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May 19, 2023

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    American Home Protect is a lesser-known home warranty company with very low service fees – but its lack of transparency raises major red flags.

    In this American Home Protect review, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the company and its home warranty coverage to decide if it’s the best option for you. 

    We do not recommend choosing this provider, but we’ll compare American Home Protect to some of the best home warranty companies in the industry and explain which we recommend instead. Below are three of the highest-quality home warranty providers we suggest you choose.

    Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

    Our Review of American Home Protect

    Total Score: 61 / 100 points

    Overall, we recommend avoiding American Home Protect. The company isn’t transparent about its coverages or limits, which is a major red flag. If you buy a home warranty from AHP, you don’t really know how much the company will pay to repair or replace your home’s appliances or systems. 

    Plus, AHP only has one plan available, has overwhelmingly negative customer reviews on multiple platforms, and no online claims or enrollment. Each of its plans also lock you in for three years, making it harder to cut your losses if you’re unsatisfied with the service.

    With that being said, the provider does have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and doesn’t appear to be in the middle of any active lawsuits. Still, we recommend choosing a different provider.

    Plans and Coverage of American Home Protect

    Score: 50%

    What We Like

    AHP has just one plan and a handful of add-on options, which makes choosing your coverage simple. You don’t have to worry about selecting the right plans with the correct limits, as you would with many other providers.

    What We Don’t Like

    American Home Protect’s plan doesn’t include your plumbing system in its coverage plan, so you’ll have to buy it as an add-on if you want it. Plumbing repairs are often some of the most expensive for your home, so having it included in your main plan — as most other companies do — would be nice.

    American Home Protect also doesn’t include any information about the specific coverages included in its home warranty package, which is a red flag. There’s no pricing available online, no specific exclusions listed, and no sample contract to get an idea of the coverage you’re receiving. This lack of transparency leaves room to deny coverage, which is a problem many homeowners see with less reputable companies.

    Finally, the fact that there’s only one plan available means your customization options are severely limited. You won’t be able to pick and choose what you want to keep costs down.

    Affordability of American Home Protect

    Score: 58%

    What We Like

    AHP has some of the lowest home warranty service fees we’ve seen in the industry, ranging from $36 up to $65. That means you could stand to save some money overall if you expect you’ll need to make numerous calls over the coverage term.

    What We Don’t Like

    We think the biggest downside regarding the cost of AHP’s plans is the lack of information available to customers shopping online. There is no pricing information for the main plan or the add-on coverages. This is unlike most other providers, which usually include in-depth information about pricing for different plan options, add-on products, and service fees. The only pricing information we could find was in a customer review that suggested the cost was around $200 per month.

    There’s also no service guarantee mentioned on the company’s website, which is a glaring red flag. A service guarantee ensures that the work completed by your service technician is done properly, and it prevents you from having to pay for additional service calls in the following weeks. Without a guarantee, American Home Protect might charge you multiple times for service calls — even if the lack of a resolution is the fault of its technicians.

    Customer Experience of American Home Protect

    Score: 65%

    What We Like

    The company does have some positive reviews, most of which are regarding the sign-up process being easy and the experience the customers have speaking with representatives being positive overall.

    What We Don’t Like

    The negatives definitely outweigh the positives when it comes to customer experience. Most of the reviews for AHP are negative across multiple platforms, including Google Reviews, TrustPilot, and the reviews on the BBB’s website.

    Many customers have complained about shady and misleading marketing tactics that specifically target the elderly. Lapse of home warranty letters are a common way shady home warranty companies pitch their services, and AHP appears to be guilty of this practice.

    Other negative reviews include complaints about slow response times, hidden fees, and a lack of coverage for things that were believed to be included in the contract. It seems that the company’s lack of information on the website carries over to a lack of transparency even after purchasing a home warranty.

    Company Reputation of American Home Protect

    Score: 77%

    What We Like

    American Home Protect has an A+ rating with the BBB, and it has resolved most of the complaints it has received from customers through the site. This is generally a good sign that a company is at least somewhat reliable and committed to maintaining a positive reputation.

