Ranch-style house trends have made a colorful comeback, and it’s easy to see why! Ranch-style house exteriors are like the freshly baked cherry pie of architecture: they look good, and everyone loves them. But just like a cherry pie needs options like pecans or cinnamon, ranch-style houses deserve the perfect color scheme. 

In this article, we’ll give you ideas on transforming your house by just picking the right color palette. Here are the modern ranch-style house exterior paint colors to elevate your home.

1. Traditional Achromatic Mushroom Bisque

Living with your grandparents might be a hassle if they want to have a traditional house design, but you want to have one that matches the new age. Fortunately, achromatic mushroom bisque colors represent the best of both worlds.

If the fixed elements in your house are all achromatic colors, the lightest shade of that color palette is the best option to have a ranch-style house design. You can also find a color combination to match the current appearance of your home.

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With these color combinations, you can highlight your home’s best features. These traditional achromatic colors are recommended for houses with small patios with no terraces. Mushroom bisque paint is a perfect match for your majestic white front door and tropical landscaping.

2. Complementary Warm Earth Tone

With all the wood trims, brick accents, and gorgeous landscaping, sometimes all you need are warm earth tone colors that complement each other.

If you have a one-story house with numerous windows and mini rooms in the attic, these complementary colors will make your home look elegant and dramatic. Also, consider adding a white border for dark brick houses for an edgy look.

This ranch-style design is also suitable for houses with gable and valley roofs since it makes the home look larger and more noticeable. For homeowners who like to have a long pathway and an English-style front garden, choose any earth tone colors as a finishing touch.

3. Contemporary Neutral Color Scheme

This set of calm achromatic house exterior paint colors is perfect for textured roofs, extensive gardens, and dark-colored fences and shutters. This color coordination is an excellent option to keep your house looking fresh and bright while also bringing out the best of your landscape.

If you plan to use your garage more often for DIY projects, a white garage door will match the wall’s pastel color. The light shade of your house exterior gives off a clean and unique vibe to lighten your everyday mood.

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Most modern tiny houses stick to neutral exterior house paint to make the house look less compact. This design enables tiny house owners to have a more expansive porch, regardless of their limited space property.

4. Monochromatic Blue Tone

Today’s Homeowner Tips

House designers recommend first looking at your neighbors’ house color before designing your exterior so that you can avoid using the same color coordination. The next step is to choose a palette that complements their house’s exterior paint.

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Although not required, it is still an excellent way to make your house stand out from the crowd. For example, your neighborhood is full of pastel-colored houses. To make your home stand out, you can consider blue tone monochromatic color to create a streamlined look. You can add white trims to create a cohesive feel, like all of the elements were specifically chosen to go together and complement each other.

As long as there’s some delineation between body color and trim details, these single tone colors will make a statement and stand out without being too loud.

5. Primary Colors with White Trims

If you live in an urban community, you can still make your home stand out without resorting to modern designs.

When it comes to ranch-style homes, you want something exciting but not overwhelming.

That’s why using a bright primary color with a white accent trim is a great idea to increase the overall visual interest. This house design is ideal for tiny houses with a wide backyard or outdoor space.

Some people have decided they want more curb appeal, while others want more vibrant colors on their exterior. This color scheme is the best option if you are stuck between these two factors. Small houses, vacation homes, and tiny public establishments often opt for these ranch-style house colors to make the house look appealing yet easy to design.

6. Contemporary Brick House

Consider any complementary exterior wall paint colors for houses with a long walkway and light-colored patios.

For houses with lighter roofs and reddish bricks, add white trims on parts of the house you want to highlight.

Contemporary brick houses mixed with white frames and borders are the best color coordination to balance contrasting colors.

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7. Classic White

This house design gives a soothing and calm vibe for a young couple who wants to start a family. An all-white color scheme proves the perfect match for this stunning mid-century-style home.

Classic white ranch style is recommended for tiny houses because this is one of the few exterior colors that instantly make a space appear larger and more attractive. This clean house exterior design will highlight your windows, dark-colored shutters, and doors.

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White exterior walls perfectly match a house with a lower brick wall, vinyl siding, and a darker roof. This ranch-style house will effortlessly make a small house look bigger and more stylish.

This ends our guide about trendy ranch-style house exterior paint colors you can try. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to try out a few new colors in your own home and have a new appreciation for the ranch style. Additionally, consider exploring ranch house color options with brown roofs.

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