Stucco is a popular choice for modern houses today.

It has a clean finish that matches well with various trim combinations.

Remember, the colors and materials you choose will affect your home’s overall appearance. 

To help you out, listed below are ideas for a whole new stucco and trim color palette.

Any of these appealing color combinations will draw attention to your home’s greatest characteristics while also increasing its overall curb appeal. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Stucco?

Stucco is comparable to plaster in appearance and texture. Despite this, there is one distinguishing feature that sets it apart. Its resilience to heat and moisture is what distinguishes it from standard plasters. Another reason why this exterior material is becoming increasingly popular is its inexpensive cost. It’s also glare-resistant and a terrific option for insulators.

Attractive Color Schemes

1.  Taupe Stucco With White Trims 

If you want to create a striking facade, a good choice to go for is taupe stucco.

It is like a shade of brown with a subtle, strong grey undertone for those unfamiliar with this color.

Taupe is also a neutral color when it comes to color categories. Although this is true, it does not imply that you may use it with any trim without thinking about how it will appear.

2. Deep Green/Blue-Green Stucco With Light Trims

Green is based on blue, as most people know. But how much blue should you add before it takes over?

With a hue that’s still in the Dark Forest Green family, a deep green or blue-green would give your home a strong and dynamic atmosphere. The use of trim colors with a light and contrasting hue, such as beige or white, is what makes this paint scheme so unique.

3. Grey Stucco And White Trim

Grey is a natural option for exteriors since it combines current and classic elegance. It’s a popular choice for constructing a fashionable look. Of course, the aesthetic effect depends on the color you choose for the trim to go with it. To complement the grey stucco, you can choose any shade of white for the trim, such as an off-white. The combination of white trim and grey stucco looks great no matter what shade of grey you pick, especially when grey is darker.

4. Yellow Stucco With Wooden Trims

Do you wish to add a summertime atmosphere to your home? It could be a good idea to paint it bright yellow.

You may even consider adding wooden accents that complement the overall design to create a friendly environment. Also, it adds a contemporary yet classic aesthetic to your house. 

5. Grey Stucco With Wooden Trims

Grey stucco houses are becoming increasingly popular, yet designing one might be challenging for some people because of their generally neutral tone. Whether you use light or darker grey tones, this color scheme has a unique look that is very different from the lighter colors. When the right color combination is applied, certain features such as the trim, accessories, doors, and windows tend to stand out.

6. Grey Stucco With White Trims 

Grey, as previously mentioned, can look beautiful when paired with the right colors.

It also goes well with white trims to achieve a neutrally bright color scheme instead of a vivid undertone. 

The color of your roof will, nevertheless, have an impact on the overall appearance of your home.

7. Dark Grey Stucco With Light Trims

There are also a few decent options if you like a dark color palette.

Dark grey paired with light trimmings, such as a lighter grey or eggshell white, can give your house a dim and neutral appearance while still highlighting your home’s features.

8. White Stucco With Black Trims

 Houses with white stucco and black trims are progressively finding their way onto the exterior design scene.

The white stucco creates a modern and sleek aspect, while the black trim draws attention to certain sections of your home and adds depth to the entire structure.

9. Pink Stucco With White/Light Grey Trims

If you still can’t decide on a color scheme that suits you, consider pink.

Pink is a light-pastel hue that works nicely with other light colors in your home design.

Light grey or white will keep things neat and give your house a cute and lovely impression.

10. Beige/Cream Stucco with White Trims

If you don’t want to stand out and spend a lot of money, beige or white stucco works nicely with white trims.

This color scheme isn’t particularly appealing, but it’s a fine option for people who prefer to keep things simple while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

11. White Stucco With White Trims

Many people prefer to shine when given a chance. And you can also do the same with your house. 

When the sun shines, white stucco and trims make your home’s exterior appear clean and freshly painted.

It is, however, prone to make signs of wear and tear visual as time passes.

12. Straw Stucco and Sage Trims

A well-balanced look usually enhances the exterior appeal. This color scheme begins with a neutral shade of straw yellow, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The sage green accents give historic structures a vintage yet dynamic appeal, providing a year-round accessible and timeless design.

13. White/Cream Stucco With Maroon/Dark Brown Trims

Do you want a classic Spanish-style home with a vintage design?

You can use White or Cream Stucco with Maroon, or Dark Brown trims to get this effect.

Dark trims stand out in a pleasant, warm sense against light hues of stucco, which gives it a clean appearance.

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