    What We Don’t Like

    Unfortunately, AHP has numerous poor ratings from customers on multiple platforms, including the reviews on the BBB website, Google Reviews, and TrustPilot. This suggests that you may be unlikely to be pleased with the service — or lack thereof — you receive from the provider, regardless of how attentive the company is to BBB complaints.

    Some of the complaints are about misleading marketing tactics, but more concerning are the reviews that mention denied coverage and fine print in the contract that prevents coverage from being useful in many cases where it’s needed.

    Many of the reviews on BBB, specifically, note that customers believe this company is a scam, with claims of promised refunds never being delivered, coverage rarely being offered, and a total lack of response to claims and other issues on the part of the provider.

    Claims Process of American Home Protect

    Score: 52%

    What We Like

    According to AHP’s website, there are two ways to make a claim: either by calling the company at 877-407-3820 or filling out the online service request form. We always like to see multiple options for filing claims, as this makes it easier for customers to report covered issues.

    The company also states that customers can make an unlimited number of service calls, which is great to see from any home warranty provider.

    What We Don’t Like

    Once again, though, the negatives overshadow the positives in terms of claim submission. Many of the negative reviews online mention that claims go unresponded to, while others state that getting a service technician out to their properties takes days or even weeks. This is a bad look for a home warranty company and calls into question whether or not the provider ever intends to provide service for covered items.

    We requested a quote from AHP to get some information on pricing, but our request went without any response. If the response time for claims is the same for quotes, it doesn’t matter how easy filing a claim is because getting a response from the company won’t occur in a timely manner.

    Availability of American Home Protect

    Score: 80%

    What We Like

    American Home Protect is based in Plano, Texas, and is available in 40 states, according to third-party sources. Most people living in the U.S. can be serviced by the company based on this information.

    What We Don’t Like

    The company itself doesn’t have any information about where it operates in the U.S. posted on its website. This is another area where the lack of information throws up a major red flag.

    American Home Protect Plans and Coverage Options

    American Home Protect has just one plan option, which covers most of your major home appliances and some of your home systems. It also has several add-on coverages you can use to get a small amount of customization for your plan. The table below includes a look at the plan and the associated service fees. Keep in mind that the cost per month of your home warranty isn’t disclosed on the company’s website, nor are the prices for any add-on products.

    Service FeePremier Coverage Plan
    $36Not disclosed
    $65Not disclosed

    Premier Coverage Plan: This is the only plan available from AHP, and it covers all of your major home appliances and most of the systems in your house, excluding plumbing. Specific coverages and exclusions are not disclosed on the company’s website, nor is the annual premium price. Gutter cleaning is included, which is an uncommon coverage option in main home warranty plans. This plan is designed for homeowners who want total protection for their homes, although we’re not confident that it actually delivers on that promise.

    The table below includes all of the individual coverages available in the Premier Coverage Plan from AHP. Keep in mind that there is very little information available on AHP’s website about exclusions — and there is no service contract available — so it’s difficult to say how robust the coverage for each item is.

    Home System or AppliancePlan 1
    Electrical Systems
    Built-in exhaust, vent and attic fanX
    Ceiling fanX
    Doorbell and chimesX
    Garage door openerX
    Interior electrical lines
    Main breaker and fuse panel box
    Heating and Cooling Systems
    Air conditioning system
    HVAC ductwork
    Heating unit
    Plumbing Systems and Accessories
    Faucets and valvesX
    Interior plumbing linesX
    Water heater
    Whirlpool bathtub motor and componentsX
    Kitchen Appliances
    Built-in microwaves
    Garbage disposal
    Ice makerX
    Instant hot/cold water dispenserX
    Laundry Appliances
    Clothes dryers
    Clothes washers
    Roof leak repairX

    What Optional Add-ons Does American Home Protect Offer?

    American Home Protect offers seven add-on coverages that you can use to customize your protection. Keeping with the company’s theme of a lack of information, there is no pricing available for any of the add-on options, nor is there information present on the website regarding exclusions for each of the add-ons.

    The table below includes a list of add-on coverages — although all pricing information is missing, and our request for more information went without a response from the provider.

