Looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient option for cooling your room but don’t want it to occupy floor space?

Then a window AC is just right for you.

Moreover, this cooling system comes with the added advantages of being easy to install and portable.

Window air conditioners are widely found in temporary home settings and dorm rooms.

If you rent a home or are a student living away from home, the window AC is your best bet as it saves you and the building the trouble of installing and maintaining a central air conditioning unit.

Also, using this type of AC is easy on your wallet.

That said, all types of air conditioners come with their pros and cons.

Here’s how you can tackle three common issues that most window air conditioner owners face.

3 Common Issues and DIYs for Window Air Conditioners

The average lifespan of a window air conditioner is 10 years. However, this type of AC could give you some trouble during this time period.

Some examples include:

1. Clogged Air Filters

The most common complaint you hear from people owning window air conditioners is, “My AC is not blowing cool air.”

When this happens, some people believe that their AC unit needs replacing. However, more often than not, dirty air filters are to be blamed.

The next time this happens, remember to check for a clogged air filter. Ice or frost could accumulate here, which may be restricting the airflow.

You could simply take off the air filter and wash it, and easily place it right back.

2. Broken Fan or Fan Motor

This could be another reason why your AC is not cooling enough.

A piece of debris could have entered your unit and hit the fan blade, which is most likely the reason why your fan isn’t blowing air well or is making a loud noise while rotating.

You could straighten this bent blade with a pair of pliers.

However, if the motor is the issue, you can’t do much.

You might need to replace it or have it checked by an HVAC professional
before you make a hasty decision.

3. Water Dripping from the Indoor Unit

Several people using window ACs face the issue of water dripping from the indoor unit.

This could be due to incorrect angle of installation.

Water is bound to drip from the AC due to condensation, however, it is meant to do so through the drain pipe.

When the AC is installed with a slope toward the front end instead of the rear end, that’s when you experience dripping in the wrong direction.

You can stop the water from dripping on the inside by reinstalling your AC. This may require professional help if you’re not sure of doing it correctly yourself.

Why You Need Annual Tune-Ups

Despite the fact that you need to look into the maintenance of your AC every few months, an annual tune-up is a must.

This in turn will reduce frequent breakdowns of your AC, avoid the extra expenditure on repairs, and enhance the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Air conditioners are made up of complex working components and you can’t fix everything on your own.
That’s when professional help is advisable!

You can find an independent HVAC technician or hire a company near you by typing in your ZIP code using the Same Day Pros app, which is available on the App Store as well as the Play Store.

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