With so many combinations of paint and brick to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process. We know it can be hard to choose the right paint color for your home, but the right paint and brick combinations can really make a difference in your home’s aesthetic.

To help you out, we’ve compiled 23 of the best brick-and-paint color combinations that are sure to turn heads this season. The combinations here are chosen for their versatility, ability to complement almost any style, and ability to make a statement—all while staying true to the underlying structure of your house.

1. Trendy Bricks in Red-Orange Pallete

These brick-and-paint color combinations will make your home look chic and playful.

It’s a perfect way to create a festive look for your home.

This beautiful and stylish color scheme can make all the difference, whether you’re looking to sell your house or just want to have a lovely home.

2. Luxurious Off-White

This is the most classic brick and paint duo, and it’s a great color scheme for your home if you love a clean, simple look.

A simple off-white color to your brick can make the house look luxurious and stunning without breaking the bank.

The color pairing has been around for centuries, and it will probably never go out of style.

3. Simple Navy Blue

If you have light-colored roofing, trim, and shutters, navy blue is the ideal choice for your brick wall.

Combining dark-colored bricks with light-colored accents will make your house look modern and stylish.

4. Countryside-Inspired Neutral Earth Tone

If you’ve ever thought that maybe your home could be a little more refined, paint your brick with colors from the natural earth tone palette. This palette creates the impression of a house that has weathered many seasons and has stood the test of time.

In addition to being timeless and practical, this palette is reminiscent of the countryside. Life moves at a slower pace in this place, and you can relax in your natural surroundings.

5. Casual Gray and Creamy White

Gray paints for bricks create a warm and inviting look.

On the other hand, white color can highlight the texture of your brick.

You can use both colors to paint different parts of your brick wall to enhance your house’s curb appeal.

6. Mysterious Black

If you want to make your home look mysterious and intriguing, you could always paint it black.

For a moodier, more elegant vibe, consider having an all-black theme home to achieve a dramatic look.

7. Rustic Red Pallete

The easiest way to improve your home’s curb appeal is by choosing bricks with different colors under the same red shade.

The rustic red design on the bricks highlights other architectural features such as the windows, doors, and accent walls.

8. Blue With White Trims

The roof and trim color of your house are going to play a massive role in whether or not the overall appearance of your home is cohesive and appealing.

For houses with grayish roofs and white trims, blue-colored bricks will make your house look relaxing.

9. Vintage Red and Beige

Not all red bricks are made equal, and not every house can pull off that magnificent contrast with beige paint.

But if you have a vintage home with many exterior features, red and beige are some of the best combinations to choose from.

The red paint color for the brick makes it look more natural, while beige has a charming look.

10. Light Gray

So you’ve fallen in love with the color gray. But you’re afraid it will make your house look boring or outdated.

No worries! There are so many ways to play with different shades of gray and create a dynamic, modern look for your home’s exterior.

For example, you could use one shade of gray for your brick or paint and another for your roof or trim.

It’s also possible to combine multiple shades of gray with pops of bright color on things like shutters, doors, or window frames. If you have a green lawn, this design can make it pop!

11. Modern Black Vinyl Siding and Sand Beige Brick

Black vinyl siding and sand beige-colored bricks can make your house look trendy and contemporary.

Pairing these two colors together is sure to add a modern, minimalist look to your home.

Many designers use sand beige bricks to create a warm and distinct look.

12. Traditional Brick Color

Natural brick houses vary from a pale red-orange shade to a darker one. The best brick color to achieve a traditional and sharp look is by using a variety of colors under the same red palette.

The different shades of red complement each other well without being too similar in hue or saturation level; this creates an even tone throughout your exterior walls, which helps maintain consistency throughout each side of the house.

13. Pale Gray Accent Wall

If you’re trying to bring some character to your exterior home, an accent wall is a great way to do it.

Give your house a modern update by painting the brick accent wall with pale gray.

It will look like the bricks have always been there, weathered only a little by time and wind. Using this design, you can make your brick accent wall the focal point of attraction of your exterior.

14. Historic Brownish Color

The warm earth tones of brownish bricks complement the natural look of countryside-inspired homes, and they’re becoming a more popular design choice across the country.

They differ from red bricks in that in many places, they tend less toward strong historical associations and maintain a simple natural aesthetic instead.

15. Classic Red

Paint your brick with a classic red for your home to have a traditional look but with a modern vibe and aesthetic.

16. Complementary Rock Colors

Brick houses with stonewall features deserve a majestic house design to highlight each architectural element.

Consider painting brown to your brick walls to blend the overall house color scheme with the light-colored stone wall.

17. Bright and Cozy Neutral Tone

A mixture of neutral-colored bricks with dark-shaded ones will make your house look bright and fresh even from a distance.

This house design can give your windows more depth and character.

18.  Antique Brown

If you have pale grayish-blue sidings, choose antique brown as the color of your accent brick wall to convey comfort and balance to your house.

The color scheme will make your brick wall look naturally aging and gave a sense of intimacy and warmth to the outside of your home.

19. Playful Orange

Antique orange bricks can create a fun and youthful look, especially if paired with a bright-colored accent wall such as blue.

This house design provides warmth and is very eye-pleasing.

20. Vintage Neutral Tone

This vintage-inspired home is timeless, and it can give your house a sense of history.

You just need to add a modern touch, such as adding red trims on the exterior to blend with other homes in your neighborhood.

21. Pale Taupe for Textured Bricks

Complement your blue vinyl siding with edgy textured bricks in a pale taupe color.

It will make your simple house look more attractive.

This style is best for a small home that needs a minor upgrade on the exterior.

22. Vintage-Style Contrasting Colors

Give your antique house a sophisticated touch by painting red and off-white to your brick walls.

Don’t forget to add character to your exterior by using different shades under the same palette. 

23. Ivory White

Bricks painted with ivory white make the most out of natural sunlight during the day.

This exterior wall color is ancient yet trendy, making it perfect for people who are too lazy to repaint their walls every time they find it slightly passe.

So there you have it: 23 best brick and paint color combinations to inspire you for your next renovation.

We hope that this guide helps you find a combination that feels just right in your home.

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