    Add-OnCost Per Month
    Central Vacuum SystemNot Disclosed
    Freestanding FreezerNot Disclosed
    Freestanding Ice MakerNot Disclosed
    Garage Door OpenerNot Disclosed
    Plumbing SystemNot Disclosed
    Spa EquipmentNot Disclosed
    Swimming PoolNot Disclosed

    Does American Home Protect Have Any Exclusions?

    All home warranty companies have exclusions, and reading through what is and isn’t included in coverage is a crucial part of assessing a company’s overall value and the peace of mind you’ll receive by signing up. American Home Protect doesn’t provide any information publicly regarding exclusions, and there’s no sample contract available that we could read through for information.

    The only option we had to get a sense of the company’s exclusions was to turn to online reviews. Many customers mention in poor reviews of AHP that the provider failed to payout for what appeared to be covered items due to exclusions that weren’t made clear in the contract.

    It seems as though AHP’s goal is to get people to sign up and make a payment and then deny coverage as often as possible due to fine print in the contract that excludes key damages and home issues.

    Does American Home Protect Have Any Coverage Limits?

    American Home Protect mentions on its site that individually covered items have coverage limits on a per-item basis. That means that there’s a maximum amount the provider will payout for your refrigerator, for example, before further coverage is denied. None of the per-item coverage limits are disclosed on the company’s website.

    AHP does mention that each contract has a total payout limit of $10,000 for all covered items, so that’s the maximum payout you could receive over your three-year contract. There’s also verbiage on the site that suggests that the coverage is split into per-year chunks — for example, $3,333 per year total rather than a flat $10,000 total over all three years — but it’s unclear.

    American Home Protect Customer Reviews

    We read through dozens of customer reviews on a few different platforms — including BBB, Google Reviews, Yelp, and TrustPilot — to get a sense of the service provided by AHP and how pleased customers are with the coverage.

    The large majority of the reviews are negative, although there are some positive reviews regarding the overall customer experience. We’ll detail what we found in the following sections.

    Positive Reviews of American Home Protect

    There are a handful of positive reviews on the sites we looked at for customer feedback. Most of the positive reviews mentioned that the sign-up process was simple and straightforward, and some mentioned that contacting the company, in general, was easy. Some customers specifically called out individual service reps and noted that they were friendly and helpful.

    The two reviews below are good examples of this positive feedback for AHP:

    “Bryan was great to work with!! Made the process stress free and easy to deal with.”

    Catherine via TrustPilot on 3/5/2020

    “I haven't had to use the home warranty yet, but the process of signing up was user-friendly.”

    Cindy via TrustPilot on 1/17/2023

    Negative Reviews of American Home Protect

    As mentioned above, there are far more negative reviews of AHP than there are positive ones. Numerous customers mention dishonest marketing schemes, hidden fees, and undisclosed exclusions that leave customers without the protection they believe they signed up for.

    The two reviews below illustrate these problems nicely:

    “I believe this business is a scam and attempts to trick customers that are really trying to contact American Home Shield. The representative led me to believe this company was American Home Shield by deception. I inadvertently began paying for two policies due to the deception… I just want my refund and the business investigated for fraud.”

    Andrea A via BBB on 4/8/2023

    “Horrible Company! They don't want to pay for damages that are covered in the plan. You literally have to almost shed blood to get a claim paid out. It's ridiculous.”

    T.H. via BBB on 1/6/2023

    How To File a Claim With American Home Protect

    According to the company’s website, you can file a claim for service by calling the provider at 877-407-3820 or by filling out a form online and waiting for a call or email in response. The process for how your home warranty works thereafter should follow what you’d expect from other providers.

    If the company responds — customer reviews suggest that it might not — it will send a technician out to assess the issue, at which point you’ll be charged a service fee. The technician will then report the problem to AHP, which will make a decision based on your contract as to whether or not the damage or issue is covered.

    There is no information available on American Home Protect’s website regarding response time to service requests. Some negative customer reviews suggest that it could be weeks.

    Is American Home Protect Worth It for You?

