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Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to update your rooms with fresh coats of color. Whether you stick with subtle neutrals or opt for an eye-catching hue, interior and exterior painting possibilities are limitless.

Brush Up on Painting Tips and Trends

If you’re new to DIY painting or plan to hire a professional home painter this year, you need to brush up on the tricks of the trade. Knowing proper painting techniques — and what to look for in a pro — can save you from having to do the job twice.

Check out these quick painting tips for a flawless finish:

  • Clean and prime the walls before painting to create an even, streakless surface.
  • Seal up holes and dents with putty before painting.
  • Line trimmings, moldings, and windows with painter’s tape to create precise lines and prevent unsightly drips.
  • Remove outlet covers to avoid having to paint around them.
  • Complete your paint project in a well-lit space to better view your work area.
  • Paint on sunnier days for better lighting and faster drying.
  • Paint walls from the top down to cover up drips and runs.
  • Reseal your paint containers during the project to keep unused paint fresher.

These protocols are just the tip of the home painting iceberg. Before popping open your first paint can, you must assess your design goals, cleanup plan, and more. Even if you plan to hire a painter to update your home, you must do a little digging to find the best person for the job.

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the endless list of paint swatches and best practices — don’t sweat. Explore our painting resources for all the help you need to get your home covered in a fresh coat.

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