Are you thinking about repainting your interior spaces in the upcoming year? 

Popular paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and others have released their top trending paint colors for 2023. These lists include a wide range of hues, from subtle neutrals to bold accent colors, perfect for updating every corner of your home, both inside and out. 

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We sifted through Colors of the Year catalogs to find the best paints for 2023. Here are some trending colors from the most popular paint brands to help you find your perfect match. 

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color Trends palette features eight distinct hues inspired by modern art and natural metals. Each color surpasses traditional interior color schemes to transform your space with individuality and confidence. 

Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2023. This pink, coral-tinged shade will give any room a lively, optimistic atmosphere. The brand suggests using Raspberry Blush to update dark dining room walls, brighten your living room, or add a pop of color to your powder room.

New Age

New Age is a graceful purple hue tinged with gray undertones. Depending on the lighting, it appears as a soft, dusty gray or light lavender. Use New Age to soften a sitting room or add a whimsical touch to the main bathroom.

Conch Shell

Conch Shell is a gentle pink hue with sepia undertones. Despite this paint color’s neutral appearance, it’s perfect for adding a touch of personality to transitional spaces, powder rooms, and trim.


Cinnamon is a bold neutral ideal for spicing up your living spaces. A rich brown hue with orange undertones, this trending color can revitalize your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms with a cozy style.


Wenge is a luxuriously deep chocolate color with violet, brown, and black undertones. Use it to balance colorful home decor rooms with a touch of dark neutrality. Or, complement white kitchen accents with this rich, velvety hue.

Savannah Green

Savannah Green is the boldest accent color on Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Trending Colors list. This acidic, ochre hue with yellow-green undertones can add a whimsical, dramatic touch to your interior. Balance it with white trim or complementary earth tones for an unforgettable space.

Starry Night Blue

Starry Night Blue is a bold navy tinged with inky violet hues. The brand suggests using it to paint kitchen cabinets, brighten small bathrooms, or create a monochromatic living room with navy walls and blue velvet furnishings.

North Sea Green

North Sea Green is a moody, saturated teal shade with relaxing blue-green undertones. It’s ideal for transforming your bathroom into a tranquil oasis or adding a nautical touch to your window-side dining nook.

White Dove

White Dove is one of the best white paint colors for your home. Its creamy undertones evoke a feeling of comfort, while its faint gray hue in lighting produces a clean, classic look.

Explore other Benjamin Moore paint collections here.


Sherwin Williams’ 2023 trending colors feature understated neutrals and warm earth tones. This palette elicits a sense of warmth that inspires a connection to the surrounding world.

Redend Point

Redend Point is Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year. This color, which the brand describes as “soulful yet subtle,” can bring neutral warmth to your interior spaces. Use it to update kitchen cabinets or pair it with natural home decor for a calming, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Pure White

Pure White is one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular white paint colors. This classic, warm white has soft undertones, making it less harsh than other bright white hues. It’s incredibly versatile, too – use Pure White to update trims, cabinets, or entire interior walls.


Foothills is a rich taupe shade ideal for neutral interior color schemes. Pair it with light trim to add depth to open floor plans. Or, pair it with white furniture, linens, and window treatments for a touch of sophistication in any space.

Toile Red

Toile Red is one of the boldest colors on Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Trending list. Its rich, brick-like hue stands out against more neutral paint colors. Use Toile Red to add sophistication to your home office or create a vintage feel in your kitchen and bedroom.

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is one of the brand’s most popular neutral paint colors. It brings the versatility of classic gray with ever-so-slight beige undertones for a hint of warmth. This color combo, often called “greige,” works best in rooms with lots of natural light.

Visit the Sherwin-Williams paint sample page to order swatches of all your favorite colors.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball’s 2023 collection features 11 new paint colors to enjoy in the upcoming year. This exclusive palette inspires feelings of comfort and joy with its lively, opulent shades.


Bamboozle is a bold red hue that effortlessly complements creamy white trim and dramatic furnishings. It works well in any lighting, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and open floor plans.


Beverly is an alluring evergreen hue that can add a natural accent to any space. The color appears more subdued in low lighting, perfect for giving small rooms a hint of dark sophistication. Paint well-lit rooms in Beverly for an unforgettable green interior that matches a wide range of decor.


Stirabout is a refined beige shade with light gray undertones. This versatile hue is ideal for transforming living spaces and sitting rooms into relaxed havens. Pair it with warm white accents and trim for an effortlessly chic duo.


Eddy will freshen up your interiors with a gentle hint of green. This green hue features light gray undertones that keep it delicate without passing into the pastel palette. It’s an ideal choice for rooms featuring many natural elements like wood floors, hanging plants, and linen curtains.

