. Both plans offered by the provider, the Basic Plan and the Total Plan, are affordable, costing less than $60 a month – making Choice one of the cheapest home warranty companies. CHW’s add-ons are also incredibly affordable, with seven out of 10 costing $8.33 or less per month. This is one of the most affordable lists of add-ons I have seen from a home warranty provider. While their service fee is higher than some other providers offer, you can rely on having a set service fee, and a higher service fee will help to keep your monthly premium lower. Choice also offers some helpful discounts when you speak with customer service representatives, and will even email discounts. Despite limited plan and add-on options, Choice is an incredibly affordable home warranty provider. 

    Choice Home Warranty Customer Experience


    Choice earned an 8.4 out of 10 for customer experience based on TH review criteria. The company lost points in this category because they utilize multiple points of contact after you request a quote. This is a complaint I found to be common across the negative reviews left for the company, as customers report feeling pressured by the quantity of contacts from service representatives. TH’s score reflects my own experience, as my customer experience was mostly positive, but a few small things cause Choice to lose points. CHW’s website can be slightly difficult to navigate when looking for helpful information rather than a quote, and their exclusions are difficult to locate. That said, their quote process was fast and easy, and CHW has many online reviews highlighting positive experiences, most notably with fast breakdown resolution. 

    Choice Home Warranty Company Reputation


    CHW scored an 8.3 here, based on their Trustpilot and BBB ratings and the number of years the company has been in business. Choice has a concerning number of negative reviews across reputable review sites, citing coverage denied for breakdowns due to wear and tear, excessive communications throughout the quotes process, and the company refusing to abide by their cancellation policy and refund customers. That said, the company has been in business for 14 years and offers service in 48 states, earned a B rating from the BBB (a rating not based on reviews), and received many positive reviews on Trustpilot. Positive reviews praise the company for polite and helpful service technicians and fast resolution to emergency breakdowns. 

    Rating SiteRating# of Reviews
    BBBB / 1.04 out of 5 stars4,397 
    Trustpilot3.7 out of 5 stars39,080
    Yelp1.1 out of 5 stars154

    Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of writing.

    Choice Home Warranty Claims Process


    Choice Home Warranty earned an 8.8 for their simple and easy claims process. They offer several ways to file a claim, including their 24/7/365 customer support line or the online customer portal. While some customers report long wait times for repairs and communication with the company, many positive online reviews report fast and effective claims processes and repairs completed by helpful technicians. CHW promises to begin contacting service providers within four hours of a filed claim, but states that service providers may take up to 48 hours to respond to a request — at which point you’ll get the name and phone number of your technician and an appointment date. Additionally, CHW specifies emergency service terms for Oklahoma, Utah, and Nevada residents, while leaving ambiguous terms for the remaining states in which they offer contracts. Be sure to call a representative and ask what your service limitations are before signing a contract. 

    Choice Home Warranty Availability


    Choice offers coverage in 48 states, excluding only California and Washington, earning the company full points in this category. 

    Choice Home Warranty vs. The Competition

    CompanyRatingMonthly CostService FeeResponse TimeBBB RatingLink



    12-48 hrs.


    American Home Shield Logo



    24-72 hrs





    48 hours


    choice home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    select home warranty logo



    24-48 hrs.


    AFC Home Warranty logo



    48 hours


    first american logo



    48 hours





    2–24 hrs





    2–24 hrs



    Choice Home Warranty vs. Liberty Home Guard

    When comparing Choice Home Warranty to Liberty Home Guard (LHG), LHG scores higher in almost every category, with Choice earning better marks only for customer experience. Liberty offers 31 more add-on options than Choice, and offers customizable service fees as opposed to CHW’s single option of $85. As mentioned previously, Choice has a less-than-stellar company reputation, while LHG has earned 4.5-plus to 5 star ratings across multiple reputable websites. That said, I appreciate that Choice has maintained their B rating from the BBB — as of this writing Liberty is not rated by the BBB as its formerly A+ rating is under review based on a recent influx of complaints.

    I found CHW to offer slightly more affordable coverage, despite both companies receiving the same score in the affordability category, and Choice promises higher payouts than LHG, which maintains caps of $2,000. Overall, if you value customization of your plan or are concerned with the number of negative reviews posted for Choice Home Warranty, then Liberty Home Guard would be a better choice for you. Alternatively, if you are budget conscious and want higher coverage limits, Choice Home Warranty may be the better provider for you. 

