Recommended Temperatures for Painting Your House

Wall Painting
Incorrect temperature can cause the paint to not bind together properly. (strukt/Getty Images)

The maximum and minimum recommended temperatures for exterior paint vary depending on the type (oil or latex) and specific brand of paint used, but a general rule of thumb is that oil-based paint can be applied when the temperatures are between 40°- 90° F and latex between 50°- 85° F. The best drying will occur when the relative humidity is 40% to 70%.

Too high or low a temperature can cause the paint to not bind together properly, which can lead to cracking and peeling. Latex can also be difficult to apply at high temperatures since it will dry too quickly to brush out properly.

When you’re painting outside, work your way around the house during the day so that you’re not painting in the sun, since the actual temperature on a sunny surface will be much higher than the weather forecast “in the shade” temperature.

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  1. Does the storing of Latex or oil based paint in temperatures less than or greater than these mentioned for application, affect the paint properties?

  2. I live in portland oregon. My contractor called and can paint our house exterior Monday (Sherwin Wlliams A-100 latex paint). But I noticed its suppose to be 55 degrees (13 degrees c) on Monday morning with a high of 61. 60% chance of occasional rain showers and 94% humidity. Maybe .10 inches rain expected. he said hes done this 20 years and he’s not going to worry about it. Am I right to be concerned? Or as long as its not raining when they are painting, will it likely be ok?

  3. When painting the exterior of a home and the weather is not ideal. When cold outside, start painting about 10am, this way the temp. has had a chance to rise compared with early in the morn., then stop painting about 2pm, allowing the paint to have time to dry, before the colder temps come back. Check the back of the can for the temp range. When very hot outside, start early follow the shade, and if the temp is going over 100, stop painting hours before temp gets to 100+.

  4. We want to paint our hardie board when the temperature will be a high of 48 and a low of 35, with a special paint meant for hardie board. Will we have problems with it being that cold?

  5. Hello there, I just want to know if it’s ok to paint outside at 59 degrees low 37, then it will rain on the 3rd day. What’s the best temperature?

  6. i want to touch up paint outside only, should i start painting early morning, due to hot weather by noon. Here in el paso, it’s been 100 degrees everyday or should i wait.

  7. Should I paint my outside metal cellar door if the temperature is in the 90’s and humidity is high? The door in beneath the patio roof.
    Thank you

  8. A: If you need to paint outside with latex paint when temperatures are moving up and down like a yo-yo, I suggest you use one of the latex like Duration, Resilience, or SuperPaint. These products can be applied and will cure at lower temperatures, as low as 35° F. Traditional latex-based paints need temperatures above 60° F to cure properly.

  9. I’m in Houston, temp is in the 70 to 80 Very humid. how long after a rain should I wait to paint, Will the humidity bother the paint?

  10. Can I use latex paint that has been stored in a garage for a couple of months at temps around 37 degrees? Should I let the paint warm up to interior temp before using? Anything else I should consider besides making sure that it is mixed well?
    Thanks for your help!

  11. My contractor plans on painting my house this week. I live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Highs this week will be in the low 40’s and lows in the 20’s. He assures me it is OK and he’s been doing this for years. I’m nervous! Can doing this with these conditions affect the quality of the finished paint job?

  12. I am having the exterior of my house painted. The painter is applying primer today even though the humidity is very high as it rained early this morning. Will the humidity affect my paint job ? He is painting parts of the house that did not get wet from the rain like ceilings. I live in Georgia which usually has high humidity

  13. listen, people, if your painter says something like: its ok I have been painting for 20 years and if he has painted the same house more than 2 times then he’s not your guy:… go online and read the temperature recommended by the manufacturer of the paint. DON’T listen to your painter if he wants to paint below 50 degrees ambient temperature.
    most pros like to repaint your house every 5 to 12 years….prep is the most important application and should not be rushed…. We only painted between mid-June to September ( weather permitting) nothing below 50 night time temp..24 hour times are important

  14. I have a shed I want paint but had some mold. I have killed the mold and stains remain from the mold. What do you recommend to prep. of the area and type or types of paint. I live in Bethlehem Pa.

  15. I am having a brick house painted and the temperature in Tulsa, OK is ranging around 100. Can the painter still paint or should he wait for cooler weather?

    • Hi, Georgia,

      Too high or low a temperature can cause the paint to not bind together properly, which can lead to cracking and peeling. It sounds like the temperature is too high at this time. The painter better sit this one out (provided the project hasn’t already begun)!

      Good luck.

  16. I cannot close on my house unless I paint the facia on the house. The temperature is supposed to be a high of 43. and it has been raining. What am I to do?

  17. my contractor started late on my home renovation project. scope of job includes wood trim on outside to be painted. what is the lowest temperature that the paint can be applied? and what type of exterior paint should i apply for wood trim?

    • Hi, Theresa!
      You know what they say about home improvement projects — better late than never! 🙂 That said, we recommend submitting questions involving unique situations like yours to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.
      Please use this form to contact Danny Lipford, America’s Home Expert, directly:
      Take care!

  18. hi.
    I am going to paint wooden windows of my house. The temperature is Between 4 to 8 degrees. Can we do it. Will be your most kindness.

  19. Thank you for this! I wondered why my painted porch would peel and crack not long after being painted. This time around I’ll paint in the shade and at the recommended temps. Appreciate the advice!

    • Hi, Tracy,
      Great question! We have forwarded it to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show’s producer.
      He will contact you soon to discuss featuring it during an upcoming show.
      Take care!


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