Have you ever renovated your home, adding each distinctive feature in a room, but something was still missing? The color is always a renovator’s secret, and figuring out which brand to choose creates a relaxing place for all. 

The easiest method of selecting paint is going for colors you love. However, choosing the right paint brand is as challenging as selecting the right color from the many paint companies available. You might have come across the Behr vs Benjamin Moore debate during your research, making you wonder which firm is worth your money.

What exactly makes a particular paint brand better than the other? Is it the price, durability, or the project?

In this blog post, we shall go into more detail about the Benjamin Moore vs Behr debate, which firm has a better quality of paint than the other to help you make a better choice.

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    Behr Overview

    Behr Paint Company is one of the leading suppliers of paint and decorative finishes across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, and China. Founded in 1947, the brand works towards meeting the customers’ needs whether conducting a commercial or residential project. The company is also in a retail partnership with Home Depot stores, mainly selling their products.  

    • The paint is durable.
    • It is one of the most stain-repellent paint you will find.
    • Scuff-resistant paint, thus keeping the paint looking new for a long time.
    • It dries fast, thus reducing downtime and allowing you to return to your daily operations. 
    • It provides effective mildew and mold due to its antimicrobial-mildew resistance.

    Benjamin Moore Overview

    Founded by Benjamin Moore, the company has been operating since 1883, producing the highest and the best quality paint for commercial and residential use. The company has an experienced team that offers its customers durable and good-quality paint. In addition, the firm provides customer-friendly products available in their retail stores.

    • The company has over 3500 different types of colors to select from, allowing you to work on different finishes. 
    • Benjamin Moore’s paints are allergy-free, so you never have to suffer during your painting job.
    • Offers a smooth finish.
    • Your exteriors can withstand rain two hours after application without any degradation.

    Paint Quality & Durability

    Although most people consider the two brands to be good quality, you should look at the paint’s quality and durability. High-quality paint has high concentration, allowing it to stick and not wear quality. Low-quality paint is the opposite. Here are other things to look at when determining the durability and paint quality:

    Adhesion is that strong bond between the substance and the coating for any painting job. It is an essential property in painting since it ensures the layer is on the painted surface for a long time. Furthermore, it is in direct relation to the paint’s durability. Benjamin Moore offers potential clients excellent adhesion properties, whereas Behr customers complain about adhesion, nothing the paint gives inconsistent results.

    If the paint is VOC, it has volatile organic compounds. In addition, such colors have water solubility and could have serious health complications in the future. Therefore, experts consider low VOC paints a safe option for residential and commercial use. In the Benjamin Moore vs Behr case, Behr has low VOC, whereas Benjamin Moore’s products have zero VOC. Therefore, this characteristic gives both brands superior coverage and a fantastic finish.

    Is Behr paint good? Over the years, Behr customers have constantly complained about their paint’s inconsistent results. However, Benjamin Moore offers excellent consistency and an ideal final result. Therefore, this brand is a must-pick for most people with an ongoing painting project to get quality results.

    Experts recommend two coats or more for Behr paints, whereas Benjamin Moore’s painting project needs one coat, which turns out amazing. However, since Behr has low VOC, it becomes hard to spread the paint, pushing you to use more coats. Therefore, picking Benjamin Moore’s paint is better than Behr’s.

    Some experts suggest changing your home or commercial colors after about five years. However, buying paintings and hiring someone for the job is expensive. So, looking at the paint’s brand durability is crucial. Behr is a perfect quality for individuals who do not mind repainting their homes after about three years. Benjamin Moore lasts for over ten years and still looks as good as new without any repainting job necessary. 

    Paint Drying Time

    Behr paint could take about six hours before drying, depending on the temperatures. Recoat with a primer or a water base paint after a couple of hours, once your first layer dries. Mixing painting oil with primer by Behr company could take up to 24 hours to fully dry, so ensure you are not in a rush. 

    On the other hand, Benjamin Moore’s paints take about one to two hours to dry. Therefore, when using alkyd or acrylic latex choices, allow your walls to stay untouched or without recoating for about 16 hours. Should you want to fasten the process, use a high-powered fan while painting between coats.

    Paint Color Options

    Before any project, most people ask themselves, is Benjamin Moore good paint? With over 3500 different color choices, you can pick the right color for your project. The firm also offers you a personal color view to see the available colors online. Behr also offers over 1000 color collections and will enable you to select what best works for you using their internet-based color studio. Again, the tool lets you virtual paint any room using Behr colors.

    Price Comparison

    Benjamin Moore is slight higher than Behr but is definitely worth the price. A single Benjamin Moore can costs about $65 but it is worth each penny. If you are working on showcase rooms for instance, use good quality paint to avoid repainting it after a few months. 

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    Which Paint Is Best for Your House?

    Everyone has an opinion on which paint on which brand is better than the other. Some people are sold into Benjamin Moore, whereas others opt for Behr, which is cheaper and still serves most people. Benjamin Moore receives more positive consumer ratings and reviews and has more color options than Behr, leaving the ball to your court during selection. When choosing between two major brands, consider your preference, the color you need, and the amount you are willing to spend.

    Both companies have a solid reputation, but people state Benjamin Moore is superior due to its durability and coverage. The two companies offer exterior and interior paints, with Benjamin Moore proving to be the best paint for commercial or residential projects. Regardless of your choice, both brands have premium quality, are impressive, and are readily available.

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