    In our opinion, no. Home warranties can be great to have for peace of mind and savings over time on home repairs, replacement costs, and required maintenance. However, there are a lot of red flags we see with AHP’s coverage. We strongly recommend you get a home warranty from a different provider.

    Specifically, we recommend you look for a company that doesn’t have a reputation for using misleading or predatory marketing tactics and, more importantly, one that is transparent in its coverage and costs before you sign up. Our top recommendations include Liberty Home Guard (LHG), Select Home Warranty (SHW), and American Home Shield (AHS). We’ll include more information on these providers in the following section.

    American Home Protect vs. Other Home Warranty Companies

    ProviderBest forMonthly CostService FeeBBB Rating*Date FoundedCompany Reviews
    American Home ProtectLow Service FeesNot disclosed$36 – $65A+2016N/A
    Liberty Home GuardBest for Customization$70 – $80$65 – $125A+2017Read our review of Liberty Home Guard
    Select Home WarrantyBest Value$42 – $46$85B-2012Read our review of Select Home Warranty
    American Home ShieldBest Coverage Limits#35 – $90$75 – $125B1971Read our review of American Home Shield

    * Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are accurate as of May 2023.

    FAQs About American Home Protect

    What is the price of an American Home Protect plan?

    American Home Protect, LLC is one of the very few home warranty providers that doesn’t offer any pricing information on its website for its coverage plans, nor does it disclose exclusions. Based on a single customer review that mentioned a price, it appears that the monthly cost is close to $200, although the company has not responded to our request for a quote to verify this amount.

    What are the benefits of American Home Protect?

    American Home Protect has one of the lowest possible service fees in the industry, sitting as low as $36. Unfortunately, there are very few other upsides to mention, as the provider doesn’t disclose any information about pricing or coverage specifics on its website, has a poor reputation for customer service, and is known to use misleading marketing tactics. Overall, we believe the downsides heavily outweigh any benefits.

    Is a letter from American Home Protect legitimate?

    Probably not. American Home Protect is known to send notices to non-customers stating that their “existing home warranty” has lapsed, especially when coverage was never purchased in the first place. This is considered misleading marketing, especially since the letters are worded to make it seem like a homeowner’s insurance policy is in danger of lapsing.

    If you’ve received a letter from AHP and have never had a home warranty, you can safely disregard the notice.

    Methodology: How We Rank Home Warranty Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our home warranty company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — whether you’re looking for low-cost coverage, a hassle-free repair process, 24/7 assistance, or all of the above.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and discussions with real estate professionals and repair contractors.

    A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across six categories converted to a five-star scale. We researched more than 60 home warranty providers to develop the following formula:

    • Plans and Coverage (24 points): A home warranty provider can earn the maximum point value in this category if it offers multiple robust plans that cover all basic systems and appliances and optional add-on coverage. We give bonus points to companies that cover uncommon items, such as electronics and roof leaks.
    • Affordability (22.5 points): When evaluating costs, we not only consider monthly plan prices, but we also take into account the cost of add-on coverage, service fees, and whether companies offer free cancellation periods or money-back guarantees. If a provider allows potential customers to view sample contracts before getting a quote, that transparency earns more points in this category.
    • Customer Experience (18.5 points): A home warranty company must give its customers ample support when they experience issues. We gauge overall support by looking at customer reviews and conducting homeowner surveys. We also go through the quotes process with each company and take meticulous notes about the friendliness of salespeople, how detailed each quote is, and how often the provider contacts us after giving a quote. 
    • Company Reputation (17.5 points): In this category, we look at a combination of customer reviews and reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also consider the years of company experience, how satisfied its employees are, and whether it has been hit with any consumer rights violations or lawsuits. 
    • Claims Process (12.5 points): We score providers highly when they offer short response times, multiple ways to file claims, and around-the-clock availability. Companies can earn bonus points if they have a good reputation for quick and easy claims processing.
    • Availability (5 points): Providers that serve more areas can have experience dealing with a wider range of homeowner headaches. A company earns the maximum points in this category if it offers services in most U.S. states.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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