Templeton Pink

Templeton Pink is a warm-toned pink inspired by historic London homes. Despite its old-timey origins, this color is exceptional at creating a welcoming atmosphere in contemporary interiors. Add Templeton Pink to low-light areas to enjoy a surprisingly deep shade of this iconic hue.

Hopper Head

Hopper Head is a deep gray paint color ideal for pairing with bolder hues. Use this charcoal-inspired shade with vibrant interior furnishings, or paint it on woodwork, trim, and ceilings to accent brighter walls.

Tailor Tack

Tailor Tack is Farrow & Ball’s gentlest pink paint color. It’s understated enough to fit in with a neutral color scheme yet colorful enough to stand out against shades of white. Pair this pink alongside vintage home decor for an unforgettable interior.


Selvedge is a moody gray color with lovely blue undertones. Named after high-quality woven denim, Selvedge can bring a feeling of familiarity and classic comfort to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen nooks. Pair this shade with darker accent colors for a bit of beautiful contrast.

Wine Dark

Wine Dark is an irresistible dark blue shade with a bright appeal. Inspired by nighttime skies, this dramatic shade can bring feelings of intimacy and glamour to your interior spaces. Pair it with other blue paints to create a dreamy, monochromatic color scheme.


Kittiwake is a charming blue paint color ideal for brightening living spaces and accenting stainless steel appliances. This relaxed blue incorporates hints of black pigment, making it an excellent match alongside dark, sophisticated accents.


Whirlybird is a light green paint perfect for adding a whimsical pop of color to your space. Inspired by the winged seeds that fall from maple trees, this delightful hue is ideal for brightening well-lit rooms or adding a unique natural touch to small spaces.

Explore more colors and order samples of your favorites here.


Behr’s Color Trends 2023 palette is designed to boost well-being and comfort in one’s space. The collection features calming neutrals and timeless accent colors for endless design possibilities.

Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas, Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year, is a warm, off-white ideal for opening up spaces and creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere. It’s comparable to Benjamin Moore’s popular shade, White Dove, and Behr’s other popular color, Swiff Coffee.

Perfect Taupe

Perfect Taupe is the perfect neutral to add to your home’s interior. This earthy yet cool-toned gray pairs well with dark accent walls, woodwork, and trim for a classic, sophisticated look.

Smokey Pink

Smokey Pink is a timeless shade that can add a hint of vintage charm to your home. Its pink pigments appear as a delicate blush color in bright lighting, making it a good choice for windowed powder rooms or bedrooms. Pair Smokey Pink with shades of white for a hint of understated elegance.


Vermilion is a vibrant red hue with orange undertones. This brick-like wall color looks stunning behind black, white, and gold home accents. Use it on walls with picture frame molding to give your space a regal flare.


Aubergine is a rich chocolatey hue with deep purple undertones, perfect for accenting traditional and modern home designs. Incorporate Aubergine into an earth-toned color palette, or pair it with modern metallic fixtures for a pop of contrast.

Conifer Green

Conifer Green is an eye-catching mixture of olive and army green that can bring natural appeal to your space. Update your kitchen island and cabinets with Conifer Green to complement white countertops and metallic fixtures. Or, use it as a wall color in living rooms and entryways with warm neutral color schemes.


Hybrid is a subtle green color with beige undertones. This warm neutral is an excellent choice for cabinetry, trims, and ceilings. Use it on interior walls to make any room feel more spacious and bright.

Check out the rest of Behr’s trending colors for 2023 here.


Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year collection is inspired by the energy and passion that accompany new experiences. The palette features alluring yet livable shades for refreshing, trend-worthy spaces.

Ivory Brown

Ivory Brown is a washed brown tone perfect for complementing light trims and countertops. Use this warm neutral to bring a calming, therapeutic appearance to your living spaces.

Cozy White

Cozy White is a versatile warm white shade useful for elevating nature-inspired home designs. Use this soothing color to accentuate wood floors, wooden furniture, and neutral decor.

Gentle Violet

Gentle Violet is a cool white color with silky violet undertones, bringing a playful yet sophisticated feeling to interior spaces. Pair it with green accents and brass fixtures for understated elegance.

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow is a contemporary blue shade balanced with subdued warm undertones. Pair Blue Arrow with white appliances and trim for a clean look. Or, use it with natural decor elements for an interior oasis.


Flora is a dark green that brings a hint of sophistication to your home. This deep olive shade looks excellent with wood accents and vintage decor pieces. Pair it with other natural elements to evoke an essence of the great outdoors.

Desert Carnation

Desert Carnation is a warm neutral reminiscent of sunbaked terracotta pottery. It’s ideal for adding a sense of playfulness to monochromatic color schemes. Use it with bamboo fixtures and light woods for a chic yet relaxed space.

Green Trellis

Green Trellis is a delightful foamy green shade inspired by the comforts of nature. Use it in spaces with modern details and contemporary furniture for an elevated, lively look.

