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leaffilter gutter guard review
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When your gutters clog, water can flow freely around your home and cause foundation issues, insect infestations and basement flooding. To protect your existing gutters from damaging debris, consider a gutter guard system from LeafFilter.

The company’s system acts as a protective home improvement measure that installs on top of your existing gutters to filter twigs, leaves and other debris. To learn more about quality gutter guard systems from LeafFilter, read our review of the company’s services, costs and customer reviews to determine if it’s the best gutter guard company for you.

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LeafFilter Overview

Founded in a home basement in 2005, LeafFilter has become the largest gutter protection company in the nation, installing more than a million feet of gutter guards for almost 900,000 customers. The company uses a patented three-piece system that supports your existing gutters while filtering leaves, dirt and other debris. LeafFilter also stands by its product with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

✔ Protects gutter guards with a limited lifetime transferable warranty
✔ Offers no-obligation estimates
✔ Uses a micro-mesh layer that filters fine debris as small as 275 microns

✘ Doesn’t list pricing information on its website
✘ Doesn’t service Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota or South Dakota

LeafFilter Services

LeafFilter offers homeowners protection through its patented three-piece gutter guard that incorporates structural hangers, uPVC frames and stainless-steel mesh. Before the new gutter guards are installed, LeafFilter prepares your home for its new gutter protection system.

This includes removing ineffective gutter guards, cleaning existing gutters and repairing any signs of damage. The company will even install new gutters if your existing ones are beyond repair.

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LeafFilter Product Details

Here’s a closer look at each component of LeafFilter’s gutter guard systems:

  • Structural hangers—These support hangers secure gutters to your home’s fascia boards, or the line of wooden boards behind the gutters. They’re installed within your gutters and can’t be seen from ground level.
  • uPVC frame—This anti-warp frame installs over the system’s structural hangers, adding additional support and filtering large debris. The frame also has a built-in pitch that keeps the system at an angle, increasing the amount of debris it sheds.
  • Micro-mesh—Topping off the system is a stainless-steel micro-mesh. It creates surface tension that draws in water and filters particles as small as 275 microns, keeping your gutters clean.

LeafFilter Costs

LeafFilter doesn’t outline its prices of gutter guards online as each system’s cost depends on a variety of factors. The company describes four factors that can influence the cost of your system. These factors are evaluated through a four-step process, described below:

  • Verification—LeafFilter will investigate the type and size of your current gutters to ensure they’re compatible with the company’s system.
  • Measurement—The company will measure the linear feet of your gutters to calculate material and labor costs.
  • Inspection—LeafFilter will inspect the current condition of your gutters to determine if they need to be replaced.
  • Location—The company will identify areas of high and low debris traffic to determine where filtration is needed.

LeafFilter Warranty 

LeafFilter includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is also transferrable between homeowners. However, the warranty includes some significant limitations that we have listed here: 

  • The warranty does not cover damage to gutters, fascia boards, roof substrate, or surfaces caused by the installation of LeafFilter products.
  • The warranty does not apply if you have an inappropriate number of downspouts. This problem may limit the water-carrying capacity of the gutter system and result in an overflow. 
  • The warranty is void if the gutter guards sustain damage from structural changes, such as roof adjustments or uncontrollable acts of nature.
  • LeafFilter reserves the right to inspect and validate warranty claims. The buyer is responsible for informing LeafFilter within a reasonable time after discovering a suspected defect and must provide a written explanation. LeafFilter may request additional information, including photos, and require a field inspection.
  • The warranty is void if the gutter guards are modified or altered from their original installation. 
  • The warranty is limited to single-family homes and single-family units. 
  • LeafFilter does not claim responsibility for incidental damage resulting from ice dams or ice flows. 

LeafFilter Customer Reviews

LeafFilter is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating from the organization. Here are a couple of LeafFilter reviews left by customers on the BBB:

Gutter installation was fine and everything worked well. I then had Leaf Filter installed and my storm door struck the gutter. I was scheduled for the service repair, and he never showed up. When I called to inquire what happened, they said he called and left me a message that he couldn’t come. There was no record of either on my phone.

— Mark P. via BBB on Feb. 1, 2022

It was all done in one day. You really cannot see the LeafFilter [gutter guard] from the street, so the appearance of my house did not change. From a second-floor window, I can look down on a section of my garage gutter and watch the little leaves come and go each day. It really works, even for very tiny, little leaves! At the age of 70 years, it is sweet revenge.

— Steven J. via BBB on Oct. 26, 2021

Of the options I looked at, it appeared that LeafFilter Protection was best for my circumstances. Installation was prompt, quick and on schedule. The system appears to be working fine. While a little expensive on the front end, I am pleased with the product and its effectiveness.

— Richard F. via BBB on Oct. 4, 2021

LeafFilter Installation Process

Protecting your home with a LeafFilter gutter protection system is a simple four-step process. Here’s an overview of each step:

  1. Request an estimate—LeafFilter offers no-obligation estimates, which can be requested through a simple online form.
  2. A technician performs an on-site assessment—A LeafFilter professional will inspect and measure your gutters, making recommendations and delivering a customized quote that’s good for up to one year.
  3. Schedule an installation—The LeafFilter team will prepare your gutters for its new system and install your gutter guards. This process typically lasts anywhere from a few hours to a full working day. After professional installation is complete, the crew will dispose of any leftover materials and stick around for any questions you may have.
  4. Register your warranty—Once installed, you can register for LeafFilter’s gutter guard warranty. This comprehensive lifetime warranty covers the cost of damage caused by overflowing gutters or refunds you for the total material purchase price. This coverage is also transferable, meaning it comes with you should you move.

Final Thoughts: Is LeafFilter Worth It?

LeafFilter is a solid option for homeowners who frequently experience heavy rain and falling debris. With its efficient and long-lasting gutter guard, you can rest assured that your home is protected from clogged gutters and residual damage. Additionally, the company’s customer service is unmatched, offering an industry-leading limited lifetime transferable warranty to protect your gutters.

To start your free gutter inspection and estimate from LeafFilter, visit the company’s website.

FAQ: LeafFilter Gutter Guards

What doesn’t LeafFilter’s limited lifetime warranty cover?

While LeafFilter’s limited lifetime warranty is comprehensive, it doesn’t cover everything. Coverage doesn’t protect you from damages as a result of uncontrollable acts of nature, installation and modifications.

Can I install the LeafFilter gutter guards myself?

No, LeafFilter gutter guards must be installed by a professional from the company.

What separates LeafFilter’s gutter guard from other systems?

Unlike many gutter guard systems, LeafFilter’s patented technology keeps out all types of debris, has a low-profile design and allows in as much water as an open gutter.

Does LeafFilter install new gutters?

Yes. While LeafFilter will repair your gutters before installing new guards, it will also replace your gutters if needed.

Methodology: How We Compared LeafFilter Against Other Companies

Today’s Homeowner aims to offer our readers well-researched, objective reviews. In that effort, we have created a detailed research process that uses a weighted scoring system to rate each company we review objectively. 

This approach to scoring allows us to be objective in our findings and back up our claims. Our rating system for gutter guard companies is based on a 100-point scale based on the following factors: 

  • Years of Experience (25): How long has the company gained industry experience, knowledge, and customer relations? 
  • Reputation (25): Besides its experience, what sort of reputation does the company have from previous or existing customers on popular reviews sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Does it feature accreditation from the website? 
  • Licenses  (35): Does the company hold the proper licenses and insurance to perform the services it claims to offer? 
  • Guarantee (15): Does the company stand by its work and offer a service guarantee or not?


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