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About Sam

Sam is a content producer and researcher for Today’s Homeowner. He specializes in pest control, gutters, roofing, windows, concrete, lawn, solar, and moving content. He brings over five years of content production and critical research experience to the Today’s Homeowner team. His work has been featured on websites such as Bloomberg and The Center Square. Sam aims to answer homeowners’ difficult questions by providing well-researched, transparent, and entertaining content.

Sam's Background

Coming from a family of contractors and construction professionals, Sam’s passion for home improvement started at a young age. Having grown up on job sites and worked in various fields involving construction and remodeling throughout his early years, Sam has seen the ins and outs of the home improvement field.

Sam combines this background in construction and remodeling with honed media production skills obtained from his Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Arts and Engineering from the University of Utah. After college, Sam worked on various media projects, ranging from podcasts to radio, video games, and written content. Today, Sam brings this wealth of experience and knowledge to the Today’s Homeowner team, creating top-quality written content that aims to help answer readers’ difficult questions.

Sam’s content has been featured on numerous nationally recognized sites and outlets, such as Fox News and Architectural Digest. Sam has also been featured in several radio interviews for groups like Bloomberg.

Content by Sam Wasson