    Provider Subscores (10 Point Scale)Choice Home WarrantyLiberty Home Guard
    Plans and Coverage8.310
    Customer Experience8.4.8
    Company Reputation8.39.1
    Claims Process8.810

    Choice Home Warranty vs. Elite Home Warranty

    If you’re a homeowner with luxury appliances, I recommend partnering with Elite Home Warranty (EHW), as they offer unmatched high coverage limits. When secret shopping, I found that Elite’s caps include up to $6,000 for appliances and $10,000 for systems. This is, at a minimum, double the coverage limit of $3,000 offered by Choice.

    Elite’s website offers some unique and helpful tools for you to use. In the bottom left of the screen is an accessibility adjustments button, including vision-impaired and seizure-friendly profiles. Requesting a quote from Elite is more difficult than with Choice, as you must call to receive a truly personalized quote. Otherwise, you can request a generalized quote to be sent to your email inbox. Alternatively, Choice offers a user-friendly free online quote calculator, which allows you to customize your monthly premium, including add-ons from one web page. 

    EHW offers emergency services on a case-by-case basis with additional fees if approved, and Choice offers emergency services by state. Otherwise, the provider offers their typical response time of 48 hours. If emergency services are a must for you, you’ll have better luck receiving them from CHW — though you should call to determine what those services will be specifically for your coverage area.

    Provider Subscores (10 Point Scale)Choice Home WarrantyElite Home Warranty
    Plans and Coverage8.310
    Customer Experience8.47.6
    Company Reputation8.38.3
    Claims Process8.86.8

    Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

    Choice Home Warranty earned a higher overall score than American Home Shield (AHS), outpacing their competitor in the affordability and claims process categories. AHS plan pricing can vary greatly depending on the area you live in, complicating contract value comparison. AHS provides more options, including offering three plans compared to Choice’s two and a longer list of add-ons. 

    AHS’s customer reviews are some of the most varied I have found — Choice has received more consistently positive reviews. American Home Shield does, however, offer higher coverage limits than CHW, including caps of up to $4,000 for appliances and $5,000 for systems. The companies score closely to each other in all categories, but unique aspects of each company, including affordability and customizability, set them apart and can make either provider a better fit for your household. For example, if you want higher coverage limits I recommend partnering with AHS. But if you value a higher company reputation and more affordable monthly premiums, Choice Home Warranty may be the best provider for you. 

    Provider Subscores (10 Point Scale)Choice Home WarrantyAmerican Home Shield
    Plans and Coverage8.39
    Customer Experience8.48.4
    Company Reputation8.37.7
    Claims Process8.88.4

    Choice Home Warranty vs. American Home Shield

    Who is Choice Home Warranty Best For?

    Choice Home Warranty is ideal for homeowners who are budget conscious and want to work with a company that’s well established in the industry. CHW has operated in 48 states for 14 years, and suits homeowners wanting cheap monthly premiums. Choice provides connections to their network of third-party technicians, saving you the step of finding your own. For owners of older homes with average-grade appliances and systems who don’t need unique add-ons or high coverage limits, Choice Home Warranty can be a wonderful financial and technical support system during a breakdown. 

    Best Claims Acceptance


    choice home warranty logo
    Limited Time:
    $50 Off + 1 month free!

    FAQs About Choice Home Warranty

    Is Choice Home Warranty Legit?

    Choice Home Warranty is a legitimate home warranty provider that offers service contracts in 48 of the 50 United States. 

    How Much Does Choice Home Warranty Cost?

    Choice Home Warranty costs between $34 and $44 a month, based on the quotes and discounts the company gave me at the time of writing. Be sure to research and speak with a customer service representative to determine how much your home warranty coverage will cost

    What Does Choice Home Warranty Cover?

    • Covered Items: 
      • Air conditioning system*
      • Heating system
      • Electrical system
      • Plumbing system
      • Plumbing stoppage 
      • Water heater
      • Whirlpool bathtub
      • Refrigerator*
      • oven/range/stove
      • Cooktop
      • Dishwasher
      • Built-in microwave
      • Garbage disposal
      • Clothes washer*
      • Clothes dryer*
      • Ductwork
      • Garage door opener
      • Ceiling and exhaust fans

    *Covered under CHW’s Total Plan only

    • Exclusions:
      • Refrigerant
      • Window units
      • Clogged ductwork
      • Bathtubs and sinks 
      • Circuit overload
      • Preexisting conditions

    Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it’s imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

    Choice Home Warranty’s service contracts offer home warranty coverage and exclusions that are standard to the industry. 

    How Do You Cancel Choice Home Warranty Coverage?

    To cancel coverage with Choice Home Warranty, call their 24/7/365 customer service helpline. 

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