Rising Tide

Rising Tide is a lovely pastel blue, perfect for bringing a hint of softness to eclectic indoor spaces. Mix this shade in with bold decor for a unique yet inviting look.

Holmes Cream

Holmes Cream is a classic tan color with creamy undertones. Inspired by optimism, joy, and warmth, this shade brings an inviting feel into rooms with lots of natural light.

Southern Road

Southern Road mixes the natural hues of clay with brown undertones for a rich, organic appeal. Turn cabinets into centerpieces or complement mixed patterns with this charming, muted paint color.

Villa Grey

Villa Grey is a stunning neutral designed to evoke feelings of mindfulness and balance. This shade’s taupe undertones make it a versatile option for any space in your home.

Everglade Deck

Everglade Deck is a dramatic midnight blue that can elevate vintage decor and complement contemporary accents. Pair it with brass fixtures and elegant marbles for an atmosphere of sultry sophistication.

Explore Valspar’s trending colors with its 2023 Color-verse app.

PPG Paints

PPG separated its trending paints into three color palettes for 2023. The palettes feature curated color collections to fit different interior design motives, each built around PPG’s 2023 Color of the Year: Vining Ivy.

Vining Ivy

Vining Ivy is a deep Caribbean aqua with turquoise undertones, perfect for interior and exterior spaces. Pair Vining Ivy with off-white trim and deep-toned woods for an exquisite look.

Serenity Palette

The Serenity Palette includes creamy pastels, nautical colors, and warm neutrals that invite comfort and peace into interior spaces. We featured four of the palette’s 16 colors below.

Gothic Amethyst

Gothic Amethyst is a muted purple paint shade with mauve undertones. It’s ideal for adding a dramatic touch of color to living spaces and entryways. Pair Gothic Amethyst walls with light wood furniture and black accents to create a restful retreat.

Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast is the perfect mixture of gray, chocolate, and dusty pink hues. This rich shade looks excellent on home exteriors but is just as beautiful for interior spaces with dark brown accents and white linen window treatments.

Shangri La

Shangri La is a dainty pink shade with blush undertones. Pair it with off-white trim and vintage decor for a cozy romantic feel. Or, use it in smaller spaces like bathrooms and closets for a charming pop of color.

Prophetic Sea

Prophetic Sea is a neutral concord blue shade with subtle plum undertones. Reminiscent of cloud-covered ocean waves, this color will add a touch of thoughtfulness and sophistication to studies, home offices, and sitting rooms.

View other paint colors in the Serenity Palette to find your perfect match.

Origin Palette

The Origin Palette is designed to capture the beauty of the natural world through rich jewel tones and grounded neutrals. Learn about four of the palette’s colors below.

Dark Granite

Dark Granite is a warm black hue with deep oaky undertones. It looks excellent paired with lighter wood and breezy home decor, such as linen curtains or white rugs. Use it with white trim or picture frame molding to set off your space.

Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard is a saturated yellow with olive undertones. This bold color is excellent for elegant dining spaces and sophisticated studies. Pair it with deep purples and rust-colored accents for a rich, inviting space.

Stonehenge Greige

Stonehenge Greige is a pigmented gray paint color with creamy almond undertones. It’s ideal for creating an inviting entryway or comforting living space with warm neutral hues. Pair it with white trim for the perfect amount of contrast.


Blackberry is a dark purple paint with a hidden raspberry undertone. Reminiscent of the heliotrope flower, this dramatic color is ideal as an accent color in bedrooms or reading nooks. Pair it with gold tones and velvet decor for a romantic feel.

See the rest of the Origin Palette for more trending colors.

Duality Palette

The Duality Palette inspires boldness and positivity with its collection of clean pastels and strong accent colors. We listed four of the palette’s boldest hues.


Visionary is a soft yet eye-catching yellow with delightful sunflower undertones. Put this color in bathrooms, bedrooms, or entryways to instantly brighten the space with a touch of warmth.

Lilac Breeze

Lilac Breeze is a pure amethyst purple with violet undertones that are ideal for adding a pop of color to interior spaces. Pair Lilac Breeze with light trim and wicker furniture for a laid-back home design.


Briquette is a saturated coral pink with rich raspberry undertones. It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices needing a touch of uplifting color. Pair it with white trim and metallic accents for a splendid space.

Laurel Wreath

Laurel Wreath is a bright emerald color with jungle green undertones. Use this paint color in game rooms, dens, or libraries for a hint of bold sophistication. Pair it with dark wood and brass fixtures.

Explore the entire Duality Palette for more exciting paint colors. Then, take PPG’s Trends Quiz to discover the best palette for you.

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Time To Find Your Perfect Match

We hope this list gives you a head start on picking your paint colors for the upcoming year. With so many iconic colors to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly design perfectly personalized spaces throughout your home in 2023. 

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